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October 25, 2021


Palin: In or Out, or In… Or Out. Maybe.

In the never ending edge-of-your-seat boredom that is Sarah Palin’s future “political career,” we’ve got some hot breaking news!

Remember how she wasn’t considering a senate run in Alaska?

Then, she was… unless someone other than Joe Miller and Mead Treadwell stepped up to run.

Nobody has. Still just them.

Yet now she says she currently has no plans to run. Someone else can do it.

But she’s also not ruling anything out.

She’s not closing the door.

Back in the day, an open door was God’s message to “plow through.” Now, it’s merely an option. It’s just there, open, and she’s not plowing, but neither is she closing.

Here’s where I picture God played by my mother. “In or out! Make up your mind, but I’m not paying to heat the outside!”

I’ve never completely discounted that Palin might run again for something. Those in the Lower 48, or who only paid attention to her after her disastrous run for VP in 2008, tend to think she’s motivated solely by George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Not because they’re her favorite founding fathers, but because they’re green and flat and made of paper, and you can trade them for jet skis, and cool boots, and fancy houses.

But people forget what motivated the old Sarah – the basketball player, the woman who towed her toddlers around in a red wagon knocking on doors to become Wasilla Mayor, the underdog who took on the establishment and summarily kicked its ass in the 2006 governor’s race.

She likes competition. A lot.

But she also hates losing. Maybe even more. So, it’s possible that she’s listening to someone who is telling her that even if she won the Republican primary (which she very well might), there’s no way she’s winning in the general election. And THAT would mean losing – and losing to a Democrat. In Alaska. Who voted for Obamacare. Kiss that last shred of attention buh-bye. It’s hard enough as a half-term governor to be ridiculous enough for people to notice you.

So, if winning isn’t an option, there’s only one thing to do – pass the ball to others, and sit on the bench emitting sounds that are similar to English sentences.

(My comments below in red)

SARAH PALIN: Well, our present Senator, Mark Begich — Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch is kinda how we refer to him up here, (No, it’s kinda how YOU refer to him. And by “up here” you must mean Arizona, yes? Because if you mean Alaska is “up here” I’ll have to remind you how you are “referred to up here,” Caribou Barbie, Bible Spice, Ms. Quittypants, the Ex-Half-Governor,  Darth Palin, She who shall not be named, The Quitter, Someone who used to be Governor *eyeroll*) because he’s being led by a bunch of… Harry Reid and President Obama. (At least he’s not being led by a gaggle of … you.) Mark Begich, having been so supportive of their agenda, ushering in Obamacare and incurring more and more debt. He certainly needs to be replaced and we need someone there who understands that our country is going bankrupt and we need to rein in government, some ‘We the People’ type principles need to be enacted. And that’s not going to come from Mark Begich. He needs to be replaced, but Greta, it doesn’t have to be me. There are thousands of good Alaskans with that servant’s heart, and the ability and the desire to serve we the people. It doesn’t have to be me. (Because I will lose.)
I think it’s kind of hilarious though that Mark Begich seems to want to use my name as his fundraising tool so often with his far-left friends because every time I speak about this issue, he’ll fire off emails and fundraising pleas saying, ‘Sarah Palin is talking about taking my job.’ He’s kind of in a panic there being threatened, I guess. But it doesn’t have to be me. And as of this date, I am not planning to run for the U.S. Senate, but I certainly would never say never in this case.

Yes, Sarah Palin was the greatest fundraising tool Democrats could have ever asked for. Why? Because the thought of her holding office makes people want to clutch their knees and rock back and forth in the corner. But, I’m glad that she finds the most tried and true political fundraising tactic in the history of ever (whether using her, or President Obama) is “hilarious.” This is the woman, remember, who accused Obama of stealing her whole gubernatorial campaign theme. You know… “change.” That was totally hers.

VAN SUSTEREN: So does that mean if I could sort of sum this up, that the door is open, but no decisions have been made, it’s not closed on the thought. Is that what you’re thinking about?

PALIN: The door is never going to be closed in terms of opportunity that could be out there to serve people who are deserving of those with common sense conservative values. But Mark Begich and, heck, all those far-left Senators, they do need to be replaced. President Obama does not need more numbers on his side of the aisle when it comes to incurring more debt and burdening Americans with more and more Big Brother government.

