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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Around the Lens Episode 63 – Photojournalists Just Trying To Make It

 David H. Wells, Jamie Rose

News: Nikon Stocks Dives
Nikon’s stock dropped 15% in one day, is this a sign of the end times for the camera and lens manufacturer, or just a momentary lapse?

Topic: The Uber of Photography
Services that can bring you photographer on demand are beginning to take off. More and more services are sprouting that will lower the barrier between you and a customer, but are these services the next generation of photography, or just destroying business opportunities.

Gear: Another Year Another World Press Photo
The World Press Photo contest was held and again, Canon took the trophy in most used camera. What are out thoughts on this, does it matter, do we care? Also, why isn’t the GH4 listed here!

During the show we ended talking about a bunch of related links that Zach promised to add… here they are: 

You can read Donald R. Winslow’s slightly disheartening interview with The New York Times, and Leslye Davis’ more sunny response at the Times Lens Blog. Then along with the “Uber of Photography” there was David H Wells addition of Kodak’s similar photographer services site called KodakIT. Zach mentioned the website that gives pretty detailed into on what you should expect pay wise from publications that you write for. David also recommended his blog piece on the election which you can read at his website Finally we here at ATL implore you to take this survey if you’re a working photojournalist.



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