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September 17, 2021

Video: Dealing With Your Relatives

This week is all about spending time with family, sharing gifts and unfortunately talking to your relatives. That’s why the crew at Lady Parts Justice created this video filled some of the things that the right wing of your family might gas on about. (do people still say ‘gas on’?)

Luckily – we have the internet – so you don’t need to spend the holidays alone – please share your  holiday horror stories on twitter and instagram with the hashtag #LPJHolidayHell and follow @LadyPJustice on twitter.



3 Responses to “Video: Dealing With Your Relatives”
  1. Alaska Pi says:

    This was delightful!!! Thank you.
    I come from a humongous family on both sides and there are plenty of these folks decking the family halls.
    They don’t say any of this BS around me though. A bunch of em ganged up on one of my sibs in 2008 . I got mad enough defending said sib to put a complete end to “sharing” this crap with me or sib.
    Hallelujah! for that…
    Merry Christmas, happy holidays to all pups, hush and not so hush !

  2. Zyxomma says:

    I don’t have *that* kind of relative. I’m giving myself a holiday from politics, family, commercialism, and other non-productive pursuits.

    Happy Christmas Eve, mudpuppies. I’m glad to know you all. Health and Peace on Earth.

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