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September 22, 2021

(GetEr)Dunleavy Steps on His Own Twitter

Oh, dear.

Brand spanking new Senator Mike Dunleavy (R) from the Mat-Su Valley, all eager and fresh out of the chute, steps into Juneau and on to his own… Tweet.


Now, to non-Alaskans, or those who do not eagerly follow the continual shenanigans an skulduggery of the Alaskan political scene, this may seem like just a regular old tweet.

But to those who lived here in the 2000’s, or what we in Alaska like to call the “Naught-ies,” the hashtag #geterdone would by hilarious, if it weren’t so incredibly eerie and seemingly prophetic.

You see, way back in the mid-Naughties, the self-named Corrupt Bastards Club (who even had embroidered CBC caps), was a group of legislators busy selling their votes to the oil companies. Ten percent of our legislature ended up being under indictment. Others, like Senate President (and son of Senator Ted Stevens) Ben Stevens, whose guilt was indisputable, somehow managed to escape prosecution. And the infamous Corrupt Bastards had one thing in common, and I’ll bet you can guess what it is.

You are correct. All of them were Republicans.

A few of the dullest knives in our legislative drawer went for a couple thousand bucks a piece. Now granted, it’s more than I would have paid for them, but to the oil companies this was one helluva deal.

And arising from the drama and corruption, there was one phrase, one iconic little saying that emerged to define the trials. It came from former House Speaker, and later Inmate Pete Kott, and it was taped by the FBI.

In one damning recording played at Kott’s 2007 trial, [VECO oilfield service company’s CEO Bill] Allen told Kott, “I own your ass.”

In that same passage, Kott told Allen he had managed to kill an amendment that would have raised oil taxes above the line that Allen thought acceptable.

“I had to get ‘er done,” Kott said in Veco’s now infamous Suite 604 in the Baranof Hotel. “I had to cheat, steal, beg, borrow and lie.”

And with that, the phrase “Get ‘er done” became synonymous with corruption, selling Alaskans down the river, giving oil companies obscene tax breaks, cheating, stealing, lying, and having one’s ass owned.
Welcome to the Senate Mr. Dunleavy! Or shall we call you Senator GetErDunleavy? Thanks a bunch for the Tweet.  We have absolutely no doubt that when it comes to the governor’s big plans to give the oil companies massive tax breaks from Alaska’s coffers, the Republican majority will once again “get ‘er done.”
Who needs all that money for schools, roads and bridges anyway? The Corrupt Bastards ride again.




7 Responses to “(GetEr)Dunleavy Steps on His Own Twitter”
  1. birds-eye-view says:

    the more I read on Dunleavy, the more he fits with the other dysfunctional self-serving mad zoo delegates….

    btw, I met the guy….he’s definitely all about himself….pathetic.

  2. birds-eye-view says:

    Dunleavy has a not so pretty past…..self-serving, manipulative….

  3. John says:

    In a contest to see who can say/do the stopidist thing, Lindsey Holmrs played the first card. Chenault quickly doubled down with his nillification bill, but at the end of the game, I’m betting on the mat su delegation.

  4. Ivan says:

    Conservatism is genetically predisposed to corruption Because of its Core fundamental belief in not regulating those who participate in the system !

  5. slipstream says:

    What? You dare to imply that Pete “I had to get ‘er done” Kott did anything wrong?

    Just because he pleaded “guilty” ?

    An excerpt from Pete Kott’s statement: “They had little interest treating me or Stevens with fairness by hiding reams of evidence which would have exonerated me at trial, and probably Stevens, but when they themselves were found in the crosshairs of criticism and allegations of wrong-doing, they cried about being treated fairly. What hypocrisy.”,1

    In Pete Kott’s tiny little excuse for a brain, pleading guilty in court is the same as being completly exonerated.

    We saw the videotapes of Pete Kott taking cash from Bill Allen.

    The new class of Corrupt Bastards will no doubt be more camera shy — but no less corrupt, and no less bastards..

    • Zyxomma says:

      Hmmm. Reminds me of another Alaska politician who, when it was decided that she had abused executive power, said she was completely exonerated. What was her name again?

  6. David Otness says:

    The Mad Zoo clocks in with the first faux pas.
    Score one point.
    They are so in the power thrall of self-perceived invincibility I predict they will find it difficult to contain what there is of themselves.
    Big stage, new suits and lobbyists who respect them for who they really are.
    Lobbyists recognize and are ever-respectful of Christian warriors and their integrity.

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