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August 3, 2021


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Friday, July 9, 2021

Open Thread – Mystery Goo Revealed!




This is a Steller’s sea lion that visited on my recent trip to Prince William Sound.  She wasn’t the least bit frightened and hung out by the boat for several minutes. 

And speaking of dark things floating in the ocean…

The mysterious 12-mile long blob of goo that was found floating in the Chukchi Sea off the norther coast of Alaska has been identified!  (drum roll please)  It’s……algae!   OK, that’s not a particularly romantic answer, but algae it is.  Just where it came from and why are still a mystery, and nobody had ever seen anything like it before.  You can read all the gooey details HERE.

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329 Responses to “Open Thread – Mystery Goo Revealed!”
  1. mlaiuppa says:

    Iceberg may be aptly named.

    On the surface this looked like a little, innocent piece of hard water floating on the surface. Who of us really paid attention to this when it first hit the news? But….it might reveal another 90% below the surface that’s hard, and pointy and really dangerous.

    When did this happen? Was it last October? October Surprise?

  2. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    I do think this is the ice berg, and that by her tweets she was trying to start her I’m innocent meme. The trial started on Monday, june 29, she told Parnell she’s quitting on wed, friday morning she quits. Because the trial had just started she may have found out the “bad news” monday or tuesday.

    We know our little Scarah, we know there is “stuff” in those emails she wanted to keep off the state email. Now it’s being subpoenaed which she will have to obey or go to jail, plus the emails will become public record, tahee….everybody will have free access to them. And it’s a FED trial, and out of state, ya gotta love that. I bet she had all her feelers out trying to pull every string that can be found to help her little hiney. PLUS, thanks to Andree, she’d been ordered to “preserve” all emails by a AK judge, so if there has been any hanky panky done, ooowee she’s gonna be in real hot water, in both states and with the FEDs, LOL.

  3. the problem child says:

    Well, there is a new open thread up. And the photo is beautiful.

  4. mlaiuppa says:

    There is no privacy on the internet.

    You should never write anything in an e-mail that might come back to bite you.

    There is no deleting anything. There are caches for blogs, webpages and e-mail.

    I have school e-mail and we are told up front that there is no expectation of privacy.

    The district fired an I.T. because when he was supposed to be sick at home, he was in Palm Springs for several weeks. We know, because we found his private webpage with pictures that were dated. He had deleted, but we looked at the cached copy using google search. He should have known better.

    Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of computers and passwords knows you need a random mix of letters and numbers and it shouldn’t be something a basic as your kids names or your birthday or anniversary. And you should change them every 90 days is possible. And you shouldn’t use the same password for everything.

    “I love Todd”? That was her password? What? Is she in high school?

  5. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    And she twittered about it like the case against the kid was a done deal in her favor. Wonder what date that twitter was……It’s going to open a can of worms, there’s also the issue that many in the tech field are concerned with – privacy on the internet.

  6. mlaiuppa says:

    Yeah. That’s what I’m thinking.

    Trying to make a felony out of a misdemeanor on the kid is going to reveal Palin used a non-secure public Yahoo account to conduct private government business. That will support the ethics complaint. And who knows what e-mails may become public record as a result of first the trial and then the ethics complaint.

    While I don’t think the lawyer will succeed in getting the D.O.B. of the entire Palin family, as he’s requested…one has to wonder if something regarding Trig may come out in the trial. (I’ve heard that if she isn’t the Mother, she may have committed fraud if she accepted insurance or other compensation regarding his birth.)

    I don’t know if this is the Iceberg, but it certainly is juicy. (And as I predicted somewhere, something small and overlooked, out of left field that no one anticipated would be THE stake in Palin’s political career.)

  7. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    Mlaiuppa – I think it’s important…..very important. It’s bringing back the story, that’s been a story from day one, but never concluded – that the Gov. used a private email account for Govt. business, thus attempting to govern in secret. She got caught.

  8. mlaiuppa says:

    Both Phil at Progressive Alaska and Gryphen at Immoral Minority have great posts on the Tennesee e-mail subpoenas and how they relate to Andree’s ethics complaint.

    Could this ultimately be the Iceberg?

    Is it coincidental that she announced she was ‘stepping down’ shortly after the trial started June 29 and is resigning Sunday, July 26 the day before it commences and the judge rules on the breadth of the subpoena? Would something seemingly so minor be the thing responsible for taking down Sarah Palin and possibly ending her political career?

  9. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    Thanks Closet Mudpup – Here is AKM’s blog post with the photo of $arah holding Trig (kind of) and the 2 blackberries. It’s the story of the hacker in TN.

    We will be revisiting this again I’m sure, as his case is developing and in my opinion will be very interesting because it will address the yahoo email account being a public account due the the fact that $arah used it for Govt. communication. AND Andree’s court case is still pending regarding the same.

  10. Martha says:

    245 DrChill Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 1:08 PM
    Amusing fact. There is a domain name c 4 p dot com, it jumps to a swingers site… (club fore play ) lol
    I had no idea that our palinbot friends were so naughty…
    You too DrChill….lol

    I almost died when I got that one. It’s the first one to come up when I did a google search and entered c4p. Hilarious!

  11. EyeOnYou says:

    Left Unalakleet warmth for rain in Juneau tonite. No drought threat down here, ever…but consistent rain reminds us: “No rain? No rainbow!”
    about 2 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    Geez watch TV much Sarah? Can’t you come up with anything at all original?

    No Rain…No Rainbow…

  12. Closet Mudpup says:

    Seagull Junker Palin

    I believe that was the story about SP being uninvited to the graduation.

  13. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Tealwomin – the house in Hamptons was on a joke site – didn’t happen.

  14. Tealwomin says:

    I read over at HuffPost – in the comments section tht GiNO brought a house in the Hamptons…and that the head of the Independent Party wil be visiting AK, stopping in Wasilla too also

  15. bucfan says:

    Holy crap. I just saw an ad for a series that KTUU is doing on Sarah Palin, called Sarah’s Wild Ride starting on July 20th. I wonder how unbiased it will be?

  16. justafarmer says:

    Just saw another commercial for the movie G-Force…
    I haven’t been to the movie theatre in years, but I’ll go to see this one.
    Love that one snippet: “poop in their hands! poop in their hands!”
    what I feel like doing with several politicians (Mitch McConnell being foremost)….

  17. Lainey says:

    wish they had a petition to fire beck, hannity, and limbaugh too

  18. Lainey says:

    @justafarmer #306

    thanks for the link….did it…signed it……..buchanan needs to go – he’s crossed the line one too many times! I can’t stand him!

  19. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    Can anyone help me find the Mudflats story where Sarah was holding Trig at the Sports Complex or some school gym – the blackberry was getting all the attention?

  20. justafarmer says:


    Click the link below to view the petition.

    I added some personal opinion to the stock letter….

    Pat really creeped me out with his condescending white man spew on Rachel’s shoe….

  21. Lainey says:

    @crystalwolf aka caligrl

    looks like she’s busted!!!! …again
    I can’t imagine she can juggle two Blackberrys (or is that Blackberries?)
    …I guess that’s why she had to step down, huh? …couldn’t handle more than tweeting…lol

  22. beth says:

    Martha @ 231 – (

    Speaking of: “There is no such word as “gutterel” and it matters not, as no one is able to decipher her word salad anyway.” (as you wrote in your post), I rediscovered an article from CNN f(rom 9 Sept 2008 ) that *might* explain her Sarahness’ “word salad.” To whit:
    Palin’s former pastor, Tim McGraw, says that like many Pentecostal churches, some members speak in tongues, although he says he’s never seen Palin do so. Church member Caroline Spangler told CNN, “When the spirit comes on you, you utter things that nobody else can understand … only God can understand what is coming out of our mouths.” [/snip]

    In retrospect, Ms. Caroline was spot-on in her assessment of what happens to some when “the spirit comes on you.”

    Unfortunately, for those in AK and ‘Outside” (and for the rest of the world, too, also) with more than 6 working, connected, brain cells, “the spirit”sure does seem to *continually* be ‘coming on’ SP. For, surely, only G-d knows what the heck she’s saying!

    What a great sense of humour, has G-d.

  23. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Lainey Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 7:48 PM
    photo on blog made me think about every pic I’ve seen with her and this poor baby…..does she EVER look at him?…talk to him? is he simply a photo op?
    tsk tsk
    Lainey, looks like she’s more interested in that Blackberry than Trig. She properly doesn’t realize the camera is on her….!

  24. Lainey says:
    photo on blog made me think about every pic I’ve seen with her and this poor baby…..does she EVER look at him?…talk to him? is he simply a photo op?
    tsk tsk

  25. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    rebekkah Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 7:28 PM

    Crystalwolf aka caligrl: yes, re #the new Juneteenth suit I read and it’s uncaring that a Governor would would ignore that, had until June 19 and didn’t respond. And, her Office would not receive the served documents. The law seemingly does not apply to her. More cracks are showing in the glass ceiling in Sarahland.
    This last ethics that was dismissed they said was not properly notarized. So they didn’t even LOOK at it!
    So now they are claiming something wrong with these papers/filings? How many times can she pull the “ole switcheroo?”
    When will someone call her on it? Its like total insanity up there!

  26. rebekkah says:

    Crystalwolf aka caligrl: yes, re #the new Juneteenth suit I read and it’s uncaring that a Governor would would ignore that, had until June 19 and didn’t respond. And, her Office would not receive the served documents. The law seemingly does not apply to her. More cracks are showing in the glass ceiling in Sarahland.

  27. Cynamen Winter says:

    I concur….

  28. Lainey says:

    Oh never mind. Sarah, you are the loser. You lost the opportunity to learn anything, perhaps everything, Mr. Cronkite could have taught you. What a waste.
    ——-I agree with everything you said in #296…..palin is hopelessly stupid in every sense, in every way…she will never amount to more than a curiosity like a multi-car accident! shamefully hopeless… a self-proclaimed journalist student (the way she publicly speaks, I KNOW that’s a lie), she could’ve shut her mouth for once and shown some respect towards Walter Cronkite and not turned his death into another political opportunity…ignorant piece of ***********!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. the problem child says:

    Thank you Tersichore, you said it all.

  30. disgusted... says:

    SDILMAOK-Sounds like there should be a Mat Maid ethics compalint filed with this new physical evidence that has surfaced. This is outrageous! This clear shows they lied. How do they sleep at night? Oh, I guess true narcissists aren’t bothered about trawshing people.

    I know many of the Mat Maid management, this torques me off. Good, honorable people doing the right thing to stop the bleeding. Based on Andrew Halro’s Wednesday article about what is really going on with Palin’s Make Believe Dairy, they need to shut it down before someone gets sick or dies.

    Sarah…..good riddance. This state does not need the likes of you anymore. Good luck on the national scene. They will chew you up and spit you out.

  31. Terpsichore says:

    SP tweeted “Anxious for Fairbanks radio visit tomorrow re: 2nd Amendment! We have rockin’ surprise guest. Candidly, I love radio vs some newspapers bc……”Most newspapermen by definition have to be liberal; if they’re not, by my definition, they can hardly be good newspapermen” W. Cronkite
    11:45 PM Jul 9th from TwitterBerry

    Yep, way to go Sarah, be so unclassy you diss Walter Cronkite! Use his quote totally out of context for your own purposes. Well missy, the full text of his quote will be all over the media now, everyone will see how you mangled it for a cheap political shot for no apparent purpose and you may as well just don oversized shoes and a red rubber nose next time you speak publically because your comments and insinuations are simply jokes.

    Walter Cronkite was, by his work and career, an American icon. He was the face and voice of the news for most of my parents’ generation and most of my generation. He helped shape TV news from its infancy. If you, Sarah, cannot express some respect for the man who should have been influential if not inspirational in the very field you say you studied, then …

    Oh never mind. Sarah, you are the loser. You lost the opportunity to learn anything, perhaps everything, Mr. Cronkite could have taught you. What a waste.

    Walter Cronkite, thank you for all your work, God bless you, we’ll never forget you nor the impact you had on our lives.

  32. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Forgive me if this was posted earlier, but remember how the last ethics complaint was dismissed yesterday because improper filing? Well now she’s trying to get rid of the Juneteeth suit the same way! LIAR!!!!!

    “The motion for a default judgment filed Friday claims Palin failed to answer the allegations in the lawsuit by a June 19 deadline, and still has not responded. According to the court document, the governor’s Juneau office refused to accept another copy of the complaint Tuesday.

    Process server Jack Dayton said a staffer in the governor’s office would not accept the documents from him.

    “You’re the governor, doggone it,” Dayton said. “It would be in your best interest to take it.”

    Dayton did successfully serve another set of the documents to the state attorney general’s office in Juneau.

    Margaret Paton-Walsh, an assistant attorney general, said no deadline was missed because the plaintiffs did not properly serve all the correct state entities initially.”

  33. MinNJ says:

    It’s been so peaceful here today that I haven’t turned on the tv or radio, just enjoying the rumbling clouds and the shshsh of a fan; Walter’s passing is not unexpected, but a loss, indeed. New Year’s Day in Vienna will never be the same. He’ll be so missed.

    Good weekend to you all.

