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September 24, 2021

Lunch with Labor and Lattes with the Legislature!

Today from 11:30 – 1:30, Anchorage union members are hosting a picnic to encourage Senator Lisa Murkowski to support the Employee Free Choice Act.  Attendees will sign petitions and make phone calls to the Senator to encourage her to support the Act.
In a strange case of “go figure,”  Congressman Don Young who sponsors the EFCA will be in attendance at the picnic.
All union members and their families are invited to attend.
The picnic will be held in the parking lot of Laborers International Union 341 (LIUNA), 2501 Commercial Drive, Anchorage, AK (In case of rain, the picnic will be held inside)
Tonight at Cafe del Mundo on Benson Blvd., from 5:30 to 7:30 members of the Democratic House will be hosting a fundraiser to assist Democrats in winning a democratic majority in the Legislature.  The funds raised will go to candidates in the closest races, and who most need the help.  Isn’t that so….Democratic?
There are 60 cosponsors of the event, and it reads like a nice little “Who’s Who” of Democratic legislators, campaign volunteers, and all around nice people.
2010 is just around the corner.  If Alaskans knew what a difference there would be in this state with just a few more Democrats in the House, they’d be busting their piggy banks wide open for this one.



33 Responses to “Lunch with Labor and Lattes with the Legislature!”
  1. Les Gara says:

    On questions re: Donating from Out of State: The law does allow out of state donations by individuals, but not businesses or outside political organizations.

    Here are the rules – a party or candidate can legally raise a portion of their funds from out of state (we never come close to that limit because we don’t focus on seeking out of state funds).

    If supportive folks donate they need to list their employer and profession for reporting purposes, at (or by mail to the following address, checks written to HDCC)

    Legal rules: the maximum donation limit is $5,000; no donations are allowed from businesses – they must come from individuals only. And, I think i have to legally write this. . . . .

    Paid for by the House Democratic Campaign Committee, pob 241084, Anchorage 99524-1084. Thanks lots.

  2. Lainey says:

    @Martha UYS
    by the way, how are you and your family, Martha? I think of you often.

  3. Lainey says:

    yeah, thanks, I just saw it re-appear. lol I thought palin had her wizards out and about.

  4. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Daily Wrap Up is back
    Think the server was having a brain toot!!

  5. UK Lady says:

    Those GOPers really don’t science do they? , the hilarity ensuing about the white roofs and roads is cracking me up. I remember in the campaign when the Prez said about tyre pressure and they made fools of themselves mocking him. We over here took it for granted about the tyre pressure, had for years. It was known that you use less fuel if tryes inflated properly.

  6. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Nope it’s gone! Poof!

  7. mwThatOne.. says:

    Lainey: I was wondering about that, too….saw it one minute, then it went away. Could be there is an update happening as we speak; and a few pix of tonight’s event with Lattes/Legs!

  8. Lainey says:

    What happened to thread ‘daily wrap-up..showing some skin’ ??? Did somebody take it down? Did palin get upset by the criticism of her outfit? hmmm

  9. ValleyIndependent says:

    @ 15 physicsmom: Actually, Don Young has been friendly toward the unions for awhile now and at least some of them threw their support his way this last election season.

  10. mwThatOne.. says:

    …and that corruption article was out on Dec 11, 2008……sad that we are so slow on the uptake, to help her find her way out the door.

  11. CO almost native says:

    Lori in Los Angeles Says:
    May 27th, 2009 at 1:44 PM

    Andree McCleod’s ethics complaints have been dismissed. Big surprise.
    But Huffington Post has an article about Palin being one of TOP FIVE CORRUPT politicians in the Country. I am so sorry Andree.
    Andree, you have my utmost sympathies. No surprise here, either. Bleah.

  12. mwThatOne.. says:

    Lori: ….. “about Palin being one of TOP FIVE CORRUPT politicians in the Country.” Well, there is something for our friends on the ‘other side’ to ponder. Those with ears, let them hear!!

    Martha UYS: too true!

  13. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Andree McCleod’s ethics complaints have been dismissed. Big surprise.
    But Huffington Post has an article about Palin being one of TOP FIVE CORRUPT politicians in the Country. I am so sorry Andree.

