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August 3, 2021


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Friday, July 9, 2021

I Love Myself – A Comedy in Three Acts

The dynamic duo of Phil Munger and Dennis Zaki made quick work of revealing the biggest ego in the biggest state.  Behold the behemoth, over-inflated sense of self worth of John Ziegler.  He’s the guy that made the documentary “Media Malpractice – How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted.”  You can read about my experience at the showing of the film HERE. The tag line on the dvd says “Witness the Death of Journalism.”

~~Phil Munger and Dennis Zaki Warm Up for the Big Interview~~

~~Phil Munger and Dennis Zaki Warm Up for the Big Interview~~

Well, journalism ain’t dead yet.  The bloggers pull through, and gently guide Ziegler down a damaging path as he reveals the golden, magnificent, puffed-up glory that is…..HIM.  Stomach all three clips if you can.

“I Love Myself – A Comedy in Three Acts” by John Ziegler

(with a little help from his friends Phil Munger and Dennis Zaki)

Act I –  I’m better than award-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.



Act II – I’m better than award-winning journalist Max Blumenthal.


Act III –  I’m better than Brendan Joel Kelley of the Anchorage Press.


It must be tiring being so darned resplendent and talented, day after day.  Time to pull out the hand-mirror, give it a kiss, and retire for the night.



76 Responses to “I Love Myself – A Comedy in Three Acts”
  1. BodieP says:

    What I think we have here is another case of self-parody. I found myself thinking of the guv when I listened to these. SNL could do with this guy what Tina Fey did with SP–just lift his words, verbatim. No need to rewrite.

  2. Terpsichore says:

    I may be misremembering this, but re: the “Katie-not-center-of-universe” comment, I thought I read somewhere that after the trailer for this film was getting around the YouTube and all the other ‘tubes’ that Palin made a CYA statement like “oh, just taken out of context again”, “came off sounding that way because of the editing”, something like that.

    Which is funny, bceause it was edited by Ziegler. So she would be accusing HIM of doing to her the same thing his film rails about the MSM doing to her!

    Also, rewatched parts of the Couirc interview and the Media Malpractice interview and picked up a couple of things I hadn’t put together before.

    The reason Palin doesn’t interview well is because (I know you’re going to find this one a shocker, so sit downand hold tight to your wine glasses) …….

    She doesn’t actually LISTEN to the question she’s asked!

    Her hampser-wheel of a brain “fills in” stuff that simply was not there.

    Ex. Why she didn’t answer the Couric question about what she reads? She decided the question was derogatory to Alaskans and that Couric only asked it because of stereotypes that Alakans are all ignorant troglodytes. And of course none of that was in Couric’s question whatsoever.

    But I also heard her say regarding the “Bristol and Levi are dropouts”, she added that the media was saying “and they were gonna be loking for government handouts”. WTF????? When did anyone ever say that? That’s one of the things her little hampster-wheel brain ran ahead with, and now, even though it’s not actually true, to her it is

    Almost the same thing with the Trig Birth Controversy. When talking, she makes no distinction about media type – I guess Mudflats is MSM just like CBS News. ‘Cause I don’t remember one single major news network running a story about it, or even commenting about it.

    Pardon me if I want a leader who will LISTEN to what is being said, and not just make up in his/her head what s/he THINKS is being said, or what s/he WANTS to hear.

  3. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    56degreesN – thanks also for the Atlantic article. A long read but very interesting. Catch the comments he made about Katie Couric interviewing OJ?

  4. Leota2 says:

    The more I read about this man (the arrest video was painful)—I get an extremely disturbing feeling.
    Ziegler is not walking on solid planks. Unfortunately, he has decided to put all his energy behind Sarah— whose plank broke long ago. Nightmare, ugliness and tragedy can only follow. It’s true, he’s even creepier than Greta and her husband in their “attention” to Sarah.

  5. Willtill says:

    To edit the above, it was shortly after the election, material to be used in his documentary.

  6. Trini says:

    This guy is ill. He thinks he’s better than Michael Moore?!?! That is like comparing his flip-book of stick figures to Moore’s many documentaries that are, at minimum, awe inspiring and have dutifully served to raise the consciousness of Americans all over. Zeigler’s audacity knows no bounds, unlike his talent, which is very limited.

  7. Willtill says:

    You might enjoy this Ziegler interview with Nate Silver concening a push poll Ziegler commisioned just before the election.