  34. Lainey says:

    oh sure now it posts when it doesn’t make any sense to anybody lol

  35. Lainey says:

    i posted two posts before about ‘studying the Bible with the guys’ and they both disappeared….i hate to post it again

  36. Lainey says:

    lol………lmao ooooo, we could make millions

  37. MinNJ says:

    Lainey: Is this considered insider trading? Should we delete some file or something? LOL

  38. Star says:

    Walter Cronkite has passed away…RIP Walter…

  39. BigSlick says:

    How does GINO travel? First class? Sanford does!


  40. sally says:

    #280-Sdilmoak Says: July 17th, 2009 at 3:48 PM…Here is the smoking gun regarding the Palin “Ambush on Matanuska Maid” two years ago.

    Oh, you have it just right. This needs to be added to the list of SARAH PALINS’ LIES. It should be on the top of the list, because it was the first and the most sinister of all. It shows a complete disregard for the CEO who made this business model work for years without infusion of state funds, against all odds. This was disgraceful conduct by Palins spokesperson on behalf of the State of Alaska. It was willfully set up in order to discredit a private individual for personal/political gain. This was done in order to keep her childhood primary caregiver in business, despite professional opinion by task force members to the contrary. Cronyism anyone…it’s just wrong!

  41. Lainey says:

    MinNj…….truly, I know…..they both are very disturbed people that should in no way have ever been voted into power

    this would be a good time to invest in Kool-aid stocks, huh? lol

  42. MinNJ says:

    Lainey: I’m being a bit skeptical tonight, but they’re both so pathetic in so many ways that it does boggle the imagination of the quantities of Kool_aid that must be involved to really, truly believe that either of these people know what the f00k they’re doing…I mean, really… com’on…

  43. Lainey says:

    here’s another definition for the urban dictionary to add to ‘hiking the old appalachian trail’ …….on Countdown, David Shuster joked with Eugene Robinson that ‘studying the Bible with the guys’, referring to C St. house, could also be used.

    sorry if this appears twice…..I think I lost the first post somewhere in cyberspace.

    awww…Walter Cronkite died today

  44. MinNJ says:

    Injuneau: no kidding, two paragraphs. But after 9/11 and Christie Todd Whitman, former governor of New Jersey and current head of the EPA at that time, said it was OK to go back into the muck per the EPA, and the thousands of health-related illnesses and uncounted deaths resulted, I have grave and serious concerns about that agency. I guess we’ll see. I hope that the people of your coast fare better than mine with their concerns.

  45. beth says:

    “The Blob” is the contents -now expelled- of a gigantic whale. Last week, poor old sperm whale heard one too many bits of word salad from her Sarahness, and, ooops, tossed all his partially digested algae. He couldn’t help it – even the biggest amongst us has limits on what they can withstand when it comes to utter bs and nonsense, before there’s nothing left for them to do but, ooops, throw up.

  46. Lainey says:

    another definition for the urban dictionary to join with ‘hiking the old appalachian trail’……Eugene Robinson & David Shuster on Countdown joked about ‘studying the Bible with the guys’ referring to C St. house. lol

  47. Dr. Patois says:

    InJuneau @ 264
    Thanks! That is great news! I was so disheartened when the Supreme Court said they could dump it all into the lake. Way to go EPA! Wonder what $arah will tweet?

  48. Sdilmoak says:

    Here is the smoking gun regarding the Palin “Ambush on Matanuska Maid” two years ago. There was NO scheduled appointment even though Meg Stapleton stated they had an appointment for the Governor to tour Mat Maid. (Palin was on KTUU the night before urging the locals to come down to the Weatmark Hotel in the morning regarding a pivotal board meeting—-she know exactly where the CEO was and why) Mac Carter (chairman of the board) was handed this note just as the board went into Executive Session….proving Meg was right there at the hotel with the CEO. She was seen by many witnesses on the phone with the Governor who had arrived at Mat Maid with her entourage of staff, security and every news channel camera in town. It was clearly deceptive and manipulative. Meg and the Gov….LIARS! This is proof. Many people thrown under the bus over this incident.

    I beleive in Palin’s final days and weeks after, many others will creep out from behind the trees and tell their stories on many of the other Palin lies. How do people live like this? Affecting innocent people’s lives all to fake outrage ? It’s sick! Meanwhile per Andrew Halcro’s Wednesday article that Palin’s dairy farmer friends are proving they are con-artists. They got $650,000 in Federal money,. all the quipment out of Mat Maid, plus another $630,000 state loan. Word is they are not paying anything, have been pulled out of Target and Kaladi Brothers due to milk quality issues, AND had a $20,000+ Federal Tax Lien slapped on them in May! This state paid severh hunderd thousand dollars for milk the 4 farmers dumped ont he ground while they got their new plant ready. Good going Governor!

  49. InJuneau says:

    MinNJ–it’s a short article!

  50. MinNJ says:

    Injuneau@264: Great news. Finally. I hope the EPA is finally a working governmental agency… I’d say again, but it’s recent history ain’t that grand.

    Off to read…

  51. Lainey says:

    @MinNJ #273

    this oughta be good…I just can’t imagine the bottom falling out any more than it has…….jeeezzz

    what scares me is that both sanford and palin expressed pursuing a calling in the private sector…how much trouble will they be unsupervised??? yikes!
    should we hide the kool-aid?

  52. InJuneau says:

    It’s not Pebble, it’s Kensington. Pebble could ruin Bristol Bay and is no where near having permits. Kensington has permits and could start nearly right away except for this latest development.

  53. LiladyNY says:

    Oh please please please don’t let them (Pebble) ruin the lake!!

  54. Lilybart says:

    Big Slick: Ivy Frye knows about Trig, whatever there is to know.
    Just sayin….

  55. MinNJ says:

    Lainey and Martha: Let the real politically incorrect (stupid) begin!!! It should be a great show.

  56. Lainey says:

    Lainey –
    Anybody could go to the “Chicken Ranch”. “C” street is for sanctimonious , hypocritical right wingnuts.

    ———–my palm slapping my forehead …..oh yeah, forgot 😀 lol

  57. nebraska mudflatter says:


    thanks for the link to that article (it does work if you copy and paste it). Scathing!!!

  58. Lainey says:

    Palin Promises “Less Politically Correct” Tweeting Once Out Of Office

    ———-how much worse can she get??…it’s not like she was professional on the job! :O

  59. CrabbyPatty says:

    re: Post 262. I read a few of the blogs there today, and boy oh boy talk about passive-agressive pap. The guy who is the “nature writer” had it down to a science. I thought his blog post was VERY disingenuous and snarky. And Jim Crawford? Like how he uses “Sarah Slashers” in the title and then wants everyone not so much to be FRIENDS, but to basically agree that Palin was the best thing Alaska had ever seen.

  60. MinNJ says:

    CrabbyPatty: love the Dorian Gray thingy-pod. It just fits, lol.

    austintex: Billie makes me thoughtful and thanks for the reminder. She always moves me…

  61. Cynamen Winter says:

    Here’s another ignoramus who takes pride in sending racist email out the President and First Lady…and they will continue to do so until held accountable for their actions. I wonder if this is part of the reason why GINO has refused to release her email, for at least 9 months now?
    If so inclined, please feel free to let this slime bag know how you feel about it:

    City Administration
    750 Bellevue Road
    Atwater, CA 95301
    209-357-6302 fx

  62. winkwinkWA says:

    If you have not seen this please check it out, it was written last May and It is the true view of $arah the Quitter…. Sorry I don’t know how to provide a link…

  63. antiAnti says:

    262 EyeOnYou Says: July 17th, 2009 at 2:22 PM
    Re: Grimes at ADN & Posted by Rudy_Wittshirk

    I did read the post. He didn’t seem like he wants comments so I left only eyeprints.

  64. InJuneau says:

    An interesting development on the Kensington waste disposal issue:

    EPA wants reconsideration of gold mine waste plan

    The Associated Press

    Published: July 17th, 2009 09:53 AM
    Last Modified: July 17th, 2009 12:46 PM

    JUNEAU — The Environmental Protection Agency wants the Army Corps of Engineers to take another look at how to dispose of tailings at Coeur Alaska Inc.’s Kensington Gold mine north of Juneau.

  65. austintx says:

    Ah-h-h-h-h……………..Just heard a medley of Billie Holiday songs on the radio in the car. Today is the 50th anniversary of her passing. If you have a chance , listen to her today. It will make you feel good. Promise.

  66. EyeOnYou says:

    Hey, more AK Voices are getting in on the Grimes Act at the ADN.

    Blogimento: Crescendo and Diminuendo
    Posted by Rudy_Wittshirk

  67. UK Lady says:

    I remember reading somewhere that her password was “I love Todd”, you know, that stuff that pre-teens doodle on their scholbooks.


  68. CrabbyPatty says:

    I thought her security questions were stuff like her birth date, high school name, etc. The ADN may have reported that. Makes you wonder about that viral email that went around during the election about how Palin would keep our country safe, because, you know, she was ALREADY entrusted with all those security codes. Guess they just didn’t know then that the password for those codes was stuff like “Wasilla High”.

  69. InJuneau says:

    New threads up!

  70. InJuneau says:

    Dr. Patois (at 1:11 PM)–actually, what she used was security questions so easy that he was able to guess/figure out the answers (like where she’d met the Dud) and then reset the password (at least from what I remember reading).

  71. zyggy says:

    I’ll be in the chat room for the next 30 minutes if any one wants to chat. =)

  72. EyeOnYou says:

    JHop…just sent an email.

  73. nswfm CA says:

    OK, this struck me as funny from Fark:

    Iowa State Fair web voters say “no” to Michael Jackson butter statue. No recount needed, as the results of the poll were well outside the margarine of error (

  74. Rob in Ca says:

    JHop use less than and greater than as your brackets, for italics and bolding instructions…

  75. CrabbyPatty says:

    I posted this over at HuffPo, but here’s my take on that gigantic blob of goo:

    I’m thinking it’s more like Palin’s “Picture of Dorian Gray”. Every time she can’t remember what she read or that she was FOR somethin’ before she was against it , each time she twitters about bears and their “gutteral” instincts, or when she appoints a Republican for a Democratic seat, whenever she gets mixed up on geography, or has to deal with the “gottcha” media — another bit of goo is added to the giant floating blob.

    And what with all of Palin’s intelligence, wit and wisdom, that blob of goo is now roughly the size of Rhode Island and heading straight for her.

  76. EyeOnYou says:

    Huffington Post is delving heavily into Palin’s Church associations:

    Palin Attended Church Event With Samurai Sword Ceremony

    (and they point out she did this on the states dime)

    They also have several article linked at the bottom of this article with more stories

  77. HistoryGoddess says:

    Dr. Patpis @246
    I am not from AK and never heard of Palin prior to August 29th (moment of silence….) I don’t know what all was said there, but by the time I heard about it, it was being spun by the campaign as an example of “taking on her own party” and “sticking up for A-LAS-kans.” Sounded creepy to me, especially after hearing she had done the same “using gov’t resources/time for campaigning” when she was mayor.

    You are absolutely correct in all you wrote. She should have known better! Jeeze, and she was being sold as the commander-in-chief of AK National Guard and privy to all sorts of big secrets? She was very, very careless which speaks to her ability to be in charge of anything other than her own playground.

    And, all that being said, the young man was wrong, wrong, wrong. Not only did he violate privacy, he gave the Twit something legitimate to be a victim about and a chance to deflect her own stupidity.

    THAT should get him into extra trouble! Mudpuppy lashing!

  78. antiAnti says:

    arrgh my example should be LeftPointy del RightPointy underscore LeftPointy Slash del RightPointy

  79. michigander says:

    Princess of Perfect Political Correctness – via Hardball sideshow.

    Bahahahahaha! They did the twits tweet – Love it (o:

  80. antiAnti says:

    @jhop – HTML stands for hyper-text markup language. As in all languages there’s semantics and syntax. For html, the syntax for commands is to enclose the command in pointy brackets. Also the command name PRECEDED by slash indicates the end of a command. Thus we get
    strikeout (or when I leave out the blanks strikeout

    Whenever you want to markup some text, in your search engine (google etc) search for html bold tutorial or html underscore tutorial

  81. Dr. Patois says:

    History Goddess @235
    I have always wondered why no one addresses the fact of her hacking into Randy’s (don’t remember how to spell his last name) computer. Was it okay to hack into his computer because it was a State computer? Is that when she first realized she should always have a personal/private account as well?

    I am not saying the kid in Tennessee should get off. However, what he did was reveal the necessity of protecting State business. I have no idea if that was really his motive but it is the result and reveals a great deal about Palin. Not only was she using a Yahoo account, she allegedly used a password so obvious that the kid was able to guess it!

  82. Physicsmom says:

    #213 @Closet Mudpup – excellent post. I’ve tried hard not to pay attention to the plethora of writings about xGINO’s religion (and there was a LOT out there, in spite of what was posted on DKos and HuffPo). It felt like a distraction to me, but I also was probably tuning in to that unspoken rule that you don’t talk about other people’s religion. Now I feel like it’s more important, especially in light of the “C Street” revelations that Rachael Maddow’s been making and the integration of religion into public life and the body politic. This is just wrong. I can’t tune it out any more. Thanks for the well-written and thought-out comment.

