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October 28, 2021


Volunteer Day At Denali

Credit: NPS Photo / Kent Miller

Credit: NPS Photo / Kent Miller

The National Park Service is looking for a few good men (and women, of course).  This Friday, September 12th, is volunteer day. If you’re in Alaska and can make it – we ask you to take this day and help out Alaska’s most famous Park.  Melody Abel with the Park Service was kind enough to answer a few questions about the day and the park itself.

Hike and Build [From the NPS website]

Try your hand at trail maintenance activities such as hauling brush, constructing trail, and rehabilitating disturbed areas. Expect 2 to 4 miles of moderate hiking over uneven terrain.

This is a great opportunity to learn how trails are built in a sub-arctic environment. It will also be a chance to get your hands dirty as you help maintain a part of this special place.

What’s an interesting thing that people might find out about the trails at Denali?

Melody: The lake provides habitat for a variety of wildlife, and visitors have the opportunity to see moose, beaver, and a variety of bird species from the trail. The footpath was constructed in 1940 as the park’s first established trail.  Thousands of visitors hike the trail each year, and it is one of the most popular hikes in the park.

A network of social trails has developed around the lake and throughout the area, creating damage to sensitive wildlife habitat, including beaver dams and lodges.

Extending the trail to the Nenana River and around Horseshoe Lake will provide increased hiking opportunities for visitors and will consolidate use, allowing the web of social trails to be rehabilitated.

How many people do you usually get for clean up hikes like this?

The first clean-up hike of the year was held on National Trails Day when 24 people came to volunteer a combined total of 120 hours. We are humbled that people would donate their time and effort to help protect this special place.

People with any certain skills especially needed?

No special skills are needed.


More Details at the NPS website 

Who: You and your friends/family. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

What: A trail hike with a purpose. Bring your own water, lunch, snacks, hiking boots, raingear and clothing layers. Safety gear and tools will be provided.

When: Friday, September 12, 2014. Meet at 8:45 am. The work day will conclude at 4:00 pm.

Where: Meet in the automobile (not RV) parking lot on the north side of the Denali Visitor Center, located at mile 1.2 on the Denali Park Road. Look for uniformed Trails employees.

Questions?: Email Melody Abel or call 907-683-6419.



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  1. mike from iowa says:

    Might get a better turnout if you suggest adults be accompanied by children. Make it more family oriented. And when it comes to rill Alaskans(think grifters) accept no substitutes.

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