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September 20, 2021

Half-Term Governor Palin Endorses Half-Wit Donald Trump


Photos and composite by Zach D Roberts

Palin endorsement looking to bring in voters with only half a brain.

Palin, who MSNBC’s Chuck Todd referred to as, “the woman that used to be the biggest reality star in politics” is set later today to endorse the new biggest reality star in politics, The Donald. Palin, who has been relatively absent from the political scene so far this Presidential campaign season is en route to Iowa to join the Trump campaign around the state.

Trump’s campaign released a press release ahead of the 6pm press conference in Iowa calling Palin an “influential conservative.” The Donald was quoted in the release, “I am greatly honored to receive Sarah’s endorsement. She is a friend, and a high quality person whom I have great respect for. I am proud to have her support.”  No word on who Trump considers a ‘low quality’ person for comparison, though I’m sure Jeb Bush would be a strong possibility.

sarahPAC_facebook_quote_cruz-1Sarah Palin and her hit team err, I mean family, have already taken to twitter and blogs to attack Trump’s stiffest opposition, Ted Cruz. Bristol Palin posted a rant “Is THIS Why People Don’t like Cruz?

 “After hearing what Cruz is now saying about my mom, in a negative knee-jerk reaction, makes me hope my mom does endorse Trump. Cruz’s flip-flop, turning against my mom who’s done nothing but support and help him when others sure didn’t, shows he’s a typical politician.  How rude to that he’s setting up a false narrative about her!”

She then illustrated his hypocrisy of being critical of Sarah Palin adding several of the web graphics that SarahPac put together. Bristol finished with a jab at Cruz “You’ve also said, “She can pick winners!”  I hope you’re right, and that she endorses Donald Trump today for President.”

As I post this the press conference is set to begin – so I will update this blog after the announcement is finished. 

7:20m EST – And now they’re going to sign things in the audience to Eye of the Tiger.

7:19m EST – Palin: “Iowa you say a lot, being here tonight” and she’s done.

7:17m EST – Trump will stop the race-baiting according to Palin.

7:16m EST – Palin: “He doesn’t get his high off of opium… other peoples money” [Trump looks befuddled]

7:15m EST – “Things are going to change under President Trump, he’s a multi-billionaire, not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

7:13m EST – She’s now talking about Rand Paul, Trump is giving her a “ummm… what?” look.

7:11m EST – Palin is back to the rhyming. Trump is starting to look worried. “We’re not going to chill… we need to drill baby drill”

7:10m EST – Palin: “political correctness as a suicide vest” – wait, what did I miss?

7:09m EST – This speech has been written by Dr. Seuss.

7:06m EST – It’s weird when someone makes Trump sound logical and well-thought-out.

7:05m EST – Palin: “Are you ready to ‘stump for Trump?”

7:03m EST – I’m sorry… I’m blacking out right now. This isn’t actually happening in America.

7:03m EST – Even Trump at this point seems to be looking at her like… “What is this lady saying?”

7:02m EST – Palin Trump is “ready to make America Great again” She is “in it to win it,”” loves her freedom,” wants you to “thank a vet”

7:00m EST – Palin: “You with the hands that rock the cradle” WAHT.

6:59m EST – Palin: “Media heads are spinning… are you ready to make America great again!”

6:59m EST – Palin takes the stage “special special person”

6:58m EST – Trump is going to take care of our Vet’s “Big league”

6:57m EST – Trump says he wants to cut education funding per pupil and allow the parents to take over education. Dear lord help us.

6:55m EST – Now going after Bush and the millions that he’s spent on the race and still has such low polling.

6:54m EST – Now we’re back to talking about polls again, he’s claiming that the shootings in Paris and CA helped him.

6:52m EST – “We’re going to protect your guns”

6:51m EST – “When Ford moves to Mexico, I’m going to talk them out of it.”

6:50m EST – Iran is supposedly going to now take over the entire Middle East.

6:49m EST – Trump is now just making up crap about the Iran deal, and claiming that we’re giving them $150million and that we also gave them Iraq.

