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The Weekend Off – News You Missed



The Guardian – Record high Arctic temperatures in 2015 having ‘profound effects’ on region

The Arctic experienced record air temperatures and a new low in peak ice extent during 2015, with scientists warning that climate change is having “profound effects” on the entire marine ecosystem and the indigenous communities that rely upon it.

Newsminer – Near-hurricane force winds expected near Delta, Alaska Range

Two storms packing winds of 50 to 90 mph are aiming for Delta Junction and Alaska Range passes today through mid-week.

AP News – Alaska’s Inuit link steady food supply to environment health

Alaska Inuit hunter John Goodwin for decades has hunted oogruk, the bearded seal, a marine mammal prized for its meat, oil and hide.


Desmogblog – “Miracle of American Oil”: Continental Resources Courted Corporate Media to Sell Oil Exports

A document published by the Public Relations Society of America, discovered by DeSmog, reveals that from the onset of its public relations campaign, the oil industry courted mainstream media reporters to help it sell the idea of lifting the ban on crude oil exports to the American public and policymakers.

Al Jazeera – The dark side: The secret world of sports doping 

Inside a hotel room in Austin, Texas, a pharmacist advises a professional athlete on taking performance-enhancing drugs.

“One anabolic, and I can give you something to use right now, is this Delta 2 stuff. It’s a steroid. There’s a bunch of football players who take this,” he tells Liam Collins, a British hurdler reporting undercover.

NY Times – In Missouri, Fewer Gun Restrictions and More Gun Killings

Jean Peters Baker, the county prosecutor here, stood at her desk poring over Facebook photographs of young men posing with guns. One wore a grinning mask and pointed his gun at the camera. Another clasped guns in each hand. A third was laughing uproariously, his finger on the trigger of an assault rifle.


RT – Train with 200,000 liters of sulphuric acid derails in Australia (PHOTOS)

A freight train carrying 200,000 liters of sulphuric acid has derailed in northeast Australia. Acid and diesel fuel have spilled. The locomotive and all its 26 carriages derailed at 10:20am local time east of the outback town of Julia Creek.

BBC – Iraqi forces retake Islamic State Ramadi stronghold

Iraqi forces have retaken a former government compound in Ramadi from where Islamic State (IS) group militants have been resisting an army offensive, the military has said. The complex was “under complete control” and there was no sign of IS fighters, a spokesman said.

Al Jazeera – China passes first-ever domestic violence law, excludes gays

China’s largely rubber-stamp parliament on Sunday passed the country’s first law against domestic violence, which covers unmarried people who cohabit but does not protect gay couples, a senior lawmaker said.

China previously did not have a special law covering violence in the family, an issue often ignored to avoid bringing shame upon the family in traditional Chinese culture.



6 Responses to “The Weekend Off – News You Missed”
  1. Alaska Pi says:

    Ok- so it is not yet “missed ” news but WTF is this latest gobbeldygook by Cliven Bundy’s sons and “militia’ types in OR?
    These stupenagles have no idea what the “people’s land” is, yet here they are standing with folks (who do not want them) raving about the “people’s land” and rights and all kinds of mixed up God and country and horsepunky tyranny drivel ?
    I hope this time they can be peacefully ( don’t kill the dinglefritzes, please) dispersed and the Bundys detained for crimes against us people out here- I’m sick of these doofs. They wouldn’t know democracy if it bit em in the buns.

  2. mike from iowa says:

    Happy New Year to you,mfi. Thanks,mike.

  3. mike from iowa says:

    Have a safe,Happy and prosperous New Year,Mudpups.

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