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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Ex-Palin lawyer reported source of Gosar’s ‘most toxic’ media -

Friday, November 19, 2021

McConnell/Trump Alaska Cage Match -

Sunday, November 14, 2021

A Final Bon Voyage from Cordova…

It’s been a day of farewells.  Kiss-offs and parties, reflections and celebrations…

Palin fatigue yet?  Don’t worry.  This is our final send-off to the governor…  er…  ex-governor.  Where will she land?  We’re not sure.  There’s a rumor circulating that she and Todd have been looking at real estate in the Hamptons.  I heard about this several weeks ago and laughed it off.  But, apparently the rumor persists.  I am somewhat familiar with that area of Long Island, and may I say that if the rumor is true, and the Palin’s join the Hamptons crowd in a multi-million dollar beachfront home, hobnobbing with the east coast elite….  I think every poor old lady in Kansas, or Idaho, or anywhere else, who sent in a $5 check to the Alaska Fund Trust to pay off Palin’s legal bills needs to demand their money back.

While we wait to see when the next Tweet will pop up from the new private citizen style Twitter account, or if she’s sailing into the sunset on Rupert Murdoch’s yacht that was spotted in Juneau last week, or relocating to Texas to campaign for Rick Perry… join us in a virtual send-off from The Reluctant Fisherman Inn in Cordova.  Looks like these folks have a creative streak, and know how to party.



“Bedeviled by the Press” Deviled Eggs…


The highly scientific Jell-O shot poll!


Roasted, skewered lame duck kabobs!


Another lame duck!


A commemorative candle…


And what Buh-bye Palin even would be complete without Word Salad?!


Is that Brian the Moose hiding behind the Sayonara Sarah Salmon with relish?


Penny and Katy belt out “Twisted!”



Sarah’s Wasilla High English teacher had some explaining to do!   Also.


Ever so humble…



Don’t cry for me, Alaska.  The truth is, I never left you.  (I’m only moving to the Hamptons so I can better serve the cause to further this great state that I love SO much…)

[Thanks to the folks at The Reluctant Fisherman Inn in Cordova for sharing your awesome celebration with us.  I think we all know where we’ll be staying if our travels bring us in your direction!]



143 Responses to “A Final Bon Voyage from Cordova…”
  1. Ethan says:

    Cool party!

  2. sky says:

    Oh I forgot to share this one.

    At my work place today, I walked in an office where a group of the quitter where talking politics,and ofcourse, the topic was about President Obama ‘s B/certificate.
    I could not believe the question that came from the mouth of one of the stupid followers of Juno.

    Loudly she came to me to ask this question. “what is the difference between Africa and Kenya?”. Instead of answering I just bust out in a laughter, because SP asked the same dummy question on the compaign trail.
    She did not know Africa was a continent.
    and people want her to be president? unbelievable stupidity.

  3. sky says:

    You must be kidding me right? Long Island ? You mean!!!! That is too close to me. Twit need to stay away from the east coast.

    You mean for real???????????? I need to take a glass of wine to swallow the sad news. Really

  4. the problem child says:

    Anyone up for chat?

  5. nswfm CA says:

    OK, of all the things here, this is my favorite:
    Roasted, skewered lame duck kabobs!

    She allowed herself to be roasted and skewered! “When she opened her mouth, a whole lot of stupid fell out” to quote M&H…

  6. InJuneau says:

    Looselips–there’s info on the e-mail case at blog entry 244 on this thread:

  7. honestyinGov says:

    I don’t specifically see an Open Thread for today… yet.
    I was doing a goggle search to find a name for the new ‘ politically incorrect ‘ Twits account name. Google found nothing so I tried SarahPac.
    Under the ‘ About Sarah ‘ section all of the info there says ” Governor Palin “…?

