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July 28, 2021


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Friday, July 16, 2021

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Friday, July 2, 2021

Bieber-gate Breaks The News

If you were watching any of the major news networks this is probably what you saw – reporters cutting away from news to a breaking news story in Miami. MSNBC was talking to a Congresswoman about the NSA, RT was showing a live feed of the protests in Ukraine, Foxnews… well they’re news coverage probably improved. But that’s beside the point.

The ‘BREAKING NEWS’ story was that a 19 year old Canadian pop heart-throb was arrested for drag racing his quarter million dollar sports car while intoxicated through the streets of Miami.

Yes. The ‘Bieb’ (Justin Bieber)  was arrested and then very quickly let go on a $2500 bond.

Was the breaking news used as a chance to discuss the two tier justice system we have in America? No. Of course not. It was just the news media’s chance to take a day off from such internationally important stories as ‘Bridge-gate’ or whatever ‘gate’ that Fox has currently going. Meanwhile the rest of the world went on. Important discussions on the NSA were happening, Ukraine was burning and another American state took a step towards equal rights. Were any of these important enough to break away from celeb gossip? Unfortunately not.

I don’t blame this on the reporters, they have someone screaming in their ear to break away from whatever they’re doing. In the clip above you can almost physically feel the disdain that Andrea Mitchell has as she asks a Congresswoman to stop talking so she can read a teleprompter script explaining why they’re looking at a Florida court judge.  People will argue that the networks give us what we want – and we want celebrity train wrecks. Lohan, Bieber, Hilton or whoever. We like seeing the rich fall… even as we buy scratch off lotto tickets and dream of joining them. Unfortunately what was once contained to TMZ, Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition now has invaded what we used to consider as ‘the news.’ I know this started a long time ago but it’s time we tried to take a stand.

Ok, well before I go on some Broadcast News or Newsnight death of journalism rant, here’s some stories that on a normal day might have gotten coverage.

Some Things Happened with the NSA and Edward Snowden

Sh*t’s Going on in Ukraine

Executions Still Happening in US

Virginia is for [ALL] Kinds of Lovers


Republicans Did Some Criminally Stupid Things

Alaska News


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2 Responses to “Bieber-gate Breaks The News”
  1. Alaska Pi says:
    Way more important than what a celebrity teen did/does/says/thinks.
    As is the finally!!! inclusion of monies in the budget for fisheries disaster mitigation from disasters declared over a year and a half ago. Congress was too busy being effing obnoxious to the Pres to deal with its duty of providing funds to mitigate . They were attached to the Hurricane Sandy funds first and kicked out as something on the order of “fluff”. ‘Splain that to the folks in Western Alaska, eh?
    And ‘splain why folks would rather giggle and point at a single spoiled teen’s criminal behavior than watch carefully that Congress do its dadgummed duty?

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