  83. EyeOnYou says:

    oh, they didn’t show up
    okay..use the “greater than” and “less than ” symbols above the period and comma keys

  84. DrChill says:

    Amusing fact. There is a domain name c 4 p dot com, it jumps to a swingers site… (club fore play ) lol
    I had no idea that our palinbot friends were so naughty…

  85. EyeOnYou says:


    Don’t use brackets, instead use the symbols.

  86. lyn says:

    Palin promises political incorrectness
    @ 1:23 pm by Michael O’Brien

    If you think Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) has been unfiltered as of late, just wait until she’s no longer governor.

    Palin promised to let loose once she resigns as governor of Alaska, and seems to have a timeline about it, too.

    She tweeted Friday:

    elected is replaceable;Ak WILL progress! + side benefit=10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site

  87. Dr. Patois says:

    The access question is why I assumed his request to be so broad. Who knows how many people had access. Starting with the fact that no one saw a problem using Yahoo for State communication and apparently did it purposely. The few emails we have seen show spouses of State employees being copied on personal accounts! It seems there was total disregard in protecting State confidentiality.

  88. HistoryGoddess says:

    oops, “Wasn’t there an ethics charge on using private e-mails, not hacking.” I wasn’t very clear. Still don’t think the kid should get off or any type of hero’s accolades. I want her busted fair and square, and right between the eyes.

  89. JHop says:

    well, italics didnt work lol

  90. JHop says:

    i agree historygoddess – there is just something inherently wrong about hacking into [i]any[/i] email account.

  91. JHop says:

    no it shouldnt make a difference that she is out of office. but it will just make it harder. i mean, the longer she pushes this, the better excuse she has for not having full access, full resources, etc. i think a lot is going to get swept under the rug when she is done with her act as governor

    then we should all focus on her trust. because its technicality outlived its purpose when she is no longer governor. and based on the law, it needs to be revoked and closed.

  92. HistoryGoddess says:

    Dr. Patois Says: July 17th, 2009 at 12:34 PM

    As much as I would love to see her finally popped for inappropriately using private e-mails for state business, I am very uncomfortable with any type of hacking into e-mails or accounts. Wasn’t there an ethics charge on this type of behavior by her that was dismissed? If so, shame on the board. If not, there should have been. The young man was wrong and if someone did that to me, I would want the full extent of the law to nail ’em.

    The huge lesson for HER should be that by using private e-mails for any type of state business, transparency in gov’t is not possible. Plus, it puts information in danger of getting into the wrong hands. She was wrong and she was careless. Dare I add unethical?

    Of course, (climbing down from my high road) didn’t she do something sneaky and similar to that Randy guy when she was on the Oil and Gas Commission?

  93. JHop says:

    i think the “who else had access to her email account” is a very valid question. if they can show others used it, it sort of diminishes the privacy argument a bit. this is going to be a hard case to win. i hope he does or at least brings her down with him, but this is tough. i dont know the evidence they have against this guy, but i assume its something damaging. the federal govt rarely brings a case they dont think they can win with some certainty.

  94. Dr. Patois says:

    It doesn’t make any difference that she will be out of office July 27th, correct?

  95. Dr. Patois says:

    Thanks! It should be very interesting to see what is revealed.

  96. JHop says:

    “Shirley gave Davies a July 27 deadline to narrow his subpoena request or present proof of the records’ relevance and admissibility.”

    before i read that, it was going to be what i thought should happen. i think the request is really broad. too broad. it needs to be narrowed. i think there is cause to ask for some of the documents listed, in terms of discovery, but you cant just request documents for everything without showing its relevancy.

  97. Martha says:

    Palin Promises “Less Politically Correct” Tweeting Once Out Of Office


    I guess that is her “gutterel instincts” she tweeted about, describing bears the other day.

    There is no such word as “gutterel” and it matters not, as no one is able to decipher her word salad anyway.

    If you were forced to hazard a guess, one might think she meant “guttural”, which refers to speech sounds,whose primary place of articulation is near the back of the oral cavity. In some definitions this is restricted to pharyngeal consonants, but in others includes some but not all velar and uvular consonants. It is often used solely for consonants, but may also be used for vowels with articulation in the throat.

    Then it only leaves you to wonder, just how these Alaskan bears have the instinct for this ability and which consonants, or vowels did they use to demonstrate this.

    Which language did Palin hear them speak in?

    We will wait with bated breath to discover what non words and nonsense Palin will come out with next.

    After 5 colleges in 5 years, concluding in a degree in journalism, you would think Palin might at LEAST be able to “tweet”.

    Unfortunately all Palin achieves, is parading her remarkable lack of intellect.

    In plain English, Palin is simply bat$hit crazy, and insists on proving it with a daily flurry of tweets.

  98. JHop says:

    im looking at these links….

    hold on let me see, Dr. Pat

  99. UK Lady says:

    HaHaHa! Muddies, go and look at Gryphens latest blog post over on immoral minority – linky on right of this page.

  100. Dr. Patois says:

    Jhop! Do you think the judge will let Wade Davies get these records?

  101. honestyinGov says:

    I didn’t disguise the second link good enough in my # 226 post. (Mods )

    Here is the link just to the Atwater City page… with dept. links.

  102. honestyinGov says:

    About my post at # 217.

    You can email the Mayor or any one of the other Depts listed on the City Homepage. It also lists 3 other Council members and lists Gary Frago as
    ‘ Mayor Pro Tem Gary Fargo ‘.

    http://gov ( dot )ca( dot )gov/
    (Arnold S.)

  103. DrChill says:

    interesting website:
    a political activist’s view of the usa by state county & city…

  104. sandra in oregon says:

    Was the timing of the resignation related to the European trip? Campbell went with her on that. Maybe he convinced her that she could feel comfortable about the appointees remaining in charge of the government.

  105. LiladyNY says:

    #217 @honesty in government

    Riiiiiight! And all your friends were jumping off the bridge so you had to too. What an pitiful excuse for a human being. HOW do these people end up in positions of power?? Have we as a nation REALLY been asleep or are we simply inexplicably apathetic?

  106. Blooper says:

    JHop: I wouldn’t be surprised if Parnell has a special red telephone installed in his office that is for Palin calls only. I think she is going to try hard to govern by proxy, while she isn’t at photo shoots anyways.

  107. Blooper says:

    Regarding the recent Huffpo peice on Palin’s crazy religious associations, one commenter posted this interesting observation of one of the ceremonies in particular:

    “One amusing aside, I chuckled at the “double edged sword” line during the Samurai sword ceremony…because Samurai swords are only SINGLE edged. Perfect demonstration of lack of critical thinking.”

  108. JHop says:

    I do not think there is any doubt that Palin has planned this out, in the most corrupt way possible, with respect to Parnell. Whether its an agreement to drop the ethics complaints, to sweep some of her messes under the table, to make her look like a generous saint for saving alaska from that lame duck sessions that those other evil politicians abuse…

    it’s ridiculous. i am not saying to harass parnell unnecessarily, but i think its very important to scrutinize him as much as we have palin. because i can’t help but think he is her little puppet.

  109. BigSlick says:

    I am now thoroughly convinced that the reason GINO is stepping down is to ensure a passing of the baton to someone complicit in her own shenanigans, and thus someone who will not seek to pursue prosecution of her transgressions after she is gone.

    She got out while she still could make deals Outside, and bought herself some extra time before a truly new Administration comes in and lays responsibility for her clusterfrick of failed policies and underhanded agendas firmly at The XGINO’s feet.

    What does Sean Parnell know? And what does Ivy Frye know!?!

    I’d love to hear sworn testimony, under oath, from both of them on a number of issues.

    How has Ivy Frye managed to last so long? Why is GINO so afraid of Ivy Frye that she hasn’t thrown this bumbler under the bus yet?

  110. JHop says:

    From the AP, posted a few minutes ago:

    Plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit against Sarah Palin want a judge to declare that the Alaska governor broke state law when she failed to issue a proclamation for a 2007 celebration commemorating the freeing of U.S. slaves.

    Plaintiff Gregory Charles Royal, a Washington, D.C., musician, says plaintiffs also seek a retroactive proclamation for the 2007 Juneteenth celebration from Palin or – with her July 26 resignation pending – from the governor’s office.

    A motion for a default judgment filed Friday says Palin failed to answer the allegations by the June 19 deadline. Margaret Paton-Walsh, an assistant attorney general, says no deadline was missed because the plaintiffs did not properly serve all the correct state entities initially.

    The Alaska Legislature had passed a measure that directs the governor to issue a proclamation to commemorate the day.

  111. honestyinGov says:

    OK…. all you CA Mudpuppies.

    Time to call or email your State Congresscritter or Representative in your District. Doris Matsui will get one as soon as I post this.
    (send one to Gov. Arnold as well)
    Story on the Huffpo about Atwater City Coucilman, Gary Frago who for months now (repeatedly no less ) has been sending racist emails about the President.
    ( Can we ASSUME this was on a City or state email..??
    I need to find the City’s email as well. To the Mayor.

    His response (explanation/excuse ) was …..

    “I don’t see where there’s a story, I’m not the only one that does it,” Fargo said in his defense, after the Merced Sun Star published the offensive emails. “I didn’t originate them, they came to me and I just passed them on.”

  112. Closet Mudpup says:

    Canadian Neighbour

    She downplays having been born in Idaho ’cause we shipped her azz off to the wilderness before she even got teeth.

  113. LiladyNY says:

    #196 @
    leenie17 Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 11:12 AM

    Lilybart Says:
    LilladyNY: I am also from NYC.


    HA! I KNEW there was a reason I liked you two!
    My son lives in Carmel, NY not far from Danbury, CT. It’s gorgeous up there. I also have a fondness for the cold and snow. I like to watch the seasons change. When I first came to SI (more years ago than I like to admit), it was considered the back of beyond. City folk thought we all walked around in denim overalls with straw sticking out of our hair. It’s so built up now – so much congestion – too few schools and police, hospitals shutting, too much traffic, numbing news of hate crimes, too many strip malls, unbelievable rudeness. I despair sometimes. I hope someday to have a “farm” upstate – maybe chickens, an alpaca or two for my granddaughter and the other grandchildren I hope to have – room for a really BIGGGGG garden. My two daughters will not stay here either. One wants to live in PA and the other will go to Sweden with her husband in a few years.

  114. UK Lady says:

    This one is fun –

    Now, just like the movie, the Conservative producers are stuck with a starlet whacked out on fame, bloodlust from her latest helicopter hunting trip and all the substance of cotton candy in a rainstorm barricaded in her Alaskan trailer spewing non-sensical demands via Twitter

  115. Closet Mudpup says:

    It is reassuring to see the rise in awareness of the “Christian” movement in which Scarah is but one recognizable figure, and of the political and social implications that movement holds for all of us. It appears that awareness is getting near to entering the consciousness of mainstream America. It has clearly entered the consciousness of Mudpuppies, and I am happy to see that 🙂

    Within a few days of Palin being tapped for the national campaign, Daily Kos was all over the issue of right-wing Christian movements and their theocratic agendas. Many others on the web have also been involved in spreading the awareness. I directed my efforts to Youtube during the campaign, and was gratified that I was able to get a lot of people reading and talking about it. Rachel Maddow has recently, in several segments, shined a light on the fabric of right-wing Christianity underlying Republican politics in Washington. There is every reason to believe that C Street is only one small exposed edge of that fabric, but it is from just such an edge that a fabric can be unraveled and it’s threads examined.

    This week TX Gov Perry appointed a Liberty U grad – and creationist – to head the State Board of Education. A state legislator here in Arizona voted in favor of Uranium mining because “the earth has been here for 6,000 years and was doing just fine without environmental regulations.” The evidence that our culture and our political system face a crisis of domination by anti-rational, dogmatic members of a Culture of Ignorance is both alarming and abundant.

    One of our biggest obstacles in challenging this onslaught is the social taboo in this country of criticizing religion, or at least a religion that labels itself Christian. H.L. Mencken said, “We must respect the other fellow’s religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.” The implication is that the other fellow’s wife may be hideous in our eyes, but whatever our private opinions may be on the beauty of his wife and the intelligence of his kids, they are best withheld from the conversation in the interest of civility.

    But what about when the other fellow insists that we adopt his wife as our own standard of beauty, acknowledge his kids as iconic symbols that the next generation will be smarter, and then announces that it is his goal to have the power to send armed police to our doors to enforce his church rules, because anyone who would not follow them willingly is both evil and doomed? Can we still consider it too uncivil to challenge his beliefs, and declare him and others who share his beliefs a threat to our culture, to our way of life, and to our future?

    What will the theocrats have to do before rational Americans will look past their Christian label and acknowledge they are too much of a threat to allow them to continue to shield their political agenda in the protective draperies of religious robes and American flags, and to reject them as legitimate candidates for public office? Until a known association with a theocratic movement is political suicide, the theocrats will continue to advance toward their goals, and the Culture of Ignorance will inevitably become the culture of our beloved America.