    Is Meg so busy with SarahPac that she can’t get her IT guy to correct the webpage…. since she is NOT GOVERNOR.
    Someone in Alaska should call GOVERNOR PARNELL’s Office that SarahPac is collecting money using his name/title. Does His Office have a problem with that. Maybe they could ‘ scrub ‘ that SarahPac page as well.
    And SarahPac ( still ) directs people to go to the Official ‘ legal defense fund ‘… the AFT.

  8. Looselips says:

    thanks InJuneau

  9. Bretta says:

    Radio!?! Would Eddie Burke allow an Alternate Court in His Queendom?
    I think he only promist her a guest spot now & then, not a slot!!

  10. InJuneau says:

    Looselips–somewhere someone posted that the Knoxville (?) paper would be posting an update on the e-mail case on Friday. Don’t know about the Johnston case.

  11. Looselips says:

    also, why is there no news on the Sherry Johnston matter?

    what is going on with the email hacker case?

  12. Looselips says:

    Alaskan Sisu: Are we to assume that Perry and Bailey are leaving Sarah on good terms. She mentioned that Perry was her “right hand man” in her speech.

  13. InJuneau says:

    Alaskan Sisu–Although Kris Perry may have been named as the babysitter, Ivey Frye was ALSO nicknamed the babysitter, and rumor was that she (Ivey) was the one for the kids.

  14. MO Inkslinger says:

    I think Palin has the possibilities of becoming President……President of Arkansas. Yes, Arkansas, cede from the union and take one for the team.

  15. PepperzMom (GA) says:

    PS: I’m talking about the celebrity/I’m famous crowd…not the every day folks who live there. They battle to survive the high prices and egotistical nuts that run around & literally control their lives…

    For the American version of the East Enders of the normal, everyday persuasion…stand tall. You have enough to deal with (even if the summer is a gorgeous time of the year….


  16. PepperzMom (GA) says:

    Well, I realize that many here have pointed out the absurdity, if not outright satire, re: the Palins in Hamptons.

    Having lived for 30 years on Long Island (Levittown, Lindenhurst – yes, Pat Benatar’s hometown) and worked many summers in the Hamptons, I can say this for a fact.

    No way in heck will they live there! They are uncouth, unmonied and uneducated, and if there’s one thing that Hamptonites pride themselves on it’s the appearance of manners/acceptance, money up the yazzoo and educated at least in the ability to be famous and gracious. Mansions, even with the property disaster that is ongoing, even with the full $10 million (purported advance of the book deal), wouldn’t be able to buy a house/maintain it other than a 3 room cottage!

    Talk about fishies out of water.

  17. Alaskan Sisu says:

    Frank Bailey was involved with Troopergate and Kris Perry accompanied Palin on her failed VP run and was questioned about the inappropriate use of state resources for partisan purposes when she stayed on the state payroll and accompanied Palin. Money was tight for Palin at the time and rather than turn her seat over to her Lt. Gov., she kept herself and Kris on the state dime. Kris has been deemed the babysitter but I don’t know if it’s for the children or Palin herself.

  18. Alaskan Sisu says:

    Two of Palins ablest enablers, Kris Perry and Frank Bailey are both stepping down – both previously implicated in ethics debris. Kris Perry was in her Anchorage office and Frank Bailey was director of bds. and commissions.

  19. sauerkraut says:

    Palin is living in her own private Idaho.

  20. Looselips says:

    who resigned from Palin’s inner circle?

  21. Madcity Chick says:

    The Hampton thing was started with this satirical article. Folks out east can rest assured Palin would be in way over her head in the Hamptons.

    That’s not real america anyway is it? 🙂

  22. InJuneau says:

    Polly–and we’re having beautiful (though too hot for my comfort) sunshine here in Juneau, which I think is our version of cleansing (and bringing sunshine in to disinfect the government?)!!

  23. candleman says:

    I attended the party and it was as fun as it looked. If anyone ever gets a chance to visit Cordova, do it. It is an enchanted place.
    By the way I made the candle and can be reached at cnerison(at) yahoo (dot) com More are available if anyone wants one for a small price.

