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October 19, 2021


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Friday, October 8, 2021

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Friday, August 27, 2021

Don Young & the 47% Double Down

Remember that guy? The one with the hair, and the teeth, and the blonde wife, and the dog? Starts with an R… Give me a minute, I’ll get it…Don’t tell me, don’t tellll meeeee……


Remember when Mitt Romney was running for President, and then that thing happened, and he was speaking at a fancy private, closed-door fundraiser and told his fellow second and third-generation hand-me-down elites that 47% of the country were a bunch of good-for-nothing lazy freeloaders who didn’t do anything, and just mooched off the system? And then that guy videotaped it and released it to that other guy at Mother Jones?

And then remember how everyone was like, “Um. ExCUSE me?? We can HEAR you.” And then after he dug himself into a hole, he tried to get out of the hole by digging more? And then that didn’t work, and he lost the election?


Remember that?

Then you’ll have to appreciate this little gem. It isn’t like Don Young just wasn’t looking and accidentally stepped into the same steaming pile of gaffe Mitt Romney left on the carpet. Not the Congressman for All Alaska. No, sir. And technically a “gaffe” is unintentional – it doesn’t apply when you mean it.

At the recent “Federal Overreach Summit” in Anchorage, after telling federal employees they should feel guilty for being part of the problem, Don Young pointed at that steaming pile of Romney, and said, “Remember when Mitt Romney stepped in that and lost the election? Well, guess what?” And then Don Young bent his elbows and did a little jump up in the air landing where he aimed, in his shiny black shoes – right in the middle of the pile.

I suppose you have to give him chutzpah points. Every year he dares us to re-elect him, and every year we do.

So far.

“Forty-seven percent of the people… Mitt Romney lost the election – said it was forty-seven percent of the people don’t contribute to the society – and they DON’T!”



11 Responses to “Don Young & the 47% Double Down”
  1. NickWI says:

    young is 80
    which means we can look forward to another decade of this twit, absent a ted stevens- like scandal that has him facing federal time, and even then, stevens lost by a whisker. its the ‘ my guys not that bad, everyone else blows’ mindset. it would be one thing if alaska was a liberal state in the california or new york model, in fact it was expected to be dem when it became a state in 59, while hawaii was republican. in fact the reverse has happened. i think LBJ is the only Dem to win Alaska on the pres level, but obama got about 40% last year which is the highest a Dem has done in decades.

  2. Zyxomma says:

    I hope to see a different Congresscritter for AK in my lifetime.

  3. Alaska Pi says:

    Well- aside from the 47% who don’t pay their way blah-blah-blah crap, what is our Rep spouting about?
    AK is # 50- we have a much higher percent, the highest percent in the country , who do pay income taxes .
    What the hell does this have to do with the federal-government-overreach summit horsepunky ? Was there some lead-in to this stoopid set of remarks which makes any sense? In ANY context?

    There are way too many people in this state who just yuck it up over his gaffes and mark the oval by his name.Again and again and again and again and again….
    For a bunch of folks who yap on about how independent they are, the pretendsies are all too obvious in the lockstep, completely predictable vote-for-Don every 2 years.
    I just hope I outlive the sucker so I can see we choose to we shoot ourselves in the foot with when he’s gone.
    Because we will….

  4. JHypers says:

    Remember….he’s pro-union.

  5. John says:

    Don Young has nothing to lose. If he isn’t reelected, he still has a huge taxpayer funded pension. And he can go on the talk circuit and get paid to pontificate, just like he does now.

  6. 1smartcanerican™ says:

    To all my Alaskan blogger friends: I hope you can get enough votes to get a new congressman, maybe someone a wee bit younger with more interest in making Alaska a better state for all and not just enriching his family and friends. Alaska is simply stunning and has a great number of wonderful, caring, generous people. You deserve better.

    I hope things turn around and the smart Alaskans, the ones here and on other Alaskan blogs, can get enough like-minded people to vote some new people into office and get rid of Don Young and all the state level people left over from the P years.

  7. Carl says:

    Well, some could say he doesn’t contribute to society. I cannot think of one thing he has done of consequence that actually benefits Alaskans. And I don’t consider introducing ridiculous bills that have no chance of passing but were introduced merely to make a statement as “contributing.”

  8. hedgewytch says:

    This wonderful piece of humanity was on my plane from Fairbanks to Anch. last week. I made reservations for the flight just a day before, and had to choose from a handful of middle seats. Thank god I only had to sit catycorner across the aisle from him and not beside him. Even for 45 minutes it would have been extremely uncomfortable for us both. (He was sitting aisle seat next to a 30 something blond who was just smiling and preening the whole time and he was lapping it up chuckling and pontificating). Then again, if I had been in just the right mood I could have had him trapped and asked him a whole bunch of uncomfortable questions. Might have ended up with him getting red faced and loud. Could have been interesting.

    • Donna B says:

      He’d certainly have gotten loud… I don’t think ANYTHING embarrasses Don anymore. He feels invincible.. Because, was pointed out, we keep reelecting him, no matter what he says or who he insults. Our bad.

      • Mo says:

        No, Alaska Republican morons keep reelecting him. And will keep reelecting him until Republicans masquerading as Independents finally drop the facade and actually vote non-Republican.

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