  8. sauerkraut says:

    You are wasting your time… Ziegler doesn’t impress me as a guy smart enough to realize or understand that you essentially calling him an egotistical dumbass.

  9. sandra in oregon says:


    Thank you for the Atlantic article. That explains a lot. Losing his mother when Nicole Simpson was murdered probably was not a coincidence. Interesting insight on what makes talk radio work, also.

  10. Bystander says:

    Maybe the “standing ovation” was in Ziegler’s trousers, but I doubt it was a “packed house”.

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I’ll try to be nicer…..

  11. Bystander says:

    Narcissists generally do not play well with each other.
    I doubt the twits form a long term relationship.

    Does Ziegler make Coale and Van Suckup look less creepy?

    No, not really.

  12. mlaiuppa says:


    “John Ziegler’s Film Premieres To Packed House/Standing Ovation …”
    ( no story though )

    It could be that that’s the press release that Ziegler sent out.

  13. I watched a good portion of the arrest at USC, which (breaking news) was on April 14 or 15. Breaking news? Well, all he did was show everyone why HE wasn’t inside receiving an award for excellence in journalism. What an idiot!

  14. mlaiuppa says:

    And apparently no woman born is good enough for him since they will all age into decrepit hags while he will simply become more distinguished.

    Too bad he didn’t make any money on his little filmfest. He could have bought himself a chin.

    Narcissist? Maybe that’s the root of his obsession with Palin?

  15. Ew, I just watched way more of Ziegler than anyone should. Those interviews were so awful – he’s so full of himself. And has no one ever told him that it’s not good form to trash other people in an attempt to make yourself look good? It never works, and it REALLY doesn’t work for him. Of course, by criticizing everyone else, he takes the focus off of his own short-comings, which are many and very apparent.

    Then, crazy person that I am, I watched the date. I don’t know how that girl stuck it out that long. “Well, I’ve never been married. . . ” And clearly he has no clue why.

    What a disgusting piece of poo.

  16. ericmiami says:

    Could a person appear more reprehensible?

  17. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    56degreesN Says:
    May 30th, 2009 at 9:24 AM

    Here’s a long and rambling article about Ziegler from The Atlantic in 2005 that includes an interesting (and disturbng) chronology of his career and apparent mental state (skip to page 3 for the timeline, including an overview of his bizarre obsession with the OJ trial). The article also gives a good inside view into what makes talk radio tick. Poor Ziegler has a long history of having to endure those mentally inferior to his clearly Mensa-level insights.
    “Poor Ziegler has a long history of having to endure those mentally inferior to his clearly Mensa-level insights.”
    Gotto go read that for my “laugh of the day” 😆

  18. honestyinGov says:

    I tried some Goggle searches with various words to see who reported on John’s Premiere in AK.
    Not much chatter or posting about it. I saw this blurb in the Goggle search field…. but their was nothing on the webpage.( Maybe inside a link on the page)

    “John Ziegler’s Film Premieres To Packed House/Standing Ovation …”
    ( no story though )
    I don’t remember AKM or Fan from Fenway mentioning a ‘ standing ovation’.
    I guess that is just one of those ‘rhetorical flourishes’ you use when writing.
    (It COULD have happened…. but didn’t really)

    The Google search did take me right to Johns Online webpage… Hmmm..?
    I expected HIM to talk about HIMSELF and his big event in AK.
    And what has he reported as ” Breaking News” right on the top on HIS own webpage. His arrest on the Campus at USC. Huhhh…? John…. that was MONTHS ago?
    You are ‘supposed to be ‘ a reporter and a Journalist…KEEP UP!

    Was the Alaska Premiere of your movie not newsworthy enough…. to put on your OWN WEBPAGE !!!!
    I guess not….

  19. 56degreesN says:

    Here’s a long and rambling article about Ziegler from The Atlantic in 2005 that includes an interesting (and disturbng) chronology of his career and apparent mental state (skip to page 3 for the timeline, including an overview of his bizarre obsession with the OJ trial). The article also gives a good inside view into what makes talk radio tick. Poor Ziegler has a long history of having to endure those mentally inferior to his clearly Mensa-level insights.

  20. ValleyIndependent says:

    I agree honestyinGov. So far he has shown no proof that anything she said was taken out of context, but a full video proving that the idiotic things she says were not taken out of context would be even better.

