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November 28, 2021


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Friday, November 5, 2021

Citizens Against Dan Sullivan Get Vocal

~~Dan Sullivan avoiding questions from Dennis Zaki before Saturday's debate.~~

~~Dan Sullivan avoiding questions from Dennis Zaki before Saturday's debate.~~

I was puttering around the house yesterday, and the phone rang.  I ran over and got it just before the answering machine picked up.  “Hello?” I said, out of breath.  “Hello, this is Allan Tesche,” came the voice on the other end of the phone.  My first thought was, “Wow.  Wonder why Allan Tesche is calling me?”  My second thought was, “Oh, Jeez…I hope I didn’t spell his name wrong.”

Then I realized it was a robocall.  Robo-Allan let me know about Dan Sullivan, mayoral candidate and part owner of a local pub drinking after hours with an employee, and sending her out the door drunk, whereupon she caused a head-on collision driving the wrong way down the road.  “Is this the kind of judgement you want in your next mayor?” he asked.  “No!”  I said.

Nor do I want a mayor who has “no comment” and who “doesn’t recall” if he was involved in this incident.

The call was paid for by Citizens Against Dan Sullivan.   The group also has a radio ad that’s playing in these last days before the election.   It’s funny that Sullivan supporters are saying, “They had this all along!  It’s a last minute smear.  They were saving it up until now!”  I was thinking about that.  If this had been the “secret weapon,” wouldn’t somebody have spilled the beans BEFORE the early voting began?  Just sayin.

Here’s the audio of the radio ad:   citizens-against-ds-new-spot

Tomorrow is election day.  That means that Democrats and Progressives in the Anchorage bowl need to grab our friends by the hand, the necktie, the scruff of the neck, or ….  whatever it takes, and get them to the polls!  If they turned out for the country in November, surely they can do it for their own city now.



70 Responses to “Citizens Against Dan Sullivan Get Vocal”
  1. .
    I dunno. That mayor kinda sounds like a fun guy. Where does he stand on shooting heroin in the car? That’s where I draw the line.

  2. sean says:

    Regarding Chris Constant-the joke that ran against Les Gara in the Primary because, you know…Les Gara is such a lousy legislator (sarcasm emphasized) and more than likely was funded by Republicans…

    There is an old saying, “it ain’t braggin’ if it’s true”- Muhammed Ali; there’s another saying, “It ain’t a smear if it’s true!”

    This is about Dan’s judgment. PERIOD. I don’t let people leave my house drunk because I would be liable. The same is true for Dan Sullivan-according to the law, Sullivan should have been liable…

  3. michigander says:

    If anyone attacked AKM for Tesche’s actions I must have missed it, I am glad it was deleted before I saw it!

    AKM, Thank-you for accurate reporting and sharing the creatures and sunshine in the midst of it all. Stay true to yourself and know you are respected (dare I say loved also too?) by many (o:

  4. Quetzalcoatl says:

    Maybe I should have called it The Carroll County Accident.

  5. TBNTJudy says:


    Yes, it does. I can’t picture SP going after someone with a gun because she is such a wimp, but there are plenty of others to do the dirty work.

  6. jojobo1 says:

    TBNTJudy you got that right and now that Ms Palin is going to have her new gun it makes it all the more dangerous.

  7. Me says:


    I vigorously oppose the tactic being employed by Tesche, but I have never claimed The Mudflats was creating this smear. I have even clearly pointed out that I don’t think Eric has anything to do with it. It smacks of the dirty dealing by that guy Tesche. So, as yo go amalgamating statements that people like me are claiming The Mudflats are smearing, get your facts straight.

    It is not honest.

  8. TBNTJudy says:

    Oops. attacks

  9. TBNTJudy says:

    Some of the comments here have me wondering where on earth AKM fits into the posters’ worldview of smear campaigning. This issue about Dan Sullivan, and it is an issue, just came on AKM’s radar, and AKM shared it with us. Does this mean this is a sleazy drive-by ploy on AKM’s part?

    And just out of curiosity, I can’t think of anything more frightening than to be “outed” in an area where there are so many gun-toting, SP-supporting wackos. But, AKM has continued to shine the light, as it were, in spite of possible repercussions. Thank the goddess for that.

