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October 20, 2021


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Friday, October 8, 2021

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Friday, August 27, 2021

Recall Effort Advances

Anchorage State House Representative Lindsey Holmes got one step closer to political oblivion yesterday. She’s the Democrat, elected to serve West Anchorage, one of the most liberal districts in the state, who got to Juneau and went “>>POOF!<< Guess what? I’m a Republican now!”

Those who knocked doors, donated money, put up yard signs, and gave their vote to Ms. Holmes were (needless to say) not amused.

A group of the unamused decided to do something about it, and fire the nouveau Republican from her job. And that takes a lot of work. Signature gathering of District 19 residents began last winter at events and roadside locations in West Anchorage. Sign wavers congregated at the busy corner of Minnesota and Northern Lights Blvd every Sunday gathering signatures one by one, and honks by the hundreds.


[photo by Linda Scates]


[photo by Linda Scates]


[Photo by J. Devon]


[Photo by J. Devon]


[Photo by J. Devon]

Yesterday, after a rally on the corner of Northern Lights and Wisconsin, 1,102 signatures were submitted to the Division of Elections. If 808 signatures are verified as belonging to district residents who are registered to vote, then it’s on to the next step – more signatures. They need to gather about 2,500 signatures total – representing 25% of the number of voters who voted in the last general election, then a special election will be held in which voters will decide Holmes’ fate.


Recall effort organizers arrive at the Division of Elections in Anchorage. [Photo by Linda Scates]


[Photo by Linda Scates}

But for right now, the waiting game begins. While no specific time frame was cited by the administration, the group expects to have an answer about the validity of signatures within 60 days. If all goes well, signature booklets will be distributed to the group, and they’re back at it again.

Here’s how you can stay connected to the latest news about the recall:

Recall Lindsey Holmes Facebook Page

Recall Lindsey Holmes Website


Ready for Phase 2!




7 Responses to “Recall Effort Advances”
  1. aaqooauk says:

    I had a deep thought as to why republican leaders all act so godly,war on woman,science,education,and I realize they show they don’t respect woman,but they chose a leader in sarah palin,whos job is a pimp.I realy do believe they service the gop,wonder how cranky sarah gets to the grahams?

  2. Pinwheel says:

    Am I reading this correctly, 2500 signatures? Is that within the district or registered voters? Congratulations to everyone who did work hard to accomplish this step. We are learning how difficult institutions have made any challenge to a sitting lawmaker. n

  3. fishingmamma says:

    This is what we need to point to when the teabaggers are screaming that the system is ‘broken’. Because this is exactly how the system was designed to work.

  4. beth. says:

    Is there a provision in the city charter stating that any and all expenses for a recall election sit squarely on the shoulders of the recalled and not on the taxpayers? There aught to be. beth.

    (And where, OH WHERE!, did the “like” button wander off to? I, for one, surely want it BACK. Please. b.)

    • JHypers says:


      1) Is it illegal for an elected official, after taking office, to change party affiliation?

      2) Has the voting record of Holmes represented the will of the majority opinions of the people of West Anchorage, or has it been more representative of her current party affiliation?

      3) Is it not the will of the people of West Anchorage (or at least a portion of them) that their elected official be recalled, on account of the claim that she no longer represents the party affiliation of the majority who elected her?

      4) If it is the will of the people of West Anchorage to recall their representative, shouldn’t the people of West Anchorage be the ones to fund the expenses of the recall process?

      5) Would this not be a state-level election, and thus not subject to any local charters, bylaws, etc.?

      None of these questions are rhetorical. I ask because I live in the Interior bush, and am totally indifferent/ignorant to this situation unfolding in West Anchorage. My only tie could be the stretch that I have a few friends who live in that district. I’m trying to figure out whether this is because of the totality of Holmes’ actions representing this district…or solely because she jumped ship from D to R.

  5. NickWI says:

    so they have a yes -no vote on whether to recall her, right. can governor Parnell be recalled?

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