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June 13, 2021


Murkowski Thumbs Nose at Leadership



We interrupt Alaska to bring you this special Sanity Report.

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski does not – we repeat – does NOT think that the debt ceiling should be used as leverage for spending cuts. Her sanity runs counter to Republican leadership in the Senate who have no problem creating an economic hostage situation and jeopardizing the US economy if they don’t get their way. Murkowski says that some of her Republican colleagues won’t say it “out loud,” but they agree with her.

This means that both of Alaska’s Senators believe that we should, in fact, pay our bills.

I’ll give you a moment to sit with that, before I ruin your warm fuzzy glow.

I would like nothing more than to report that our entire congressional delegation feels the same way, but alas. Don Young, the “Congressman for All Alaska” has decided that it’s OK to dangle the US economy out the window of the tall tower and drop it if his party doesn’t get its way.

Details at the News Miner.





8 Responses to “Murkowski Thumbs Nose at Leadership”
  1. AKjah says:

    Oh yeah and i believe her. And they are going to fund a wood pellet mill in Homer so we don’t need to pay for a gas line that will lock people into debt and escalating prices forever. We could all be Alder farmers, but no we will be consumers at the will of the gas companies. Don’t mind me it’s my day off.

  2. DeSwiss says:

    The Aurora Borealis does some strange things to people. I think its magnetic.

  3. SuzySnowflake says:

    I am still not impressed with Ms.Murkowski, and pretty much see her actual votes as the same as the votes that Joe Miller would cast if he were there instead of her. She just put a post up on Facebook blathering on about how she and Alaska feel so bad about the poor dead children in Newtown, then goes on to say that we will not change a thing when it comes to guns. Change any other thing you want, but she won’t stand for any changes regarding guns. Ridiculous and unacceptable.

  4. Ice Gal says:

    Our little liza will vote with the rest of the regressives! Just watch and see. Those that were fooled and voted for her will wring their hands together and say “we expected so much more”
    liza once a regressive Always a regressive

  5. John says:

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
    She will complain all the way to the Senate Chamber, and then vote however she is instructed to vote by the republican leadership.

  6. The Lawman says:

    Well then she won’t mind the US economy being used as leverage for that FEDERAL case coming up….
    Let me know how that works out…after Alaska has to cut a check for a couple TRILLION dollars…no missed opportunities here…

  7. hedgewytch says:

    Oh, please. You can keep your warm and fuzzy feeling.

    Once again Lisa SAYS something that seems to be out of lockstep with the rest of the Republican Party. But that doesn’t mean a hill of beans to me. I want to see HOW SHE WILL VOTE on it.

    And gosh darnnit, if they won’t SAY IT OUT LOUD then they sure aren’t going to VOTE for it and they are just as guilty as if they believed it. Jeesh!

    • Alaska Pi says:

      yup. Waiting to see how she really votes.
      No warm fuzzies here over Senator Murkowski lest it be the mildew on her promises to be more independent this time round.
      So far that hasn’t worked out so hot.
      We’ll see.

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