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The ‘Law & Order’ Party Cheers AK Law Breakers


So, it seems that Don “I call it the beer virus” Young is perfectly happy to wear a mask in the White House for a photo op, just not in his own state to protect his constituents. Here he is at the elbow of the Maskless One, at the now famous bill signing where the President referred to Yosemite National Park as “Yo Semites.” The bill was signed in the hope that it might help the beleaguered candidacies of Republican Senators Cory Gardner of Colorado and Steve Daines of Montana. No Democrats were invited to the signing of the bipartisan bill.

Any bets whether Don “it’s all media hype” Young will be masked up at this indoor campaign rally with five legislators and the Governor in attendance? Note the bottom right: “Feel free to wear a mask.” But you know, whatever… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, please remember that it will only take a teeny tiny uptick in voter turnout to put Alyse Galvin in the United States Congress and end the embarrassment that’s been plaguing our state since 1973. Just imagine having a member of Congress who knows how to use one of those new-fangled, whatchamacallit… “computers!”

*Side note – it’s interesting that Jesse Sumner is co-hosting. He’s the one who smirked while he talked about Ruth Bader Ginsberg “not being long for this world,” and is running against conservative golden boy David Eastman in House District 10.  




For those who have missed it somehow, there’s a mask war brewing in Anchorage. Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, in response to spiking COVID numbers in the city (because many residents refuse to mask-up and follow protocols) issued a mandate to suspend indoor dining again. And for some reason, it’s the same people who complain about the economy being shut down who also refuse to wear a mask so it can open safely because… Inhaling carbon dioxide! Forced vaccination with a spy chip! Government experimentation plot! I have a right to infect people so I’m not inconvenienced! And wearing a mask is like slavery and the Holocaust combined!!!

The anti-mask crowd is now flocking to a couple Anchorage eating establishments which refuse to comply with the safety measure and remain open for indoor dining despite stop work orders from the Municipality. The most notable of these is Kriner’s Diner who had an eat-in only specialthe day the order took effect (yes really). Guess which Anchorage Senator appointed by Dunleavy and up for reelection in November is the latest anti-science, anti-public health disease vector? And of course he gets a share and props from ol’ Tuckerman Babcock.

Josh Revak may be indulging in a big steaming portion of something, but it’s not freedom.

If you live in District M, remember that your Senator literally doesn’t care about the health and well-being of his own constituents. So if having a representative in Juneau who cares whether you live or die is important to you, you might consider a vote for Non-partisan candidate and Anchorage School Board member Andy Holleman who is running for that seat.

We already know that Sen. Lora Reinbold of Eagle River is an anti-masker who lied to Alaska Airlines so she didn’t have to wear a mask. She’s not going to be able to get away with THAT again, by the way. The Senator better start walking to Juneau if she wants to make it to the session on time.

Facebook groups are springing up for those who support a mask mandate in Anchorage HERE, and an updated verified list of businesses that are defying current health protocols HERE.




Remember Donna Arduin – the temporary Budget Director/Cruella Deville of the Dunleavy administration? The one who said it wasn’t her job to know how her cuts would affect people? Well, her unskilled hatchet job on Alaska’s economy didn’t go very well, and she slunk back to Michigan after an ignominious demotion, and after cashing in on Alaska’s bad fortune. For reasons which remain elusive, Donna Arduin is phoning in endorsements for Alaska candidates eager to get to Juneau and continue hacking into the marrow of Alaska’s economic future without regard for Alaskans.

Tuckerman Babcock, former Dunleavy Chief of Staff, and current full-time Facebooker who alsoslunk away in disgrace after “resigning” from his position is cheering them all on. Has to make you wonder what kind of candidate is proud to be endorsed by these two – who not only contributed to the tanking of Alaska’s economy, but who were so bad at their jobs that Gov. Dunleavy told them to take a hike. The answer, apparently is Sharon Jackson running for reelection in Eagle River, John Cox running for Senate on the Kenai Peninsula, and Robert Myers running for Senate in North Pole.






Even a broken clock is right twice a day, they say. In this case the broken clock is only right once every… [checks watch]… decade and a half.

I’ll give you a minute to absorb that. Donald Trump, Jr. AGAINST Pebble Mine. Which, of course, is the correct stance if you care at all about sustainable fisheries, thousands of jobs, and preserving a culture and way of life as old as the land. Ok, so he probably doesn’t care at all about THAT part, but he is in his own words, “a sportsman,” and has fished in Bristol Bay. So he wants to keep it full of fish for himself and his progeny – the King’s hunting grounds, if you will. But that’s ok. If everyone felt like that, we’d already have won. And if Donald Trump takes the cue and his EPA shuts the project down, we’ll be the first to thank him – right before we boot his tail out of the Oval Office. Maybe with all his newfound free time he’ll take up fishing.



Republican Senator Natasha “GET OFF MY LAKE” von Imhof, generally known for being ill-tempered and prickly, posted an uncharacteristically gracious thank you on her Facebook page to the kind “volunteers” who were helping her prep mailers and “going door to door” with her (during a pandemic). Not even the masks in the photo could hide the fact that her “volunteers” are actually her well-paid professional staffers in Juneau. As one of her opponents would say, VERY LOOSE!



House District 36 Republican candidate Leslie “oh no she di’int” Becker running to represent the Ketchikan area.

Yes, you just heard a candidate for a legislative seat, someone who wants to become an actual lawmaker, say she’s praying to God to “tie up the tongues” of Alaska Native communities who oppose mining and oil drilling and deforestation on their lands because they might get jobs so they can stop drinking and doing drugs. Sometimes, there are no words. There are other things she’s bugging God to intervene with, but you can read those yourself above. Note that her opponent, long-time Independent Dan Ortiz has never said anything remotely this awful. Just saying.



Tomorrow, August 8 is the last day you can request a vote by mail ballot for the Alaska PRIMARY. There are lots of contested primary races this cycle, so jump in there and make your voice heard. It’s also a great practice run for your November general election ballot. You can request both a primary and general election ballot at the same time AT THIS LINK. Vote like your state and your country depend on it, because they do!




2 Responses to “The ‘Law & Order’ Party Cheers AK Law Breakers”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    Possibly some good news on pebble Mine concerning Army Corp whitewashed environmental review because drumpf said so.

    Seriously, is there a single person with live brain cells who thinks there won’t be any lasting environmental damage after a fifty year long rape of Mother Earth for greed?

  2. mike from iowa says:

    Hope is alive and gasping for a last breath as iowans kicked “Cantaloupe Calves” congressweasel Steve King to the white scumacyst bench, finally. Alaska had better start doing the same before it is too late.

    Thank you Ms Devon for another superb, funny roundup of the bizarre bongos who infest Alaska’s political life.Long live Don Young in forced exile in Siberia.

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