    I am not an Alaskan, but if I were, I would be eternally grateful to AKM and fellow bloggers for continuing to shine the light no matter what the consequences. As a matter of fact, I am grateful because I have learned so much about politics in general here, and in particular the danger of ad hominem attacts.

  10. michigander says:

    I think the sad thing here is that many undecideds aren’t going to look at the right or wrong of Sullivan, it’s an accusation with no time for repercussions before the election. Yes the truth needs to be told but this is an election that impacts the lives and future of Alaskans right now. People that weren’t going to vote, didn’t care or pay attention may vote against Croft for all the wrong reasons.

    If Sullivan wins I am sure they will regret it )o:

  11. Quetzalcoatl says:

    Next up, Mat-Su Valley PTA. lol.

  12. Quetzalcoatl says:

    My ode to the cocktail waitress…some customs need to change.

    It’s a shame how some people are choosing to vote for Dan Sullivan, once they heard of the incident at Talahachee Bridge, or something.

    When someone is in their early 20’s, you do some stupid things. That’s why if it was aided and abetted by someone a lot older, who should have known better, you know he was thinking with the wrong head and the onus can’t be put squarely on the waitresses head.

    The BIG issue is about the difference/imbalance of power and control. It’s not just a male/female/age issue — it’s your BOSS, who’s asking you to stay, to work for free, after you’ve had your 1 drink post work and plying you with some more drink….to stay and work for him. For free. She MAY have thought if she didn’t stay, she could be fired, for Any reason whatsoever. It’s bigger than peer pressure, in this case. Sullivan, after all this, STILL didn’t call her a cab. That makes him a double dipsh^t.

    Some either haven’t been around the block or are just spiteful people who haven’t learned a gd thing.

    Dan seems to enjoy the power and control, much like Palin. A bloody good reason why not to vote for him.

  13. michigander says:

    Unfortunately robocalls and smear campaigning tends to work against the side you are trying to promote, especially at the last ‘minute’. If Tesche has a bad rep with any voters it makes it worse. This very thing is one of the ploys the Republican party has done to the nth degree which has shamed decent party members.

    Sullivan needs to be brought to task but not at the expense of costing Eric Croft the election. The timing is not only risky but IMHO unfair to Croft. I fear he will lose votes rather than gain. I hope he has enough to win regardless. Get your people out there for Croft and hoping for the best (o:

  14. TBNTJudy says:

    @C.Rock #5:

    “Regardless of when the information became available the fact is if there is proof this happened it’s true. Plain & simple if you ask me. Just saying”

    Arrgghhh. Must not have enough coffee because I guess I still wasn’t clear. I’m in complete agreement, C. Rock. Some were saying that the timing was a last-ditch effort to discredit Dan S. I don’t care about the timing; I just care about the truth. I think it needs to get out so people have all the data possible on the candidates to make informed decisions.

  15. WhichTruth says:

    I missed the Chamber of Commerce Mayoral Debate today. Did anyone here make it? I have found no news of it yet. I’m curious if the question of the DUI came up, and how Dan handled it if it did.

    We’ve starting to recover from the Bush Administration.
    We’re still living through the Palin Administration.
    Can’t we just pass on the Sullivan Administration?

  16. Irishgirl says:

    I tend to get a bit dramatic at times. 🙂

  17. Deep Blue says:

    I know this is a little OT (forgive me!), but if you’re wondering why Irishgirl is diving into the blog archives, head over to the Forum and check out this thread:,7162.msg69127/topicseen.html#new

  18. ziggybutterfly says:

    I almost had 2 co-workers talked in to voting for Eric Croft. Then this stuff about the DUI came out, and they’re voting Sullivan.

    Both you and Moore have said there are plenty of reasons NOT to vote Sullivan, w/out bringing this into it. So why keep talking about it??

    And um, yeah, way to go for gender equality and women’s rights w/ this one. That a woman is incapable of good judgement unless her male employer does it for her? How is her DUI Sullivan’s fault?? Because he was drinking with her at his bar?? This is retarded. And he has every right to make no comment.

    I’m still voting for Croft, but if I were undecided, this kind of personal attack on Sullivan would not help.

  19. austintx says:

    Irishgirl – Let us know if you spot any of those missing e-mails from sarah/dud. We’ll scramble a dump truck to come get ’em !!

