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Assembly Passes Anti-Labor Ordinance


All photos by Zach Roberts

I should have known things would go awry when Dan Coffey held the door for me as I entered the Assembly Chambers. Tuesday night was the vote on Ordinance 37, which will gut the collective bargaining rights of municipal workers, and introduce “managed competition.”

There was a bunch of business before they got to the bill, but this was my favorite. Adam Trombley, the head of the Ethics and Elections Committee stated that the reason the committee had met only once since last year’s debacle of a Municipal election was that he “didn’t want to crowd the schedule at the Clerk’s office.”


Dick Traini hit the ground running. As soon as the ordinance was introduced, he made a motion to kill the vote. “The body cannot move,” he said. “Public testimony has not been satisfied.” Then he read the relevant section from the City Code.

“I rule that incorrect,” said Chairman Ernie Hall, who countered by saying that public testimony had been heard.


Traini appealed the ruling of the chair. Honeman seconded, but the vote went nowhere. Surprise.

Traini then stated that he wanted debate on the bill..

“I’d be interested in hearing from you,” said Traini to Hall. “There are 210 people who have not yet testified. And none of these were second bites at the apple.”

Honeman made a resolution to postpone the vote. That didn’t pass either. “My concern is with the litigation we will face, because we did not follow the charter… There is no fire, there is no emergency. We’re moving way too fast.”

Traini agreed. “I don’t want us to be sued because we didn’t listen. It’s not that many more people.”

Elvi Gray-Jackson spoke up and said she fully supporedt Traini’s position. “It saddens me to think if we don’t allow this, we will face serious lawsuits. I’m a taxpayer too and I don’t want to waste money on this.”

Traini’s motion failed 7-4 with the usual suspects voting the usual way. Traini, Honeman, Gray-Jackson and Flynn were the votes in support of the motion.

Next, Paul Honeman moved to postpone indefinitely. “I’m concerned. We’re going in the wrong direction. We have time. I am supportive of changes, but I know we can do this better.”

The motion failed 7-4.

And we were back to the ordinance itself.


Chris Birch piped up and said he wanted to be added as a co-sponsor to the S2 version of the bill which was introduced at the last minute.

Patrick Flynn was next, and said he’d gone through all four versions of the bill. “Several years ago, my friend and former colleague Dan Coffey, whom I saw skulking around earlier, suggested we stop public testimony.” He then went on to tell several stories of things he’d done in the past supporting the fact that he “stands on process.” “Sometimes we myopically focus on what’s in front of us, and when we do, we fail to grasp that we have a larger responsibility, not just to people we represent, but the integrity of this Assembly as an institution, and we have failed badly. The decision to close testimony prematurely has irrevocably harmed the public process.”

The crowd applauded.

“We couldn’t even get this thing introduced properly. I’m not perfect. In the past I may have tried to take a shortcut, but I’m proud to say I’ve learned from my mistakes.” Flynn went on to say he wasn’t expecting what he was saying to change things. “I know where the votes are, but I hope each of you thinks of this when you vote, because there will be a day when you reap what you have sown.”

More applause.

Then, a string of amendments were proposed which would change the wording to state more clearly promises that were made by the Deputy Municipal Attorney during a Friday work session that staffing, scheduling, and overtime will still be negotiated, and current wages and benefits would not be cut.

The amendment failed 6-5 with Ossiander voting in the 5.

Another amendment was made to state clearly that the ordinance will not affect wages. Dennis Wheeler, Municipal Attorney said that the rate of overtime may change, in exchange for benefits or something else to be negotiated in the future.

Chris Birch said that inserting the language, “unreasonably complicates things.”

Honeman suggested changing the language to say that no one will suffer a loss of “base” pay.

Wheeler spoke again. “We’ll have a number of negotiations over the next 2 years. What will happen is there may be changes in benefits, base wages, overtime and other forms of compensation. This may happen to their benefit or loss. I want to make it clear, even if this amendment passes it’s no guarantee that the base pay and benefits and other compensation won’t be changed going forward.”

Elvi Gray-Jackson said what everyone was thinking. “So, what you’re saying is the fears people have of of losing pay are founded.”

Sullivan interjected that every new contract is a negotiation. “It may work to the employee’s benefit.” There was outright laughter on that one.

The amendment adding the words “base pay” passed 10-1 with only Bill Starr opposed.

Three more amendments from Elvi Gray-Jackson, and another from Paul Honeman were all shot down.

“We’re embarking on a major modification,” said Honeman. He said based on what he was hearing, the ordinance was designed as payback to more progressive members of the assembly for past actions. His biggest concern was that as an independent branch of municipal government, “sometimes we have to shove back and we haven’t done that… Will this be our legacy? With no real emergency. I don’t see the logic in it. We’ are the legislative body and we need to push back against this rushed crap.” He immediately apologized for his use of language, but it was obvious he was upset.