  24. trisha says:

    Fox new poll: behind the numbers: But can she cook? “Homemaker” seems to be the best suited job for Pain, according to the public. Yes, that’s right. Only 12% of Republicans think President’s her best next job, and only 4% of independents (6% of the public overall thinks that President should be her next job.)

    DailyKos: Your Abbreviated Pundit Round-up
    by DemFromCT
    Wed Jul 29, 2009 at 04:15:27 AM PDT

  25. Desa Jacobsson says:

    Tune in next week for, “From Sitting Duck to (B)lame Duck to Daffy Duck,” or “The Twittin’ Quittin’ is Flittin,’ Splittin’ and Gittin.'”

  26. faithfulpup says:

    MY God–msnbc is spending LOTS of time right now discussing the Palin Cronicles. She will make a great talk host ala Pat Buchanon and build a base that will push her to the White House. Rush Blimpy will be sorry he ever supported her if she goes to radio. Hope he can fit under the bus. They are all sooooo Sarah fans…can’t they see? can’t they hear? can’t they research? msnbc owned by rich repugs too. I gotta go heave now.

  27. trisha says:

    I love all the food…very creative.

    Anyone notice Palin’s teeth. It looks like she just had her teeth reshaped and whitened (veneers?) so I think she is getting ready for her Hollywood close up. But, after the recent slaming of “Hollywood starlets”….good luck with that one.

    BTW, wasn’t that very junior-high of Palin to slam petite Hollywood starlets. Jealous much, Palin?

  28. CO almost native says:

    @ mommom (113):

    Thanks for the column by Maureen Dowd, another savvy, smart woman who eloquently calls it as she sees it- and sees Sarah Palin for what she is.

  29. trisha says:

    Lori #100—funny stuff. The yellow (AIP) jello shots had seceded from the party. Very witty.

  30. mommom says:

    Heres a Maureen Dowd opinion piece that hits the mark.

    July 29, 2009
    Op-Ed Columnist
    Sarah Grabs the Grievance Grab Bag From Hillary

    The woman who was prematurely counted in is out. And the woman who was prematurely counted out is in.

    Goodbye, Sarah. Hello, Hillary.

    In their vivid twin performances Sunday — Hillary on “Meet the Press” in Washington and Sarah at her farewell picnic in Fairbanks — two of the most celebrated and polarizing women in American political history offered a fascinating contrast.

    Hillary, who so often in the past came across as aggrieved, paranoid and press-loathing, was confident and comfortable in her role as top diplomat, discussing the world with mastery and shrugging off suggestions that she has been disappeared by her former rival, the president.

    Sarah, who was once a blazingly confident media darling, came across as aggrieved, paranoid and press-loathing in her new role as bizarre babe-at-large, a Nixon with hair extensions ranting about “American apologetics,” which sounds like a cross between apologists and Dianetics.

    Sarah once criticized Hillary for being a whiny presidential contender, arguing that women who want “to progress this country” should not complain about being under a “sharper microscope,” but instead should just work harder to prove themselves capable. Now Sarah is a whiny presidential contender, complaining about the sharper microscope that women wanting to progress this country are under and rejecting advice to work harder to prove herself capable.

    The Alaskan who shot to stardom a year ago as the tough embodiment of Diana the Huntress has now stepped down as governor and morphed into what the Republicans always caricatured Hillary as — preachy, screechy and angry.

    And Hillary, who is at long last in a job that she earned on her own merits, has lost that irritating question mark she used to carry around above her head like a thunder cloud: What is Hillary owed because of what she gave up, and went through, for Bill?

    During the campaign, Hillary got in trouble for pretending to be more than she was, for bragging about dodging bullets in Bosnia and making peace in Northern Ireland. Just so, Sarah got in trouble for pretending to be knowledgeable about foreign affairs just because she lived across the Bering Strait from Russia.