  20. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Fortunately you are digging on the computer or else we would have to send a search party to dig you out from under mountains of paper!!

  21. Irishgirl says:

    Ok AKM,
    I’m diving into the archives, if you haven’t heard from me within two hours…send in a search party.

  22. austintx says:

    My mother told me to tell truth and to be responsible for my actions and when possible stop others from potential harm to themselves. According to the police report , there was “destruction” on the night in question. Dan says he “can’t remember” the night in question. He either was incapacitated or has selective amnesia. The truth is the truth. I believe it was stated that there are several partners in the bar. If I was a co-owner , I would be furious at Dan’s lack of judgement.

  23. Irishgirl says:


  24. Irishgirl says:

    Way to go…look toward the positive.

    Good idea Lori.

  25. John says:

    And I should have added: I have some very strong disagreements with Eric over some of his positions now and in the past. That’s okay. I don’t even agree with my own views on certain days, and I certainly don’t expect to ever vote for someone who is exactly like me. I just want someone who cares, will listen, and wants to move the city forward.

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Best wishes to the Alaska mudflatters and other Alaska progressives as they continue to try to drag Alaska politics out of the 19th century.

  27. John says:

    I support Eric Croft because….. when you speak to him, he listens, asks intelligent questions to be sure he understands your views, and then responds with an intelligent response about whether he agrees or disagrees with you or with what he thinks can be done to fix the problem.

  28. Moose Pucky says:

    I agree, Lori.

    Support Croft because he is a proven leader that will work on behalf of all citizens of Anchorage and work well with the new administration (that would be Obama/Begich) to fund projects for Anchorage that are in line with priorities of energy efficiency and conservation, quality education for all, health care for all, and healthy, sustainable communities.

  29. Blooper says:

    I detest robocalls. I would hope Tesche would resort to other means to get this message out. Yes, it does need to get out, but pushing it via robocalls is tacky in my book.

  30. Chris Constant says:

    Ashkee From Another State Than Alaska:
    Coming from someone who has run for office and faced the manufacturing of personal attacks (that thankfully were never used, but were threatened) I can say you know nothing of what you speak. Yes I am attacking Allan Tesche. I attack him not because I am defending Sullivan. Eric is my guy. I am attacking Tesche because I hate…HATE–and my mother taught me that HATE is a 4 letter word–I hate the politics of personal destruction, drive by attacks and all of these weak tactics being applied by the Cads who have so late, involved themselves in this slimy tactic.

  31. Deb in NH says:

    Re #36 – Chris Constant

    I also prefer when politicians stick to issues – but if this story is true – and the court document do support it – then Sullivan’s judgment is at issue. Letting an employee (who you made work after she punched out!) leave intoxicated and drive away is irresponsible. We don’t need more elected officials who are irresponsible.

  32. Moose Pucky says:

    Yes, you can, Anchorage. Get out the vote. And don’t forget to be especially getting the vote out in the later hours of the day when the bars are still open. Just sayin’…

  33. Ashkee Colorado says:

    Those who have no legitimate argument, attack the messenger.

    “He is the reason people are afraid to run for office.” We don’t need people who are afraid of and refuse to address real questions from the voters.

    “… wishes this whole story would go away so that the campaign could get back to focusing on issues.” Stories like this will go away if the subject stands up and provides a coherent and honest response to the allegations. Refusing to answer and attacking the messenger demonstrates distain for the voters.

  34. Chris Constant says:

    the problem child IS MY NAME! Says: Convicting on “innuendo and drive by politics” appears to be exactly what you are doing with Tesche.

    Not a chance. That Cad at least had the nerve to sign his name. but I repudiate everything he stands for. He is the reason people are afraid to run for office. And, I heard Eric today say he wishes this whole story would go away so that the campaign could get back to focusing on issues.

    What a waste of time and good will. This whole issue makes it look like Eric’s chances were so slime he had to resort to slime, and HE DIDN’T EVEN DO IT. Eric gets slimed from Tesche and his fellow Cads’ mudslinging. How pitiful.

  35. Hope says:

    Lori – #29 “Here is what I would love to see on this thread today: “The reason I support Eric Croft is………” (and finish the sentence with something about CROFT..”