Traini added that all they’ve had is one draft after another with the latest version of the bill coming on 4:18 Friday afternoon. “We need 180 days or longer to figure out what we’re trying to solve here. We’re a bunch of lemmings going off a cliff. I don’t know who will be on this body to clean up the mess, but we’re creating a mess.”

Elvi Gray-Jackson admonished, “You did it in secrecy, without input, and for political reasons. The Mayor says it ‘simplifies and clarifies,’ but it demoralizes hard-working men and women who provide vital services to the city.”

She went on to quote Ernie Hall and Jennifer Johnston, both co-sponsors of the bill saying they felt city workers were fairly compensated. “So, why are we having this discussion?”

All told,1600 people testified on the ordinance with hundreds remaining in the queue. A total of three people testified in favor of it.

“I am so sorry this has happened to you,” Gray Jackson said to those assembled in the Assembly Chambers. And to her colleagues she added, “I’m asking you to put politics and promises you’ve made to one another in the trash. Please revisit this with input from everyone.”

Finally, the vote was taken. The ordinance passed 6-5.


Those voting in favor were: Hall, Frasca, Johnston, Starr, Birch, and Trombley.
Opposed were: Traini, Gray-Jackson, Honeman, Flynn and Ossiander.

One lone audience member was clapping for the vote. Those who pay attention to city politics will note without much surprise it was Fluoride Guy. Sitting next to him was the Waffle Lady from last summer’s Tea Party candidate forum. If looks could have killed, Fluoride Guy would have testified his last.

For now, Ordinance 37 is law.

Critical Assembly races will come to a vote on Tuesday, April 2. Ernie Hall (Yes on 37) faces a new write-in challenge from candidate Nick Moe. Cheryl Frasca (Yes on 37) will be challenged by Tim Steele. Dick Traini (No on 37) will be facing a challenge from Andy Clary. Jennifer Johnston (Yes on 37) will sadly be running unchallenged.

You know what to do.

Nick Moe talks to a voter.

Nick Moe talks to a voter.



10 Responses to “Assembly Passes Anti-Labor Ordinance”
  1. JHypers says:

    By Fluoride Guy I assume you are referring to Spenardian Jason Agre. Interesting fellow. You should try to have a real conversation with him some time if you never have. One of these days, the residents of Spenard may well initiate the Agorist revolution in Anchorage.

    Keep on having fun…

    • Daryl Liberty Lanzon says:

      No it wasn’t Jason. It was me. I have taken the lead to end water fluoridation, among other worthy causes..

      • JHypers says:

        DARYL!!! You were my second guess. Keep up the good work down there. Are you still with ARP or have you deleted that from your list of worthy causes?

  2. Zyxomma says:

    Good luck with your election, Anchorage. Thanks for posting, AKM.

  3. benlomond2 says:

    with only one session for the Election Committee under their belts, why would the good people of Anchorage think that their votes are going to actually be counted correctly? We’ve already seen nationwide how Republicans have gerrymandered districts in order to stay in office…. Open bags of votes, not enough ballots, little or no security of ballots and improper counting procedures… Regardless of how many votes are cast, your election results will always be suspect until the process has been corrected and strictly adhered to. Maybe you can get the UN monitors to observe your election ……

  4. simple mind says:

    I admit to some confusion whether Ernie Hall is a dishonest SOB or just a befuddled old man who wants everything to be simple and wishes everyone would stop talking at him so loudly because it is making him confused and giving him a headache. He based his original campaign on being a moderate who would listen to, work with, and respect all sides. Then he turns around and jams through a complete re-write of city labor laws at the last possible minute, even denying the public the right to speak about it. Does he really believe that taking bargaining rights away from city employees is merely “simplifying” the bargaining process? Well, either way, dishonest or dumb, he needs to go.

  5. Froznturd says:

    You know there is no trust when there is outright laughter at the things Mayor Sully says!

    • simple mind says:

      The thing about Sullivan is that he is an entitled, selfish rich kid who is basically out there for one person – himself. However, at least he makes no pretense of liking any working person unless they are young, female and carrying a tray of drinks. I’ll take straight sleaze any day over hypocrites like Hall.

  6. Millie says:

    Ernie Hall needs to go and Tim Steele needs to be elected! I’m proud I already cast my absentee ballot and it went out in the mail today. People so need to pay attention for whom they vote!

  7. AKblue says:

    Tonight there is a Candidate Forum for west Anchorage candidates at the Spenard Recreation Center from 7 to 9pm. Invited to attend will are Nick Moe and Ernie Hall for Seat D, and Tim Steele, Cheryl Frasca, and Phil Isley for Seat E, and also school board candidates for Seats A and B.
    We can’t change the AO37 vote, but we can show Hall and Frasca we are not happy with them (and also to support Moe and Steele)!

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