    But now Hillary does not have to tell stretchers. She’s fully qualified for her job and doesn’t sound defensive. Now Sarah has taken up Hillary’s old habit of keeping grudges and playing the victim and blaming the press for her own mistakes in judgment and gaffes.

    If Sarah’s problem on the trail was that she knew too little, Hillary’s was that she knew too much. Before her misty turn in New Hampshire, Hillary’s wonkiness got in the way of her ability to make people comfortable.

    Sarah, lacking Hillary’s cerebral side, has decided to wing it, Quayle-style, and go only for the visceral. That’s why she now sounds like a demagogue, embodying grievances and playing to people’s worst impulses.

    Hillary’s radiant robustness, on the other hand, even with a sore elbow, makes the dictators in Iran and North Korea we’re so worried about seem like frail, little creatures.

    Obama advisers say privately that the president truly respects the woman he ran against, and that they have a good relationship, so good it has even surprised Hillary. Certainly, she doesn’t have to worry that this president’s gaze is going to drift over her shoulder to some pretty thing behind her. In this White House, Barack Obama is the pretty thing who is taken with Hillary’s serious, smartest-girl-at-Wellesley aura. In a funny way, he’s the man of her dreams.

    His support of her has allowed her to keep her paranoia in check — even with Richard Holbrooke and Joe Biden biting off parts of her portfolio.

    Just to make sure it stays that way, Obama advisers told Hillary that she could not bring on board Sidney Blumenthal, her former aide de camp nicknamed G.K., “Grassy Knoll,” for his tendency to stoke her grievances.

    In her cuckoo speech in Fairbanks, Sarah warned Alaskans to “be wary of accepting government largess. It doesn’t come free.” Funny coming from a woman who charged the Alaskan taxpayers every time she worked from Wasilla.

    She also went after that old conservative villain Hollywood, saying, “They use these delicate, tiny, very talented celebrity starlets” for “their anti-Second Amendment causes.”

    Sarah seems happily oblivious that she benefited from Hollywood casting techniques. Just as movie directors have beautiful young actresses playing nuclear physicists and Harvard professors, knowing the fusion of sex appeal and a heavyweight profession will excite, the novelty of a beautiful former beauty queen and TV reporter cast in a powerful role that has featured dour, gray old men like Dick Cheney was thrilling. At first.

    As McCain pal and Republican strategist Mike Murphy so sagely observed recently: “If Sarah Palin looked like Golda Meir, would we even be talking about her today?”

    Sarah should follow her own advice to Hillary and work harder to be capable. Until then, she’s all cage, no bird.

  31. justafarmer says:

    lol Lori @100!

  32. CR46 says:

    Mae Lewis, thanks for your thoughts on the wedding ring. I have noticed this in her last few appearances and during the campaign she did wear one. Maybe it was just the thought of hand shaking, but usually if someone wears one, it’s just a part of them and it’s on all the time. It just seemed odd to me. I was raised in a mining area where no men wore them(they were a safety hazard at work) so I do understand that some people don’t.

  33. I was at the party and it was a hoot. Used to live in Cordova and visited for the party. Should have done some press releases. Might have a line on the candles if anyone is interested.

  34. Maria says:

    OH MY GOD! I knew I recognized that mountain in one of your photos. I’ve lived in Cordova in the early 80’s, briefly. My Mom lived there longer when she worked for the Forest Circus (Service). The Swans, the air eggs and milk versus the boat eggs and milk…the waterfalls, which I’ve painted when I used to work in watercolor….Wow.

  35. Dr. Patois says:

    If Palin did move to the Hamptons (don’t believe it), I would envision a future version of “Edie” of Grey Gardens. $arah, surrounded by flaking old bags of tattered RNC clothes, mugging for the camera…

  36. BahstinBoyo aka Wrangler Tractor Palin says:

    Polly… great link!

