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September 24, 2021

Shell: The Reckoning

Like any large corporation these days, Shell is making use of social media to spin its damage control about the Kulluk grounding. Whether the company’s aren’t-we-swell message is getting traction is open to debate.


More important than getting an earful on its Facebook page is the legal/legislative reckoning the company is about to face. US Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK), the United States Coast Guard, the Department of the Interior, and the US House of Representatives are all launching investigations into the matter.

Phil Munger over at Progressive Alaska has a nice overview of each of these inquiries.

Given the PR blowback—and the possible fines and legislative response to Shell’s apparent attempt to abscond from its tax liability to Alaska by risking reckless behavior on violent seas in order to do so—the company’s gamble may turn out to be one of the lower returns on investment in the area of boneheaded corporate skulduggery.



2 Responses to “Shell: The Reckoning”
  1. NickWI says:

    i believe the artic should be left alone and left as a preserve. lets say theres 7 billion barrels of oil in the arctic, well we consume 20 million every day. so a year is 7.3 billion. so we’re running the risk of despoiling a pristine and fragile wilderness for less than a years worth of oil? how short-sighted and stupid is that?

  2. mike from iowa says:

    I suspect the past election has totally poisoned the well of bi-partisanship and at most Dems will offer lip service to citizens about korporate accountability. I don’t figure you could get both sides to agree whether it is day or night. So,korporate monies will go their merry and profitable ways and tax payers get the bills again. Since I don’t live near oceans and know zilch about diving,is it within the realm of possibility that a rwnj could get the “bends” on command? Parnell and his merry band of doofusses seem to engage in “synchronized” bending when big oil speaks. Consider me curious in iowa.

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