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May 25, 2022


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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Joe Miller Met Mayor Dan Once, It Went Awkwardly.

Joe Miller, age 46, US Senate Candidate came out of seemingly nowhere to beat incumbent and heir to the throne Senator Lisa Murkowski in the 2010 Republican primary. She then ran as an “Independent” – and won. Leaving Joe to fester in Fairbanks and become a lowly blogger. Now he’s running again – this time against Democrat (no, I’m sorry… “Independent”) Mark Begich who used to have…Mayor Dan Sullivan’s current gig.

Mayor Dan Sullivan, age 61, son of Mayor George Sullivan now is running, um… for something. In 2010 he was spending a lot of time with a party planner (who would later that year work for Joe.)

So yeah, Alaska, I get it. You’re a small state.

I was searching through my terabtyes of photos I’ve taken in Alaska and came across this fantastic triptych from those more innocent times of 2010.

JoeAndDan (3 of 3)

JoeAndDan (1 of 3)

JoeAndDan (2 of 3)

If this is what Republican Party togetherness looks like – then I’m not sure that Begich and whoever Mayor Dan decides to run against doesn’t have a thing to worry about…



7 Responses to “Joe Miller Met Mayor Dan Once, It Went Awkwardly.”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    Joe Miller met Mayor Dan once-the result was immeasurable nothingness. Sounds like the last law of physics I never learned in High School. I think not,therefore,I am not.

  2. Zyxomma says:

    REGISTER voters. Vote in primaries as well as generals, every year. Help your neighbors get to the polls if they’re in the bush.

  3. slipstream says:

    Can you feel the love tonight?
    The peace the evening brings
    The world, for once, in perfect harmony
    With all its living things.

  4. mike from iowa says:

    Haven’t met either one(fortunately) and I still feel like I need a steambath to feel clean again.

  5. AKMagpie says:

    What a pair! Kind of gives me the creeps. The balmy and smarmy twins. NO, I am NOT paranoid…I think.

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