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September 17, 2021

Parnell Announces Friday

Tomorrow, Sean Parnell will announce his political intentions for 2014.

He’ll be in Fairbanks, the Golden Heart City, the city where his predecessor and boss Sarah Palin gave her final, rambling Quit Speech into what looked like the severed tail of a wolf, and stepped her Naughty Monkey pumps off the tiny annoying Alaska stage, and on to the big giant national one.


Sean Parnell stood there dutifully, and silent. He pretended to like her big signature legislation. He smiled, and nodded. And he stepped into the governor’s mansion to finish out her term. He was quiet, and polite. He didn’t humiliate us in front of our friends in the Lower 48. Our governor had all the personality of a waterlogged piece of cardboard, and we liked it that way.


And he got elected in his own right.

That’s when the fun started. He went from mild-mannered, goofy-smiled, Captain Zero to rabid oil shill, partisan corporate hack, and religious extremist. I mean, a lot of people knew THAT Sean Parnell, but he did a pretty good job keeping it under wraps until he knew he’d be in the seat for 4 years.

So, will he run again for the governor’s seat? He is eligible for another four years with which he can drive the ship of state into the rocks.

Or, will he run for the United States Senate? There are no term limits there. His Lite Gov, Mead Treadwell, has already expressed an interest, but Parnell wouldn’t really care. He’s already told Treadwell to go lie down by his dish when he’s gotten to uppity. And then there’s Joe Miller. He’s formed an exploratory committee for a Senate run, but Parnell’s fan base and Miller’s fan base have some cross-over. He’d be a strong candidate against Sen. Mark Begich, but strong enough that Alaska would give up its six years of seniority, and a seat on the Appropriations Committee for another freshman? We need to start building back some clout after the reigns of Stevens and the other Murkowski.

People are hopping mad over Parnell’s oil wealth giveaway (SB21), for which he got support in the legislature, but not the populace. But are Alaskans mad enough?

Maybe he’ll just continue on with his current job as lobbyist for ConocoPhillips and the Alaska Family Council.

Oh, the intrigue.

We’ll find out tomorrow.



15 Responses to “Parnell Announces Friday”
  1. AKblue says:

    Maybe the gov should wait until he sees how many people sign on to the referendum to repeal the oil tax.

  2. mike from iowa says:

    Doesn’t matter which way this cat jumps,I’m gonna be pistoff at him for general purposes. If he would put on a pair of bib-overalls and jump off a cliff(to make a fashion statement) I would probably(fingers crossed) be more inclined to give him a pass.

  3. Ice Gal says:

    Well if we are lucky he might quit and go to work full time for the oil companies. Wait he already does that.
    We could throw him in jail for the rest of his life for violating his oath of office, but then we would have meedtreedwell for governor.
    Lets just hope that if he does run for another office Alaskans will send his regressive ass a packing.

  4. Alaska Pi says:

    Well .
    I’m pretty sure Mr Parnell’s political intentions for 2014 are very different than mine.
    Mine is to work damn hard to derail his.
    Bring it on Cap’n Torpedo.
    Need to get to work here…

  5. Wugmump says:

    How about “unemployed”.

  6. MegaeraThe3rdFury says:

    Way to make Begich look attractive again.

  7. Good Luck with all that! says:

    He won’t get re-elected…too much damage to come out in rallies he might have…too many questions he will dodge and lie about…no he’s a goner…no more elected positions for an oil boy who caters to the richy rich…
    Something he never has known or ever will know…why? Because those “made of money” usually don’t desire to advertise it…and they live like a bum…with HUGE money in accounts that come in quarterly revenues…
    Now that one that you got your little tiny hands on…that is for the United Nations courts to decide…then you can deal with Washington DC sending proctologists to clean that shat up in Alaska…Rooter Men in Black…good luck with all that Sean…

    • lol... says:

      I have heard about that “ripe tomato” nickname given for the giveaway of a trust account that even Senator Hollis French coined “birthright owner” as a I got the message kiddo…we are a looking for that money!
      Good man! Like the retired DA now Senator still upholding the law…no one else seems to…shrug…find the money and you find much to debate in session next year…grin…

      • BP Huge... says:

        The HUGE account is in BP in Alaska…when Sean could shift the law to “vulnerable adult”…
        Senator Hollis French had a good laugh…I think “birthright owner” is more the legal slang…
        Well in any event…when the ownership is returned…I wonder if the “birthright owner” will keep BP in Alaska…being as a financial fleecing took place…or if NANA and CIRI will be sub-contracted to supervise operations to draw more revenues…one never knows…

  8. zyggy says:

    Maybe he’s about to announce his run as dog catcher?

  9. GoI3ig says:

    I can see it now. His chief of staff would probably be Jim Minnery.

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