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September 17, 2021

Mission Accomplished: War on Energy Over

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Not since Moses, Aaron and Miriam fought the Egyptians for freedom of the Israelites have we found such a beautiful redemption story. Yes, the emancipation of slaves after a bloody civil war came close, but this is so much more inspiring. Our prayers and vigils for the gravely oppressed oil companies in Alaska have at last been answered. I guess tying all those black ribbons in the old spruce trees really helped.

Like Moses coming down from Mount Sinai, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke came to Alaska and is going to make this state great for oil companies again. Praise be! Our delegation, the high priests and priestess in the First Congregation of Petroleum, tagged along, breathless in joy and anticipation of, well, I can’t imagine it is just for the campaign contributions. It must be something we just don’t get to understand. I would call them prophets, but I think it would be a misspelling of the word. Profits is more like it. It should be noted to our delegation that once the Israelites were freed, they wandered the wilderness for 40 years before getting to a promised land.

Zinke said, “The president has declared — and thank you, Donald J. Trump — that the war on North American energy is now over.” Our country has left the Paris Agreement for global climate change goals. We are now on a team with Nicaragua and Syria. It should be noted that the “war” on oil and gas development was lost under the Obama administration. We produced more oil and gas under that regime than any time before in history. I know. They need an enemy. Victimization works better that way.

“This is not Sally Jewell we’re talking about. He is a friend. He is a good and a decent man,” said Murkowski about Secretary Zinke. I’d agree that former Secretary Sally Jewell is not a “good and decent man.” She’s a good and decent woman. I suppose that’s different. Why do we need a “friend” in the secretary? I mean, I’d rather have someone who’s competent than fun at barbecues. That’s just me. Oh, and our “friend” Zinke has suspended all Regional Advisory Councils – you know, those local folks who work with the feds so we have a say at the table. A non-listening friend.

Murkowski is so happy to have an administration that will work with her. Well, I mean the oil companies, but same thing. I guess she forgot Obama opened up the Beaufort and Chukchi seas, but the oil companies couldn’t figure out how to do the job right and pulled out.

I’m really trying to get my head around the mentality that it must take to put short-term financial gains ahead of the future of our planet. That’s silly to think the planet won’t be OK. It will be. Lots of planets are out there – with nothing growing on them. The financial and global future of our race is traded for what? Magic beans for a cow? It doesn’t make sense.

Lots of business and world leaders are breaking up with the president over the decision to prosecute science. The persecution of petroleum has come to an end and their shackles have melted off like they never existed. Cities and states are declaring their own commitments to supporting the global effort to reduce climate change. That’s encouraging. See, science doesn’t need you to believe in it for it to be true.

When I was a little girl, going to church three times a week seemed like a bit much. I asked Pop Moore how he would feel if he found out that God wasn’t real. What if he was just worm food and all this effort was for nothing?

“Well, Shanny, I guess I’d still be OK with it. I had nice people to spend time with, fellowship dinners on Sunday afternoons, and an invisible friend to take my problems to. I’d still win.”

That’s how I look at climate change abatement. If something we do works, then great! If it doesn’t – what do we lose? At least we’ve tried.

While I watched a hummingbird belly up to the bottle on my porch, a humpback surfaced by the point. A great whale spray, followed by several more, and the hummingbird switched feeders. One the tiniest bit of bird and the other an unbelievable mass, a swimming school bus. It all matters. Since we can’t trust our leaders to not trade our home planet for 30 pieces of silver, it’s on us.



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  1. mike from iowa says:

    It is getting worse. GoodHair Perry wants to un-subsidize alternative energies and look at using more coal, I guess. iowa has enough wind turbines in place that you who think of iowa as a flyover state will probably be surprised to see the whole state escort your plane out of iowa airspace.

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