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September 22, 2021

5 Stories of Don Young Crazy

The Washington Post got 30mins with Alaska’s lone Congressman, Don Young. As anyone familiar with Young can tell you – it was going to be interesting.  The conversation ranged from the time he scolded a “good looking blonde” Congresswoman for sitting in his chair to getting Pres. Bush to get a cigar for him. You can check out the full interview at – it’s worth a watch (just have a bottle of something handy).

The interview got me thinking though. What are the most ‘incredible’ (read: ridiculous) stories from Don Young’s never ending political run. He’s said and done some insane things – even for Alaskan politico’s and yet he continues on being our Congressman (it’s helpful that the Democrats don’t really bother to run anyone against him of course). So here’s our 5 favorite. If you’ve got your own Young-ian story please share it in the comments… we’d love to read them.

1. The time he said his family had 50-60 “wetbacks.” 

2. That one time he talked about the Roman Empire and Hitler at the Federal Overreach Summit.

3. Wherein he wore a beanie with a propellor at an environmental hearing to make a statement about the absurdity of wind power.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 7.06.55 PM

4. That time he signed a declaration calling for insurrection against the US government written by domestic terrorist and felon Schaeffer Cox.

5. Those awkward moments when he said some interesting things to school kids in Alaska.





















OBVIOUSLY we’re missing a ton of them… it’s Don Young we’re talking about. But which ones do you think the rest of the country needs to remember? Do you have your own story of running into Congressman Young at Ted Stevens International Airport? Or maybe you’re a whistleblower who has some awesome files you want to send us about good old Don Young?

You can shoot me an e-mail me here (secure).



11 Responses to “5 Stories of Don Young Crazy”
  1. John says:

    We don’t care what they think of him in the States. He is our congressman, and as long as he keeps bringing in money so real Alaskans can be independent and anti-government freeloaders, we will keep sending him back to DC.

    • Beaglemom says:

      But in Washington he votes on issues that affect all of us and the world out there. And, that money that he brings so freely to Alaska, comes from my taxes and the taxes of all sorts of people who think he is well past his “elect by” date. If you want him, Alaska, then put him in your State Legislature but take him away from Washington!

    • MIke says:

      So, in summary you want a crazy coot to bring you money from Washington so you can be a “freeloader”.

      Good luck with that.

  2. tidepooler says:

    maybe someone should offer up Don to Bill Maher — he wants to flip a district this election season – of course, he probably wasn’t looking at an entire state as being a single district which makes it even worse for us — Alaska only have one voice in Congress and he’s made it pretty clear that he’s not the voice for anyone who didn’t vote for him

  3. SANTA CLAUS says:

    I’ll be running against Don this fall. My legal name is Santa Claus, and I live in North Pole. My slogan is “Restoring Alaska’s Heart and Soul.” My Facebook page, “TheSantaClaus,” already has more than 209,000 followers :-)}

  4. Millie says:

    Another representation of Alaska that I don’t understand how he gets elected!

  5. Zyxomma says:

    A Congressman like Don Young makes me glad I’m represented by Carolyn Maloney. She cares about all her constituents; those who voted for her, and those who didn’t. She stands up for the rights of women, children, and consumers. She doesn’t make a fool of herself on the floor of the House.

  6. Bucsfan says:

    I like the time that he called a press conference in 2008 regarding his legal defense fund, then wouldn’t answer questions. Young said that constituents hadn’t asked him about it and he only answered to them, not the media. When a reporter pointed out that he, the reporter, was a an Alaskan citizen and thus a constituent, Young responded by asking him if he had voted for Young. When the reporter said no, Young said that he wasn’t a constituent then. So according to Don Young, any politician who is elected only has to answer to those people who voted for him. Hear that, President Obama?

    • slipstream says:

      Hmmm . . . I am a resident of Alaska, but I did not vote for Young. So, by his definition, I am not his constituent, and he does not represent me. So I have no representation in the Congress of the United States.

      I seem to remember that a slogan from the American Revolution was “No Taxation Without Representation.” Since Young (the one and only congresscritter from Alaska) refuses to represent me in the Congress, I guess I don’t have to pay any federal taxes. That would be “Taxation Without Representation.”

      Thanks Mr. Propellerhead! This will save me thousands of dollars about April 15!

      • Beaglemom says:

        Unfortunately he is your representative, just as Dr. Dan Benishek is mine. Although I would never vote for the likes of either of them, they do represent the districts that we live in. In addition, once a member of the US Congress, a representative or senator ends up representing all of us. I don’t want to be stuck with either Young or Benishek. I’ll work to defeat Benishek, will you work to defeat Young?

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