  116. leenie17 says:

    Nature can be very cool and a little surprising sometimes:

    I’ve been spending a lot of time lately peeking out of my kitchen window at the robin’s nest on the climbing rose on my patio. I also have a birdfeeder in the same general vicinity and a flash of white caught my eye as I was checking on the two so-ugly-they’re-cute robin chicks having lunch. I grabbed my binoculars to make sure I really saw what I thought I saw.

    Sure enough, in among the flock of birds gathered around the feeder was an all-white sparrow. Not a speck of color on the body with a yellow beak and legs. The eyes looked black so I doubt it’s a true albino, but it’s darn close!

    I tried to get a picture but my digital camera did that funky digital-zoom thing and the bird ended up a glowing white blob. Hopefully it will be back so I can try again…

  117. the problem child says:

    Hey JHop, if you’re looking for a car pool to PBurg, you might check out the new thread.

  118. Lilybart says:

    Leenie: When I watched Northern Exposure years ago, it seemed very romantic to live in Alaska. But I hate the cold! I am a Vata in Ayruveda and I am sitting here right now with a space heater blasting at my desk. too much AC.

  119. Paula says:

    Global Warming, all Palins fault. Shut up already woman!

  120. Paula says:

    ….something is not right and I’m blaming it on Palin.
    All that hot air bellowing from her is creating climate change.

  121. michigander says:

    JHop – did you read the rest of her twittering? It’s on page one on this thread. Pretty creepy

    mlaiuppa – speaking of creepy….we have the black goo algae in our pond. Doing constant water changes to save my koi (so far so good). No one around here has ever seen this type before either…looks dead but is living….something is not right and I’m blaming it on Palin.

    Idaho will be brought up and revered when she wants to. Just like Bristol being named for Bristol Bay – no, wait! Connecticut or was it New Hampshire?

  122. UK Lady says:

    This is the story from Kos, sorry thought I had posted i.

    In the lead up to the November 4th, 2008 presidential election there was an almost total failure, of not only mainstream but also alternative media and even bloggers, to inform the American voting public about the very specific and militant nature of the Christian religious tendency Sarah Palin was demonstrably heavily linked to.

  123. UK Lady says:

    Canadian Neighbour – That was being said about the bloggers missing the religious stuff with $P in a diary on Kos today too. Made me mad, we have been on top of it since last Sept.

    I think I linked the story earlier.

  124. Canadian Neighbour says:

    mlaiuppa Says:
    You know, with all Sarah’s hot air about Alaska…..she seems to really downplay the fact that she wasn’t born there. She was born in….Idaho.

    New nicknam: “I da ho’ was born in Idaho!!!!

  125. lovemydogs says:

    Heads UP!

    Just heard from YBG.

    Eagle is running low on dog food. May be time to check in with them again.

  126. UK Lady says:

    Yes JHop, they make me sick.

    It was so sad about Tim Russert. He was so excited about Obama and the election. He would have loved it all.

    Gregory should be ashamed to even sit in that seat.

  127. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Here’s a Huff blogger you can jump all over. He says ‘bloggers’ missed her religious associations. Don’t think so. Bruce Wilson needs to get his head out of his arse. He didn’t do his homework and read Alaska blogs!!! I’ve had a few posts that wouldn’t go through — wonder why. His stupidity is on full display. No bio information either.

    ‘From September through to November 4th, 2008, there was an almost uniform failure, by not only mainstream media and progressive media but also bloggers, to notice such unusual and highly distinctive characteristics of Palin’s religious associations. ‘

  128. Tealwomin says:

    UK Lady, yup…bloggers…the NEW Community Organizers…

  129. JHop says:

    UKLady – I thought it really said something about how the status of Meet the Press has declined since Tim Russert passed away.

    I thought Meet the Press was more dignified than saying their guests can shape the own conversation in a friendly way or whatever….

  130. Tealwomin says:

    …just a reminder…


    …he’s bound to mention the Queen of Quitters…

  131. JHop says:

    Tweet from Karl Rove:

    Leaving for the airport. Everyone in my office has a Snuggie on b/c the office is cold. So weird and creepy. 7:35 AM Jul 14th from web

    i thought that was funny. who is karl rove to call anyone else creepy? i mean, seriously.

    NYers are you going to mudstock on aug. 1? (I am in NYC too)

  132. UK Lady says:

    JHop @ 175

    What a bunch of turnips! The only one halfway decent seems to be George Stephanopolous (sp?).King was worse – he believes in anonymous getaways indeed!

    No wonder we turn to bloggers for the truth these days.


  133. leenie17 says:

    Lilybart Says:
    LilladyNY: I am also from NYC.


    HA! I KNEW there was a reason I liked you two! I live in Roch now but grew up on LI right on the Queens border. Moved up here about 10 years ago to escape the traffic and crowds and scheduling my life around rush ‘hours’ that last most of the day. I also happen to LIKE lots of snow and freezing temps!

  134. mlaiuppa says:

    You know, with all Sarah’s hot air about Alaska…..she seems to really downplay the fact that she wasn’t born there. She was born in….Idaho.

  135. JHop says:

    Palin Plans “Less Politically Correct” Twitter Account

    um. is that EVEN possible?!!

  136. DuckDriver says:

    I read this on another site in the comments section and wish I had thought
    of it! The comment was on Buttercups’ attention span, “she has the attention
    span of a stunned Marmot.”

    LOL moment!


  137. JHop says:

    tina fey is up for an emmy for her palin SNL skits. too funny. and she totally deserves it.

  138. HistoryGoddess says:

    MSNBC any minute now (12:30 pst where I am), President Obama will speak on health care and what the status is. I think it got out of committee. David Shuster just said it should be a “good one,” though PO’s speech yesterday was very, very good.

  139. Lilybart says:

    Leenie17: I have a friend like that. She is Catholic but the renegade American kind of Catholic. I even like her church. the nuns are all living together and they give partner benefits at the shelters they run.

    She volunteers daily everywhere, always helping, always loving.

  140. InJuneau says:

    They suspect that it’s started to decompose, which is why it’s black.

  141. leenie17 says:

    Lilybart –
    And I do thnk that Jesus is an excellent role model. As Gandhi said: I like your Jesus, his followers, not so much.


    I SO agree!!! I work with a woman who is very religious (some branch of Methodist) and really practices what she believes. She rarely says anything unkind about anyone and is just a GOOD person. I try very hard to be more like her (although I AM Irish and the stubbornness and temper get the best of me sometimes!). I have made a particular effort not to curse around her so she’s defnitely been a good influence on me! She’s someone I consider to be a true Christian.

  142. mlaiuppa says:

    Algae? Algae that’s black goo?

    That doesn’t sound good.

  143. InJuneau says:

    Now this is interesting:

    Writing in Social Science Quarterly, Shippensburg University professor David Kalist says giving newborn males oddball, girly or strange first names may just help land them in jail.

  144. leenie17 says:

    Rob – I understand what you’re saying regarding speculation about the kids, but I think all of the people who have commented here are truly concerned for their welfare, particularly Trig.

    I don’t have a lot of experience with kids with DS, but I’ve worked with lots of kids with other types of physical and cognitive disabilities, and the sooner you give them intensive intervention, the better. I haven’t heard anything about nannies in the Palin household, but I have taken great comfort in seeing how Bristol and Piper seem to dote on him. They both seem to be exhibiting genuine maternal feelings for him and will be a consistent presence for him even when Sarah is away from home.

    Regardless of how any of us feel about Sarah, I think we all wish the best for her children and grandchild.

  145. Lilybart says:

    Lilady: thanks for the lovely mandala story. Impermanence is a tough one to grasp. I think this is why people gravitate to religions that offer certainty and absolute answers.

  146. JHop says:

    this has a link to all of mark sanford’s emails in it. it is so…disgusting how the media was all trying to suck up to him

  147. Lilybart says:

    Paula: Lots of spending seems like waste. I live in NYC and I used to think that all those society galas were a waste of money. But, there is a huge economy here that thrives on these galas. Caterers, waiters, hairdressers, florists, boutiques, printers, limo companies, and if these people go out, they also pay $10,000 to a charity for a table,.

    so while it seems wasteful (why don’t they just donate the money instead) this social life sustains thousands of workers.

  148. Lilybart says:

    paula: every sector of the economy is losing jobs and big projects help lots of people, so big projects need signs and sign companies need business too! If the cost is MORE than usual, that would be a waste, but if this is the cost of signage for a big road project without Federal money, then I don’t see this as waste.

  149. Lilybart says:

    Sandford and Ensign will NOT step down. Living in that house is protection. Once you are saved, nothing you do is not forgiven and if GOD himself forgives them, why should they step down??

    Only DEMS feel enough shame to quit, like Spitzer.

  150. LiladyNY says:

    #150 @ Lilybart

    Great article. I have heard about this before. At my yoga center (here on good ol’ Staten Island), we have a Friday evening meditation class. Just this year, our group of yoginis met in Essex, NY for a weekend of meditation with our guru, Babaji, from Sonoma Ashram in California. He is a very holy man. We had the great good fortune last year to be given lessons in Sanskrit by another very holy woman, MaBa, from Ananda Ashram in upstate NY. I was not able to attend the Essex gathering, but I practice yoga and meditation regularly. I have also been blessed to attend a healing sand mandala at our Tibetan center last year. It was a thing of great beauty which took four solid days to complete and was wiped away in mere moments by the monks. It was both awesome and shocking at the same time. Spoonfuls of the sand were passed out in envelopes to the audience. I sprinkled my sand into a running river in Kent, CT to carry the healing into the ocean and on to the world.

  151. Paula says:

    At least some of Pennsylvania’s $1 billion in federal stimulus funding is being spent on road signs advertising the work the funding is paying for.

    PennDOT says it will spend about $60,000 on 30 road signs featuring the logo of the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

    60K on 30 signs? Man, I gotta start a sign making business… This folks IS a huge waste of money.

  152. HistoryGoddess says:

    Lori@163 Thanks for verifying that it wasn’t Sanford. My thoughts are still with his family. Colbert may still pull off a coup, and Sanfors can still burn in that special place below reserved for religious hypocrites.

  153. ValleyIndependent says:

    JHop – I’m reading in between interruptions – bear with me.

    jc – I almost feel sad for Meg, but then I remember that she’s the one who sold out her values. It’s the same feeling I have about Palin.

    Rob and History Goddess, I’m in agreement that the less speculation about the kids, the better. While what I’ve seen here is just concern for their well-being, it takes away from the larger issue of Palin and her record.

  154. yellerdogg says:

    Lori in Los Angeles Says

    Sanford is stepping down!! Yaay. He is “going to persue opportunities in the private sector.”
    Lori, I think it’s Sanford’s Communication Director who is stepping down.

  155. nswfm CA says:

    from my link above:
    The American Sailor’s Association, which is one of Zac’s sponsors, is expected to certifiy the teen as the youngest person to circumnavigate the Earth alone by sailboat and the first person younger than 18 to have done it.

    “The patience, knowledge and fortitude required for such a journey is immeasurable,” said Charlie Nobles, executive director of ASA. “And, it’s beyond unusual to find those qualities in someone Zac’s age. This is an age group we associate with all things instantaneous — texting, tweeting at a mile per second.”
    Take that, Gov Iquitarod!

  156. Freakout in Kansas says:

    159 austintx Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 10:21 AM
    Jenny got Mark a job at the SKIL plant.

    He better be counting his appendages…those power tools can be dangerous.

  157. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    I think I erred, so sorry! It seems Sanford’s aide, his communications director is stepping down, NOT Sanford.

  158. HistoryGoddess says:

    Lori @154 Can’t wait to see what Colbert will do with that. When Sanford was “missing” a few weeks ago, he declared himself governor.

    Kind thoughts, however, for Sanford’s family. THEY had no say in the choices he made. It wasn’t all about him, no matter how he acted.

  159. jc in co says:

    d*mn, I was hoping he’d wait until the 26th to make a big move….
    steal the limelight from sister sarah.

  160. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Now I am reading that Mark Sanford’s communications director is stepping down. I do not see that Sanford HIMSELF is stepping down. Maybe I heard it wrong. anyone know?

  161. austintx says:

    Jenny got Mark a job at the SKIL plant.

  162. Freakout in Kansas says:

    84 the problem child Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 8:14 AM
    LOL @ Freakout. You a Royals fan?

    I try to be, but believe me when I say it’s hard! I lived in Columbia, MO for 13 years so the Cards are my adopted team.

  163. nswfm CA says:

    Yay, Zac made it back in one piece!,0,6135159.story

    Can’t believe it took this long for Mr Hiking the Appalachian Trail took this long to figure out he needed to step down.

  164. austintx says:

    It’s all that talk of some big-ass “iceberg” that is scaring people off the criuse ships……….

  165. Lainey says:

    I just heard…yesssssssss!
    so another governor stepping down to pursue some “higher calling” in the private sector??? what does THAT mean? should we be afraid?

  166. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Sanford is stepping down!! Yaay. He is “going to persue opportunities in the private sector.”

  167. Star says:

    awww Love the sea lion…You are sooo lucky to be surrounded by all this beauty…:)

  168. austintx says:

    Lainey –
    Anybody could go to the “Chicken Ranch”. “C” street is for sanctimonious , hypocritical right wingnuts.

