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November 28, 2021


Ex-Palin lawyer reported source of Gosar’s ‘most toxic’ media -

Friday, November 19, 2021

McConnell/Trump Alaska Cage Match -

Sunday, November 14, 2021

‘Full of madness!’ -

Friday, November 5, 2021

Election Night in Anchorage. To Be Updated Throughout the Evening.

Election results:

10 precincts reporting out of 119

Croft:  640             Sullivan: 676

13 precincts reporting out of 119

Croft:  899            Sullivan:  937

21 precincts reporting out of 119

Croft:  2047  (48%)      Sullivan:  2218  (52%)

57 precincts reporting out of 119

CROFT:7360      42.8%
SULLIVAN:9817  57.2%

Number of Precincts reporting: 87/119            Time:    9:07pm 

CROFT:12759      42.6%
SULLIVAN:17188  57.4%

Number of Precincts reporting: 97/119            Time:    9:21pm

CROFT:14832      43.6%
SULLIVAN:19225  56.4%

CROFT:17000      43.3%
SULLIVAN:22283  56.7%

Number of Precincts reporting: 106/119            Time:    9:30pm

CROFT:18017      42.9%
SULLIVAN:23953  57.1%

Number of Precincts reporting: 111/119            Time:    9:42pm

CROFT:18566      43.0%
SULLIVAN:24563  57.0%

Number of Precincts reporting: 114/119

Final for the night, all precincts in
CROFT:21,527      42.7%
SULLIVAN:28,866  57.3%

Number of Precincts reporting: 119/119           



70 Responses to “Election Night in Anchorage. To Be Updated Throughout the Evening.”
  1. claudianyc says:

    Total bummer. My deep condolences to the stalwart minority of sane and balanced Anchoragers. May this be the one that finally opens peoples’ minds.

  2. Lainey says:

    @C. Rock
    OT ; Bristol Palin was on Good Morning America , To me the questions that were asked seemed rehearsed.
    just saw this interview online…she seems a bit cocky and defensive to me. First, you put yourself out there (Greta, Matt interviews) and NOW you want privacy? welcome to the real world…and is that “tv appearance per diem” they throw at you so enticing…is it worth it?

  3. Largo says:

    Terminal dumb ass carries the day. Sad day for progressives in Alaska. My condolences.

  4. zyggy says:

    very sad to read the results, but it is what I expected. I guess all of Sullivan’s flaws mean nothing to many Alaskans, actually kinda of scary. Your state seems to be a petrie dish for political corruption and 52% of the population seems to like these kind of bateria (people) in power.

  5. BahstinBoyo aka Wrangler Tractor Palin says:

    While attached to the 1st PsyOp (Psychological Operations) Btln at Ft Bragg, NC, we learned the art of communication. Including the ability to misdirect and misinform to the point where your subject was so distracted that what you professed eventually became the truth. You could present an issue in such a way that no matter what it entailed, it just had to be true, and you could eventually make the subject feel that it was thier own idea.

    I do believe the Palins have mastered this art. Win thier hearts and minds.

  6. C. Rock says:

    Sorry to hear the bad news.

    OT ; Bristol Palin was on Good Morning America , To me the questions that were asked seemed rehearsed. When asked about her saying that abstinence wasn’t realistic she said that was taken out of contents WTF. Bristol is coming back on NOW

  7. Bea says:

    Yuck. Poor Anchorage.

  8. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    Free Guinness all round until dawn?

    I wish I was surprised by this outcome. 🙁

  9. Lainey says:

    OT…ok, so I can’t sleep. from somebody’s link, I landed on this (thank you) …reminding me of how Faux news deliberately brainwashes their audience…tsk tsk

  10. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    AKM – you did a lot of hard work for the blue side and I hope you are proud of that, if even a bit sad w/ the race outcome. Thank you for getting the word out, keeping on the issues, and remaining sane throughout.

  11. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    It was just a weird race – too many Dems running against each other, a state ripped apart by partisan Palin crap, the ADN falling into a serious pothole – and old, lazy habits (like not voting) die hard in Alaska.

