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September 20, 2021

Little Slice of Happy

You’re afraid to even look at the news right now, because assorted horrors from around the globe are all competing for ghastly headlines. So you have to take your happiness, and restore your faith in humanity, wherever you can.

Which brings us to the fine, civic-minded residents of Williamson County, Tennessee, near Nashville.

The land of enlightenment.

The land of enlightenment.

It seems former SNL cast member, homophobic Tea Party activist, and batshit insane person Victoria Jackson offered to supply the locals with what would undoubtedly have been some top-notch statecraft on their county commission.

Weirdly, the voters declined her generous offer last night.

Judy Lynch Herbert: 1,422 votes
Betsy Hester: 1,380 votes
Victoria Jackson: 632 votes

"My margin of defeat was THIS big!"

“My margin of defeat was THIS big!”

At a time when many a crazy-talkin’ teabagger comes perilously close to occupying a Capitol Hill office, it’s refreshing to see that She Who Makes Palin Sound Rational cannot so much as score a county commission seat in deep red Tennessee. More to the point, their rejection of The Crazy was visited upon Ms. Jackson by margins that make the last Super Bowl look like a nailbiter.

For supplying us with the best outcome yet of this electoral cycle, here’s to the sensible people of the Volunteer State.



3 Responses to “Little Slice of Happy”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    What if Jackson isn’t bat-shit crazy enough for tea-bagger wingnuts?

  2. Happy Place says:

    Thanks, Obama!

  3. mike from iowa says:

    You know this just means that gawd is saving her for a higher purpose.And it is all the fault of nasty Libs who hate her.

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