6:48m EST – Trump now insulting George Will “take off his glasses he looks like a dumb guy”

6:47m EST – Trump is now insulting Jeb’s name, saying that he should use his last name.

6:45pm EST – Trump: “To a fault I am loyal… they’re not moving Iowa back… you’re amazing people.”

6:44pm EST – “Evangelicals love me,” says the man who has clearly never read the Bible.

6:42pm EST – Listing off polls, as it seems that Trump’s fanbase cannot actually read themselves.

6:41pm EST – More protestors in the crowd,  Trump: “You can’t win with these people.”

6:40pm EST – Protestors chanting something and now getting yelled at with “USA USA USA USA!”

6:38pm EST – Trump referring to Palin as “spectactular”

6:35pm EST – Trump is rambling about going down an escalator, and now, of course about poll numbers. He’s claiming that Hispanics love him.

6:34pm EST – Trump pulling out a piece of paper, telling his audience that they’re going to see so much of him that they’re going to get sick of him. We already are.

6:33pm EST – The Donald is taking to the stage.

6:24pm EST – Trump is playing Journey right now.

6:15pm EST – John Wayne’s daughter is currently speaking, for some reason right now.





36 Responses to “Half-Term Governor Palin Endorses Half-Wit Donald Trump”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    Better get Pebble mine up and running before the whole Cook Inlet goes under, not.

  2. mike from iowa says:

    Trump and Palin’s place in the rightful history of the de-evolution of the wingnut party.

  3. mike from iowa says:

    Trump’s dear old racist dad was Guthrie’s landlord for a couple of years. Yee Haw!

  4. mike from iowa says:

    How does Alaska’s lost oil revenues look now in light of under $30 a barrel oil. Sure coulda used them extra billions I’m guessing.

  5. Zyxomma says:

    I’ll never forgive John McCain. Never.

    • Dagian says:

      Neither will I. Then again, if we were to look on the bright side (please, stop sobbing!), she’s such a mean-spirited vile woman and sadly she and her husband have done such a LOUSY job of bringing up their children, she’s a sort of walking PSA.

      Now that Track’s behaviour has hit the limelight, I really hope that more questions are asked about TRIG’S progress. I haven’t seen him photographed wearing both his glasses and his hearing aids in a long time. If ever. You?

      I hope Piper won’t follow in her drunken sisters’ footsteps. Please let one of the kids figure out how to be part of a larger society.

  6. Emilie's Raging Granny Mom says:

    Now, Now, Zach — Don’t let your head explode. Just sit back & enjoy the show, don’t try to understand the Grizzly Mom — her brain is kind of scrambled from all the neurotoxins she’s absorbed from the layers of makeup on her skin for all those years and the fluoride in her toothpaste — cumulative effect is sort of like lead paint. It causes all kinds of mental wanderings that are displayed in early onset dementia. It would be funnier if she didn’t have such a shrieky delivery — I find her voice very annoying. Sorta reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz.

    Wonder how much The Donald paid her? She’ll definitely generate a lot of publicity for him and political cartoons should be getting way funnier than they have been for many years. Tina Fey may even have a resurgence in her career. Scary thought is that The Donald will probably appoint her Secretary of State or appoint her to the Supreme Court when he is POTUS if he can afford to buy this election.

    Weird factoid: I grew up in the Queens neighborhood that The Donald was born in (Woodhaven, NY — I remember it well).

  7. mike from iowa says:

    Here is god’s Take on this pronouncement. Last two lines are perfect.

  8. Ben Pease says:

    The NPR story had Palin’s word salad in the background their whole story about the announcement, and it made me holler at the radio. Just like old times.

  9. Alaska Pi says:

    Dr Seuss would never write for those 2 asshats.
    The person who overcame his own nasty blind spot to write Horton Hears A Who would never ever, no never write for those 2.
    Ever… Never.

    Whatzername- go crawl back under your rock, hon and take that dinglefritz Mr Trump with you, eh?

  10. Audrey says:

    Meanwhile back in Alaska Palin’s first born arrested for weapons and domestic violence……

    • Dagian says:

      Three charges – all Class A Misdemeanors. This can’t be a good thing for him or anyone in his social sphere. I hope he has to go to rehab or something. He’s too old to be playing the “foolish youngster” card.

