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White Power, Blue Uniform

troyroberts“Black people are so disgusting.”

When gawking in horror at the internet’s racist underbelly during a bout with insomnia, one comes across jarring pronouncements like that one.  The comment was one among a long list of similar sentiments under a Facebook meme denouncing biracial relationships.

“Who says something like that in the year 2014?” I wondered while clicking through to the commenter’s profile. Well, it turns out US Army Police Officer (!) Troy Roberts of Ft. Stewart, Georgia does. He’s a big fan of a Facebook page called American White History Month, publisher of the now-removed meme.

Roberts’ stated employer and job would seem to make him an MP, and President Obama his Commander in Chief.


While serving in the Army under a Republican Commander in Chief for whom I did not vote, it would never have occurred to me to publicly mock him and openly side against him with one of our adversaries. It just seems kind of treasonous.

There is certainly precedent for the government having a limit on just how racist and subversive one of its employees gets to be while remaining on the payroll. Militant black nationalist Ayo Kimathi discovered this the hard way when his employment with DHS was terminated in December.

Surely our government wouldn’t be harder on an African-American than on Mr. Roberts, given how much we hear from the likes of the latter and pages like this one about The White Man’s inability to catch a break these days as people of color become our oppressors and enjoy the sweet, subsidized life on Easy Street.


It was disappointing to learn there are fewer than 6,000 of us “world wide,” and we’re all grammatically challenged racists.

Individuals like Roberts deserve to be called out because they exacerbate the existing lack of trust many in the African-American community have in law enforcement. It is doubtful that, were Officer Roberts responding to an African-American family’s 911 call, the latter would find him eager “to protect and to serve.”

How and why are we paying the salaries of individuals like this?



6 Responses to “White Power, Blue Uniform”
  1. Alaska Pi says:

    I have a picture on my desk. It is of 4 lil brown girls, ranging from 4 to 14 years old, 4 lil Alaska Native girls. They have stainless steel bowls on their heads and hefty sticks in their hands. They look very fierce.
    The picture was taken during WWII when Alaska was flooded with American soldiers after the attack on Dutch Harbor and invasion of Attu and Kiska.
    The girls were practicing self defense tactics taught to them by 2 MPs. Those MPs realized those girls were at serious risk of being assaulted by American soldiers. They lived near a base, their father was dead , and while their mother worked to feed them they were left alone.
    One night a drunken soldier did break into their home and those 4 lil girls whapped the crap out of him with the sticks they slept with. The MPs came and drug him off.
    One of those lil girls was my mother, the other 3 my aunties.
    Seventy years later, our family is still grateful to those 2 MPs.

    I’m not quite sure why this guy calls himself an US Army Police Officer because that is not a usual way of describing an MP.

    But, if this gent is indeed an MP, he needs to be reassigned or booted out.
    We don’t need this crap anywhere and certainly not in the armed forces, and most definitely not in any MP .

    I’m ssssooooooo tired of the poor-white-guy routine. Add in the snotty black-people-are… garbage and all I see is a nasty, lazy twit.

  2. mike from iowa says:

    So Putin is indicating to Obie how many friends Vlad had before his dog died. Tea-baggers higjacked the airplane and are holding it hostage to make sure Obama loses the basketball pool for March Madness.

  3. Zyxomma says:

    Wake up, Troy. It’s the 21st century, and we’re done playing my skin’s prettier than your skin, my god’s bigger than your god, or any of those pissing contests you’re destined to lose.

  4. Linda Kellen Biegel says:

    I went over to a number of the Facebook pages that Mr. Robert’s page linked to. While I was doing that, my daughter came home from school and grabbed the iPad. She handed it back to me and said “I can’t look at this anymore and I wish I hadn’t looked at it at all.”

    It’s hard for me not to wish bad things on people like that.

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