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September 27, 2021


Alaskan Politicos Weigh In On Climate Change

In an article today in the Anchorage Daily News written by Lisa Demer our outstanding representatives were reached for comment on several different questions pertaining to climate change. While none of them out right denied what 95% of scientists now agree on – that climate change is caused by man… they’re answers danced around the truth.

Mike Chenault’s was my favorite.

When asked by the ADN.  “Do you believe there is a human-caused element to climate change?

House Speaker Mike Chenault slyly answered:  “I think that there is. To what extent there is, is the argument, I believe.”

Ok, Mike. Whatever you say…but check out the rest of the awesome, elegantly worded answers by our elected officials at the Anchorage Daily News… it really is a must read (just have some alcohol at the ready).

Alaska elected leaders differ on cause of and response to climate change




7 Responses to “Alaskan Politicos Weigh In On Climate Change”
  1. Zyxomma says:

    Do you speak politicalese? This bunch sure has it down pat.

  2. Alaska Pi says:

    House Speaker Mike Chenault slyly answered: “I think that there is. To what extent there is, is the argument, I believe.”
    Well, ya see Mr Speaker, the science types are pretty dang sure over half has been caused by human activities.
    No true argument there, buster buns, unless you are an obscurantist , so locked into playing your rosy spectacles routine you have to go find a lame scientistic naysayer to prop up your phony notion of fair and balanced.
    Over half.
    More than 50%.
    And THAT is the part we can do something about.
    My grandkids are waiting for your answer sir…

  3. Judithe says:

    “Parnell: It is the state’s responsibility to protect the health of its citizens which can take several different forms, including regulating emissions.” This, from the guy who led the fight to cut oversight of Cruise Ship emissions. Please Sean, let’s hear more. … I think he missed his calling, doing Stand-up Comedy.

  4. beth. says:

    Well at least they’re (still) not denying that there is Climate Change — huge huzzahs and kudos to them for that. Now if we could just get them over the quibbling about what percentage is ‘normal’/nature and what percentage is man-made, we might finally get them to actually DO something about it!

    How can we get them to understand that ANY man-made percentage is bad and needs to be addressed? Addressed like a decade or two ago! Aiiiiiii, it’s like trying to get a 7-yo to understand that both lightening and matches can spark wildfires… but only one is natural. Smokey the Bear understood the concept — too bad those on the Right, can’t. Or refuses to, one. beth.

  5. I see he’s wearing his virgin pin….just like they ALL are these days…

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