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June 13, 2021


DC Dan’s Embryonic Memory

US Senate hopeful Dan Sullivan (R-OH–>DC–>AK) has decided to boost his nonexistent Alaska cred by campaign-branding the most traumatic event in Anchorage history. In addition to slapping his logo on the Good Friday Quake, Dan pours on the “we remember.”


Given that the quake hit our city roughly 8 months before Sullivan’s birth in Ohio, his precocious, in-utero grasp of geological phenomena like the shifting of tectonic plates must have been impressive.

The actual Alaskan in the Senate race shows our visitor from Ohio/DC how it’s done:



“There’s no need to explicitly remind you BegichpostI was born and raised here. I’ll just share this very personal anecdote of actually living through an earthquake that famously did not hit Ohio. And I’ll include some helpful safety information that can be of actual use to my constituents, unlike a certain self-promoting tourist I could mention.”

Adding to the skepticism about Sullivan’s status as an Alaskan is the fact that his hometown newspaper is now getting in on the act.

Having already pleaded with its native son to “come home to Ohio to become a public servant,” the Cleveland Plain Dealer now asks him, “are you really an Alaskan?”

Sullivan would rather not say, and has been studiously blowing off his state’s largest paper like a jilted prom date, refusing the Plain Dealer‘s “repeated requests” to address questions about his residency. This totally doesn’t make him look like he has anything to hide, in the same way the subject of a “60 Minutes” exposé hiding his face under his trench coat while exiting the courthouse makes him look like a solid citizen.

The good news is Dan has no intention of letting his sudden indifference toward his state prevent him from using it as his campaign ATM. The Cleveland paper furthermore emphasizes the following:

  • Sullivan moved to DC to be a political appointee, not to serve in the military — contrary to what his campaign ads suggest.
  • Sullivan raised more campaign cash from his home state of Ohio than from Alaska.
  • Sullivan got tax breaks on a home in one of DC’s “most prestigious suburbs” by declaring that home to be his principal residence.
  • Sullivan had a non-resident fishing license in Alaska as recently as 2009 – In 2010 Sullivan applied as a one-year resident. In 2011 he applied as a two-year resident. In 2013 he applied as a 10-year resident. Time flies.
  • The Plain Dealer labels Sullivan’s time as Attorney General and Natural Resources commissioner “stints.”
  • Sullivan’s backing isn’t coming from Alaska. It’s coming from Karl Rove’s American Crossroads Super PAC, the Washington DC Club for Growth, and Ohio Senator Rob Portman.

So there you have it. A guy from Ohio who claims DC as his principal residence, being promoted by DC lobbyists and a Texan’s SuperPAC. You can just feel the frontier vibe. Just like Dan felt the Good Friday Earthquake.



9 Responses to “DC Dan’s Embryonic Memory”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    mike wuz in 6th grade,Wilson Junior High,Cherokee,iowa 51058 when that quake hit and I remember all thwe news stations covering the destruction. And I’m not running for sinate from Alaska. Remember pictures of harbors with no water in them and fires and frightened peoples.

  2. John says:

    Ohio is really hoping to get its third US senator.

  3. AlaskaCodPiece says:

    What is getting lost in the discussion is that this AK wannabe is DNR Dan the Man who, along with Parnell, wants to tweak the Alaska constitution and remove protections for our lands and waters to ‘streamline’ permitting, and remove the public from the process. (SB 77)

    The same DNR Dan who helped ease the skids for Parnell’s Cruise Ship Caca dunk … The same DNR Dan who helped pull the plug and the public out of the coastal management program … The same DNR Dan who never met an Alaska mine he didn’t like, the bigger the better!

    The list goes on – and we haven’t even gotten to Dan’s antics during his brief stint as Attorney General under $arah Paylin. Dan Sullivan is as big of a fraud as she is.

  4. Millie says:

    Why isn’t the Anchorage Daily News covering this information?

  5. Carol says:

    The inconsistency of his fishing licenses would tip the balance for me – and not in his favor. Are his PFD filings public information?
    He might be a good man, a good family man, dedicated to and having served his country, but that doesn’t make him the best candidate for the US Senate. You could say that about Treadwell and Begich also.

  6. Akpm says:

    Has ast issued him a citation for purgury on a fishing liscence yet?

  7. hedgewytch says:

    Weren’t y’all just tickled to death when you saw that ad for ol D.C. Dan with his good friend and neighbor Condi Rice, telling us what a great Alaskan Dan is!

    • Mo says:

      Condi Rice, the War Criminal?

      • Zyxomma says:

        Yes, that one. Remember, Alaskans, rightwing nut jobs are not elected by Republican voters. They’re elected when Democrats and Independents STAY HOME. Register and vote! Help your friend-family-collagues-associates get to the polls. If you live in a state trying to suppress the vote with voter ID laws, do what you can to help those without it get ID — give them a ride, make a small loan so s/he can get a copy of a birth certificate, whatever it takes.

        I never miss a primary or a general. I’m a concerned citizen, so I VOTE.

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