    I’m sorry for the Anchorage Mudpups and had hoped to have someone of integrity in that job – doesn’t appear that Sullivan is that but maybe he won’t do too much damage. Maybe folks just didn’t go out & vote because they weren’t thrilled with the candidates this time around. Stay involved, stay awake, keep workin’ at it! We are always the underdog around here, but it used to not seem to matter as much. With Palin the Twit, there is too much drama and partisanship. All the more reason to show her the door to Nowhere and kick her butt right through it.

    We’ll just keep plugging away, progressing the blue! Thanks AKM, for your personal insights into the local candidates and issues. It’s a good thing for those of us in other parts of the state to pay more attention to what is going on elsewhere in Alaska.

  12. I am disappointed that my vote and those of others who voted out of their own district or voted early were not counted. I don’t think the politicians should get to call results until everyone has been accounted for. I expect that discourages some people from voting at all.

  13. rocket says:

    Get real, what do you expect from a state that actually elected Palin!

    If you don’t like it, there’s always the saner option of living in the Lower 48 (or 49). But choose your state carefully.

  14. Hmmm, very sad news. I’m sorry.

  15. akdennis says:

    Bleh! I’m glad that I don’t live in the city anyway but now I’m REALLY glad I don’t live in the city. Instead I get to live in Palin’s home town. Yeah (bleh)! We’re moving…….to CANADA! My wife and I speak fluent Canadian, eh?

    Really, sorry all you townies. I don’t envy the fact that you’re now stuck with a DUI enabler who doesn’t play well with others.

    Why do we Alaskans have such a propensity to shoot ourselves in the foot when electing officials?! I said it before and I’ll say it again. Bleh!

  16. Lainey says:

    BahstinBoyo aka Wrangler Tractor Palin #40
    sad…but true

    @The Rubber Room Hotel
    Sad day for Alaskans they never learn…..
    Now you folks from out of Alaska see why Gino is still in office….
    sorry, AK, but I have to agree…this is also true

  17. Kath the Scrappy from Seattle says:

    Sympathies to Anchorage. When is Dan going to start building his Bridge to Nowhere? Republicans do have a tendency of leaving debt & disruption in their wake.

  18. Lainey says:

    sorry Anchorage

  19. strangelet says:

    OK, this is pointless overcalculation, but I noticed that the last two reports were for 114 and 119 precincts reporting. The average turnout for the 114 precincts was 378 voters. The apparent average for the last five precincts was 1452 voters. Does anyone know if that was because the early votes went in there?

    In any case, the results for that last slug of votes was Croft 2961, Sullivan 4303; or 40.8% and 59.2%. That is, more than 2% worse for Croft than the bulk of the votes.

    I’ll stop now. Again, sorry.

  20. Muppet2 says:

    So sorry.

  21. Gramiam says:

    Voting by mail is a great idea. We do that in Arizona. We get ballots several weeks before the election so we have ample time and leisure to closely examine the issues and make thoughtful decisions. Our weather is very hot so it is nice to vote at home and stay cool. I imagine it would be a wonderful idea in Alaska too. One thing I noticed this year was that when they conducted swearing in ceremonies for thousands of new citizens, there was a long table full of election officials waiting to register all these new voters before they left the building. Just don’t give up. This is a setback, but hang in there.

  22. InJuneau says:

    I’m so sorry, Anchorage.

  23. Mach says:

    The (final?) number with all 119 precincts:

    CROFT:21,527 42.7%
    SULLIVAN:28,866 57.3%

    So that’s 50,393 voters. There were 58,714 votes cast on April 7, and 196,248 registered voters, so 25.7% turnout. I’m not sure what it will take to increase it, although more education as to how elections impact us will help. Maybe vote by mail? That seemed to increase turnout in Oregon.

  24. North_of_the_Range says:

    Condolences to our Anchorage friends.

  25. akConstant says:

    It couldn’t possibly be that Eric’s campaign focused on some really negative stuff (14% income tax-totally unbelievable strategy….bad–or Allan Tesche’s last minute surprise)…This wasn’t lost because good people stayed home. This race was lost because many good people decided Sullivan was the better option today.