    WOOHOO!! THAT’s a great idea! I’m down on the peninsula, and unfortunately don’t know Croft and can’t vote, but how FANTASTIC it is when we have people we want to vote FOR and have good reason to do it! Remember how great it felt to fill in the oval for Obama in NOvember? ANCHORAGE folks! You can feel GOOD about Croft! Let’s hear all the reasons!



  36. austintx says:

    Here , this may be helpful.

  37. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Whether it was known earlier and only released is totally irrelevant. The fact is — It’s truthful and recorded for proof and they can’t dig out. Certainly with no help from their candidate. Any apology now — a day late and a dollar short. Bite it buddy boy as that’s all he is — a boy in man’s clothing.

    To hear the Baby Sullivan Supports whining and playing as if Sullivan is a victim — pleaaaaase. Find me a bucket – I’m gonna barf. The Babies would have done the exact same thing if the shoe was on the other foot. You know they’ve spent months trying to find crap. It’s called politics.

  38. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Here is another good reason to VOTE FOR CROFT:
    What volunteer work have you done to improve Anchorage?
    Croft: I have been a board member of STAR, Standing Together Against Rape, for the last 10 years. We work to prevent sexual assault and help victims.

  39. Lainey says:

    I hope this information didn’t reach the voters too late! I hope the voters pay attention & listen to their local news. I hope the voters do the right thing for their city. Good Luck, Anchorage!

  40. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Here is what I would love to see on this thread today: “The reason I support Eric Croft is………” (and finish the sentence with something about CROFT vs. something negative about Sullivan. Please don’t get me wrong – it is important that Sullivan is being exposed for his bad judgement – I just think that if our AK friends would list the reason(s) they like Croft, it could be very productive in garnering those undecided voters.

  41. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Another reason to support Croft (as if you all need one):
    Eric Croft or Dan Sullivan for Mayor of Anchorage? That’s easy. Croft has a record of support for LGBT issues, while Sullivan has lead the fight against us on several occasions.

  42. clark says:

    owner of bar, candidate for mayor, avoids all questions about said incident for the remainder of the campaign. candidate’s supporters focus on the messengers rather than the message.

  43. austintx says:


  44. austintx says:

    Owner of bar serves alchohol to subordinate employee after closing. Said owner/boss lets employee leave in her car. She was intoxicated enough to crash. Then when questioned about incident , owner/boss “can’t remember”.
    Get real. Often times the truth can be inconvenient. Is there any question about the actual event ??

  45. KaJo says:

    akConstant, you’re thinking of going about your beef the wrong way: You should be suggesting that “Let’s all get together and ban stupidity”.

    That’s one of the aims and goals of most progressive blogs, BTW…

  46. clark says:

    the tom fink administration [1987-1993] left indelible marks on my psyche — there are still signs of it everyplace. he closed the libraries, threatened to mothball the performing arts center, gutted the parks and rec dept, quit watering lawns and maintaining plantings, and busted all the unions. he appointed unqualified cronies to prominent posts. he made his derision for the little people painfully obvious. he was a first class a-hole. it was horrible. have no desire to repeat anything like that. sullivan is planning the same sort of governance.
    we have to get everybody to the polls we possibly can tomorrow, or it will be six years of diminishing returns and squandered potential. if you’re like me you’ll be resenting it decades later.
    come on, people! we’re better than this!

  47. akConstant says:

    And I have lost friends to just plain stupid driving. Lets all get together and ban driving too.

    I don’t mean to minimize deaths related to Alcohol. God knows Alaska has the highest rates in the nation in the unwanted categories.

    But this has little to do with that. The Blogosphere isn’t the place to hold a trial and especially not to convict on innuendo and drive by politics.

  48. redwoodmuse says:

    let’s hope those who discount Sullivan’s behavior because they don’t like how they found out about it never lose a friend or loved one to a drunk driver especially a driver who got ‘topped off’ by Sullivan.

    Perhaps the families and friends of those who died at the hands of a drunk should speak up loudly and clearly.

    And yes, I’ve lost two friends to drunk drivers. The pain never goes away.

  49. akConstant says:

    Also, the acronym is so telling. Citizens Against Dan Sullivan. Cads. As in egad, what cads.