  169. Lilybart says:

    Just sayin, I get newsletters hawking cruises. The economy is killing them and the prices are now so low on some, I worry how they can be safe!

    But and extra $50 when you get a week, all food and drink for like$800??? They are lying.

  170. Lilybart says:

    LilladyNY: I am also from NYC.

    There is a lovely piece today in the NY Times about a Tibetan Lama that you might like:

    One of the first findings from the research showed that when these adepts meditated on compassion, their left prefrontal areas jumped in activity an average 100 percent — by contrast a control group who were taught the same meditation practice showed an increase of just 10 percent. Two of the adepts had spectacular increases, in the 700-to-800-percent range, in key neural zones for good feeling. The more lifetime hours of practice, the greater the increases tended to be. All this seems to confirm the idea that in the realm of positive moods, as in nearly every endeavor, worldly or spiritual, practice matters.

  171. michigander says:

    Palin can afford healthcare ins. whether or not her current coverage continues so pfffft to her. I am more concerned with what is going on with the the rest of the state and the country in regards to healthcare (my family included).

    rebekkah – I am pretty sure that somewhere in Palin’s ‘I’m not Quitting, Bye-Bye’ speech she said she would be advising Parnell. I’m sure she’s said it since anyway. The ‘mysterious base’ theory is something that I wish I didn’t agree with but I do.

    Something stinks in Alaska and I’m pretty sure it’s a dead fish floating downstream toward the lower 48.

  172. Lainey says:

    I’m wondering now if ‘C St’ is a take on the famous ‘Chicken Ranch Brothel’ ??
    shame on those washington “elites”….

  173. LiladyNY says:

    JHop! Nice to see you again! Missed you and your insight.

  174. Alaskan Sisu says:

    Lilybart @ 118 and 122 – great points.
    Thank you…for your “Liars for Jesus” comment, also, I enjoyed the comment as to why mama bear Palin would need to call anyone 4 help 4 anything after her stupid bear comments the other day.

    I wonder when Palin is going to quit hiding behind Alaskan wildlife or what animal will be next- I hate to see our wildlife used and misrepresented by such a looney tune. Sheesh – talk about giving our Alaskan animals a bad reputation. How would you like to be a moose and see yourself dancing on Saturday Night Live anyway…or be a wolf for goodness sake and see posters of GINO shooting you out of a helicopter. Time to issue a shout out to the wild life protection agency…hahahah

  175. jc in co says:

    #133 ValleyIndependent- Yep, she hasn’t done silly sarah any favors lately, actually made her look stupid. I’d say Meg’s reputation in her chosen field is pretty well shot. She made for a lousy handler, giving sarah bad advise. After her wordsalad, palinese phone interview with Anderson Cooper after the resignation/quitty speech people on a national level know she’s as coherent as her boss.

  176. LiladyNY says:

    #112 @Lilybart Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 8:59 AM

    leenie17: I left organized religion too and went to Buddhism. Just sit and meditate. The Buddha said that all we can know is what we can experience here in the present moment. And value all life equally. Ticht Naht Haan is the wisest spiritual leader I have ever heard or read. Highly recommend his work.
    I second that. I am a former, long-lapsed Catholic. After searching for spirituality for many years in many places, I, too, practice Buddhism. I have found my serenity.
    To all those who are sharing our journey in this life, I say: Namaste.

    Om shanthi shanthi Om.

  177. just sayin' says:

    All this bellyaching from the cruise industry about the decrease in tourists this year, due to the $50 head tax…did they ever consider there is a HUGE segment of our U.S, and world population that despise SP so much they are boycotting our state? We had patron tourists last year, say that, in the future, they would not support anyone who LIVED in the same town as her, much less the same state…we Alaskans are going to have to make amends and apologies for her mouth for years to come.

  178. InJuneau says:

    Say NO to Palin in Politics (at 7:42 AM)–It’s been tradition that “Governor’s Picnics” have been held each summer in Anchorage and Fairbanks and other towns so as to “share” the governor who lives (“full time”) in Juneau with constituents in other parts of the state. Seems rather pointless in this administration… NOT that we would really want a picnic with her here anyway…

  179. Bea says:

    More GOP “family values” on display:

    A third ‘C Street’ Republican embroiled in sex scandal
    (CNN) – The wife of former Republican Rep. Chip Pickering filed a lawsuit late Tuesday against her husband’s alleged mistress, making the former six-term congressman from Mississippi the third politician associated with the Capitol Hill “Christian Fellowship” home to be embroiled in a sex scandal.

    I wonder if Quitterface will address any of this once she is free from her “polically correct” AK-official Twitter bondage??

  180. InJuneau says:

    HistoryGoddess (at 5:10 AM)–We’ve always referred to it as her “vacation home”…

  181. JHop says:

    seagull junker – i agree. she will peace out and not look back.

    at least for awhile. until she realizes she is a worthless politician. then she will move onto radio/tv after her third party fails and she blames it on obama for sabotage. then when they realize that she went to the school for kids who cant read too good, and doesnt really have anything to say, and when she does say something it really doesnt make sense, fox or rush will have to move on…

    and then i think she will be back. i’m sorry to have to say that alaskans.

    sigh…but at the same time, the gop crazies love her. who knows where princess sarah will go.

  182. JHop says:

    hi team

    really interesting halco article, valley. and i emailed you in a little awhile ago…

  183. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    In my opinion, $arah is not going to have anything to do with Alaska or it’s Govt. once she’s gone. NADA. She just doesn’t care (unless it benefits her & it won’t if she can’t take the credit for it) & it’s just too much work.

    If she’s in anyway involved, it will be in a religious way. She’ll work against young women with the parental authorization etc.

  184. HistoryGoddess says:

    Rob- True. Wrong to speculate. Maybe just plain old spitting up on clothes when you have to give a speech is a good a reason as any. I don’t doubt her love of her kids, just her decision on how to, IMHO, put them out in the public so much. My original question had more to do with health care and benefits when no longer a governor. Maybe it was because there is so much in the news about health care and I have so many retired friends that pay SO much to continue coverage. It would scare me to be without health care, and terrify me to not have medical insurance if my kids were still little.

  185. rebekkah says:

    Wonder if Governor thinks she can “oversee” or be an “overseer” to the new Governor Parnell. It wouldn’t be legal, but technically, they could remain in contact and she would “advise”. With her new crowd of friends in the lower 48, wonder if she has primed herself to be a go-between, mediator setting up Alaska from a mysterious base somewhere else. It’s all about the oil. Oil is power.

  186. lyn says:

    “Thrilla From Wasilla” may actually end up helping clean energy reform become a reality:

  187. ValleyIndependent says:

    I think Meg’s career is shot once GINO is done with her. At this stage, she has some real incentive to do whatever it takes to keep her job.

  188. michigander says:

    If anyone wants to read a cute kid story I left a comment on the Open T Totem thread, last page.

    Especially Martha Unalaska – if you’re around I think you would get a kick out of it.

    From now on I’m running to the Totem Thread whenever I get that creepy feeling (o:

  189. Rob in Ca says:

    I think it is wrong for us to speculate on Trig’s care. We don’t know. How a child is held is no indication of love or care. DS kids spit up a lot…I know because I have one. Unless we have evidence otherwise, I think it is way out of line to claim or even speculate that Trig is getting anything less than the best care, love and support.
    Ok, that’s my rant. Done now.

  190. HistoryGoddess says:

    Lilybart Says: July 17th, 2009 at 9:12 AM

    “I don’t relish defending Palin, but on another blog a poster claims that Trig has a nanny who is a retired special ed teacher.”
    That would make sense for her to do, though I hadn’t heard that. I don’t like defending her either, but I don’t want to unfairly bash. She does enough already without having to dig up anything. Kids need so much and she didn’t seem around.

    On that note, I have wondered if she carried Trig face outward because he had acid reflux. A couple of friends had to do that. It always looked odd to me, but that was the reason they gave. I know nothing other than what they told me so if that is untrue, sorry.

    And her twits are STILL stupid.

  191. austintx says:

    ValleyIndependent –
    Thanks for the Halcro link. Megtard is lame.

  192. AuntieRuth says:

    I seem to recall that all of the Palin children are entitled to state healthcare of some kind due to their status as Native. And although Todd doesn’t seem to be working these days, he probably still has union healthcare in addition to whatever he gets for being Native, also.

  193. ValleyIndependent says:

    Andrew Halcro on Parnell and the gasoline tax:

    The Mat-Su is one of the fastest growing areas in the state, and perhaps the nation, and we have been struggling to maintain and improve our infrastructure. Our Borough carefully prioritized projects, and our voters agreed to match state funds for those projects. But what did our Valley delegation (all good Republican Sarah supporters) bring back from Juneau? Marmot Day! Not a darn thing for transportation needs.

    DOT has been short of funds to meet transportation needs for some time now, so it was just another stupid populist move of Palin’s to remove our puny fuel tax, which is dedicated for those needs. Now Parnell wants the legislators to consider extending this tax moratorium in their special session.

    It looks like Parnell’s going to be nothing more than a Palin puppet. I have news for him – if he wants to have any shot at getting elected when his appointment is up, and he says he does – he is going to have to stand on his own two feet and actually govern instead of following in the footsteps of his predecessor. Take a clue from those falling poll numbers of hers, Mr. Parnell.

  194. Paula says:

    I think what annoys me more than anything is that these folks don’t realize what freedom of religion is. In many countries they would be arrested and thrown in jail for the crazy ideas (like creation science). And if their religious convictions say don’t smoke, gamble, drink or use birth control, no one cares. They can choose to skip fighting in war, drop out of school at 8th grade, go to private school that supports their faith, have 25 babies (like the Amish and Mennonites). Yet, they want to disrespect and outlaw things other faiths (or non faiths) are fine with. I think they oughta go spend some time in China or N. Korea.

  195. HistoryGoddess says:

    I would hope that on her final picnic tour, there would be no real media, nor any real crowds. Brian, of course, would be a welcome addition to any photos, and mudpuppy observations would be great. But, no “news” coverage, especially from the lower 48. ADN headlines should only mention Parnell sworn in, no mention of Mrs. Todd Palin. Or, she should be referred to as the “outgoing governor who quit to pursue other yet-to-be-decided callings.”

    On a positive note, I truly wish the best for the kids, especially the youngest three. THEY didn’t do anything wrong, and I am sure they love their mother. I would hope she has learned how NOT to use her kids and instead, protect them- truly protect them. None of this mama bear crap. She just needs to be human.

  196. jc in co says:

    Thanks, Lainey, but not really original on my part. Either here or huffpo someone called her buttercup quittypants. I thought it was pretty funny too!

  197. Lilybart says:

    History Goddess: I don’t relish defending Palin, but on another blog a poster claims that Trig has a nanny who is a retired special ed teacher. Now, although we know Miss Wasilla has no time for Trig so I believe the nanny part, I tend to disbelieve anything about her til proved true!! Not sure if a retired teacher is the same as a professional trained in the kind of intervention he really needs either.

    But didn’t Jesus make him perfect?
    Or will?
    Why would mamma bear need 2 ask for help?

  198. TBNTJudy says:

    You guys have a wonderful day. I need to go do some work.

  199. Paula says:

    Hypocis-C Family… whew. Love the wife who wasn’t satified by her husband so they agreed she was demonically possessed… maybe that’s Palins trouble?

  200. Lainey says:

    @jc in co

  201. Lilybart says:

    Leenie17: I also have to say, in my day in the evangelical church, there was very little hate that I remember. NO political involvement. That seems new, although there are always anti-Semites around!!!

    And I do thnk that Jesus is an excellent role model. As Gandhi said: I like your Jesus, his followers, not so much.

    Palin bugs me because I really hate Liars for Jesus, more than any other kind of public person. And that is because I still revere Jesus and the Beatitudes and so, these people are even more despicable to me than garden variety a-holes!

  202. Tealwomin says:

    …between Sarah & Trig…he’s the smart one!

  203. Tealwomin says:

    ValleyIndependent…THANKS so much for the link

    Darn it, another lie exposed & backed up with evidence. So now Claiming that they were ‘just passing thru…and wanted a tour…HA!

    The whole thing smells like Palin was already in ‘Dairy Board replacement’ mode…meaning this incident had nothing to do with her firing the board and putting her COW-Loving childhood friend in charge…

  204. TBNTJudy says:

    HistoryGoddess said: “Not to bash Palin, but to look out for Trig, will they have health care after she is done? Good care? He will need lots of care.”

    I have been thinking about this for several days. Some have posted here about the importance of early intervention (from birth) for DS babies. I find it very hard to believe that SP is even taking it seriously. I just don’t think she is capable of that level of thought about another human being even if it is her own child. I spoke about this to one of my friends who has another friend with a DS child. That mom has worked tirelessly to make sure her child has had all the necessary stimulation, etc., that is required to help her grow into an well-functioning adult. I don’t think Trig is getting that kind of care. I wish someone from SP’s neck of the woods could enlighten us about this.