    Read through these comments. Count the inflammatory and blaming comments. That to me demonstrates why this race was lost.

  26. SMR says:

    Leaving AK soon, and will be soooooo glad to see all those who voted for Sullivan in the rearview mirror.

    Alaska/Anchorage has some hot-button issues: property taxes, school bonds and the dreaded Republican vs. Democrat debate that is not supposed to come into play in our mayoral races.

    Too many losers in Anchorage & its environs who think they are over-taxed! That in spite of no income or sales tax! Pathetic! By introducing the tax-cap initiative (co-sponsor) in a race where he was a candidate, Sullivan gave himself a huge advantage. There is absolutely no way that any candidate could have won if they did not support that once it was tossed out there. Once it was on the table all other candidates had to fall in line or commit political suicide.

    School bonds, so many of them in the last vote, so little info put out to voters about it, so few people who give a shiz about schools & education.

    Mayoral races are not supposed to be partisan, but the Republican vs. Democrat issue is burning w/the heat of ten thousand suns right now in our state. We know that the Rs outnumber the Ds, huge contributing factor in this race. And lots of Dems out there probably voted for Dan cuz they view him as the anti-property tax messiah.

    And honestly — I really really don’t think that Eric Croft comes across as very likeable or trustworthy. I have no idea how someone is supposed to go about projecting those traits, whether or not they have the traits, but he did a really crap job. He may actually be the most trustworthy & funny & kind guy in the world, but he did not show well in my mind. Sullivan never had to worry about that, he had the tax issue, the bridge issue and the R next to his name to carry him through.

    Dan Sullivan will be to Anchorage what SP has been to Alaska. An ENORMOUS wake-up call in terms of voting on single-issues, be they party or property tax. These people may get conservative spending that puts them back in the dark ages, schools will crumble, crime will rise due to cuts in police force/fire dept/etc.

    The Municipality of Anchorage has hit a new, historic, low.

  27. Gramiam says:

    I live in Arizona. I don’t like a lot of stuff, but I see purple sneaking in here and there. I used to hate Nebraska after working my butt off all those years in District 2 for the Dems. But you know what I just found out? It seems that in Nebraska, Presidential Electors are named by how many popular votes in each district. District 2 went for Obama by a wide margin and the Electoral vote from District 2 is the one that put President Obama over the top. All that work was worth something!

    When Palin and her cronies and all these other yahoos that are getting you down now finally implode and self-destruct, as you know they will. You,too, can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Nothing worth fighting for ever comes easily.

  28. Moose Pucky says:

    Oooh, sorry, Anchorage. You did good though, narrowing the gap from the primary. It’s a tough climate out here in Alaska. Alaskans are tough, also, too, however, and we carry on. Spring is still beautiful.

  29. CityKid says:

    I am not looking forward to the Sullivan era in Anchorage.

    I feel guilty for not doing more for Croft. Sullivan did a very effective job with yard signs. I hate to say it, but everybody knew the turnout would be low. Sullivan had folks out on the street corners and was much more visible than Croft. I and many of you have seen Dan Sullivan in action on our City Council, he’s a “pro-business” (don’t do anything that might cost them money) and property rights at the expense of what might be best for our city.

  30. The Rubber Room Hotel says:

    Sad day for Alaskans they never learn…..
    Now you folks from out of Alaska see why Gino is still in office….

  31. BahstinBoyo aka Wrangler Tractor Palin says:

    30 Lainey…

    Although I have no doubts that happens, it is more a problem of apathy, indifference, a lack of concern or the impression that one cannot make a difference, so why bother. This is apparent in any election, in any state, for any position. When we see a 25-30% voter turnout, we fall into one of two camps. We are either the active participant, or the passive observer. The challenge is to get more individuals interested in the outcome. The more the members of the latter camp see no real changes made that directly affect them personally, the more disillusioned they can become. I believe that being informed is the key. The more you know, the better your decisions. Forums/posts/blogs like this one are just now coming into the mainstream. It make take a while longer, but if The Mudflats is any indication of the new direction, we may yet help many more see the light. Call it curiosity. Call it an inquisitive mind. Call it the new drug of the information highway. Whatever you choose, it has only just begun. I see that light. The light of truth.

