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June 15, 2021


Good Grief, Wasilla – Stop Sending These People to Juneau

Photo: David Eastman's Facebook page

Photo: David Eastman’s Facebook page

The spanking brand new senator from Wasilla, Republican David Wilson, slapped a journalist from this paper, Nat Herz. He seems nice.

Apparently Wilson isn’t familiar with the First Amendment he swore to uphold. Part of it is pretty well known to most, but since it comes right before the Second Amendment, it’s easy to see how it gets glossed over in the race to “Yeah, guns!”

Along with freedom of religion, used too often to discriminate, there is prohibition on infringing the freedom of the press. Guess what? If lawmakers could hit journalists and columnists in the face for writing things they don’t like, well, I’d have gotten plenty.

Oh, and what grade are you in, Sen. Wilson? Hitting people in the face is frowned upon, no matter what. Resign, Mr. Wilson. You are unfit to serve even in a dysfunctional body like the Alaska Senate.

Oh, and if the Senate majority isn’t going to censure you, they should go too.

Not to be outdone by his Wasilla neighbor, Republican Rep. David Eastman has stepped up his special display of ignorance in the race to the bottom. Another newbie,  Eastman has the special distinction of being the only representative in a body of 40 to vote against the first Alaska Native Speaker of the House, Rep. Bryce Edgmon.

Way to draw a line in the sand straight out of the gate, sir. He then argued against recognizing the contribution of African American soldiers in building the Alaska Highway during World War ll.

He stated, “The state should not enter into the practice of choosing winners and losers, especially on matters of race.” By all means, sir, save that selection for who to give oil tax credits to and what teachers to fire.

With his colleague slapping a newspaper man, Eastman has had to up his game for most Wasilla-billy behavior.

Is he able? Well, yes. Mr. White Privilege thinks abortion is “the ultimate child abuse” and rural Alaska women get pregnant so they can get a trip to town to have an abortion. He seems smart.

Maybe Eastman could spend some time looking into the child abuse issues with the Office of Children Services. If he’s trying to cheapen a horrific history of children being chained in abandoned cars in parking lots and intentionally burned by comparing it to a legal medical procedure, he’s missing the mark.

Oh, here’s a question, sir: What about the young girls impregnated by their fathers or guardians during child abuse? Is that just a gift from God like some of your party’s members think?

If that young woman aborts her half sibling — you know, just to get a cool trip to town — is she really the one guilty of the “ultimate” child abuse or is she a victim of her father?

Abortions aren’t taken lightly. They aren’t to get a trip to town. They don’t come with a pedicure and tickets to the cineplex.

Good grief, Wasilla. You have a team of dandies there. I have to say you can do better because I don’t know how you could do worse. You always amaze.

Spring is here. I can hear my neighbor yodeling at his kayaker clients and I’m pacing myself since we have months of this tourism thing to go. Go get some wiper fluid and sweep your driveway.



2 Responses to “Good Grief, Wasilla – Stop Sending These People to Juneau”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    The spanking brand new senator from Wasilla, Republican David Wilson, slapped a journalist from this paper, Nat Herz. He seems nice

    He auditioning for a spot in Palin Street Brawl 2? Maybe he should practice on women first. get that Palin hook right in his mind. Might even want to try urinating on the street while being filmed.

  2. Dagian says:

    I thought we elected an idiot and sent him to the House, but this guy tops him. My condolences.

    Who were the 14 who didn’t vote to censure Rep. Eastman?

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