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Wannabe for AK Senate Shoots Stuff

A DC operative from the Cleveland metro area, whose candidacy is responsible for gazillions of dollars worth of outside negative campaign ads flooding Alaska’s airwaves, is a little miffed that his opponent’s candidacy will also result in gazilions of dollars worth of negative campaign ads flooding Alaska’s airwaves.

Now that the GOP establishment Senate candidate, Dan Sullivan, has dispatched with Tea Party candidate Joe Miller, and Alaska’s milquetoast Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell in the primary, he’s decided that anyone using Outside money to talk smack about his own candidacy is unacceptable. Because he doesn’t like that, and it makes him sad.

Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell, after conceding the race on primary night noted, “Alaska fought for statehood to get its own destiny. I found myself fighting large outside financial interests, and at this point they appear to have prevailed.”

Gee, guess he’s talking about you, Dan.

Mind you, his Ohio family has already dropped $400k on his race. And then there was the max donation from that pro-Putin Russian oligarch…And he endorsed the Citizens United decision which says corporations are people, and money is speech, and is responsible for corporations and billionaires being allowed to spend whatever they want, wherever they want. In the name of “free speech,” he’s happily accepted negative ads against his opponents – paid for by the Koch Brothers, and Karl Rove (his fellow Bush administration crony). But now… just hang on a minute. He’d like everyone to be nice, please.

So, Sullivan made a press call to talk about how bad outside money is and how Mark Begich won’t agree to shun said money from outside groups he can’t control, and can’t even legally talk to. Then he sent an intern over to Begich headquarters with a piece of paper to tell them about the agreement they didn’t agree to, and dropped this hilarious ad.

Hey, look everybody! Ohio Dan Sullivan can shoot stuff! He done gone and shot hisself a tee vee set from dern near 15 feet away! Right thar in front of a mountain in his plaid shirt.

He must be a “real Alaskan.” Because… gunz.

“Call off your ‘DC friends’ Alaska-born Mark Begich,” says the man who made his career in the Bush Whitehouse as assistant secretary of state to Condoleezza Rice.


Senate candidate Dan Sullivan (left) in his former job, shunning DC politics, and preferring his homespun Alaska crowd.

There has perhaps never been a DC beltway insider from the midwest so determined to prove he’s Alaskan. And it’s going to take more than standing his ground against a small appliance. Depending on what fishing license, what tax return, what press conference, and what ad you look at, he’s either lived in Alaska for a year, 2 years, 7 years, 10 years or 20. Or some combination of the above. Even his GOP opponents weren’t fooled. From outing himself by fibbing on his fishing license, and declaring to God and the IRS that his primary residence was in Maryland but, um… he was still voting out of state in Alaska, it’s pretty clear that Sullivan would really like the Alaska Senate seat without actually having to live here a long time, or tell the truth.



13 Responses to “Wannabe for AK Senate Shoots Stuff”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    You had a wannabe vice perpetrator,ex half-guv person shot at stuff with less favorable results awhile back.

    Sarah’s the name
    hunting was the game
    killing was her aim
    and when she finally hit the damn thing
    there was enough lead strewn around that Pebble wanted to mine the spot.
    and Putin was wondering who was shelling Siberia from Alaska.
    and the cow jumped over the moon after Palin shot it in the butt.

  2. aussiebluesky says:

    Gonna shoot my computer now.

  3. AKblue says:

    Well, gosh darn, AKM. If you were a fake long-time Alaskan and you wanted to have a made up disagreement with someone (who didn’t want to play), wouldn’t you feel like taking a small appliance out to a scenic area and shooting it?

  4. Mo says:

    But Alaska Republicans will vote for him anyway.

  5. WfAK says:

    What. an. idiot.

  6. alwaysagardener says:

    I dare say, the carpetbagging D.C. insider is squealing like a pig and had to call up the “strength in guns” meme! Whenever I see a GOPPER go on about strength it makes me wonder if they are channeling Old Moneybags Ted and his war cry after 9/11 “Might makes right!” I just see Lockheed Martin and Raytheon cheering them on. Fear and money drive these people.

  7. Mike D. says:

    No doubt that ad produced a warm trickle down the legs of many who now know all they need to about Sullivan. After all, nothing establishes one’s bonafides more than a gun and equating military combat with politics. Pretending that if your opponent would stop taking outside money, you’d turn it down as well is a laughable and tired tactic. None of this tells us what Sullivan has supported and where he stands on anything on than the standard boiler plate issues.

  8. mike from iowa says:

    Should gladden the hearts of all Alaskans that there is one adult from Ohio willing and capable of protecting you from vicious attacks by rogue teevees. I ain’t buying it. That teevee was peacefully grazing in the meadow and was assassinated for no apparent reason by some tool with a short weinie comple and probable NRA credentials. Isn’t it against the law in Alaska to improperly dispose of teevee screens with who knows what kind of toxic chemicals in them? Slip,I believe the acronym you seek is dumb f#$ker.

  9. slipstream says:

    Hmm . . . . I’m trying to figure out the acronym for “Assistant Secretary of State.”

    Not coming up with anything. Can somebody help me out here?

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