    End of rant.

  32. curiouser says:

    OT…ADN’s running an article quoting Meg Stapleton saying Palin’s east coast visit is a ‘maybe’. Has anyone heard if Katie Couric will be at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

    And, geologists expect Mt. Redoubt to have a major explosion in the next few days….which gives Palin a good excuse to stay home and we’d never know the real reason.

    Keep safe Alaskan Mudpups!
    Democrats will win in 2010!

  33. redwoodmuse says:

    For the ones who ‘woulda’ voted for Croft, but couldn’t be bothered to vote…they do indeed deserve Sullivan…how sad for the rest.

  34. Mach says:

    Less than 25% voter turnout, Croft needed more dems to come out and vote.

  35. strangelet says:

    I never have understood turn-out (or lack of it), and at my age I doubt I ever will. This is by no means confined to Anchorage or Alaska.

    It looks like the total vote will be 41-42K, which is what? 20 or 25% of registered voters? Not that unusal for an off-sequence municipal election anywhere. But jeez, there MUST be 30,000 Democrat-ish voters in Anchorage, aren’t there?

    Folks just never seem to be able to get their heads around the fact that for a lot of everyday matters, local and state officials have a lot more practical impact, and often a more long-lasting effect, than national officeholders.

    It’s always seemed to me that voter self-interest would dictate that turnout should be LARGER for local elections. I mean, that’s kind of the most obvious example of “Think globally, act locally”.

    But it ain’t the case anywhere. Sorry that seems to be so tonight in Anchorage.

  36. redwoodmuse says:

    @Polly Says:
    May 5th, 2009 at 9:43 PM

    It’s the darn Knik Arm Bridge. There are a lot of real estate investors who want that bridge built.

    Gear up your investigator bloggers and keep shining lights on everything. At least then they won’t be able to do it in the dark…..and pray there’s no dui deaths coming home from McGinley’s.

  37. Dragon Lady says:

    Dirge plays in background.

    Sorry for your loss.

  38. redwoodmuse says:

    Yeah, I have a list of states I’ll never live in (or live in again) for purely political reasons. Guess I’ll have to add AK to that. (which currently includes Florida, Texas, Georgia and Arizona).

  39. Polly says:

    It’s the darn Knik Arm Bridge. There are a lot of real estate investors who want that bridge built.

  40. Polly says:

    Not really (moving yet). But it sure makes me sick to know how “they” outnumber us. Remember how close the Ted and Mark election was.

  41. Lainey says:

    I’m gonna be mean here for a minute and say that I bet DS promised whoever votes for him gets free drinks at his bar…is that all it takes?

    oops posted this on previous thread by mistake…so I was actually mean two times

  42. Polly says:

    Too many Palinites in this state. I’m moving.

  43. 56degreesN says:

    The final count won’t be done til the 15th. Maybe with luck, there will be a Mudslide!!!!

  44. Polly says:


    Dan Sullivan won the Anchorage mayor’s office in a heated raced with Eric Croft. With 82 percent of the precincts counted, Sullivan had a commanding 17,188 votes to Croft’s 14,832. That was a 56.4 to 43.6 percent split of this count. 9:39 PM

  45. redwoodmuse says:

    According to ADN with 82 percent of the precincts counted it is a done deal.
    “Dan Sullivan won …” they are saying. Boy, I’d love to see them wrong, but some folks don’t seem to care about ethics/judgment/morality.

    Lincoln, Franklin, or Jefferson, I can never remember, said the people get the government they deserve….but I always want to bang my head on the desk and cry, ‘what about the rest of us?” sigh.

  46. 56degreesN says:

    Here’s hoping the absentee/mail-in votes swing this election a bit farther to the left!

    ADN called it for Sullivan. Is there still a chance of going the other way??

  47. Dragon Lady says:

    And the remaining precincts? Any hope at all? How do they trend?