  50. redwoodmuse says:

    I still think folks ought to to be holding the traditional reporters and the msm responsible for a) being completely inept or b) deliberately covering up information that could impact on Sullivan. Whoever covers your cop/court beat should have picked up this story and run with it back when the arrest first happened. It would be interesting to know if this was even brought up in editorial meetings at ADN.

    Again, thanks for all the bloggers for not allowing this to be swept under the rug.


  51. Star says:

    Sullivan is “TOAST”..

  52. akConstant says:

    Almost anyone who pays attention knows that when Allan Tesche speaks, it is trash that is filling their ear. I am sorry they are doing this to you Eric. It isn’t helping.

  53. Kris says:

    I’ve only lived in Alaska now for three years and I can honestly say out of all the places I have lived both in North America and abroad, this State has to be the most screwed up politically. I have no declared political affiliation to either party and have voted both ways in the past. I have never in my life seen such a pool of half baked politicians AND whiny voters who don’t actually seem to do anything but watch slanderous commercials/radio spots and then cast their vote. It hasn’t gotten Alaska very far in the last 20 years or so from what I can tell. Alaskans need to clean up their act and their politicians when it comes to political issues. OY!

  54. “They had this all along! It’s a last minute smear. They were saving it up until now!” That’s not exactly a great rebuff. That’s like saying “yeah it’s true, but you should have mentioned it earlier.”

  55. austintx says:

    OT – Not really. Another case of bad judgement in AK. politics……….

  56. John says:

    Probably because the Anyone but Sullivan crowd couldn’t decide on who to support, they waited for the runoff to release this information. For whatever reason, they waited until after the early voting. It is all a big political conspiracy among Dan Haters. So What? The fact still remains that DS hangs out with single women drinking beer until four in the morning while his wife is home asleep. And he does it often enough that he can’t remember whether he was involved in this particular event.

  57. Ripley in CT says:

    AKM, did you know that Sullivan ducked Dennis Zaki on Saturday night? I was listening to Shannyn’s show and Dennis called in. He tried to get a comment from Sullivan and the coward ran. Much like Doogan, I suspect.

  58. CO almost native says:

    Good luck tomorrow; I hope all voters in Anchorage get off their behinnies and get to the polls. Especially those voting for Croft. Sending good (blue) vibes from Colorado…

  59. Frozenturdlette says:

    Dan Sullivan worked at Sullivan Arena? And got fired?? Whoa, where have I been?

  60. sauerkraut says:

    If the allegations are true, does it really matter whether the issue saw the light of day last week or last month or last year?

    The real question in my mind – aside from the truthfullness of the allegation – is why did his role remain out of the public light until just recently? Is drunken driving such a regular occurrence that no one paid attention or was the matter deliberately kept under cover? And… has he side-stepped the issue or has he issued a denial as to his role?

  61. Physicsmom says:

    Good luck to you AKM and progressive Anchorage citizens. Here’s hoping you get a good turnout for Eric Croft and this sleaze can go back to his tavern.

  62. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    I still would like to know what was the “inappropriate behavior” that resulted in Dan Sullivan being fired from his job at . . . . Sullivan Arena.

    I would also like to know if Dan Sullivan’s sign is outside the under-age strip club Fantasies on Fifth.

  63. C. Rock says:

    TBNTJudy Says: I didn’t complete my thought above. What I mean is it doesn’t make sense to bring this up at the last minute UNLESS the information only just became available.

    Regardless of when the information became available the fact is if there is proof this happened it’s true. Plain & simple if you ask me. Just saying

  64. Irishgirl says:

    Good luck tomorrow.

  65. TBNTJudy says:

    I didn’t complete my thought above. What I mean is it doesn’t make sense to bring this up at the last minute UNLESS the information only just became available.

  66. TBNTJudy says:

    “It’s funny that Sullivan supporters are saying, “They had this all along! It’s a last minute smear. They were saving it up until now!” I was thinking about that. If this had been the “secret weapon,” wouldn’t somebody have spilled the beans BEFORE the early voting began? Just sayin.”

    My sentiments exactly. It just doesn’t make any sense to bring this up at the last minute when it barely has time to make an impact.

  67. austintx says:

    Vote NO for the yahoo !!

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