    She has the same chance as any of the other 14-20 Repubs that will throw the proverbial hat into the ring come the candidates run up for the post. Dems have the same problem… anyone can join the race with the proper conditions being met. That’s why we all see some people who have no chance in winning the nomination run anyway. That process of elimination is expensive and wasteful. They may all be within their right to try, that doesn’t mean thay are in their right mind! Besides, she shows more of a tendancy to keep the money and NOT run!

  37. austintx says:

    Polly –
    Thanks for the link. I think people are forgetting that Romney spent 40 mil. of his own money in the last Republican primaries. sarah cannot raise that kind of money. Romney stepped aside for McCain. He won’t do it for sarah. He will dismantle her quickly. Plus , sigh , she will have to release real medical records. One page from a MIA Dr. on election eve ain’t gonna get it.

  38. CRFlats,

    This post made me miss Cordova and Cordovans more than anything I’ve read in years. Please tell Katy “Hi!!!” from Phil. I miss her.

  39. strangelet says:

    Okay, the lame duck kabobs come in right after “Hey, frosted treat…”

  40. Lisabeth says:

    Too funny, the photos!! And the Hamptons? LOL – I just do not see it!! What a reality show that would be. The Wasillas move east! Those aren’t “REAL” Americans out there! What could Sarah be thinking. And radio with that shrill voice! It is a good thing I only listen to NPR!!

    Maureen Dowd’s article is crazy scary. I just find it hard to believe that there are that many dumb Republicans. But then again, they were duped by Bush. If she gets the right handlers and LISTENS to them it is possible. I hope not though. Won’t we all be horrified ? I will definitely move to Canada or Costa Rica or somewhere….. I thought Maureen was not a fan of Sarahs? Well off to read her article.

  41. Polly says:

    Maureen Dowd interview. She thinks SP has a chance to win Rep. nomination (!?). Says SP is the first to combine reality tv with politics.

  42. BahstinBoyo aka Wrangler Tractor Palin says:

    Lori… I heard that Todd had picked them up and brought them to an ‘Independant Party’

  43. London Bridges says:

    I like the radio rumor because it’s REALLY easy to turn the radio OFF!
    Also, shooting your radio is much cheaper than shooting your tv!

  44. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    The yellow jello shots are MISSING from the photo! They said “I am AIP, and I voted for her because she is one of us.” Rumor is that the yellow jello shots were found outdoors, and down the road – they had seceded from the party.

  45. honestyinGov says:

    The food looks deeeeee-lish!! I can’t wait to see some of the photos from Phil Mungers little get-together. I’ll bet it was quite festive as well. And you know the “3 Girls from Alaska ” as well as some ‘immoral minorities’ were having some fun. And some pics of people running for Governor.
    Since we know AKM went directly from that party, home and then spent those 3 hours transcribing that word salad speech I suspect AKM had to keep the partying and beverages to a minimum. Maybe you had to have a few drinks in you to even start to attempt to decipher that word-salad. Either way… a toast to you AKM. I am sure someone will happily fill your glass in a toast at the Mud-party in Pittsburgh

  46. Marilyn Wheeless says:

    As long as it isn’t the ‘Hampton’ mini-resort run by the Lorenz family in Seward!! We do NOT need her on the Peninsula in any shape or form, lame duck or dame luck. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she goes anywhere out of Alaska. For good. Although maybe here we could at least keep a better eye on her if she stayed local somewhere. And there will always be Bristol Bay…. rats.

  47. leenie17 says:

    I like the radio rumor because it’s REALLY easy to turn the radio OFF!

    Since she’s started to look so worn and frazzled lately, I wonder if radio might be a better option for her than television. She’s already beyond the age where most of the women in the entertainment end of the media are being eased out the door, so radio offers the potential for a longer career. Of course, we all know that longevity is not one of her strengths anyway!

  48. AKPetMom says:

    You know she is doing this “silence” thing on purpose, right?