(So the door is open and not closed, and she’s not planning to walk through it, but she’s not saying that she never will. And by the way, I’m slamming 100 bucks on the table that says Sarah Palin has never read 1984. And if you’re in DC, or Alaska progressive circles, and you refer to Mark Begich as “far left,” expect a reaction that ranges from laughter, to odd stares, to outright weeping.)

At least we can console ourselves by observing a recent back-and-forth between Palin and noted progressive scholar Noam Chomsky.




She doesn’t admire herself either. We’re not so dissimilar, Democrats and Republicans.

Group hug!



36 Responses to “Palin: In or Out, or In… Or Out. Maybe.”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    Maybe it’s just me,but Snookie looks like she is getting ever more narrow between the eyes. Not a good sign for one with tunnel vision to begin with. Soon she can dispense with bi-focals and just get a monocle to cover both eyes.

  2. Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

    Alaska 3.14159

    I tried your link but it crashed me browser… so I don’t know what it sez. I have a nodding acquaintance with the oil and gas industry because they are not generally all that good at petrography thus now and then I find
    myself characterizing their very simple rocks for them. I have in years long past also had some experience with EOR – Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques including flooding reservoirs with water, CO2, and various cockatils of polymers to extract more oil after primary production has tapered off to nearly nothing.

    Oil is a slippery business. (Do I get a pun credit for that?). Around 50 years ago my father who was an architect did some design work for an oil Baron and was part paid with some royalty interests in a few wells
    scattered around in a particular field. They are still producing.

    In my opinion, the whole question of north slope oil is for Alaska, far too complex to be left to the likes
    of palin and parnell to cypher out. I am pretty sure they both would have a difficult time just with the long
    division needed to figure dollars per barrel of oil let alone the second derivative of the production rate
    from a given reservoir.

    The bottom line though is still simple without resorting to any fancy calculations. Natural gas burned as a waste product because it is not easy or simple to ship is a huge contributer to carbon pollution. Yet it could be used as an efficient fuel. That would be some justification for burning it. If perhaps it produced rural electricity. But it doesn’t and it won’t so long as the likes of parnell and his buddies are running things.

    As to TC, they are trying hard to gaff an even bigger fish, the keystone XL line to the gulf coast so they
    can export their bitumin sludge directly to the third world.. One might well ask, given their track record with the highly touted Alaska Gas pipline, will Keystone XL ever even exist? In this case the answer is probably yes because there is a huge amount of money to be made by marketing the coal-sludge that is dil-bit as if
    it was oil.

    Where is the pipline Palin? Where did the $500 million go? How many Alaskans have lower utility costs now because of the great pipeline? ZERO. Not a single one. Except maybe Palin. Did she get a nice kickback from that? Even one percent would be a half million dollars.

    • mike from iowa says:

      KN-According to Alaska Pi’s link,the state of Alaska agreed to pay 90% of TrancCanada companies cost(up to 500 million bucks). By June 30,2013,when the original agreement expired,Parnell had paid 259.4 million,which TC has shared wiyh ExxonMobil(joined in 2009). BP and Conoco-Phillips have also joined in. To date TC has not yet begun pre front-end engineering and design,which was to be the benchmark for progress. The project is estimated at between 45 and 65 billion dollars,if it is ever built. Alaska’s head of Department of Natural Resources was a lawyer for the lawfirm representing TC,and Obama’s former personal attorney works for them as well.What a tangled web we weave. As for shipping tar sands oil overseas,I read or heard that Congress passed a law that forbids shipping that dirty crude,but all refined products such as diesel and jet fuel can and will be shipped out. Apparently,America has a glut of gasoline and doesn’t need tar sands gas. According to former Texas official,Jim Hightower,the original reason that tar sands oil was being shipped to and refined in Texas port cities was that it was going to be exported. It was never expected to be used here to alleviate gas shortages. ps-you get extra points for puns. Good hearing from you as always. You leave us more bones to chew on. Thank you.

    • Zyxomma says:

      Yes, KN, you get credit for calling oil a slippery business. And Keystone XL SHOULD never exist, not just IMO but in the opinion of everyone who cares about Native rights, water, and soil.

