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October 25, 2021


Open Thread: Bill Nye Schools You on Poverty Myths

You know Bill from your childhood. Bill Nye, The Science Guy he had a excellent TV show a while back that taught kids science. Usually pretty simple stuff, non-controversial science. Well – he’s changed a bit – or maybe we have. Bill Nye, backed by the Gates Foundation is speaking out about poverty and it’s pretty stunning stuff.

Check it out, from Bill Gates facebook page.



19 Responses to “Open Thread: Bill Nye Schools You on Poverty Myths”
  1. Kodiak Kid says:

    You might be interested to know that Bill Nye is here in Cincinnati, debating the director of
    the Creation Museum.

    I think youtube is carrying it live this evening.

  2. Really? says:

    Science rocks. Love the graphs.
    We watch Bill Nye any chance we get. The Kids love it.

  3. mike from iowa says:

    In my childhood it was Mr Wizard and Iif I remember history correctly,one of his assistants on the show grew up to be Dr. John of Right Place/Wrong Time music fame. Need to check on that. Bill Nye has been quite outspoken lately,seen him on tv and in newspapers auguring with wingnuts. Might have been a decent dancer,too,if not for injuries.

  4. slipstream says:

    Amanda Coyne’s column in the Anchorage Daily News suggests visiting Lindsay Holmes’ election website:‎

    You will find a Japanese vegetable gardening website! It’s fun! Try it! Here’s a translation of part of the site:

    So, I think methods and vegetable cultivation, about the vegetables to advance depending on the season, and let’s variously introduction that I know this time. Fund of knowledge can also from the net other than killing the flowers once in a while friends and familiar with gardening, but fortunately there are so mother are doing gardening as a hobby middle.

  5. Zyxomma says:

    No, I don’t know Bill Nye from my childhood. He’s a little younger than I. I have, however, seen him live, when he spoke to Johns Hopkins University’s graduating class; the ex’s son is an alumnus. I love science educators.

  6. Alaska Pi says:

    mikey- re: native custody issues in SD
    There is a big case there right now. Important one.

    is a very important set of issues there and all over the country- really hard to get the
    Indian Child Welfare Act followed in many, many jurisdictions.

    • mike from iowa says:

      Muchas Gracias. I posted the second url at Madville Times blog. They have a post about this case going now and have had others. They’ll have more in the future.Gotta tell you,the wingnuts in control of SoDak are as bad or worse than Alaska or Texas or any other state with wingnut super majorities in both houses of congress and the guvs office. 🙂

      • Alaska Pi says:

        mikey- this is a huge piece of what underpins the strange ideas SD is trying to foist on the court.
        It contains what would be a laughable notion if it weren’t lined up with the might of the SD state to hinder tribes .

        “Among other arguments, the defendants contended that the tribes lacked standing in this suit because tribes are not “persons” under the Indian Child Welfare Act, suffer no redressable injury, and are acting in the interest of only those tribal members with children rather than “all” members of the tribe.”

        This is a rather stoopid reading of the ICWA by the defendants. The tribes are governments (limited in jurisdiction but definitely governments ) under Federal law and certainly treated as such in the law. This is a jurisdictional issue between governments, not a bunch of interested persons or the like. (the common argument HERE in Alaska is that there are no tribes, so, presto, chango, voila! the issue is moot )
        This argument ignores the definitions and language of the law itself and further digs a hole for itself by skipping right on by usual notions of government’s rights , even the limited ones in the ICWA.
        See section 3.7 -“What are the rights of tribes?” under the ICWA in the NARF link for a general overview of tribal rights which can be and are extended in many cases to tribal members living off reservation lands.
        The crap about suffer-no-redressable-injury is one of the endless slaps at indigenous peoples’ limited rights to self-determination and the stupenagle acting-in-the-interest-of-only-those-tribal-members-with-children-not-all-tribal-members willfully ignores the reality of what a tribe is and what its government’s interests are, presumably whilst relying on the authority of SD’s own assertion of compelling interest in child custody cases as a govt.
        Those folks might need to go to a chiropractor to work out all the loops they got their lil buns in -in just that set of assertions alone…

        Tribes cannot do a number of things- they can’t skip on by basic protections of due process and the like and some are simply not yet equipped to deal fully with custody cases themselves via tribal courts , etc.but none of that takes away from the interests of the tribes, even in states where they are supposed to be working hand in hand with state authorities with concurrent jurisdiction.

        If you find a fuller description of the case itself, which I haven’t, please, please link it?

    • I’ve heard Rapid City called the the most racist city in the US..

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