  14. LadyInCali says:

    Great artice Les. Those fundraising events planned by the Democrats sound like so much fun! Too bad I’m in Cali…Can those of us who are not residents of Alaska contribute at the link provided by Les?

  15. Nan says:

    Physicsmom – How terrific to run into someone who knows “kinnearing”!!! (and the Harlot, too, also even) LOL


  16. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    @ mwThatOne

    If Sarah Palin ever ate her own words, she’d be vegetarian for life.

  17. Star says:

    Hope you have a good turnout and raise a lotta mooola…:))

  18. mwThatOne.. says:

    Les: “a walking bumper sticker” ROFL,L,L
    What an entrepreneurial enterprise. WordSalad bumper stickers. No, that would be too mean. But funny….

  19. Physicsmom says:

    Don Young is a sponsor of the EFCA? Who’d a guessed? Have fun at the soiree and collect a lot of money. Be sure and take Brian with you, even if he only “kinnears” the doings. (Check out to learn about “kinnearing”).

  20. curiouser says:

    InJuneau…..thanks for the response. Palin’s inauguration was Dec. 4, a Monday, so I was guessing the next one would be the first Mon. in Dec. 2010. Hope your next governor will not diss Juneau. It will not be Palin.

  21. InJuneau says:

    Oh yeah, and not that she ever said it, but the Fbx inauguration choice was the first of many “official” disses of the CAPITAL (we’re somewhat rabidly blue down here, in case you hadn’t figured that out! 😉 )

  22. InJuneau says:

    The 2010 inauguration should be some time that first week of Dec., though I can’t remember on what day of the week it’s traditionally held. It SHOULD be in Juneau, seeing as how we’re the CAPITAL CITY and all that…

    The 2006 one was in Fairbanks because she decided she would honor the 50th anniv. of the writing of the State Constitution (though she was 10 months late in doing so). It was written in Fairbanks, in a building on the UAF campus.

  23. curiouser says:

    At some point, will the Democrats take out of state contributions?

    Can anyone confirm that the 2010 gubernatorial inauguration will be held on Dec. 6?

    Do we know where the 2010 inauguration will be? (I think Palin’s inaug. was in Fairbanks.)

  24. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Representative Gara,

    Thank you for jumping in with your endorsement! And thank you for posting at the HuffPo with the synopsis of stupidity (sorry my words, not your more eloquent ones) over the Energy stimulus funds. I will donate through the HDCC website, thanks for the link. May the room be crammed with smart people and great ideas – and since we all know how much fun Democrats can have together, I hope there is lots of humor and fun at the event also, too.

    This comment from Mr. Gara’s post at HuffPo tickled my giggle:

    “She wants to parade prettily in front of pipe lines and use phrases she can remember like “thanks but no thanks” and “our great country” and “Mama Grizzly”. She’s a walking bumper sticker.”

  25. InJuneau says:

    Wish I could be there; it’s bound to be a fun bunch raising $ for good folks!

  26. Les Gara says:

    As a Legislator who’s been working to bring Democratic-led majority to the Alaska House – so we can achieve the labor, energy, chidlren’s, education and other reforms we need in Alaska, I:

    1) Hope you can come tonight and help (volunteers, funds and good candidates win elections); and

    2) am sure I speak for my Democratic colleagues in saying, we’re also happy to hear what you think – so – come, be merry, and IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT, feel free to help at

    . . . .though by making this pitch, the bureaucrats might require that I also write the following tag line – . . .

    Paid for by the House Democratic Campaign Committee, POB 241084, Anchorage 99524, Berta Gardner, Chair. 🙂 – Rep. Les Gara

  27. honestyinGov says:

    I just posted a comment on the other thread. I see that Les Gara has posted his letter to GINO (from last week) in a HuffPo story. Everybody tell the HuffPo fans what she is up to. chat it up.

  28. austintx says:

    Is Brian , “Mr. Super Networker” , going ??

  29. weRpennst8 says:

    Where does she stand on EFCA? Anyone know?

  30. austintx says:

    Wow !! Busy day/evening. Enjoy and we’ll await the report and pictures !!

  31. Irishgirl says:

    Good luck with the fundraiser.

  32. C. Rock says:

    Sounds like a fun time. I wish I could go.

  33. pvazwindy says:

    Hope you have a full house

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