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August 6, 2021


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Friday, July 9, 2021

Don Young, Corruption and the DOJ


According to Roll Call a Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) investigation into Alaska’s lone-gunman Congressman will cost the taxpayers over $86k.

It all started with the infamous “Coconut Road Corruption Investigation” – or really the lack of the release of documents pertaining to the investigation that will end forcing the DOJ to pay CREW for legal fees.

You can get a little refresher on the Coconut Road debacle HERE. It’s still mind blowing.

“[Judge] Kessler concluded that DOJ’s conduct in withholding documents from CREW was “unreasonable.” On Monday, she ordered the federal government to repay CREW’s $86,076.20 in legal fees within 60 days.”

The DOJ initially did not release the documents to protect Don Young’s privacy. Young seemingly didn’t care though, as he proceeded to gab on and on about the investigation.

“Judge Gladys Kessler ruled in 2012 that Young had “diminished” his interest in privacy by making statements to the press and on the House floor about the investigation and accusations, and concluded the balance tipped in favor of disclosure.”

Eventually the the House Ethics Committee did conclude that Young violated House ethics rules.

Yes, just a reminder that our only Congressman is bad enough to get this Congress to call him out for his bad behavior.

CREW once again named Don Young one of the most corrupt Congressman in Washington DC – this being his 5th year on the list. You can read the full report on him and the other Congressional representatives here.



6 Responses to “Don Young, Corruption and the DOJ”
  1. Hi, for a while now I’ve been trying to get people in Alaska to notice that Shannyn Moore was probably correct and that the 2008 election results in Alaska were fraudulent, but it’s been an uphill battle against my Asperger’s Syndrome, which keeps me from articulating the my case clearly and succinctly in emails or phone calls.

    More to the point it’s likely that the electoral fraud was ordered by Sarah Palin and the threat of this being revealed in 2009 precipitated her resignation. This is relevant because Don Young would have lost to Ethan Berkowitz in 2008 in a fairly counted election.

    I’ve prepared this blog/Youtube Channel laying out my evidence, and am now passing it around to all the Progressive/Political AK bloggers I can find.

    I hope you’ll look at it carefully and consider sharing on your blog. The case is complex and technical, but you can get by by watching/reading Introduction, Evidence 3 and maybe 4, and the first Conclusion video/blog post.

    Hope you find the info interesting,

    John Foelster

  2. Hedgewytch says:

    Last night Nat Silver looked at our AK Representative race and declared that Young has 40. something of the vote and Forest Dunbar has 46. Has Don Young FINALLY jumped a big enough shark this year? I think he has. The suicide double down comments culminating with the disrespect of a female elder at AFN ON FILM….. Hope Don is checking out retirement travel vacation packages.

    • Mo says:

      He was sassy to an elder? What an arrogant creep.

      • Carol says:

        I watched a short bit of video where a Native elder lady questioned Young about his apology, apparently he was holding her hand and Susshhed her while squeezing her hand. She told him not to shush her and quit squeezing her hand. That was in the first 24 seconds, then I couldn’t watch more. Can’t find where I saw it.

  3. Andy says:

    Sure doesn’t say much for those who keep electing him, Shane.

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