    I’d be happy to let her supporters bury themselves with her when it turns out their irrational defense of her behavior was just that – irrational.

  21. sandra in oregon says:

    The interviews with Ziegler are very sad. It’s as if there is a body with no one inside. The date, the arrest, and the Munger/Zaki interviews all seem to show a bubble of a person. He seems to have had a sad life, never quite connecting with anything. He must have inherited money somewhere. I have the feeling he was never loved.

    This is creepy to have such a reaction to a nobody. Maybe I need another cup of coffee.

  22. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    I just saw his arrest vid on Diva’s site….he reminds me of someone I know who is a schizophrenic, the anger, laughing inappropriately, crying, lying and egotistical.
    No wonder the wingnuts love him. Inquiring minds want to know…
    “Where was the queen?”
    She missed her premiere.

  23. honestyinGov says:

    Just before logging off last night I went to that ‘other website’ over there..>>>> and one the comments from one of the most vocal posters said this in reference to having Palin work with Ziegler…

    ” ziegler is a must hire for 2012
    watching him smackdown MSNBC loons everyday is worth a bag of popcorn.”
    While eating their popcorn I have to assume they are entirely engrossed in the little cartoons at the beginning of the movie at the theater…… and never actual stay around to watch the Main Attraction at the theater.
    And this Gem …

    “If Sarah runs I believe she needs to hire Ziegler to follow her with a camera and cover everything. Think about it for the Couric interview she would have to allow Ziegler and the cameraperson to be present. It would end any doubt as to how the interview actually happened and could go on U tube immediately after the Network covers the interview.”
    Whoever made that statement needs to be under ‘medication’. I guess they believe Ziegler is a REAL professional cameraman and that pesky Katie Couric and CBS are just doing it as a ‘ hobby’… and they need improvement.
    If only John could expose the truth…. Geeesh.
    In actuality… the premise above I would be all for because that ship would sink so fast. I take it back… Palin SHOULD hire Ziegler.(can We start that rumor?)

  24. ValleyIndependent says:

    Palin on the Couric interviews: “After it didn’t go well the first day, why were we going to go back for more?”

    Answer: Because nobody at that time thought she could be that consistently clueless. Except her. The more I listen to that segment, the more I’m sure she knew she was in way over her head and it was only going to get worse, not better, as even more of her ignorance was exposed.

    What I’d like to know is what happened since then that makes her think she’s such a braniac now?

    Ziegler’s comments are truly from the Bizarro Wingnut Universe, where they must not have to worry about slander and defamation of character, given his comments on Blumenthal.

    Ziegler and Palin are truly two of a kind – both narcissistic and living in their own universes.

  25. samper says:

    Well, that was a minute, 57 seconds I will NEVER get back!

    To avoid this further, I can’t even stand to push the PLAY button on the other two.

    What a puffed up NO BODY!! Seriously? His documentaries (HIS term, not mine) are more intelligent, etc. than Michael Moore’s?


  26. clydedog says:

    I couldn’t watch the clips either, have seen enough before. I did watch the one of his arrest, All he did was whine and just kept asking “why can’t I” like a three year old. Try reasoning like an adult, at leat on camera.

  27. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Austintx: good link, crooks and liars, this quote stood out to me:
    “Watch the video and you realize that Ziegler, like many wingnuts, actually occupies another universe: the Bizarro Wingnut Universe, where up is down, right is left, and heads are implanted in hindquarters. The special quality of this universe is that its occupants believe that any point of view other than theirs is an attack upon them. Any thought other than those that jibe with their peculiar take on the world is evidence of a “bias” against theirs.”

    Also, too,
    This guys is “on something”! Eye rollery would be perfect description of his interviews! 🙄
    Thanks to Phil, Dennis & AKM for going above and beyond the call of duty here! ( and Brian too!) 🙂

  28. anadventurer says:

    Why has Fox News not hired this genius?

    Gawwwwwwwd, I just want to punch him in the face (I am still appalled at how he spoke to that woman on the dating show)

  29. mommom says:

    I don,t know where to post this,maybe it belongs here ,as an example of an interview of an intelligent,normal person. This is an excerpt from the interview of Obama’s uncle,from Ben Smith at Politico.

    “”””SPIEGEL: What do you think about the Germans today?