    (Great – I was going to bed at 1:38 AM here but I can’t sleep with this hanging.)

  48. strangelet says:

    Gack. Looks like there are only 15-16 thousand Democrats in Anchorage.

  49. redwoodmuse says:

    Looks like ADN has just declared Sullivan the next mayor.

    Dan Sullivan won the Anchorage mayor’s office in a heated raced with Eric Croft.

    Mayoral election results
    Eric Croft 17,000 43.3%
    Dan Sullivan 22,283 56.7%

    Last update: 5/5 9:31 PM 106 of 119 Precincts reporting
    9:32 PM

  50. Kevin D. says:

    CROFT:17000 43.3%
    SULLIVAN:22283 56.7%

    Number of Precincts reporting: 106 of 119 Precincts

  51. redwoodmuse says:


    Mayoral election results
    Eric Croft 14,832 43.6%
    Dan Sullivan 19,225 56.4%

    Last update: 5/5 9:23 PM 97 of 119 Precincts reporting

  52. redwoodmuse says:

    akgrrl Says:
    May 5th, 2009 at 9:19 PM

    Let’s hope there was a HUGE early voting turnout for Croft!

    so are those votes not included in tonight’s count? Does that mean that all hope is not lost?

  53. Kevin D. says:

    Better uncross those fingers. The ADN has said Dan Sullivan won. 🙁

  54. redwoodmuse says:

    Yes, I keep thinking of the people who have and, in some countries (states?) still do, deal with hardship, beatings and in some cases death just to exercise the right to vote. It makes me crazy that some folks ‘just can’t be bothered’ to vote. It’s a certain kind of arrogance and like they say about sex, I firmly believe that if we don’t use it, we will certainly lose it.

  55. Lainey says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you guys! You have to wipe the smiles off of their corrupt little faces… come on ppl

  56. akgrrl says:

    Let’s hope there was a HUGE early voting turnout for Croft!

  57. oregonbird says:

    Republicans win if Liberals don’t vote. I’d like to see some of the reasons that the “democratic” voters think excuse not doing their civic duty. And approximately 80% of the people who complain about any mayorial issues can go jump.

    Sorry. I was talking about our last election.

  58. EyeOnYou says:

    Eric Croft 12,759 42.6%
    Dan Sullivan 17,188 57.4%
    Last update: 5/5 9:07 PM
    87 of 119 Precincts reporting

  59. strangelet says:

    Did they take a mandatory tea-and-biscuit break?

  60. Kevin D. says:

    The endorsement of Sullivan by the ADN is the root cause of this blowout win for Sullivan. Time to boycott the ADN!

  61. justafarmer says:

    hang in there!

  62. Polly says:

    Oh my – Here’s the latest. check out

    This really sucks. People are so stupid.

    Dan Sullivan took a big lead over Eric Croft with almost half of the votes counted in the Anchorage mayoral election.

    Mayoral election results

    Eric Croft 7360 42.8%Dan Sullivan 9817 57.2%
    Last update: 5/5 8:54 PM 57 of 119 Precincts reporting

  63. EyeOnYou says:

    LOL, I don’t know, but the ADN doesn’t offer up much information except that Ted Stevens is with Sullivan and Croft is saying it is close like they thought it would be.

  64. Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

    The truly remarkable thing is how few people who are qualified to vote actually exercise the right. They essentially cede their choice to some factor other than deciding on the candidate if they do not vote.

  65. mlaiuppa says:

    These aren’t……Diebold machines, are they?

  66. mlaiuppa says:

    Oh, Gawd.

    Tell me the early results are from the Republican districts.

  67. EyeOnYou says:

    ADN is now reporting
    Croft 7360 42.8%
    Dan Sullivan 9817 57.2%
    Last update: 5/5 8:54 PM 57 of 119 Precincts reporting

  68. redwoodmuse says:

    is this a case where certain precincts are more likely to swing one way or another?

  69. redwoodmuse says:

    Yikes, Sullivan is leading with 21 precincts in – 52percent per ADN

  70. zyggy says:

    goodness, that is so close.

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