  205. jc in co says:

    yes, Paula & Samper, interest is waning. I kind of wish Mark Sanford would announce that he’s leaving his wife and going to run off with Maria on the 26th. Not to be mean to his wife, it really would be the best thing for her to be rid of him. But imagine the media frenzy, all eyes would be on that story instead of quittypants.

  206. Lilybart says:

    leenie17: I left organized religion too and went to Buddhism. Just sit and meditate. The Buddha said that all we can know is what we can experience here in the present moment. And value all life equally. Ticht Naht Haan is the wisest spiritual leader I have ever heard or read. Highly reccommend his work.

    If there really were this God that is sending most of humanity to hell for making the wrong choice of faith, I would think their focus would be on saving souls not on passing laws. Passing a law against a sin doesn’t change the sinner’s heart or “save” that sinner. So why do they waste so much time, money and energy trying to control what is, according to their holy book, a flawed world that will only be good when Jesus returns to reign for 1000 years??? I say it is because they don’t really believe in a living Christ, they believe in believing in God.

  207. Paula says:

    samper Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 8:53 AM
    Harper Collins, is it?

    I have a feeling they are going to lose a TON of cash on that book

    Not quite the seller as a nobody, star wannie be, as it was when she was Goc heading for a 2012 run, huh.

    Off to check out aus tx links while the kitchen floor dries… (how I excuse all this time I am spending today…gulp)

  208. Terpsichore says:

    83 SunSweet Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 8:13 AM
    I fear on 7-26-09, $P is going to exact revenge on everyone she perceived being “mean” to her. Her tweet threat to not be politically correct(??) after she is out of office sounds like a veiled threat to me. I think the cheese has finally slid off her cracker…..
    * ** * ** * ** * ** *
    That’s exactly what I am reading into those tweets
    * ** * ** * ** * ** *
    86 samper Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 8:17 AM

    She’s going to say stuff on Twitter that’s going to be so over the top ridiculous and nasty that NO ONE will come within 100′ of her ever again.
    * ** * ** * ** * ** *
    Yes to part one, we can only hope for part two of your statement.

    ’cause as we know, nothing says “presidential” like ridiculous and nasty …

  209. ValleyIndependent says:

    Andrew Halcro on Meg Stapleton’s credibility:

  210. TBNTJudy says:

    Lainey said: “also too…beck is an alcoholic (recovering???) like limbaugh is an oxycontin addict………hmmm and so it goes”


  211. Lainey says:

    @TBNT Judy
    I would be tempted to think she is bipolar except this also fits nicely with the NPD we have all been pondering.
    SOMETHING is wrong with her…it’s not only that I don’t like her

  212. samper says:

    Harper Collins, is it?

    I have a feeling they are going to lose a TON of cash on that book!

  213. Lainey says:

    @ Paula #99

    lol….yes, the Bible thumping infidels 😀

  214. TBNTJudy says:

    #72 michigander Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 7:39 AM

    “TBNTJudy – Good point, it struck me as almost giddy. Ugh blech she gives me the creeps. I am going to quit trying to make sense of her tweets because she has no sense. I will let them twitter and ‘fly frm’ her fingertips into the Blob.”

    The giddiness strikes me as one of the extreme highs we have seen in her, soon to be followed by extreme lows. I don’t think this pattern will change because some of her sheeple will become disenchanted, which will send her into another low. I think she will be quitting and changing jobs for the rest of her life because she is “hungry” for those highs. I would be tempted to think she is bipolar except this also fits nicely with the NPD we have all been pondering. No matter. She gives me the creeps, too.

  215. austintx says:

    Speaking with Maddow about the influence of the Fellowship, author Jeff Sharlet noted that the complex operates as a “fundamentalist frat house” where “if you’re part of God’s chosen…morality, ethics, these things don’t apply to them.”

    from –

  216. HistoryGoddess says:

    I certainly hope that ADN plans to take off their Palin Chronicles Shrine. Seems rather silly to keep it up. Then again, it has seemed silly to have it up for as long as they have.

    Not to bash Palin, but to look out for Trig, will they have health care after she is done? Good care? He will need lots of care.

    Also, too, will she be called former governor or even governor after the 26th? It is commonly done out of respect, but she quit.

  217. Moose Pucky says:

    Hi Sea Lion. Love from Moose Pucky.

  218. Paula says:

    Lainey Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 8:29 AM
    p.s. “junkies for Jesus” that’s what beck, limbaugh….maybe even ruddy-faced, drunkard pat buchanan are!!!
    Guess that makes the C Street gandf f-ers for Jesus?

  219. Paula says:

    Before I admit (okay I already did) that I laughed and choked while reading this, let me say, I have a son w/ more disabilities than you can imagine & a daughter who had a learning disability. And I never had an abortion.

    BUT- trying to turn this Trig thing into an “anti disability” thing on the general public? I don’t think that is the case at all. I have a dear friend w/ 3 kids, the first is severly disabled and she has spent more than 20 year caring for her at home (the kids is like a 3 month old though grown). When she was having baby #4 and found out it was DS she fretted, but with one already super expensive disabled child thought 2 might be more than she could handle. Who am I to tell her she is wrong?

    Anyway, I support disabled people, but I also have a sence of humor… and this whole article -to me, is a big bowl a crap.

    A Paliban Daily article titled “Sarah Palin’s Retarded Platform: More Trigs!” interpreted Palin’s outspokenness on disability rights as a political ploy to win votes.

    Read more:

  220. Maria says:

    #9. Manoloho, more than 18 months ago I used to take my daughter’s aged cat to an acuvet for acupuncture sessions to relieve her arthritis. Queenie was in a bad way and could barely walk. But, unlike your feline boy, she hated those needles and also hated her daily medication! After a few months of this I decided to try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which is acupuncture without the needles. Unbelievable… after 10 days of my tapping on her, she regained her mobility and zest for life. Today she is 20 years old, leaps from tables and goes up and down my daughter’s staircase many times a day. She is a very special family member.

  221. SunSweet says:

    You’re right Samper she doesn’t do veiled….it isn’t “who she is”. Unfortunately, people who have narcissistic personality disorders can do and say terrible things if they feel they have been wronged or questioned. I have lived with someone for 30+ years who has this disorder…it isn’t easy.

  222. Lainey says:

    p.s. “junkies for Jesus” that’s what beck, limbaugh….maybe even ruddy-faced, drunkard pat buchanan are!!!

  223. rebekkah says:

    It is going to be very interesting to see the logistics of how media, ADN, and Alaskan papers report on Ex-Governor Palin. Now that she is released from any power, effective July 26th, will alaskans feel more free to express their views on this administration?

  224. Paula says:

    jc in co

    I think that may happen. The right fringe will show up for her vile speeches, maybe even buy her book, but I think mainstream R will ignore her. And lets face it, as a private citizen she’ll have no “authority” or protection from the media. She can be a little sideshow joke. The woman has way too much baggage for mainstream America. And let’s face it, there is no way in heii she’d going to go home, buckle down, study, learn to speak, etc. She’s going for the lights and the $$$$$$$$$$$

  225. Lainey says:

    @TBNT Judy
    On the health-care debate, has anyone posted this link to Glenn Beck’s losing it on the radio with a caller? His style is very similar to Ziegler’s. He mocked the caller throughout the call by repeating her words after her. It indicates an extreme high-school mentality, to say the least.
    also too…beck is an alcoholic (recovering???) like limbaugh is an oxycontin addict………hmmm and so it goes

  226. jc in co says:

    I’m wondering if that many will be following her twittering after 7/26. I’m noticing what seems to be a lack of interest in her on the wack-a-doodle blog and not many stories about her on huffpo. Threads about her are put up for the number of hits they will generate. I notice when there are stories/threads about her the hits are declining. People losing interest and moving on would be the truest form of karma where she is concerned. As far as Parnell is concerned, wait and see. In any kind of takeover, be it in government or the private sector, until the old guard is out of the picture things usually remain the same. Once the new boss takes over major housecleaning begins. Once she’s out she no longer has any say about it.
    I’m not sure she truly understands that, perhaps she thinks by threatening Sean that she won’t campaign for him she’ll be able to control him. Time will tell.

  227. TBNTJudy says:

    Paula said: “Smacking myslef on the forehead, I suddenly realize what the “C” must stand for (and it ain’t Christ)”

    ROFL! Thank goodness I was done with my coffee and my inhaler was nearby.
    @HistoryGoddess, it is an image I cannot get out of my head. This woman frightens me on a number of levels.
    On the health-care debate, has anyone posted this link to Glenn Beck’s losing it on the radio with a caller? His style is very similar to Ziegler’s. He mocked the caller throughout the call by repeating her words after her. It indicates an extreme high-school mentality, to say the least.

  228. nswfm CA says:

    If she goes whacko after she’s out, I hope they come afer her with the straight jacket. The GOP might even say she has to go.

    Either that or in handcuffs and the orange jumpsuit. I don’t want to see her or hear her in the US unless she’s been committed. Then other can make money off analyzing and writing about her crookedness. I really don’t want her to get away with making money by being a blood sucking leach. Enough already.

  229. samper says:

    sunsweet: She doesn’t “veil” very well, does she?

  230. Paula says:

    PS -I found it eerily ironic that right below the Buchanan rant on HP was the KKK story. Black & white photography does what color just can’t. Worth a peek for the education, reminder and a few chills.

  231. samper says:


    She’s going to be more politically INCORRECT and thinks that will advance her somehow?

    Wasn’t she in line the day God was handing out brains?

    She’s going to say stuff on Twitter that’s going to be so over the top ridiculous and nasty that NO ONE will come within 100′ of her ever again.

    I almost can’t wait.

    Oh, and what, exactly is she doing about the health crisis and investigations into all those deaths today?

    Nothing? What’s that? She has a meeting with a Momma Grizzly?

  232. Paula says:

    Seagull- I have watched these videos and read up on Glazier and the Seven Mnts people -I even know folks who beleive these things. It’s vert crazy but scary. Worse than drugs. Brainwashing at it’s best. Terrorism at its worst.

  233. the problem child says:

    LOL @ Freakout. You a Royals fan? 😉

  234. SunSweet says:

    I fear on 7-26-09, $P is going to exact revenge on everyone she perceived being “mean” to her. Her tweet threat to not be politically correct(??) after she is out of office sounds like a veiled threat to me. I think the cheese has finally slid off her cracker…..

  235. Freakout in Kansas says:

    59 mae lewis Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 6:49 AM
    other presidents, wearing baseball jackets…while throwing out the first pitch…George W. Bush in a Washington Nationals jacket

    THAT explains THIS:

    Washington – Won-26 Lost-62 Pct-.295

  236. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    wow Paula, lol

    I’m really glad the “politics” taking place at C street house are coming out! It totally needs to. Keep it comin. It is so strange.

  237. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    New diary in Kos – from Troutfishing. References Leah from Theopalinism again:

  238. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    AKM, that must have been a neat experience having the seal come say hello, what a wonderful experience. I liken it to when I had a humming bird come sit on my hand when I was gardening, it sat there for quite a while looking at me, I softly talked to it saying “hello pretty little one”. It was so neat, one of those special “moments” of “connection”. A wonderful memory.

  239. HistoryGoddess says:

    TBNTJudy Says: July 17th, 2009 at 7:15 AM
    “She feeds on them like a vampire, and they, in turn, offer their necks.”
    Powerful image.

    akgrrl Says: July 17th, 2009 at 7:27 AM

    “I just don’t want to see the mudpups turn into mudsharks and attack anytime they smell a drop of blood is all :-).”
    I’m not sure if this was a response to something said earlier, but I do agree to point. I think, though, that she has gotten away with a lot due to people ignoring the little things and that now people are afraid of cutting too much slack.

    I am not from AK, but I live in an area of Palin-minded people. Her loud voice (and voices of people like her) impact my local elections. She can make a gazillion dollars for all I care. I just don’t want those types of people spreading their lies and hypocrisy. I do agree, however, that we shouldn’t attack every little thing so as not to become too shrill.

    That being said, she really sets herself up with those twitters!

  240. LiladyNY says:

    #57 @Kajo
    BTW, does anyone know the difference between a Twitterberry and a Tweetie? The “fake” EXGovSarahPalin” site has messages “from Tweetie”. It IS possible that it isn’t a fake site after all…if that is Palin using her new Twitter device, not the state Blackberries.

    Tweetie is a Twitter client for the iPhone. Twitterberry is the Twitter application for the Blackberry.

    : )

  241. Bystander says:

    I think the goo will disapear when Palin leaves AK- Hope it doesn’t follow her to the Lower 48 !

  242. Paula says:

    btw is the picnic always held in Fairbanks? seems like it should be in Juneau.
    Juneau, ick puey sayeth Sarah

  243. Paula says:

    From HP:

    JACKSON, Miss. — The estranged wife of former U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering claims in a lawsuit that the Mississippi Republican had an affair that ruined their marriage and derailed his political career.

    Leisha Pickering said in the lawsuit filed this week that her husband and the woman dated in college, reconnected and began having an affair while he was in Congress and living in a building where several Christian lawmakers reside on C Street near the U.S. Capitol. Chip Pickering is the third Republican with ties to the building at 133 C Street SE to find his personal life making headlines in recent weeks, after Nevada U.S. Sen. John Ensign and South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford.