    Payne: I am puzzled by intelligent people who stand by and allow their country to be taken over and run by extreme radical types. I’m still somewhat puzzled by that. And I am fully aware that it could happen and has almost happened in this country. You know, I lived through the McCarthy era in the 1950s, when it was getting dangerously close to that sort of thing””””””””””

    What a truly wise ,normal man.

  30. redwoodmuse says:

    hey all….Munger and Zaki perfectly illustrate the power of ‘quoting people exactly’ and letting them hang themselves. Uncomfortable to watch because of Ziegler’s body language, evasive eye contact etc, but priceless for what he tells us about himself.

    my armchair psychoanalysis tells me that here is someone who doesn’t feel good about himself, knows he isn’t as good as he wants to be and feels that any good thing that goes to another takes away from him (scarcity belief).


  31. The RR,

    The reason that Ziegler was arrested at USC wasn’t because it was public property, but because it is private property, and he was uninvited, then asked to leave, then deemed to be trespassing.

  32. The Right Reverend says:

    Forgot to add:
    The best part is the security guard telling him he’d let him go if he’d keep his mouth shut… which Zeigler fails to do.

    Zeigler, your mom failed to raise a man.

  33. The Right Reverend says:

    Here’s the best clip I’ve seen of Zeigler
    Hey, Zeigler, do you have any clue how ridiculous you are?

    Zeigler’s camera man thought he was doing him a favour!
    Unfortunately, it left out the pre-arrest stuff, where Zeigler confronted everyone trying to attend the event, and later just yelled at the closed door a lot.

    Zeigler, if you’re a better journalist than Michael Moore, why haven’t you learned his time-tested skill of LEAVING private property before you get handcuffed?

    What a total joke this guy is. WHat an ignoramus. What a buffoon.
    I wish I was there. I’d be rolling on the ground laughing.

  34. C. Rock says:

    I just can not bring myself to watch the video’s . It’s such a lovely day and I don’t want to ruin it. AKM your details was enough for me .Thank you for doing the Dirty work.

  35. dee says:

    What a dolt! Someone needs to inform him that playing scary music when a progressive appears on camera and playing “Here Comes the Sun” when her nibs appears, does not a documentary make.

  36. UK Lady says:

    Ugh! Have you seen his Wiki page? Specially note how he talked on air about –

    In 2002, wanting to return to radio, Ziegler was hired by Louisville, Kentucky radio station WHAS. Once again, his tenure did not last long, as during a Ask John Anything segment, he discussed the physical attributes, intimate attire, and genital grooming of Darcie Divita, a former Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader and WDRB morning television host with whom Ziegler had a relationship until Divita broke up with him. WHAS fired him on August 27, 2003, and Divita sued for $2,700,000, claiming libel and defamation of character. However, on May 24, 2005, Ziegler was found not liable for damages as Divita was deemed a public figure by virtue of being a television personality. The case is currently on appeal

  37. Nita says:

    I could only stand to watch the first one, in which I love that he says (twice) that coverage of Gino is “like pornography.” Indeed.

  38. ChicagoMom says:

    I love that the tag line on the dvd says ‘witness the death of journalism.’ Ironically true, but I’m not sure Zeigler knows the meaning of the word irony, or the word truth for that matter.

  39. pegolas says:

    I’d like to comment on what he said, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch him. Maybe next time.

  40. mexigal..frommoval says:

    Watched this the first time it came out and just could not do it again. The guy is alone for a reason and he shows why. And as for the female- wrinkled knees(her short skirts) doesn’t look good on anyone. Ahh, now that I’ve cleaned the ugly out of my head……

  41. Carol.Seattle says:

    It’s very difficult to conceive how Ziegler can get an audience anywhere: he is so inane and obnoxious. He’s like a low-level Limbaugh, spewing out obscenities.

  42. rebekkah says:

    Mr. Z has reminds me of some entertainer from Las Vegas, like Wayne Newton, the swagger, ready to belt out a Frank Sinatra classic.

    I find some journalists think people are so stupid that they can’t make their own minds up about a candidate, or need to be steered like sheep, or who can’t see the manipulation of the media. We know it’s there, and we take it with a grain of salt. With so many liars now out there these days, educated viewers have to do their own “vetting”, don’t rely as much on these ego-inflated biased reporters. The violin strings while his precious is talking, then the creepy music while perceived enemies are talking, is like a Disney Movie. Are we that dumb?

