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TX Armed Group Indentified & Running for Congress

[This is a followup to a previous story, which you can read here.]

The Mudflats has dug up some interesting tidbits about the group of 2nd Amendment proponents that have been protesting outside the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense meetings in Texas. The problem that the Mom’s had wasn’t necessarily the protest, but that the group was openly carrying rifles – something they saw as an intimidation tactic.

The group, now identified as the Tarrant County Texas chapter of national group called “Come And Take It” by the Moms Demand Action, has an interesting leader.

Screenshot of the facebook banner image for the Tarrant County Come And Take It

Screenshot of the facebook banner image for the
Tarrant County “Come And Take It” group.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 9.34.58 PM

The leader of the group – at least according to facebook and other sources – is Kory Watkins. Watkins is running for Congress in the Texas 6th Congressional District – one that is currently being occupied by Rep. Joe Barton. (Barton, you may know, is a member of the Tea Party Caucus famous for saying interesting things.)

Watkins’ group doesn’t just watch over the Mom’s group, they also travel to local businesses with their firearms, post photos of their lunches together, and comment on which establishments welcome their ‘babies.’ (read: guns)

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 5.46.29 PM


At age 30, Watkins has been working his way up the political apparatus. According to his campaign site: he was “secretary on the Volunteer Committee of the Tarrant County Republican Party, and was also a delegate to the Republican State Convention in 2012.” He is popular with the Ron Paul crowd saying, “I will work to abolish the Federal Reserve and the central banking system” – and receiving a listing as a ‘Liberty Candidate‘ on

During a Texas Republican convention floor interview with the Star Telegram, he claimed, “There’s a New World Order, and big-government establishment is taking over… We want to go back to the country our forefathers, built for us through the Constitution.”

While he takes pure libertarian stances on drugs, calls for a free market, and on hemp “[he] would encourage all farmers to grow, and grow a bunch of it,” his stances on women’s and LGBT rights (as with most Ron Paul supporters) fall short of the liberty test – he says no to abortion and Gay marriage.

But his real passion seems to be the Second Amendment.

The right to keep and bear arms is very important to me. It ensures safety and freedom, not only for me but for my nation. The second amendment, has absolutely nothing to do with hunting; but everything to do with keeping government from suppressing its people. The language used is very simple and to the point: “Shall not be infringed.”

Any firearm, any place, any time; unless a privately owned business or homeowner says otherwise. The citizenry should be able to match any government force, to maintain its liberty and freedom. Any license, rule or regulation that goes against the second amendment, is unconstitutional and should be voted against or repealed.

More on this later…


From Watkins for TX Facebook Page


From Watkins for TX Facebook Page




35 Responses to “TX Armed Group Indentified & Running for Congress”
  1. LA Brian says:

    Is he saving the shower selfies (with gun) for campaign donors?

    • juneaudream says:

      “the shower selfies”..oh hon..Not only that..he jus needs to get that non-fogging shower magnification mirror….INSTALLED!..(sounds of shower install..ongoing….)

  2. John Horridge says:

    A bunch of morons and bullies. These people sound like that pants shitting draft dodger, plastic patriot blow hard Ted Nugent!!! Man up join the Marines or the Army there they can use all the guns they want.

  3. Old Baleine says:

    When I was a boy, there was a neighbor lady who called those little sausages in a can “vye-eener weeners”.

    I’m not sure why Kory Watkins’ picture made me think of that.

  4. Wayne says:

    This is really scary……..hard to believe there are doofuses out there like him; why doesn’t he head over to the ‘stan where he can play with the other “cowboys.”

  5. DaveO says:

    If’n you don’t think the wackloon’s don’t have depth and a good second bench consider the crazy-level as exemplified by Joe Barton already. Scary to think who might be trying to primary Louie Gohmert.
    Not so curious, Marshall Applewhite and Koresh were fellow Texans.
    Ridin the open range on a comet’s tail………

  6. DaveO says:

    David Koresh (Branch Davidians-Waco-Barbecue), Jim Jones (Jonestown, Guyana Koolade Ceremony), Marshall Applewhite (Heaven’s Gate Cyanide Bunk-bed Sleep-Over), Schaeffer Cox and Randy Travis get in the same Time Machine with a fly on the wall……….and an AK-47.
    And only one walks out in Nov 2013…..