    God, it must be killing her. I envision Meg and her other cronies having her tied to a chair with her hands bound in order to make her take a few days of silence saying, “it has to be Sarah, we have to make them miss you, we have to make them realize what life without you would be like”.

    I bet they have her blackberry just a couple feet in front of her and Sarah is hopping around tied to her chair trying to get to the Blackberry and figure out how to use it with her teeth, unless they were really smart and duck taped her mouth shut too 🙂

  49. SmallSteps says:

    bigslick – ha ha! that’s funny. SP as Godzilla with the dubbed over voices. LMAO!! I see another flynureye graphic in the makings!!

  50. Polly says:

    @BigSlick-funny description, but scary!! Here in Anchorage we are having a downpour of rain. Cleansing.

  51. BigSlick says:

    The silence is deafening now. Going on three days of quiet.

    It’s like a cheap Japanese movie when the air-raid sirens have suddenly stopped and the world is perfectly motionless for long enough to get some really cheesy dialog going, and then Godzilla comes popping up from beyond the 7 Mountains.

  52. BahstinBoyo aka Wrangler Tractor Palin says:

    He needs to turn AK around 180 degrees and wash the smell of the dead fish that left with the flow off his hands. I wouldn’t expect it to happen in his first week or month, he has time to make things right and better for the state. However, he must make it clear that he breaks from the puppetmasters strings and shows no hint of any involvement by his predecessor. If the numbers are correct, there are more that will be grateful for a new direction than not. As far as re-election down the road is concerned, he has to earn that. No doubt AKM, Shannyn, Celtic Diva et al of you Alaskans will be keeping a watchful eye. That ‘turn’ would involve actually LISTENING to the bloggers as it is the fastest way to get any feedback, positive or negative, on his governance. After all, he represents ALL OF YOU. If he listens, it will show.

    Just Sayin’

  53. matt m says:

    Wow! First time commenter here on Mudflats, been reading basically since Palin’s nomination broke.

    ANYWAYS… that is great about the reluctant fisherman’s party. I’ve stayed there twice when traveling with my father for summer vacations into prince william sound. Its incredible what a small world it is. Cordova is a very pretty place. Of course I ain’t any kind of a local.. but I like the idea that there is no road to town. The character there is great.


  54. LiladyNY says:

    re Hamptons satire – oops that was a gotcha! (Color my cheeks red!) I still stand behind all my statements though! LOL

    I think Perry and Bailey were “suggested” to resign. Very ballsy of Parnell to do that if it’s true. Now when do other depart the scene? I think the slow plodding of the new Gov is a refreshing change. Still, he bears watching to insure he doesn’t stumble along the way especially if he has designs for re-election down the road.

  55. Lainey says:

    @daisydem…I do not want her to be near anything I love unless she is under constant surveillance
    @trisha…Radio? Gee, if the only thing going fer ya’ is yer looks………..doesn’t radio hide your only marketable asset?


  56. Polly says:

    @mae lewis – I thought of that too, but wedding rings (bands) are on the left hand not the right hand (for shaking). People who work in construction (&fishing) and food industry often don’t wear their wedding rings (so this may be more of the reason) but then they put them back on when they aren’t working. Probably the thing to do is find photos from a few months back to see if they were wearing them to see if there is a pattern. Some married couples, even successful marriages, partners don’t wear wedding rings. It may seem odd to some, but I have seen it.

  57. Blooper says:

    trisha: That’s what I thought. I think E-GINO will settle for nothing less than a visual medium. Plus I think the sound bite queen couldn’t handle the long talking format that radio requires. Even the nuttiest of right wing blowhards need to have the right ‘skills’ to adapts their rhetoric to the airwaves.