  43. Nan says:

    30 Judi
    I LIKE your Dad!


  44. austintx says:

    Somethin’ ain’t right about that Ziegler boy……….there is some serious dirt somewhere………any way , here he is with David Schuster :

  45. Gindy50 says:

    “Why does it seem that progressively Gino pals around with and surrounds herself with micro mental midgets, fakes, frauds and phonies, egotistical maniacs and certified whack jobs?”

    Sounds like our recent ex-president a bit doncha think?
    Surround yourself with people who only tell you what you want to hear and pretty soon you hear nothing at all.

  46. judi says:

    As my old Dad used to say, “I I could buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what he THINKS he’s worth, I would be a very rich man”.

  47. trisha says:

    I just read the transcript from the interview on Wow.

    Not only is this guy an idiot, he is an idiot with an major ego. I love how he skirted the question regarding Palin’s association with the AIP.

  48. Irishgirl says:

    That was just excruciating to watch. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it was torture!

  49. trisha says:

    I would love to see him to toe-to-toe with a real journalist who would ask him to back up his claims,etc. They would tear him apart.

    But, just like Palin, he would never put himself in that position. They will just stick to “journalist” (and I use that word loosly) who like their politics and won’t contradict what they are saying.

  50. Leota2 says:

    Never, ever must I listen to this self inflated moron without at least 2 1/2 cups of really strong coffee. I’d giggle at his screeching jealousy and ineptitude at hiding it— if I wasn’t so caffeine deficient.

    Of course it makes sense that this narcissist did a fable film on another narcisstist.

    My question is—where was Mr. Zieglers career doing the Bush administration? I mean–Michael Moore managed to have one under a conservative regime. Why didn’t Ziegler? Oh–it must be that only liberals go to the movies! Or maybe he’s just an untalented whining goober.

  51. tigerwine says:

    Super Bee – thanks for posting that dating thing – that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw these videos. What a jerk!

  52. CO almost native says:

    Definitely not a journalist; he’s an asshat docu-liar. I’d love to see him on the Colbert Report-

    @Baker’s Dozen: thanks for the lyrics; he should have used them as his theme music.

  53. austintx says:

    21 BigSlick Says:
    May 30th, 2009 at 1:00 AM
    Mr. Ziegler was pretty cavalier with calling other people liars and whatnot.

    I wonder where he gets all his money?
    Yeah – good Question………..

  54. marcus2 says:

    Ziegler’s a good match for Sarah Palin. Big on the ego. Short on the IQ side of things.

  55. BigSlick says:

    Here’s a good write up of Nate Silver’s experience with Ziegler just after the election.

    Silver takes Ziegler to task for his misleading push-poll tactics (some of which I believe ended up in the crapola AKM sat through on our behalf) and the interview ends with some real “gentlemanly” comments.

    I wish Dennis Zaki had asked one last question and got Ziegler’s answer on camera.

    “Tell us how you feel about OJ Simpson, John? Did OJ really ruin your life?”

  56. BigSlick says:

    Mr. Ziegler was pretty cavalier with calling other people liars and whatnot.

    I wonder where he gets all his money?

  57. HappyHeathen says:

    Something Sara can add to her DVD collection to watch on those cold nights come next December.

  58. Super Bee says:

    Not only is he a great journalist he’s quite the ladies man…

  59. Martha says:

    Y O U J U S T C A N’ T M A K E T H I S S T U F F U P ! ! ! !

  60. Just finished watching Frost-Nixon with Judy. Comparing F-N with Ziegler’s Media Malpractice…..uh..there’s no comparison.

    Dennis Zaki and I might try training Brian to hold a microphone with his antlers.

  61. BooBooBear says:

    Holy Cow@! That is one hell of an enormous EGO! Now I know why he loves the Queen! Disgusting that people walk around this world talking like that.

  62. Baker's Dozen says:

    Largo Says:
    May 29th, 2009 at 11:09 PM
    Oh my gosh! That’s the guy! His picture is next to the word “asshat” in the dictionary.

    Is an asshat a diaper? Just askin’. :shocked:

  63. Largo says:

    Oh my gosh! That’s the guy! His picture is next to the word “asshat” in the dictionary.

  64. Joy says:

    I like your style! Well said.

