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July 28, 2021


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Friday, July 16, 2021

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Friday, July 9, 2021

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Friday, July 2, 2021

Sullivan’s War on Unions

Inspired, no doubt, by the biggest asshat governor in the nation, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, our own smaller version, Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan has fired the first shot across the bow of the working men and women of Alaska.

Alaska has the second highest union density of any state in the country, topped only by New York. But that seems to be irrelevant to Sullivan who may have his sights on a US Senate run in 2014. Sullivan trails Senator Mark Begich in a Public Policy Poll done at the end of January by only 6 points (47/41).   If that’s the case, he’s “shoring up the base,” as they say.

Sullivan has introduced an ordinance asking the Anchorage Assembly to revise the city’s code to gut workers’ rights for public employee unions.

The document shows a host of changes including the elimination of arbitration, elimination of the right of unions to strike, limitation of  contract length to three years, and the elimination of all forms of longevity pay, step increases, and performance pay increases.

So, basically:


More as the story develops.



16 Responses to “Sullivan’s War on Unions”
  1. sudsy says:

    Seattle has US Marshall taking over what their local police used to do. My. What a lovely savings.

  2. sudsy says:

    Why does Anchorage have to be Seattle? Can’t Anchorage be Anchorage?

  3. unionguy56 says:

    Solidarity of all unions is key to busting the Sullivan/Hall union-annihilation scheme.

    Boycott Sullivan’s McGinley’s Pub, picket Muni headquarters, rally and strike (as a last resort).

    Show them who has the power. UNIONS NOW!

  4. GoI3ig says:

    Unfortunately, many union members will get to reap what they sowed. Many of them are steadfast republicans, and only vote for the candidate with an R next to their name.

    They are so rabid in the their desire to embrace god, guns, and their distaste for gays, that they will vote against their own economic self interest.

    When the ax falls on APD and AFD, I wonder how many will stand up and admit they voted for silver spoon Danny.

  5. StElias says:

    Mayor Sullivan, going after the jugular of organized labor should not be of a big surprise. Has he ever supported labor? Of course not. But some of these “A Cut Above” labor groups, like IBEW, Airline Pilot Association (ALPA), etc. might like to consol themselves with thoughts that their particular sacred contracts remain secure while lowly public employee groups are “low hanging fruit” which probably didn’t deserve to organize in the first place. Sorry, but now that Sullivan has a veto proof, or almost, Assembly and Captain Zero does have one in the state legislature, the right wing in Alaska now recognizes they have capital, tangible at that ” in the form of “To the victor go the spoils”.

    So, just as Big Oil is going to get their just reward after buying the last election in the form of the biggest resource giveaway Alaskans have ever witnessed so will go the demise of Alaska’s private and public sector organized labor.

    The big money boys have long had their cross hairs on Alaska State Statues 08.40.045 thru 08.11.050, and ASS 18.62, 18.60.580 and 18.60.075.

    What in the world was the IBEW rank and file ever thinking when they forced shut down of their progressive radio outlet and(except for public radio) turned over the entire airway system to right wing talking heads like Rush Limbaugh and his local radio big oil lackey ilk? Bill Allen wannabees abound. We voted for it, and we are getting it, laissez-faire capitalism.

  6. slipstream says:

    I once read about a great Republican, Abraham Lincoln, who ended slavery in the US.

    Now we have a pipsqueak Republican, Dan Sullivan, who apparently wants to restore slavery.

    No right to strike. No right to arbitration. You just have to take whatever pay the municipality sets.

    How the mighty have fallen.

  7. Dagian says:

    If more people who read about his plans decide to join a union, it will certainly undercut the possibility of him succeeding in his goals. But it will require people to look beyond (or through) his set-up:

    1) Unions = bad for business
    2) Union members = pampered lazy haves who earn and demand too much being given to them
    3) Everyone else = hard working, noble, long-suffering and if it weren’t for “those people” they would earn more money

    I really hope people don’t buy what he’s selling.

  8. birds-eye-view says:

    If unions united, like in the 60’s, and backed a “brotherhood/sisterhood of unions” then picket lines, strikes, rallies, pins, bumper stickers, etc. would be a much stronger show to these pro-business scam artists like Sullivan who keep chipping away at public money, public voice, public paychecks, public security.

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      Yeah… dad was a union steward back in the 1950s-60s, United Rubbers Workers (AFL-CIO). When I was young, they went on strike. All summer, we lived on his strike pay of $25 per week. Thank goodness we had a garden, and Grandma had chickens on her farm. We went fishing a lot, too. But even then, when I was 9-10 years old, I remember it was a tense time.

      We lived through it. But I know my dad really didn’t want to be in that situation. But he was — and he did what he had to do. I don’t know if I could have done it.

      Today’s union folks might not have the same clout they once had …….. sad to say ……

  9. Zyxomma says:

    Isn’t Dan Sullivan some kind of glorified bartender? Why don’t he and the party planner go riding off into the sunset, and leave the workers in peace?

  10. wynsplc says:

    ” O’ Danny Boy” Sullivan will probably get his way and also beat Begich in the next election, knowing the way people vote here. Then they will scratch their head and wonder how it happened.

    • Mill says:

      I agree with you – Alaskans, when it comes to voting, appear to do the opposite of what they want or expect. Possibly uneducated OR not watchful as to what is going on perhaps? Danny Boy is a jerk and I still don’t understand how he got elected as Mayor.

      One thing we have going for us is the fact the Alaskan Republican party is in a mess! The Dems, Independents and Non Partisan voters need to pay attention and vote AGAINST anything smelling of Republican ideals.

  11. akbright says:

    Can Dan Sullivan get anymore tyrannical? Though, I don’t really want to find out.
    Among many things, this ordinance want to prohibit strikes/work stoppage! (This section brings to mind the Rep. Eric Feige’s propose Lucy Lawless bill, seeking to make it a felony to interfere with permitted oil and gas, timber or other development projects.)

  12. MudWoman says:

    Thanks for posting this, Jeanne. If he is successful with this, the repercussions won’t just impact employees today, it will impact them for the rest of their careers, impact what they will have available to live on once they retire, and impact what rights their children will have when they enter the work force.

  13. Alaska Pi says:

    ’tis the notion of managed competition which sets my hair on fire…
    pay attention Anchorage!

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