  7. Stee says:

    I’m Canadian so perhaps I don’t understand. I thought these gun nuts were pro-American…….so why is he flaunting a Russian rifle ?

    Food for thought – you argue that you need to have a gun with you at all times in order to protect yourself – in order to feel safe. Therefore when you don’t have a gun, you must be live in fear.

    So you have a gun because you are a coward without it.

    No ?

    Prove it: put the gun away

    • Alaska Pi says:

      (like 10K times)

    • Zach Roberts says:

      If you’re Canadian… please don’t try to wrap your head around Texan gun fetishism for your own mental safety…. it’s really difficult to understand and I live in Alaska.

    • mike from iowa says:

      If I may be so bold,Stee,for a larger perspective on Texas whackjobs try Juanita Jeans website where Texas pols are the stoop du jour. My apologies to Jeanne if I broke protocol.

  8. Rick says:

    Love the “…something they saw as an intimidation tactic.” One is only intimidated if one has zero knowledge of the open carry laws. The protesters were doing nothing illegal, for had they done so, the police would have been dispatched. juneaudream above stated, “…because you have some deep..fears..and are not to grow up deal with them.” I do believe it is actually the opposite… the ones with the deep fears who need to grow up are those who are against what the Constitution and State laws allow.

    • mike from iowa says:

      No where in the Constitution does it allow you gun nuts to define what is or isn’t intimidation as a community standard. Your imaginary right to play Rambo does not trump my right to feel safe from selfish macho whackjobs with shit for brains. Infringed is an oxymoron for you types that feel the need to drag guns around to make you feel like men. You are fringe alright-way out in right field fringe,in danger of falling off the Earth type fringe. Final frontier fringe. Freaking nutjob fringe.Idiots who aren’t responsible enough to posess,let alone drag around guns type fringe.Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Alaska Pi says:

      Oh Pffft!
      Knowledge of open carry law means someone won’t /might not feel intimidated by a bunch a clowns who wander around with a pile o guns for no reason other than they can?
      Knowing this bunch o wahoos can do this legally is supposed to alleviate any fears someone might have? Knowing a bunch of doofs who call themselves come-and-take-it who say what they are doing is conditioning others to feel comfortable around those who open carry while they toot up documentaries about united-we-fall and fall-of-the-republic TP crap can legally carry their guns around is supposed to make everyone real comfy about it all?
      Au contraire . Makes me want to puke. Period.

      Open carry laws vary from state to state and while not ruled out as a right under the 2nd amendment

      are not enshrined in the Constitution either – there are limits even Mr Scalia can get his pea brain around .

    • Carol says:

      From what I’ve read here and on other sites, long rifles do not fall under open carry laws in Texas. If I’m incorrect, please cite the law. Just because you have the right to open carry, does that mean you MUST? A group of people parading around with lethal weapons could be intimidating. Especially with so many shootings in the news lately, who knows if there was a loon in amongst the group that had an adgenda to shoot’em up. This also bring to mind Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr’s statement on Freedom of Speech.

      • mike from iowa says:

        In Texas you cannot open carry handguns,except in a few specific instances you can find in Wiki. Long guns are a different matter. Technically you aren;t allowed to open carry in a manner considered threatening,but in Texas there are all sorts of opinions as to what threatening means. Personally,I feel threatened knowing there is a wingnut on planet Earth who is allowed to have any weapon of any kind and I have never been to,nor do I ever plan to go to Texas. Hope this helps.

  9. juneaudream says:

    Given their love/passion/gotta-have-it..situation with ..’arms’ aBOUT they start a sewing circle and simply craft, on top of regulation..camo-gear stuff..a number of Velcro pockets/bands/straps and whathave you..and , once filled..they will walk around with everything from BB gun a semi-taken apart howitzer. They become..the wall of protection. Hey..if those men and women..want about they take it to the next level: 80 pounds of assorted gunnery gear. Don’t be pissy lil ..wannabes and ..posers. You want it..Show It! If you are just..’strutting little skinny types’..then admit you ..Really..don’t have what it takes..and..carry guns..because you have some deep..fears..and are not to grow up deal with them.

  10. James Halliday says:

    As a veteran, I am sickened by this guy. A female Army clerk typist serving in Afghanistan has more balls than all of them put together. You want to be a tough guy and swagger and carry a gun, join the Army, they will eat you alive.

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