    Smacking myslef on the forehead, I suddenly realize what the “C” must stand for (and it ain’t Christ)

  244. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    Here’s my take on her last twitter, I’m gettin in her head, hope I can find my way out, lol.

    Okay follow closely now:

    “Planning” sounds more like she “ensuring” how it’s supposed to be after she leaves, I imagine many of her unqualified appointed “friends” are wondering if their jobs are secure.

    Same cabinet = I’ve instructed Parnel to replace no one.

    Same “positive” pro AK agenda, it’s all good = don’t worry everybody, “our” agenda is secure while Parnell is doing “my” job.

    Consistent success = “our” politics as usual

    because everyone elected is replaceable = I’m not sure where she’s going with this one, perhaps she’s saying to “her” people, that there are things in the works to out those that may get in the way of “her/their” agenda, that she somehow has some “behind the scene knowledge, from those who can control who gets elected.

    AK WILL progress = she’s going to do everything she can to sell out Alaska to big oil and mining

    plus side benifits = big fat PDF checks and high paying jobs

    10 days till less politically correct twitters = screw political correctness I’m going to say whatever I f’ing want because I “can”, I’ll be free to be me (lol, this will be fun to watch)

    fly from my fingertips outside state site = I’ve got a lot of bat sh*t to say and can’t wait to let it burst out, she’s cut loose.

    btw is the picnic always held in Fairbanks? seems like it should be in Juneau.


    “Planning inauguration w/LtGov in 10 days, Frbanks. W/same cabinet, same positive pro-AK agenda it’s all good, consistent success bc everyone …
    elected is replaceable;Ak WILL progress! + side benefit=10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site”

  245. michigander says:

    TBNTJudy – Good point, it struck me as almost giddy. Ugh blech she gives me the creeps. I am going to quit trying to make sense of her tweets because she has no sense. I will let them twitter and ‘fly frm’ her fingertips into the Blob.

  246. akgrrl says:

    I just don’t want to see the mudpups turn into mudsharks and attack anytime they smell a drop of blood is all :-).

  247. The Rubber Room Hotel says:

    Great picture AKM.

    Watching Rachel last night, I was amazed at how she kept her cool, though you could see she was getting pretty ticked off at him. You could tell she was prepared for some of his nonsense but I think she was even shocked at how bigoted he sounded. I wrote a letter to her and MSNBC that it was really time for that bigoted dinosaur to go. His comment were just plain stupid and scary.

  248. honestyinGov says:

    I had also left a message over at Gryphens blog yesterday suggesting he call Shannyn and see if Ms. Wooley would show up or be on her show.
    With this latest Healthcare scandal it would be good to hear from her directly.
    Maybe she wants to relax and stay out of the spotlight at the moment though.

    And as someone else had already noted ADN very quickly pulled the story off the front page and buried it deep inside. ADN… I thought you were supposed to be caring for Alaskans…STOP being an enabler to this incompetent Palin Admin. Bad Press is no longer an issue… $arah is GONE.

  249. TBNTJudy says:

    When I read this latest round of tweets that austintx, michigander, and others posted above, I sensed a strong feeling of elation emanating from SP. It is almost palpable to me; I think she is really excited to get on to the next phase of her life, out in the bright lights, surrounded by adoring crowds. She feeds on them like a vampire, and they, in turn, offer their necks. Gruesome image, I know. The title of the Vanity Fair piece, “IT Came From Wasilla,” evoked another such image for me. I think on her final day in office, we can expect a tweet saying something like “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I am free at last!” with nary a h/t to MLK. She might even leave the quote intact by using “we” instead of “I” because she sees herself as royalty.

  250. Segull Junker Palin says:

    “bc everyone elected is replaceable”

    But QUEENS are not.

  251. rebekkah says:

    #65, oops! Sorry, meant ash, not lava.

  252. honestyinGov says:

    I received on of those emails from Sen. Leahy’s Office because they have my address from a petition I signed. A little note below.

    “I also wanted to let you know that this Sunday, Senator Leahy will appear on CNN’s State of the Union with John King to discuss Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings.”

    I wouldn’t mind listening to Leahy…. But having to listen to Cheney’s BFF John King…? Uugh

  253. rebekkah says:

    Am wondering the Alaska’s Blob could be a mixture of lava that settled during Redoubts blow-ups. Or maybe small earthquakes that have shaking this past year around the Pacific may have opened a fissure in the ocean floor and it really is oil. Just a theory – I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

  254. rebekkah says:

    ON SNL, when Sarah was doing her rap thing, it also had some guy dressed in Actic Cat snow suit. It was very obviously clear with large letters for all to recognize. Is it possible they arranged the “snow-machine guy” to specifically wear the Actic Cat Logo suit? There are plenty of others they could have chosen. Wouldn’t she or her advisers suggest that might be inappropriate considering her husband had a financial arrangement between them?

    Wouldn’t a legal expert advise her to maybe avoid any appearance of malfaisance, whether there was none or not.

  255. LiladyNY says:

    After reading Gryphen’s “bio” on the Lt. Gov. appointment at The Immoral Minority, I think it might be time for an email and phone campaign a la WAR. He seems VERY self-serving, contentious and just plain unsuitable, and, just because I’m a cynic at heart, I hope Sean Parnell is not “accident-prone”. JMO

  256. bubbles says:

    morning pups… i have a feeling that Rachel Maddow has called Pat Buchanan ‘uncle pat’ for the last time. i wonder how the good citizens of alabama felt about their senator’s comportment during the Sotomayor confirmation. …b

  257. leenie17 says:

    Lilybart Says:
    I am planning to write a book about the disconnect between what Jesus teaches and what so-called Christians do in political office.

    I hear you, but you could expand it to what many of them do in all aspects of life.

    Just think about some of the so-called Christians in big business who would step on anyone to make a profit. And, of course, any of the vile red-shirts at the recent demonstrations over the discrimination bill. And don’t forget those who support killing abortion doctors and those nutjobs in Texas who want to revise the history textbooks to conform to their personal beliefs. There’s a whole lot of material out there to choose from!

    And the rampant hypocrisy in many Christian groups is the reason I no longer follow any formal religion. When my best friend in elementary school was run out of the neighborhood by the nasty behavior of the “good Catholics” because her family was Jewish, I began to suspect that this religious stuff was not for me!

  258. HistoryGoddess says:

    Kajo@57 shared this twit-
    “Planning inauguration w/LtGov in 10 days, Frbanks. W/same cabinet, same positive pro-AK agenda it’s all good, consistent success bc everyone …
    elected is replaceable;Ak WILL progress! + side benefit=10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site”
    Good observations and questions. I had to read it several times to even try to understand this. Her punctuation makes no sense. What’s up with the math symbols? “Ak WILL progress!+side benefit=10 dys…”

    All elected people are replaceable- duh. You make a good point that the new “top three” are appointees. That should raise some eyebrows since the big Q is all about letting the people choose.

    I think that when the twitter ends in the “berry” bit, it is being sent from a Blackberry. Probably a not-so-subtle advertising for Blackberry.

  259. mae lewis says:

    There is some humorous stuff going on with Celtic Diva. She was called out by a red state blogger (no reason to give him any unnecessary attention) because CD filed that ethics complaint about $arah wearing Arctic Cat gear when she, as governor, started a race. Now, the blogger complains, President Obama should be held to the same standard since he wore (horrors!) a White Sox jacket when he threw out the first pitch at the recent All Star Game.

    Well, there is a difference. Arctic Cat and Todd Palin have a mutually beneficial financial arrangement between them. They both profit when $arah, acting as governor, endorses their product. To my knowledge, no one in the Obama family has a financial interest in the White Sox baseball team. He cheers for them because he lived on the South Side of Chicago. (People on the North Side cheer for the Cubs).

    Further more, a simple search in Google pictures brought up pictures of other presidents, wearing baseball jackets of the home team, while throwing out the first pitch. Clinton is pictured in an Orioles jacket, George W. Bush in a Washington Nationals jacket, and beloved Ronald Reagan wore a Cubs jacket. The only one of our past presidents (in recent history, anyway) who had an interest in a baseball team was GWB, but he is supposed to have sold that interest so even his wearing a jacket did not result in personal benefit.

  260. leenie17 says:

    Paula – Watched Pat B on Rachel Maddow last night and I thought his head was going to explode. His voice kept getting higher and higher and you could practically see the veins in his neck begin to bulge. Meanwhile, Rachel is sitting there quietly and calmly, refuting his nonsense with a few logical and well-timed comments, repeating the 108 number which he just could NOT argue with. LOVED the contrast!

  261. KaJo says:

    “Planning inauguration w/LtGov in 10 days, Frbanks. W/same cabinet, same positive pro-AK agenda it’s all good, consistent success bc everyone …
    elected is replaceable;Ak WILL progress! + side benefit=10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site”

    Palin’s own agenda will continue under her hand-picked successors (unless the legislature has the wits and balls to intervene; surely they won’t get suckered?).

    She’s going to stop using the site for her twitterbabble after July 25, then she’ll twitter exactly what she thinks and feels like (hasn’t she been doing that all along?)

    That statement about “everyone elected is replaceable” is very strange if not ominous. The average person knows that is true, but to have such a devious vindictive personality point that out makes me wonder what her proposed Parnell-Campbell-Schmidt consortium have in mind — remember, all three of them are APPOINTEES, as is the AG. Are they planning on changing the state constitution?

    The average SANE person would think “everyone appointed is replaceable”, which they’ve seen Palin do frequently enough, so her Twitter statement, to me, sets off alarm bells.

    BTW, does anyone know the difference between a Twitterberry and a Tweetie? The “fake” EXGovSarahPalin” site has messages “from Tweetie”. It IS possible that it isn’t a fake site after all…if that is Palin using her new Twitter device, not the state Blackberries.

  262. Cynamen Winter says:

    @ bucfan Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 2:08 AM

    Hm, I thought the Blob might have been Rush Limbaugh coming up to visit Sarah.
    My guess was “Sarah Sludge”….but “Ick” at any rate!

    Happy Friday Everyone.

  263. Lainey says:

    OMG! something just dawned on me. Yikes!

    @G Katz #48
    my daughter let my grandson take part in a week of ‘summer day camp’ activities…granted, it was only 3 hrs a day for 4 days, BUT…one of the churches affiliated with this camp was called ‘7’….I get it now! Yikes! (again)

  264. the problem child says:

    Funny! Five things not to do on your vacation to AK.

  265. HistoryGoddess says:

    For something that the Quitter won’t twitter-
    For those of you who believe that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell should be repealed, here is a link for encouraging the House to take action. It will let you know if your rep is a co-sponsor and a quick link to encourage the ones who are not on board. It is interesting to look at the list of reps who have co-sponsored so far. No Don Young 🙂 I e-mailed “my guy” my appreciation that he was one of the first ones to sign on.

  266. Lainey says:

    bucfan #1 …..lmao

    michigander #10 …..ahhh, a celebrity in IT’s prime…..crash and burn, palin!!!

    G Katz #48 ….. frightening! she always struck me as somebody up to something w/hidden agenda

  267. Nan says:

    By the time I finished watching the Maddow interview of Buchannan, I thought I was in a time warp.

    I remember the days of segregated restrooms, of the fire hoses turned on peaceful protests, and of the “citizenship tests” given to certain individuals simply trying to exercise their right to vote.

    Then to see this ol’ white dude, sounding like a 5-yr crying “It ain’t fair!” The world has gone on without him, while he stands and hollers. He seems pitiful now, and non-relevant, more than anything else.

  268. TBNTJudy says:

    @Canadian Neighbour and nebraska mudflatter: Thank you both for posting those links re: Canadian healthcare vs. U. S. on the Water Totem thread yesterday. I have passed them on to many of my friends, and I know probably only two will respond. What I am finding when I bring this issue up is that many of my friends are reluctant to voice an opinion (and believe you me, these are incredibly vocal women on just about every other issue). I have a strong sense that they are embarrassed because deep down inside, they are being swayed by the industry ads against genuine, meaningful, health-care reform. Needless to say, they all have coverage because they can afford it.

  269. jc in co says:

    #35 Thanks for the link, a must read. I think the divide in the republican party could very well destroy them. The wackier the fringe becomes the more the “intellectual” faction of the party distances itself from them. They are a clear minority as is, once the split actually happens it will take a very long time to build to the point of being capable of winning elections other than locally in those pockets of “real America”.

  270. G Katz says:

    Maybe most of you already know about Palin’s religious background and how it affects her political aspirations, but I’m just learning details that are frightening. It’s like there’s a huge conspiracy going on to infiltrate the highest levels of society to promote this brand of religious “freedom.” After seeing this, I’m having to rethink Palin words, such as “freedom,” and translate them into this religious-speak.

    Here’s a link with story from the DailyKos and videos:

  271. austintx says:

    Jacob Weisberg from Slate made a boatload of money compiling “Bushisms” and putting them in a series of books. I think the same could be done with sarah’s twitterisms. That , or create a web site to ANALyze the tweets.

  272. va_soccer_mom says:

    @ lilybart: Thankfully that won’t happen.
    Exactly! It’s crazy that conservatives expect that she would actually take advice and “lie low.” The pundits listed the same recommendations after the election, and we know how that turned out.