  3. Palin's a Copy Cat says:

    Those new glasses there Sarah…what a copy cat you are my dear…so hows that paperwork you got served working out…oh didn’t get it yet hu? well when you do you can book your next flight to Geneva to UN courts…;)

  4. mike from iowa says:

    Palin reminds me of two little skunks named In and Out. One day In went into the forest and never came out. Mama skunk sent Out into the forest to find In. Out returned almost immediately with In. Mama skunk said how did you find your sibling so fast? Out said simply,In stinked. The end.

  5. mike from iowa says:

    Palin: in or out? Hopefully….

  6. merrycricket says:

    I’m sea sick again….. Ooooo….Trying to follow her word salad is like a ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl… it makes me all woozy.

    • thatcrowwoman says:

      Good to see you!
      Been busy with the grand-cricket?

      • merrycricket says:

        Finally managed laptop and an internet connection. I have more than one grand-cricket now. Isaiah was born on March 4th to my younger son and his wife. I got to be in the labor and delivery room and welcome the little cutie pie into the world. AND I have a third on the way. Due Oct 28th to be a baby sister to little miss Hannah. She is to be named Grace which is ow her parents are handling the little surprise.

        I can’t get on the mudflats site from my smart phone. For some reason, it loads then the page goes blank and all that’s on it is the little Facebook logo. ???

        I miss you on Facebook TWC. I think of you everyday at my new job at Jewish Family Services. I love working there and have NEVER felt more appreciated or welcomed in the workplace. I will have more spare time to get online in September as the agency honors the high holidays.
        Feel free to PM me everyone if you want to connect by email or on Facebook.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      Yay! merrycricket!!!!!!
      missed you
      take a deep breath and it will clear the whatzername woozies.

    • mike from iowa says:

      Me three. I missed you,too still yet.

  7. thatcrowwoman says:

    $arah (Mr$. Todd) Palin:
    Ignorant Hater and Psychotic Sh!t-Stirrer $upreme,
    with a gift for grift that may well be her undoing.
    ‘Bout time, eh,
    considering the damage $he has already done?

  8. benlomond2 says:

    Does Fox even get a ratings uptick when she shows up on the screen? Maybe this will be the last year for her..The TV studio should be fully depreciated under the 5 year rule by the end of the year…

  9. mike from iowa says:

    Snookie brings to mind an old lawyer joke. She offered her honor. He honored her offer. All night long,it was honor and offer,honor and offer.

  10. Kath the Scrappy says:

    Oh my, this is something to keep an eye on. ALEC doesn’t want the sunshine doing a disinfectant, wanting to avoid the Public Disclosure Laws. 4.44mins

    ALEC Wants Back in the Shadows

    Published on Aug 22, 2013
    Brendan Fischer, Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), joins Thom Hartmann. Right here in the United States – ALEC – or the American Legislative Exchange Council – has just finished up its annual meeting and is once again leading the charge to clamp down on workers’ rights – suppress minority voters – and generally destroy the middle-class. ALEC has gained notoriety over the past year or so in part because activists have worked hard to expose the group’s bribery of state legislators to the public. But right now in Texas – ALEC is trying to make it a lot harder for the American people to find out how it will screw them next.

  11. Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

    I don’t often offer up an opinion but a lie repeated several times in the course of such an insipid piece of pandering should not go unchallenged. That lie is the persistent and foundationless claim that deficits are increasing. The reality is that the annualized deficit incurred by the US is approximately half what it was under
    Bush’s last budget (2009). The cumulative total deficit is indeed larger than it was 4 years ago but this is what happens when you underfund the government but spend money anyway. Such as increasing congressional staffers. Holding pointless hearings about non-issues. Voting 40 times at a nominal cost of
    some $80 million dollars to repeal a law that has passed constitutional muster under the scrutiny of a very conservative and hostile court. Held hostage the full faith and credit of the nation in a fashion that puts the global economy at risk, and on and on and on. The litany of stupidity is apalling. And that is only one example out of hundreds.

    Where is the gasline would be senator sarah? What happened to the $500 million Alaska handed to Trans-Canada for what exactly? To my knowledge the only thing TC has done is hold an open season that failed to arouse the interest of any of the producers who would supply gas to the pipeline. So what is happening to all that gas? A small fraction of it is being re-injected but the majority is being flared, that is a form of double speak that stands for “being burned to no purpose whatever other than to avoid incurring any expense WRT storage, shipment or even such a simple concept as if you are going to burn it anyway why not burn it to generate electricity? No. Instead it is just dumping more millions of tonnes of carbon pollution into an already historically unprecedented (we’re talking geologic history here not human) saturation of carbon that is affecting all the earth’s ecosystems in ways we cannot yet fathom and have no means to mitigate except to stop burning so much carbon.

