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October 24, 2021


Anywhere but Alaska: Dan Sullivan from Yet Another Place

I admit I spent too much time on this joke.

I admit I spent too much time on this joke. – Zach

OH Dan, DC Dan. Now it’s…

Dan Sullivan, MD?

If you’re confused, don’t worry… so am I.

One thing we can be sure of, at least for now, is that Dan Sullivan is not a Doctor. But he is from Maryland – at least according to Maryland. To be specific, the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation.

This is only a problem if you’ve been telling people, let’s say on official state forms, that you are from Alaska. Which is exactly what Dan Sullivan did. We knew from the beginning of his candidacy that he was lying, we just didn’t know WHICH lie he was telling. Was he an Alaska resident who was lying to Maryland to get a tax break on his million dollar home? Or was he a Marylander, lying about his Alaska residency so he could get elected Senator?

The question is finally answered, Alaskans, and guess what? You come out on the short end of the stick.

In a press release from the Alaska Democratic Party, the state of Maryland considers him a resident:

The Maryland tax department sent this notice in response to an inquiry about Sullivan’s Maryland tax breaks and Maryland residency:

This communication is being sent today on behalf of the Director of the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, Robert E. Young.

The Department of Assessments and Taxation has now reviewed the Homestead eligibility status of a Daniel S. Sullivan and Julie Fate Sullivan for a property at 6212 Maiden Lane in Bethesda, Montgomery County, Maryland 20817 for the years of 2006 to 2008 when certain reductions in property taxes for Montgomery County “principal residence” tax credits were received. It is the determination of the Department that Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan are deemed residents of Maryland at that property address for the period in question. Therefore, the property tax benefits received were properly granted. The Department conducted this review relying on certain confidential information that may not be publicly disclosed under Maryland law.

What this means for his candidacy we’re not sure yet. But as the Democratic Party’s press release notes, “As the Maryland tax department finding makes clear, Sullivan was lying on his declaration of candidacy and his 2013 fishing license.”





13 Responses to “Anywhere but Alaska: Dan Sullivan from Yet Another Place”
  1. Mike D. says:

    I don’t believe the questions of Sullivan’s residency will make a bit of difference to those with Sullivan signs in their yards. With the election barely a month away, is anyone on the state level going to do anything? No, but the ballot box certainly can.

    That laughably mythical liberal media has already called the elections for the republicans. And there’s no shortage of folks who like to be told how to vote so they can be on the band wagon. I realize that posting here, with few exceptions, is preaching to the choir. The only thing that is going to make one bit of difference is voting–no excuses, no good intentions, no this came up or that, no I would have but…..

    A lot is at stake here. I am not encouraged by a do nothing congress that will feel it has a mandate to impose its destructive ideas on the country if it takes back the senate.

  2. Bucsfan says:

    I am surprised that no one has asked the obvious question: Did Dan and his wife and any of their children living with them in Maryland receive PFD payments for the same years that Maryland was their legal residence? I mean they received the mentioned tax breaks from Maryland for being official Maryland residents and only Alaska residents can receive PFDs. Is there a way, like, maybe a public records request to see if they received PFDs? And if he was receiving a PFD while a resident of Maryland, wouldn’t that be fraud?

    • slipstream says:

      PFD applications are public records. You can search for who has applied for a PFD by name on the state Permanent Fund website. Of course, there is more than one Dan Sullivan around. There’s Ohio Dan, there’s Creepy Hands Dan, and probably some who aren’t (if you will excuse my language) politicians.

  3. Zyxomma says:

    As a friend of mine used to sing, “He was not from anywhere.”

  4. No Name says:

    Sounds like a certain someone needs to get to filing that paperwork in the federal courts…not the State…;)

  5. DaveO says:

    All depends on what ‘is’ is…what ‘was’ was, and que sera.
    I’ll throw in serendipity and kismet.
    Bottom line: Dan Sullivan is a corpora-fascist, just like the Kochs, George HW Bush, Shrub, Parnell and good old uncle ALEC.

  6. Jag27 says:

    Is it that hard for the Republican party of Alaska to find a local person who is corrupt enough for them?

    Oh– and Zach, why did you draw him like an inner circle to the Pope Cardinal? Was that on purpose? I think it is hilarious– but for His Majesty the Most High and Mighty Grace Pope Benedict, not Papa Frank. (As much as I like Papa Frank, his men are just more subtle that OH/MD Dan.)

  7. Madeline says:

    Oh Shane/Bristol,
    Lying about your residency is against the law, but of course Ohio/DC/MD Dan knew that. We are not obsessed with him, we just want home to go back to Ohio where he belongs. Why do you think the Kochs, Rove, and his parents are so desperate to get him an Alaskan senate seat? Don’t they have one in Ohio he can have? As Ohio’s “Favorite Son” I have no doubt who he would work for in the Senate, and it ain’t Alaska!

    • No Name says:

      All the fuss might be about that portfolio kept in Dain Bosworth Wealth Management…you know it’s hard to ween those rich baby’s off the money teats…they really cry when they have to ‘go without’ for a period of time!

  8. John says:

    AS 01.10.055. Residency.

    (a) A person establishes residency in the state by being physically present in the state with the intent to remain in the state indefinitely and to make a home in the state.
    (b) A person demonstrates the intent required under (a) of this section
    (1) by maintaining a principal place of abode in the state for at least 30 days or for a longer period if a longer period is required by law or regulation; and
    (2) by providing other proof of intent as may be required by law or regulation, which may include proof that the person is not claiming residency outside the state or obtaining benefits under a claim of residency outside the state.
    (c) A person who establishes residency in the state remains a resident during an absence from the state unless during the absence the person establishes or claims residency in another state, territory, or country, or performs other acts or is absent under circumstances that are inconsistent with the intent required under (a) of this section to remain a resident of this state.

  9. mike from iowa says:

    There it is folks….. just like a turd in the collection plate. Staring right at you. Only question is what are you gonna do about it?

  10. slipstream says:

    Hmmmm . . . Alaska state troopers regularly arrest residents of other states who lie on an Alaska fishing license application to get an Alaska resident license.

    Tick tock, Dan.

    • mike from iowa says:

      If Alaska’s SOS is a whitey wingnut like the tool in South Dakota(along with the AG) he will find excuses not to interject himself in the election process so voters won’t be denied their choice of candidates. SD arrested a wingnut US Senate candidate they day after the primary and charged her with 12 felony counts of voter petition fraud and perjury.Sullivan should be tarred and feathered before the election. If he does wins and then gets indicted,Parnell will prolly get to appoint his successor-another whitey wingnut.

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