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September 22, 2021

Krazy Kampaign Lit Alert!



Joe Miller is running for U.S. Senate again. And in Alaska, it’s a 3-way scramble to the right to woo the hard-core conservative primary voter. Miller, Mead Treadwell, and Dan Sullivan have all been trying to outdo each other in their attempt to unseat incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Begich.

Above is Miller’s latest piece of campaign literature, mailed to voters.

Xenophobic fear mongering and downright silliness aside, (and that’s a BIG aside) let’s follow the message, shall we?  You may need a pith helmet, and a machete to get through the jungle of “logic.” Warning: there’s a cliff at the end, so don’t fall off.

So, “them” equals “illegals” aka scary tattooed gangbangers from places where people are brown. And they are coming to America because Mark Begich wants them to vote illegally – all sneaky like. And once 20 million terrifying facially inked criminals come out of the shadows to vote on election day, then they surely will vote for policies which favor gun control, even though the Senator who wanted them to vote in the first place didn’t even vote for criminal background checks.

Seems legit.



6 Responses to “Krazy Kampaign Lit Alert!”
  1. Dianne Woodruff says:

    Doesn’t Miller’s hypocrisy and lack of honesty trouble you? It should.

  2. mike from iowa says:

    Miller needs a bigger gun to compete with Louie”goofy” Gohmert,Texas wingnutjob and Michele “one L” Bachmann’s bestest buddy in insanity.

  3. Mo says:

    How about gun ID? Register those weapons.

    And if someone accidentally gets shot and killed or injured using one of those registered weapons, they get fined. And if it happens again, weapons confiscated.

    Because freedom – as in the rest of us want to go about our business free from intimidation by penile-inadequate goons.

  4. Linda James says:

    Joe Miller understands the Rule of Law and adherence to the Constitution which all members of Congress swear to uphold.
    Too bad so many refuse to honor that oath!
    Miller has my vote!

  5. Pinwheel says:

    We may be expecting too much of discerning Alaska voters. We know Miller can win a primary. Careful what is asked for here. n

  6. Mike D says:

    A smiling guy with an assault weapon seems scarier than tattoos and gang signs.

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