    Faced as we are with what is arguably the greatest crisis to ever confront human civilization, why does such a perniciously ignorant and mendacious woman who can’t even construct a grammatical sentence in her native language have a platform from which she can spew falsehoods and racist slurs? From which she can use her invective to goad the ignorant and the willfully uninformed into a frothing rage over non-issues while the approaching forest fire is ignored.

    I have great sympathy for everyone out there who have children, young or not so young. Their future is bleak and forbidding. The kinds of things we are just beginninf to recognize and witness, rise of sea levels, increasing rates of extinction, shortages of all kinds of resources most critically oxygen and water, and the concommitant rise in hostility, conflict, competition and war over scarce and rapidly depleting sources of sustenance are all just barely beginning to manifest themselves now. I am reminded of a quote which may be apocryphal but I think it has been firmly attributed, from A. Einstein, a personality
    most people acknowledge was a gentle genius. When asked by a “journalist” how the next war would be fought, he replied “I don’t know how the next war will be fought, but the one after that will be fought with sticks and stones.”

    The first rule of holes is: when you find yourself in one, stop digging.

    For all our flashy and impressive technology, it seems that collectively we have missed learning some very simple and yet highly effective axioms upon which rational behavior can be based.

    Unfortunately, surveys generally show that only about 10-15% of the population even attempts to be rational. The rest rely on horoscopes and their descendent ilk.

    Sleep well mudflatters.

    • Ivan says:

      Krubozumo Nyankoye, thank you for stating what should be common knowledge.

      BUT, Good ole boys and gals do not give rats arse about facts. they say what they want you to believe and and most of the faithful just take it as gods truth.

      Personally i think Sarah did exactly what she was supposed to do. gain the governors seat, by exploiting a populist mood of dissatisfaction with slimy frank, along with her oil company exec running mate and then quit to insure that the fox was in left in charge of the hen house. Worked like a charm and the rethug base will re-elect ANY incumbent as long he says god bless America and keep your federal hands of my life.

    • benlomond2 says:

      yeah!!…. what KB said….

    • Alaska Pi says:

      If you stop back by, this is the latest news I have been able to find on the pipeline project. I do not know enough to understand what it means entirely. Do you?

      And yes, re: whatzername – the LIE! The endless, oft repeated, taken for fact LIE. Thank you for Pffft! ing it.
      She’s got a couple others folks don’t call out often enough but they aren’t in this latest foo-foo rant/”interview”. Thank you for nailing this one.

      • mike from iowa says:

        Everybody is sleeping with everyone else when it comes to this gas pipeline. Rilly shouldn’t be surprised,I guess.

      • Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

        Pi –

        I distinctly remember trying to write a reply last night but perhaps it just never made up to orbit and back to the land lines. I couldn’t take in your link, it crashed by browser thingy. Unceremoniously I might add.

        I am not familiar in detail with the gas pipline deal, just some of the optical fringes.

        For half a billion dollars you would think that TC would have had detailed plans, partially secured key portions of the right of way, and pre-negotiated pending deals with most if not all of the producers for shipping their gas. To the best of my knowledge, none of that was true at the time the agreement took place with AK.

        If you can explain the content of you link to me I would be happy to try to respond to in in better detail.


    • Palin's a Copy Cat says:

      that 500 million Palin passed thru TransCanada to the UK will get dealt with in Geneva UN courts…;)

    • Zyxomma says:

      KN, I don’t know whether or not your browser will permit you to see the video, but North Dakota is flaring a huge percentage of its natural gas (fracked from shale, natch):

      I didn’t breed; I’m just not that hopeful.

      • Krubozumo Nyankoye says:


        Every oil field in the world flares NG. If you think about it for a minute it is kind of crazy, but just because it is crazy doesn’t mean people won’t do it. I couldn’t view your video link but I can readily imagine how it looked.
        The bottom line is we are poisoning our envirnment with a seemingly innocuous gas. But we cannot breath CO2. And contrary to what the climate denialists claim, too high a concentration of CO2 is of no use to plants and can inhibit their metabolism.