      Maybe he can do more with his life and clean up his act. I may thoroughly dislike his parents and not be impressed with him to date, but I would like to see him pull himself together.

    • mike from iowa says:

      How did the arraignment go?

      • Dagian says:

        $1500 bail and it appears that he’s out and about.

        01/19/2016 01:00 PM Courtroom 1, Palmer Courthouse Arraignment: District Court (In Custody) Hearing Held District Court Criminal
        02/19/2016 01:15 PM Courtroom 2, Palmer Courthouse Pre-Trial Conference: District Court Criminal Wolfe, John W
        03/24/2016 10:30 AM Courtroom 2, Palmer Courthouse Trial Call: District Court Criminal Wolfe, John W

        01/19/2016 Temporary Order Temporary Order – Bail $1500 C/C

      • Dagian says:

        I just found this. If true, this is really bad. I don’t care if it’s a misdemeanor – it’s just bad all around. Track needs to get himself together. The young woman needs to seek counseling and take care of herself to minimize the chance of another volatile relationship.

      • benlomond2 says:

        But, but, but….it’s OBAMA’S fault !!

        • Dagian says:

          I know! That man – wanting more money to go the VA and then the Republicans in Congress voted it down – definitely his doing.

          Why, her son enlisting on September 11, 2008 – that was his fault too!

          In fact, didn’t Obama have something to do with Track’s nasty temper as a teenager and getting benched by the halfway point of most of his hockey games?

          Obama was the reason her eldest daughter was pregnant when she was tapped as a VP running mate.

          It has nothing, NOTHING, to do with the upbringing the kids have received from their parents. Nope. Obama’s fault.

          But let’s see – this is the family who has campaigned tirelessly for Trisomy 21 awareness. No? oh, wait, no – but Sarah took all the freebies that she was given for Trig, including that tricycle rather than spending some of her millions of dollars on whatever he may need. It’s so nice to see that he’s wearing his glasses and hearing aids as directed by his medical team. Oh wait, that doesn’t happen, does it?

          So, while Track was getting trashed and beating up Jordan Loewe, where were Piper and Trig? At the house or on the road with their parents? If Track was the adult in charge of the two kids, why in the world wasn’t he sent for a 72 psych hold for threatening to kill himself? Or at least why wasn’t CPS called to investigate a home where a drunken man has hauled out weapons and there are two minor children on the premises, one of whom has a developmental delay?

          That’s what would happen to anyone else – right? I can almost bet money it would happen if this were a “melanin-enhanced” family.

          Hey, Sarah. You claim your son came back ‘hardened’ from his military experience.

          1) No kidding. That’s what happens.
          2) If you were REALLY worried about him all this time, why haven’t you been using your bully pulpit all along to discuss it?
          3) You have PLENTY of money – has he been seen by any professionals to treat the PTSD you CLAIM he has suffered. In the VA network or outside of it?
          4) If you were that worried, why does he have access to the gun safes? Please, tell me these people keep their weapons in a gun safe and not just up on a wall for everyone to play with whenever they are done tying on their 8 – 15 beers.
          5) He returned YEARS ago
          6) Shall we review the police recordings from the October 2014 birthday drunken party-crash brawl?

          Let’s not overlook Willow and her friends breaking into a house, getting drunk and then trashing the place.

          Todd and Sarah Palin aren’t doing such a great job if they’re held to the standards they use for others.

        • mike from iowa says:

          Yo,Ben. I saw an empty space on a Mudflats milk carton. Was that you?

  11. Dagian says:

    It was just a matter of time. Next, he’ll ask her to be his running mate. She took the opportunity to indicate her interest months ago when she unbuttoned a few more and then used a knife and fork to eat a pizza with him.

    They both communicate in memes and bumper stickers. Neither read much, both are vapid, mean-spirited and they’re perfect for each other.


  12. Shane A Holt says:

    More obsession of palin. Must be worrying the liberal kooks silly.

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