  65. Baker's Dozen says:

    Did you know Mac Davis knew Ziegles and wrote a song about him? (So did Carly Simon)
    Thanks, Mac:
    Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble
    when you’re perfect in every way.
    I can’t wait to look in the mirror
    cause I get better looking each day.
    To know me is to love me
    I must be a hell of a man.
    Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble
    but I’m doing the best that I can.

    And from Carly

    You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you
    You’re so vain, I’ll bet you think this song is about you
    Don’t you? Don’t You?

    How did they keep straight faces through that interiew? I have a cousin that sounds like Ziegler. I don’t trust Cousin to bring the plastic forks to a picnic in his own back yard.

  66. Lee323 says:

    Taking our cue from Mr. Ziegler’s superior filmsmanship and docu-melodrama skills…. let’s “construct our own story correcting the historical record” and throw Rush in for a jolly threesome of over-inflated behemoths of self worth lumbering up the gang plank of Noah’s Ark, eh?

    Oh, what the heck! Let’s throw in Hannity, Billo the Clown, Glenn Beck, Michael Steele, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, The Shrub, Meg Stapletooth, Rick Perry, Gov. Sanford, and that old guy with his tongue hanging out while holding the monkey doll at the Palin rally last fall……and send ’em all lumbering up the gang plank. Punch a few holes in the bottom of the ark. Bon voyage, all ye over-inflated behemoths of hate and self-worth! Give our regards to Davey Jones….

  67. Joy says:

    ‘I’m not, in it’s purest form a journalist’
    The stupid one does say though that he admits, he is not a journalist.
    Well, then, all the Rebugtard Base can just cozy up to the feeding trough of slops. Lord willing and Limpbaugh and Liddy don’t quit, the creek WILL keep rising, and alienating, and shrinking that thar’ dang tent.

    Go for it boys.

    I’ll just sit back and laugh.

  68. Lee323 says:

    ” Behold the behemoth, over-inflated sense of self worth of John Ziegler.”
    Hmmmmm….sounds suspiciously like his muse, Ms. Palin.

    Easy to picture these two over-inflated behemoths of self worth going two-by-two up the gang plank of Noah’s Ark. Cloned at birth. Mated for life.

  69. califpat says:

    @ mw Thatone: I agree. Ziegler and Gino are definitely birds of a feather with the same self- grandeur and narcissistic self- adoration. Peacocks preening and waiting for adoration. Somebody need to clip their peacock feathers and send them crashng back to reality.

  70. mwThatOne.. says:

    maybe not so off topic but not so complimentary, it has been said that birds of a feather pal around together….

  71. califpat says:

    Why does it seem that progressively Gino pals around with and surrounds herself with micro mental midgets, fakes, frauds and phonies, egotistical maniacs and certified whack jobs? Sheesh!!!!!

  72. seattlefan says:

    I had difficulty listening and seeing these vids. Must be my Safari. I got through the first two and the third one didn’t load for some reason. OMG. This guy is delusional and full of sh*t. I can’t believe he thinks he is presenting a “documentary” that is fair and balanced. Ha! If I am correct, he never mentions Faux News and their coverage. Makes me sick, but am glad he makes it so evident that his so called documentary on the media bias is glaringly BIASED!!!!

    And BTW, his interviews with SP made her look like the idiot she is. Did he think that was going to get sympathy? LOL! Any thinking person would look at that and think she hasn’t a clue.

  73. Confuzzle says:

    wow…don’t think I have enuf towels to clean up the ego ooze comin outta my screen!!!

  74. Nan says:

    I posted this on another thread, hope it’s all right to post here too, but it fits here better.

    I became extremely uncomfortable watching the “interviews” on Progressive Alaska. He avoided looking at the camera OR the interviewer, he wasn’t speaking easily as if he knew what he wanted to say. He seemed to feel that there was only one “reporter” apparently that was worth his salt (do you want to guess?) and that was himself. all others were “hacks” and “liars.” With nothing given to back up those statements.

    He seemed to be marking time until someone rescued him from the “interview.” Just – odd.

    He really came across as – well, I hope he never tries to sell used cars; he’d starve.

  75. EyeOnYou says:

    This was NOT a documentary! Ziegler make a DOCUFAIREYTALE!

  76. Star says:

    Just threw up in my mouth!!! G-nite AKM…Have a good wknd…:))

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