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October 28, 2021


America’s Congresswoman


As the 113th Congress is sworn in, The Mudflats salutes one of our nation’s—nay, one of Western Civilization’s—most distinguished legislators. Minnesota’s 6th is represented by Freedom, and Freedom takes its oath of office today.

Michele stands ready to address the concerns of America’s corporate leaders!



The book the liberal media doesn’t want you to see! Which is why you’ve had such a difficult time finding it:



Rep. Bachmann’s totally heterosexual husband Marcus simply cannot keep his paws off her! Get a room, you two!



Michele was truly moved this Christmas when fans from across America sent her homemade cards honoring their favorite legislator and her service to our nation.



Guess who Mudflats friend and Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead accidentally bumped into! Even though the Congresswoman didn’t know who Lizz is, she still gave her a big ol’ hug! Lizz totally didn’t tense up or become freaked out by Michele’s effusive affection!



While certain RINOs fall for ruses involving a certain someone’s birth certificate and refuse to bomb Belgium, Rep. Bachmann can be counted on to uphold conservative principles. Very conservative principles.




7 Responses to “America’s Congresswoman”
  1. Buffalogal says:

    In the photo where Bachmann is being all…. errr.. spunky with the corn dog , is that an actual guy in the lower left corner or is he part of the advertisment ? Either way , it’s fabulous . ha!!

  2. wallflower says:

    The word cloud mosaic is almost as scary as its model.

  3. mlaiuppa says:

    Is that last photo a big “HEIL!” to the t-baggers and Grover Norquist?

  4. COalmostNative says:

    Makes me wonder about the demographics, and intelligence, of her district… 😉

  5. The look on Lizz’ face is PRICELESS….!

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