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October 24, 2021


Around The Lens Podcast – Photography, News and more

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It’s not often that you hear from the people that make the photos and video that go along with the news stories that you read. Photojournalists are a relatively silent group, usually loners (like me) who drop in take their shots and get out to file with their news organization as soon as possible. The few times you even read what we’re thinking come in the form of one or two sentence captions at the bottom of photos. We never get invited on talk shows to get asked how we feel, or what we saw… even though we’re usually the ones that define what the media is talking about.

That’s why Dave Murphy and I started Around the Lens. It’s a podcast (now in video too!) that each week has working visual journalists talk about their craft and discuss issues that are going on in their field. Sometimes it’s sad – when we’re talking about losing friends in combat, sometimes it’s snarky and sarcastic (usually whenever I open my mouth). But it’s always on the topic of – however vague and wide that may be – visual news people and their lives.

This week, we recorded our 13th episode and were joined by Syracuse University Professor David Sutherland and University of Missouri Student Mark Schierbecker. Professor Sutherland brings his decades of experience to the table and Mark is the shooter that captured the now famous call for “muscle” by Melissa Click at the University of Missouri.

Please tune in – through subscribing on iTunes or just watch the YouTube video below. If you have any topics that you like discussed you can leave a comment below or e-mail me at zdroberts (at)



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