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September 24, 2021

Don Young Goes Aggro on Staffer

We snickered when he banged a walrus penis bone on the table during a House session.

We face palmed when he threatened to bite a New Jersey congressman like an Alaskan mink.

We rolled our eyes when he wore a beanie propeller in committee to mock wind power.

We sighed when he cursed at a police officer, and barged into a building that was closed for asbestos cleanup.

We dropped our jaws when he suggested that public sector union members/federal employees should be ashamed of themselves.

We cringed when he made goofy faces on camera during the naming of a post office for a fallen Marine.

We pulled a bag over our head when he talked about how his dad hired “wetbacks to pick tomatoes.”

We were utterly unsurprised when he accepted unethical gifts and used campaign funds for personal expenses and was forced by the House ethics committee to repay $60,000 in misspent cash.

Congressman Don Young has always been the crazy, cranky, inappropriate uncle you brace yourself for at Thanksgiving. He’s serving his 20th term, and I don’t think I’ve ever talked to someone who has admitted voting for him. But he’s like a bad penny. A bad, aggro, lunatic penny. And he’s back again.

There is now a Vine of Alaska’s one and only Congressman in action, and it’s gone a bit viral. Unlike the walrus penis bone, this one is hard to laugh off. It kind of makes you think it’s time to get Don Young out of the House, and into a Home.

A young staffer (not a Young staffer) attempted to prevent the congressman from entering through the front door of a GOP immigration meeting which was already in progress. Wrist crushing ensued.

A spokesman for the congressman (I bet THAT’s the most coveted job in DC) quickly apologized for the boss. Again.

You’re not getting paid enough, whoever you are.

Young’s Democratic challenger, Forrest Dunbar, can be found HERE. In case, you know, you find it embarrassing that your only elected member of the House of Representatives assaults people while he’s representing you.



15 Responses to “Don Young Goes Aggro on Staffer”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    Rumour has it that the young man yer congresscritter went after was mistaken for a member of the Hill Newspaper to twist arms so they would vote Young as one of the 50 sexiest congressweasels. One from Alaska made the list, it wasn’t Young.

  2. Mark says:

    Quick Don story. My kid went to DC this past spring with the educational “Close Up” program. Good program that exposes them to the US government. The Alaska kids get to meet with their senators and our beloved Congressman. I offered my son $100 if he could get Don to swear at him for asking a good question. “Why don’t you go back to god damned Russia” was the fantasy. Aidan’s teacher reported that he did ask a good question, but the response contained no swear word. But Aidan did report that during Young’s brief meeting with these high school students he did swear at least once and related his own story of beating up a kid with a baseball bat in his school playground when he was in school! Thanks Congressman Young. You are a shinning beacon for our children to follow! What an asshat.

  3. mike from iowa says:

    Cue up Brenda Lee- I’m sorry,so sorry that I ever tried to break wrist.please forgive me,just forgive me or you’re off my christmas list Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhh.

  4. Bog Moosetrail says:

    Does any one know if either KTUU or ADN ever informed their readers of this? It did not appear in their online news….neither did the story of Parnell appointing Ben Mohr to the position of Fisheries advisor in his administration…Is the Alaska media protecting Republicans?

    • Alaska Pi says:

      ADN had this on their site- see my comment below.
      The Mohr appointment made a lot of fisheries related publications but surprisingly little about it in AK so-called mainstream and it is an absolutely doofus appointment.

  5. juneaudream says:

    What don young seems to a series of trips to his that the crotch of each slacks..has a ‘thin ..clear plastic viewing window’ His actions, and assorted stupiditys..simply scream that he feels he is..a man of testostoron-Plus. The continuing..escalating style and type of his..actions..suggest all we the thinking public..need to wait for him to be found wandering in the nude…in public places. Pity his family.

    • mike from iowa says:

      The thought of Don Young wandering around naked will sure enough keep me awake and my head on a swivel. Thanks juneaudream. Rilly…I mean it….rilly thanks. 🙂

  6. slipstream says:

    Whadda putz.

  7. Carol says:

    Then there was the time at West Valley High School in Fairbanks, (I’m pretty sure it was there), he used language that, while the high schoolers might have heard it before, shouldn’t have issued from the mouth of
    the Congressman from Alaska.
    What was the whole situation that was captured here on film? Was Young supposed to be inside and was late? Was he crashing a closed hearing?
    Why does DY think he has the right to physically assault this man? Oh, that’s right, he knows he’s Don Young and in his mind, that gives him the right.

  8. Alaska Pi says:

    so- for all who wonders who votes for this doof , go read the ADN story and the FB comments.
    The apologetics “penned” by supporters of Mr Young are drearily same-old, same-old rill man crap, blame the staffer, insist something or other happened before this clip that would let Mr Young off the hook for assault ( I dunno- none of the ones I read say… maybe they think this young man stuck his tongue out at the doof and Mr Young was just standing his ground… I dunno)
    I know a lot of damn fine folks here whether I agree or disagree with their politics. I don’t understand why I haven’t run across more of the twits defending-don who end up getting him elected over and over. They don’t crawl out of their caves very often?? bleah

    • Alaska Pi says:

      witness S A Moore on FB comments here…
      Was :
      “The Vine video clip was posted on NBC News producer Frank Thorp’s Twitter feed around 2 p.m. Alaska time. Per the Twitter posting, the video shows Young as he “grabs staffer’s arm for trying to stop him from entering in-progress GOP (meeting) through front door.” ”

      DCCC? Other tracker?
      HAS to be someone against Mr Young?

      Lone Wolf- oh crimenently, what a buncha *^$%^%#ing horsepunky.
      Mr Young is a boor, a dinosaur, and buncha other funky critters but a lone wolf? !
      You betcha.
      lone wolves don’t last long, hon. wolves are pack animals- the lone wolf dealie is a rill-man fantasy dealie

      RUN, FOREST, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Zyxomma says:

    Alaska, you can do better. Get out the vote, and vote DY out! Remember, it’s not just Republicans who elect rightwing nutjobs. It’s Democrats and Independents who stay home!

  10. dr. sparemachinery says:

    may i make an additional suggested contribution to the long list of embarassing (for us) don-isms….

    many years ago when bush the senior was president, he was speaking about something or other, likely a bill he was about to sign, with numerous congressmen and senators standing in a line behind him.

    of course there was don, just off to one side of the presidents shoulder. and of course there was don laughing and talking to the pol standing next to him, causing the president to pause in his remarks and turn his head towards don, who then immediately shut up and the president resumed his remarks.

    it is on video tape, i remember seeing it cnn many years ago. he is such a tool

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