        Of course, the earth is a complex ecosystem. Even small parts of it are so complex that we have little idea at all how they actually work. And we are hopelessly at sea in terms of prediciting how they willl respond to fundamental changes such as the atmospheric saturation of CO2. We have been able to predict some things such as the acidification of the oceans. It turns out that it is worse than we expected.

        The stark reality is that we are the problem. The geological reality is that once we as a species exceed the global carrying capacity of our extractive and consumptive proclivities, we will be limited. From a purely historical perspective we may well already have passed the point in terms of ecological balance that defines our own extinction. A lot of us, too many by far, just don’t want to think about stuff that is too hard.

        You and I, we don’t have to be concerned about the future of our descendents because we have none. But it makes you wonder does it not, what the typical trajectory of intelligent life might be like amid the huge and diverse universe in which we are a speck of dust orbiting an ordinary star swimming in a population
        of billions. And that star is also juxtaposed amid its peers, in a further and even more profound population
        of billions of other island universes containing their own billions of stars.

        Are we unique?

        I don’t think so.

        We are only isolated by the immensity and the plodding speed of light.

        Look into the star lit night, you are gazing back in time, to what was.

        You can’t see it from Alaska but proxima Centauri is the nearest star to our own.
        It is a shade over four light years away. If it exploded tomorrow, we would not know
        it had for four years. If it exploded four years ago we would begin to notice it tomorrow.

        And indeed, stars do explode. Just look at our own. A seething mass of dense gas
        held together by the thrall of gravity which also fuels its immense thermonuclear furnace.
        Quite surprisingly, we actually understand to a great extent how stars burn their simple
        fuels and release their immense flux of energy.

        • Zyxomma says:

          KN, I’m no professional, but I love geology and astrophysics. Despite being a resident of NYC, I’m a stargazer whenever I can see more than the three stars visible in our light-polluted night skies (e.g. I went upstate to view the Perseids this year, and saw seven meteors in one hour).

          When I was in Australia, on my way to the Great Barrier Reef, Supernova 1987a was spotted simultaneously in New Zealand and Chile. A couple from NZ arrived shortly after I did, and brought with them their morning paper, with a star map. I was able to read it (unlike, seemingly, everyone else on the island), and for two weeks (apart from the few rainy nights), we watched the supernova growing in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Here’s an article on it from last year, the 25th anniversary of its appearance in the skies of the southern hemisphere:

          The various Hubble sites have the best photos.

          Here on earth, I live in an 1899 tenement building designed as temporary housing for garment workers when it went up. I buy my electricity from a local (in my state) wind company that, rather than taking profits, reinvests them in new windmills. At 59, I’m just learning to drive a car (I can sail a boat), because more and more of them do not rely on internal combustion. In the meantime, I walk or use public transportation. I do everything I can to walk my talk (wear vintage clothes, buy new ones only if they’re produced ethically and sustainably, eat only vegetables, sea vegetables, fruits, nuts, fungus, and seeds, all of them organic and many of them grown locally, petition my lawmakers, vote in every election, and so on). I know I’m not even a speck, and try to live that way.

          Health and peace, KN and all mudpuppies.

  12. Alaska Pi says:

    Well, personally I’m going to start calling her Alaska’s Herpes if she doesn’t just shut up and go away for good.
    She can yap on all she wants Outside but leave us alone.
    She promised us she could and would do more for Alaska from someplace other than elected office. So far, that’s been the longest promise she’s kept to us. Don’t break it now! We don’t want or need your horsepunky here , whatzername.
    Senator Begich and all those far left Senators ?! Oh, hon. Get a grip.
    You keep defining right of center, dead center and itsy bitsy left of center as far left and even your doofus believers are gonna get that you don’t know right from left.
    Go away!!!

  13. John McKay says:

    These days, I think what’s motivatin’ her more that the Franklins or the competition or the helpin’ the real American Joe Sixpacks sittin’ around their kitchen tables wonderin’, golly, how can I get the heavy hand of gover’ment regulation off my back and return to good-old, common-sense, Constitutional, conservative values is seein’ her face on the teevee and having people call her up to ask what she thinks about the important issues facin’ this great land of ours. Also.

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