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September 17, 2021

Poll: A Write in For Mark Begich?


In a classic Alaska election flashback to 2010 we could see another write in candidacy for the US Senate. This time people might have a easier time writing in this candidate, at least when it comes to spelling than they did in 2010. In a statement to The Midnight Sun and in an interview with KTVA former Senator Mark Begich won’t rule out a write-in campaign.

Midnight Sun: “I’m getting a lot of calls from people who say they are not satisfied with their choices and they are not interested in seeing another Miller Murkowski fight, I will keep listening to the people who are calling and will continue to consider the best ways to help my state in these challenging times.”

KTVA: “There’s a lot of folks that have been calling and asking me and obviously encouraging me to consider it and I’m going to continue to look at what all the options are for me to continue to help and serve Alaska as I’ve done, you know, for the last 25-plus years,” Begich said in a phone interview Tuesday from Washington D.C.

So we’re asking Mudflats readers – Do you want to see a Mark Begich run for the Senate on a write in ticket?






2 Responses to “Poll: A Write in For Mark Begich?”
  1. Alaska Pi says:

    I’m conflicted on this one.
    I think the world of the job Mr Begich did as Senator – given our politics, he did a very good balancing act and managed to get some very important things done.
    I can’t stand two-faced Ms Murkowski .And Mr Miller? Pffft!
    I am leery of Mr Metcalfe, and not happy with Ms Stock being endorsed by the Centrist Project
    Their spokesperson says:”More than 53% of registered Alaska voters have left the major parties ”
    Oh c’mon. Wrong! The majority never joined the major parties to begin with and we all know the NPs tend to vote with the Ds and the Undeclareds tend to vote with the Rs so there is no big independent swath of AK voters in any meaningful sense of “independent”
    I have no clue what I want to do at this point.
    Won’t take much to put Ms Murkowski back in if votes get diluted too far and looks to be likely at this time… bleah.

  2. AK Scrybe says:

    Yes, most definitely. He would be the only true Democrat in the race.

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