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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Moms Group in “Armed Ambush”


I wish I was making up this headline. But this is really happening in America, right now.

Earlier today outside a Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense meeting in Arlington, Texas a local gun group showed up with assault weapons and American flags.

Here’s the statement of what happened from the Texas chapter:

“Members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America gathered for a membership meeting today at Blue Mesa Grill restaurant. We were confronted soon after by gun advocates who disagree with our goal of changing America’s gun laws and policies to protect our children and families. Gun advocates held an armed protest in the parking lot, and our mom members and restaurant customers were terrified by what appeared to be an armed ambush. Sadly, these bullies feel they must use guns to intimidate moms and children and try to inhibit our constitutional right to free speech. But Moms Demand Action will not be deterred. The desperate actions of this vocal minority only fuels our determination to fight for gun reform in Texas and across the country. Change will come.”

Here’s another photo of the gun group happily posing outside of the peaceful meeting of Moms.





31 Responses to “Moms Group in “Armed Ambush””
  1. StElias says:

    Hey, isn’t that Richie Incognito in the upper right?

  2. Freckles says:

    I have family in Arlington, Texas. Texas LAW forbids open carry, so all open carrying in the pictures were disobeying Texas LAW and should be prosecuted for doing so.

    • scott says:

      Actually you are wrong Freckles. I live in Texas and know the laws quite well. Open carry of hand guns is illegal but rifles and shotguns are not included in that. It is perfectly legal to carry a loaded or unloaded rifle or shotgun anywhere that they aren’t lawfully forbidden (schools and places of execution) that includes inside your car. I carry a pistol grip 12 gauge on the floorboard of my car quite often. The police don’t like it but there is little they can do.

      You should really get better informed before you make comments such as this…

      • mike from iowa says:

        According to Lite in the brains department Dewhurst,it is also legal to carry guns into the Texas lege,but not legal to carry those known mankilling tampons-concealed or not. Not sure what the ballistic co-efficient of a stationary tampon is. They don’t print muzzle velocity or foot pounds of energy at 100 yards for tampons,that I am aware of. OTH I have never heard of anyone being killed or wounded by an accidental discharge of any tampon (toxic shock doesn’t apply). I can tell you this-an angry mob of women parading around aremed with tampons would scare the holy,living bejeebus out of rwnj carrying assault weapons and hiding behind cars anywhere.The more I think on it,the more it appears to me that so called grownups in Texas aren’t mature enough to be allowed to own weapons. What is it about unarmed women that scares macho Texans so damn much?

    • William Fulton says:


      Texas law forbids open cary of a handgun. Those people had long guns not saying what they did was ok just saying…………. try to get a few more facts behind you next time before posting. Check Texas PC 46.02 its the part of Texas law that deals with open carry.

  3. juneaudream says:

    Weeell folks..howabout the next time those gun-tote’n slightly undereducated gun owners..gather..anywhere..outside a mothers group meeting..those moms..start bringing along a battery music setup..and come out of that café/restaurant..etc..doing a rocking good shimmy and dance hands and moves and..without a gun/knife or bear spray. Making fun of those who are ‘compensating’ the wickedst can do. If I were there..I don’t ..have the moves but baby..ya better believe I’d ..go movin. over-toward, and Closer and do a hell of a that I know is. They want..’all up in yer bidness’..heh CAN..Be Done!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dagian says:

      I was thinking just setting up microphones and letting the kids set the tone would irritate them even more. There’s a reason why I would give the telephone to my kids when they were little and let them chat with the telemarketers!

  4. hnstyngov says:

    Per the MomsDemand Twitter timeline last night… the guy in pic with the baseball cap is running for Congress (KoryDWatkins) in Texas.

    HonestyinGov ‏@HnstyNgov
    @KoryDWatkins 4 #TX Congress RELAXES on Wkends w #Hooter Gals & threatening @MomsDemand with guns? … @GregMitch @Slate

    Kory Watkins retweeted me ‘ hoping ‘ some of his gun thugs (some 200 Followers?–Ha ! ) might attack me. None showed up but had a LOT of people calling him out after that. What total GunThugFAIL

  5. beth. says:

    AKM — could we PLEASE get the “Like” button back? (Is/was there any particular reason it’s been eliminated? If so, no problem…it’s just the “here one day; gone the next” dealio that’s got me all a’tizzy and flummoxed. That, and the fact that there have been some super bang-up comments since the button’s stealth disappearance that I think really deserve to be acknowledged as such with the time-honored clicking of: “Like”.) beth.

    • mike from iowa says:

      Besides no like button,how’s life on the mountain? You gonna have Winter this year? I got friends in high places and forests and everywhere. How cool iz that? 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • beth. says:

        Not so much on a mountain, here, mike from iowa, as on a hill — from the bottom, it just seems to climb up and on and up and on and up and on; when the light is just so, it looks as if it reaches right into the sky. It’s a big adz one. We do be amidst a ginormous forest of pines, though. Unlike characters in GoT who’re sure “winter is coming”, we’ve not had any significant signs of said, yet. Haven’t even had the furnace running for a full 24-hours so far this season, but I’ve a strong suspicion that’ll change by the middle of next month, at least. beth.