    Let the craziness begin. 7/26/09.

  273. I just finished watching Rachel. I tape her and watch in the morning. YIKES! I wish I could say I don’t understand Pat B. but I see more and more of these OWRG (old white Republican guys) fearing their lost of power and control. THEN the whole thing on C Street is weirding me out. Now a new guy (left congress in Jan, now lobbies for his mistresses family’s business) actually had some of his affair there. The FAMILY!!! Some rhetoric from the 1930’s that OWRG and some YWRG are buying into for power. JEEZ!!!
    twain12 and S I tried to put your post in here, but it wouldn’t post.
    Here, Here!

  274. G Katz says:

    Just saw this on another blog and thought it funny and applicable to the Governor:

    “I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

  275. LiladyNY says:

    Hello sea lion!! Another great picture. Thanks for starting my day off with a big smile.

    Great speech by our president to the NAACP.
    Am happy with the certainty that Judge Sotomayor will be confirmed. It’s about time.

    Glad to know that the goop is not dangerous or is it?

    Pat Buchanan is such an a**hat! No more twitters from the Twidiot please. My stomach can’t take it.

  276. Lilybart says:

    Newsweek, What Palin should do Now: What they are really saying is she should get an education and an intellect.

    But thanks to her God telling her she is special and chosen, she will ignore ALL good advice and her tweets will kill her chances at high office.

    If she really wanted to be President, she could.
    If she got serious and smart and WORKED at it with great advisors.
    Thankfully that won’t happen.

  277. teutonic13 says:

    The mystery goo is SP’s trail of bullshit. here is a very funny link to a video on SP- (sorry if this is a repeat from any earlier post)

  278. Lilybart says:

    I am planning to write a book about the disconnect between what Jesus teaches and what so-called Christians do in political office.

    If you really are a Christian, a follower of Jesus, I am not sure you can be an elected official at all. Unless the voters change, how can you do the will of God (which is NOT about persecuting gay people) AND cut services to the poor, for example, or send soldiers to kill if not in imminent self defense…..

    They are good at Compartmentalization. Jesus for speeches, f-ck the poor in action.

    I just don’t think one can profess to follow Christ, but think that politics is not related.

    It might be called.. God is Not Dead, But Jesus is.

  279. va_soccer_mom says:

    “The Gaggle” blog at “What Palin Should Do Now”
    1. Lie low for a while.
    2. Find some strategists she trusts–right now.
    3. Hit the books.
    4. Travel. [foreign]
    5. Figure out her narrative, and stick with it.
    Hmm, this advice would seem to be at odds with Palin’s visions of politically incorrect twittering once she’s freed from office on the 26th.

  280. Lilybart says:

    Her tweets are ridiculously self-serving. She is really saying that EVERY Gov in EVERY state is completely useless the two years before their term is over. Maybe she should propose a new law that gov only serve half their term, then they turn it over to Lt gov.

    But the Queen is such a victim that this problem only applies to her.
    I get it.

  281. UK Lady says:

    Co Almost Native @ 35 – Thanks for that link. It is a really good read, well recommended.

  282. twain12 says:

    Paula Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 5:08 AM
    WOW! If you have not watched this please take the time to do so. Pat B sure gives us an inside look at the right wings view on anyone who isn’t a white male. I am speechless, really, shaking head in bewilderment.

    watched this last night , left me speechless :S

  283. robinshood says:

    manoloho #8, ok, the cat’s named Guy and the Vet’s named Katz, that’s pretty funny.

  284. UK Lady says:

    LOL you lot! I was about to post the stupid tweets too!

    Twitter-vention – Love it austintx.

    She really wants to put her followers numbers up. Does she realise that 80% of them are having a laugh?

  285. CO almost native says:

    Good insights into Palin and her followers, and what it’s doing to the Republican party:

  286. austintx says:

    Tealwomin –
    I think we are gonna see some off the chart tripe coming from sarah’s twitter. She will be out of control on that Blackberry………….can hardly wait.

  287. Professor Geezer says:

    Possible Palin Tweet parody book title: Tweety Heard: The Twitters of Sarah Palin

  288. CO almost native says:

    Inauguration?! Parnell is a substitute, a temp- a warm body in her seat if everyone else is the same. Is she paying for her non-government tweets?

    twitter-vention..heh heh, good one, austintx.

    Great pic as usual, AKM. Happy Friday to all the mudpups 😉

  289. HistoryGoddess says:

    Two comments on her twits:
    1) I may be really old-fashioned, but I think it is very unprofessional for elected officials to twitter nonsense in silly abbreviations, as if we are all teenagers.

    2) In one of those silly twits, she writes that Piper would be passing out water at “the house.” Did she ever consider that “the house?” How many nights did she even stay there? Did the family ever live there? Besides, isn’t it the people’s house?

  290. Professor Geezer says:

    Please, please! Someone write a parody book NOW about Palin, deconstructing her pathetic Tweets!

    It would sell as humor AND be a political service at the same time! 🙂

  291. Paula says:

    WOW! If you have not watched this please take the time to do so. Pat B sure gives us an inside look at the right wings view on anyone who isn’t a white male. I am speechless, really, shaking head in bewilderment.

  292. Tealwomin says:

    should read: how could her twitts get ANY MORE politically incorrect

  293. Tealwomin says:

    how could her twitts get politically incorrect…I never saw hew as PC, guess her ‘Screw Political Correctness’ quote from a few months back will be advanced…

  294. mae lewis says:

    Now that $arah Palin is about to launch her new career as author, perhaps we could all chip in and buy her an on-line dictionary. That word “launch” is so inappropriate when it comes to the Lt.Governor assuming her duties when she leaves. Here are some definitions of “launch:”

    Throw or propel with force: correct for a rocket, not a guy assuming office
    Introduce to public or market: fine for a new perfume: Parnell doesn’t need
    an introduction; he has been waiting on the sideline.
    Give someone a start in career: see above
    Embark on a new venture: He’s already in government, in fact his job is to
    assume governors duties if he/she is unable to serve.
    Put a boat in the water: Maybe $arah has a big surprise planned for the

    Palin’s other promise is to use twitter for non-state information when she leaves office. When she tweets that Todd is coming home for the week end, a daughter is returning from basketball camp or little Trig is getting a haircut, I hope that these various expenses are not on the state dime.

  295. nebraska mudflatter says:

    Hi beautiful seal (wave)! Thanks for the photo AKM!

    @ Bent Alaska: Big applause for your senators (esp. Begich)!!!!

    @manoloho: thanks so much for sharing the news piece about your boy and alternative pet medicine!!

  296. Nan says:

    austintx (21)

    Nan –
    I look to YBG for the Eagle report. Not from twitwit.


    I’d only gone there to try to make sense of the two-parter, and found the Eagle thing, too. Idjit. (not you! I meant the twit!)


  297. Paula says:

    Looks like Palin plans to stay in the news via insane twits. Ten more days until here “screw political correctness” comes out… (but just for her, you’re freedom of speech is not protected in Palinland).

  298. Terpsichore says:

    “Planning inauguration w/LtGov in 10 days, Frbanks. W/same cabinet, same positive pro-AK agenda it’s all good, consistent success bc everyone …
    elected is replaceable;Ak WILL progress! + side benefit=10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site”

    Ummm … “because everyone elected is replaceable” did you say?
    “less politically correct twitters fly from my fingertips” you suggest?

    Wow. How childish are you gonna get? Sounds like you intend to use your time, energy, and unfettered voice to actively campaign against every sitting legislator, or at least the ones you don’t like. Payback for Troopergate?

    Surely even mama grizzlies at some point forgive and forget. I didn’t think animals had the capacity to act out of ‘revenge’. I thought Christians weren’t into revenge.

    Revenge is an ugly business. If this is what she’s planning to do, she’s going to do more harm to Alaska and her people by deliberately trying to divide them.

  299. austintx says:

    Nan –
    I look to YBG for the Eagle report. Not from twitwit.

  300. penny says:

    austintx Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 4:27 AM

    “I believe there will have to be a twitter-vention.”


  301. austintx says:

    misspelled your name @ 11

  302. michigander says:

    austintx – why are you sorry? Are you joking cuz she makes me gag?

    Also, what do you think she means about elected replaceable? Lord, she hard to make sense of when she speaks or tweets!

  303. Nan says:

    Hard to believe she’s twittering about Eagle and the rebuilding there.

    So, who’s going to be the poor sap going to sign up for the “private” tweets after the 26th? You know, for the “less politically correct” ones. (I thought she’d already given up “politically incorrect”)

    It’s too early to deal with twits… sigh.

  304. Irishgirl says:

    I’m laughing here….I was just checking out her twitters too!!
    The woman makes absolutely no sense.

  305. austintx says:

    I believe there will have to be a twitter-vention.

  306. michigander says:

    Hahahaha! Same wavelength I guess!!! If we keep saying the same thing I may just take an early nap and let you speak for me (o:

  307. austintx says:

    michigander. Sorry.

  308. michigander says:

    austintx – ha! Guess we are on the same wavelength this morning. She is freaking me out with her BS.

    And when has she ever been correct in any way, let alone politically correct. Gagging here.

  309. austintx says:

    micigander –
    ha-ha ,we be on the same wavelength. C.R.A.Z.Y.

  310. michigander says:

    Hey speaking of goo – check out the latest gobbledy gook from Palin’s nonsensical tweeting. Start from about 4 tweets down (Planning Inauguration):

  311. austintx says:

    WTF is sarah saying ?? Ck. out the 3rd one. OH BOY !!

    Inauguration will salute AKs 50th Anniversary & military & launches LtGov into Gov’s office so AK avoids politics-as-usual lame duck session
    about 4 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    I’ll stay in touch w/whomever wants via personal twtr site;launch July 26;in meantime it’s pleasure to update interested folks on State biz!
    about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    elected is replaceable;Ak WILL progress! + side benefit=10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site
    about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  312. Sparky says:

    NDR, I totally agree! The politics have to be better as a Sea Lion. Unless SP does become POTUS… Then you will be endangered and possibly become extinct:(. But I have faith that the vast majority of Americans would not let that happen!

  313. manoloho says:

    Since AKM has such a cute critter in this thread, I thought I’d post a link to another.

    This is MY son (okay, feline son) getting acupuncture. He’s so good about it that the vet who has been treating him asked us to bring him in when the channel sked’d the spot. What a little trooper he is!

    And isn’t that witch (no, not the one the African preacher was driving out) gone yet? She couldn’t have just resigned and left? This has got to be the longest resignation in history. Oh, and do we have a party a week from Monday?

  314. lochnesssmonster says:

    Aww great photo…I read somewhere the goop was the make-up Palin took off after she quit.

  315. Glad they are figuring out the black goo. Not that this might be a great thing. I am wondering what the next Stephan King novel will be about though.

    Always thought about coming back in my next life as a sea lion. Yes, there are orcas and other threats, but the politics might be easier.

  316. SameOld says:

    I wonder who paid Global Strategy Group for the survey.

  317. SameOld says:

    From The Fix

    “Alaska as Democratic Opportunity?: The soon-to-be official resignation of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) could hand Democrats a legitimate pickup opportunity, according to a recent poll in the Last Frontier obtained by the Fix. The survey, which was conducted by Global Strategy Group, showed Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell (R) at 41 percent to former state Sen. Ethan Berkowitz’s (D) 40 percent — a statistical dead heat. Democrats held the Alaska governorship from 1994 until 2002 as Gov. Tony Knowles (D) benefited from a fractured Republican party and serious independent candidates. As for those who argued that Palin decided to leave office for fear she would lose in 2010, this poll, which was in the field from June 14-18 suggests otherwise. Palin led Berkowitz 56 percent to 36 percent in a hypothetical general election matchup and carried a solid 56 percent/35 percent favorable to unfavorable score.”

  318. Bent Alaska says:

    Hey, good news – the Hate Crimes bill passed… or (more technically correct) the Senate voted 63 – 28 (need 60 to pass) to add the hate crimes measure to a must-pass defense spending bill (interesting choice.) And get this – BOTH Begich and Murkowski voted in favor! Sure we did that mass call-in when the bill was introduced, but Lisa was still undeclared when I called again on Wed. (Begich became a co-sponsor of the original bill after the call-in.) They still have to pass the defense bill, and reconcile the House and Senate versions of the hate crimes act. Obama supports it, so it has a good chance. Anyway, it finally passed. Woohoo!

  319. michigander says:

    Aw, I love the sea lion! So sweet (o:

  320. the problem child says:

    Algae certainly raises as many questions as it answers.

    *waves back @ sea lion*

  321. Maria says:

    Cute! Looks like the sea lion is waving at you!

  322. bucfan says:

    Hm, I thought the Blob might have been Rush Limbaugh coming up to visit Sarah. Or it was a combination of all the negative thoughts and pessimism that have been ripped from Alaskans souls after hearing that she is resigning and now it is trying to drown itself. But seriously, I hope it is nothing serious. After all, red tide is algae and can have devastating effects on certain sea life. Still it makes me feel better to think that it is Meg Stapleton in her natural environment.

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