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UPDATE: It’s Come To This: Denying Grieving Families Benefits

Updated 10-10-13 4pm AK Time

Just received this e-mail from IAVA – and for once it’s excellent news. 

Big news on the government shutdown. Washington is finally starting to listen.

Because Americans came together and raised hell, the families of those killed in action will get their death gratuity benefits on time and be able to travel to Dover to receive their loved one. We’re thankful to the Fisher House Foundation for stepping up and taking care of the military families who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

We’ve updated our Shutdown FAQ feed on our site with today’s news and continue to update it when new information becomes available. Click here to read the updated FAQ and bookmark it so you can check in every day.

But the shutdown is still hurting veterans in many other ways. We continue to demand that Washington end the shutdown.

We’re working non-stop to make sure you have all the information you need during the shutdown. We’ll continue to keep you updated.

We’ve got your back,

— Team IAVA


This is not a sponsored post. This is just the right thing to do… something a lot of elected officials in Washington DC can’t seem to figure out.

According to the the IAVA – Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America – the Pentagon is now unable to pay the ‘death gratuity‘ that is promised to families of those lost in combat.

“It’s a disgrace,” said Paul Rieckhoff of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America in an interview with Reuters “The fact that those families have to deal with this now is just sad and shocking.”

While the IAVA stays non-partisan on this issue – I’m not. The Tea Party Republicans take photo-ops at veteran memorials around the country, complains about them being closed – never mind the whole thing is their fault. The Republicans dragged the country into their suicide-mission-shutdown and now are taking military families with them – all over allowing access to healthcare and paying our countries debts. Tell them that you don’t want any part of this hostage negotiation – call your Congressperson and Senators and tell them to vote on the budget.

Until then –

Sign the IAVA Petition at

If you can, donate to the IAVA.

Check out their website – Veterans have already been waiting for the help they were promised by America for too long. You can learn about their wait and read their stories

Photo -

Photo –


Here’s the text of the petition. 

It’s shameful.

Since the government shutdown, five American service members have given their lives in Afghanistan. But their families will not receive their $100,000 death gratuity because of political games in Washington. Our country is failing our men and women in uniform.

With the shutdown in place for over a week now, our brave veterans and their families are being hurt in many ways.

• VA has suspended vital services.

• National Guard drills are being cancelled in many states, affecting critical troop readiness and pay.

• The Pentagon can’t pay $100,000 in death gratuity benefits to grieving families.

Yes, you heard that right. Politicians are still receiving paychecks, but our government is unable to provide the money to support to the families of warriors killed in action.

This is a very stressful time for millions of vets and their families. Sign the petition now and tell Washington to keep our veterans out of their political nonsense.



6 Responses to “UPDATE: It’s Come To This: Denying Grieving Families Benefits”
  1. juneaudream says:

    In..minds eye..I see the body of America..being stood upon by the tea party folks..and klanesque robes and faces. The photos from..long ago..of mindless glee..and animal passions..weaving, ramping..amoungst them. A war always ugly..damaging.I If each spokesperson for the tea party..was tracked on sundays and church days..I believe they would all be going to their local church. We have worked so very ‘raise’ a country..of honor and nurture..and now..a rabid, blood-lusting group..has taken over the republicans. Religions..must..face themselves, group by group..finding common ideals..and prune away..the raveled, acid drenched..fringe.

  2. Pinwheel says:

    Just as appalling as all the defense actions against ‘terrorism’. Why should we be surprised. I would be willing to bet the FAA is fully funded in the event a Congressperson or US Senator needs to fly somewhere on a commercial airline.

    You know the great GOP response: “Go shopping” !!!

  3. yukonbushgrma says:

    …….. but, you know ………

    Why in the heck did this have to happen in the first place?

    And what’s still operating in our government, while our bereaved Vet families suffer?

    Decisions made somewhere. Where did they come from?

    Don’t tell me politics played a part ……..

  4. yukonbushgrma says:

    Really AM confident they’ll do the right thing with this. If not — THEY’RE ALL TOTAL LOSERS.

    This is the height of — uh, uh, uh, — I can’t even find the word. If they can’t get together on this one, then forget the budget, debt and deficit ……. everyone’s faith in the US Government is gone.

    On a whole different note (OT, yes, but pretty important) ……

    Mary Burke just announced to run against Scott Walker for Gov. in Wisconsin! She’s got a real uphill to climb, but just like Wendy Davis, she’s got a chance if we have her back. Support her, and support other blue folks trying to put things back where they belong. ActBlue is a good place to donate, as you can choose where to donate.

    Go, Mary Burke and Wendy Davis!

  5. beth. says:

    NBC Evening News reported there will be a Bill presented –and passed!– tomorrow, to remedy this egregious oversight brought about by the government shutdown. Both Parties agree this was never part of the ‘price’ they figured on while they fiddle-phart around seeking resolution to the current, totally absurd and asinine, stalemate. beth.

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