    • Jeanne Devon says:

      The like button was causing some glitches. It was not cooperating with some of the other plug ins. I miss it as well. I will check with the technical powers that be and see if there’s another one we can use. I miss it as well.

  6. SigEpTendo says:

    “Ambush” implies MDAGSA was somehow assualted or abused. Makes for a great headline but the facts aren’t there. This is the part that really hard for many to understand, but the gun rights group had just as much right to be there as the anti-gun group.

    You can subject hypotheticals like “what if it turned violent” but the fact is, it didn’t. Complaining a counter protest showed up and seeming had MORE support than the original gun control supporters reeks of desperation.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      While “ambush” IS a more than a bit overblown, calling a group meeting in a restaurant a “protest” is skipping on by some facts too.
      There was no protest to counter.
      There was a group meeting and a buncha twits showed up and acted like clowns , nasty clowns, to protest what they think the meeting was about.
      Who cares that there were more clowns? They were still clowns.

  7. mike from iowa says:

    Bring the chilluns along to hide behind in case a war breaks out. That is what nutters accused Saddam Hussein of doing-using civilians as human shields. If a gun accidently? discharges and kills a kid,well they’ll claim their 2nd amendment rights protect them from prosecution.

  8. WakeUpAmerica says:

    Can we all recognize immaturity when we see it? They HAD to bring their big, bad guns with them to show what kind of badasses the moms were dealing with?

    • Dagian says:

      I think it means they recognized that moms (and little kids) are the real bad assess – they had to bring the guns to protect themselves from the group in the restaurant. Scary, scary people. Particularly the biters!

  9. Dagian says:

    Let us celebrate the freedom of people to be photographed while freely expressing their beliefs and simultaneously trying to frighten others from freely expressing THEIRS. Faces! Easily identifiable faces…

    At least you can more readily observe & identify those who would try to prevent others from exercising their rights under our Constitution. No sheets over their heads.

    Kind of like the Phelps’ family of Westboro infamy.

  10. gunownerCA says:

    if the liberal anti-gun lobby showed up outside a gun show and protested they would not get all the bulling crap. if you are scared of firearms please go take a class. if you have never been trained with a firearm your rhetoric against them is invalid. it would be like non drivers protesting against lowering the speed limit to “save lives” you can’t pick and choose which part of the bill of rights you like, who do you think you are, the president?

    • Alaska Pi says:

      Oh get over yourself.
      What a load a hooey.

      If you haven’t checked out what Moms Demand Action are doing your rhetoric is invalid.
      Click on the link, read the About and then argue why you think what they want cannot/should not be done.

      While an archer myself, I’ve been around guns my whole life. A lot of things about guns have changed in the last 40 years and all this crap about carting guns all over is one of the stupidest of the changes.

      Assuming people who disagree with you are just afraid of guns is purposely obtuse on your part.
      And your same-as example about non-drivers doesn’t work. No same-as there…

      • mike from iowa says:

        gunownerCa,us libs will just bide our time until we can hoodwink the majority of voters into voting for us so we can dictate to your side “our” version of what we say the Constitution says. You will be heartbroken to discover “sensible restrictions” on guns doesn’t include the lie of confiscation. You will hate like hell to be drug kicking and screaming into the 21st century where you can actually access relevant information for youself and not depend on rw radio or tv to give you your opinions. Every single time people from the opposite side of the political spectrum gather,your side assumes the worst. Do you have a guilty conscience or something? Us Libs tend to look at situations as they affect whole groups of Americans,not special interest lobbies. America is a nation of laws and last time I heard “Colonel Colt” wasn’t the final arbiter. Neither are Messrs. Smith and Wesson,Winchester,Remington,Ruger,Holland and Holland,Weatherby etc.,etc.,

        • Alaska Pi says:

          There’s the whole rush to assuming 1- no liberal is a gun owner ( Pffft! ), 2- that gun control=total disarmament, 3-that the individual trumps the community in relation to social costs of gun ownership.
          The necessary tension between individual and community, citizen and state, and the like is getting lost in this kind of gobbeldygook.

          • mike from iowa says:

            You are an archer? Of the Cupid persuasion? :O

            • Alaska Pi says:

              Used to be of the deer hunting persuasion.
              Can’t see well enough at 25 yards anymore to be anything more than a target plunker… waaay, waaaayyyy , waaay away from anything or anyone else I might plunk

              • mike from iowa says:

                Love to doink a blunt off Steve King’s freaking head and then claim I thought the bow was unloaded. Gee officer,I was just cleaning it and thwack,it fired all by it’s little ol’ lonesome and Komrade King just happened to be passing by at that exact time. Purely coincidental. Bwahaha says mikey with slavering fangs. 🙂

              • Alaska Pi says:

                Wicked, you are just wicked, mikey! 😀

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