  58. Upper West Sider says:

    I hate to admit it but I almost wish the article about Palin’s move to the Hamptons wasn’t satire because it is great fun to think about her plopped down in the midst of this uber eastern (mostly liberal) elite playground. Dan Rattiner who wrote the piece reprinted in the Democratic Underground is the owner, publisher, editor in chief and lead writer of DAN’S PAPER, a free weekly that chronicles the social doings of Hamptonites. This freebie is distributed through retail businesses in the Hamptons and in New York City. It is worth pointing out that Rattiner places the Palins in Hampton Bays which is often called the working class Hampton.

  59. mae lewis says:

    To CR46 #71: I’m not from Alaska, but I am going to offer a possible reason for Sarah and Todd not wearing rings during the Picnic Farewell Tour. I would love to find some juicy gossip in the situation, but I think that they anticipated alot of hand shaking from dear admiring fans. With so many people squeezing every available paw, having a ring caught in it the mix really hurts. Remember some of those campaign pictures of Sarah entering the ring like a triumphant hero, grabbing all of the outstretching hands.

    We will all have to hold our collective breath and wait for the next public appearance to see if the rings come back. If I’m wrong, call the National Enquirer!

  60. trisha says:

    Radio? Gee, if the only thing going fer ya’ is yer looks………..doesn’t radio hide your only marketable asset?

  61. Lighthouse says:

    The food at that party was so incredibly fun! I definitely know where to stay when I vist Cordova, AK!

    That must have been a fun party. I wait with bated breath to see what happens next.

  62. TBNTJudy says:

    michigander, Martha UYS mentioned the rumor in connection with why Toad might fit in the Hamptons…at least for a while. So, it is not really too off topic 😉

  63. Lee says:

    phoebe Says:
    July 29th, 2009 at 2:37 AM
    The Hamptons??? She really is off her rocker. My guess is while seeking fame & fortune she would get a royal snub. The food looks delicious & I’m starving!
    You are so right, Phoebe. She will be outclassed and out of her league. Sarah has a lot to learn about class.

  64. michigander says:

    May have been posted already but here’s an article re: Palin/radio.

    Note they say it isn’t definite and click on the other link in the article (o:

  65. michigander says:

    I agree the Hampton’s rumor has been done to death. I got a kick out of the satire, anybody still panicking really should read the actual article (posted pg 1 by DaisyDem).

    So what about the Toad Martha Unalaska? Spill

    Oh, oh this isn’t even open thread is it…..?

  66. Bystander says:

    #51 sjk Yes, the idea of Palin doing RADIO is a hoot. Imagine word salad delivered in that screechy voice. Like nails on a chalkboard…

    At least on television, she is mildly entertaining- I picture a parody by Tina Fey

  67. gunter says:


  68. TBNTJudy says:

    This rumor about the Palins moving to the Hamptons is soooooo old faux news. We kicked it around several days back, and now I feel as if I am having deja vu. Far more interesting to me is the Toad rumor Martha Unalaska Yard Sign mentioned up thread. Martha UYS, please enlighten us a little more….pretty please? 😉

  69. rebekkah says:

    If Hamptons rumor is true, we won’t be hearing, “You betcha” anymore; instead maybe, “Indeed, Daaahling”. It’s the chameleon effect.

  70. CR46 says:

    Maybe someone in Alaska knows and can help me out. Why is the Quitta from Wasilla not wearing her wedding ring anymore??? Is she quitting that next?? I know this is a little off topic, but I couldn’t help but notice during the few seconds of her rambling quitspeak that I managed to watch and listen to. (I got to 2 minutes and that was all).

  71. daisydem says:

    When I saw the title of this blog, I thought oh, no, you are no longer going to blog (about Palin or whatever) …. please don’t leave us, ever! I do not have Palin fatigue as I cannot afford to. Especially if she is moving to the Hamptons. Though I live far from there, NYC and Long Island are dear to my heart, in fact you might say “I left my heart in New York City … and surrounding territory.” I do not want her there. I do not want her to be near anything I love unless she is under constant surveillance and I know if she stays in AK, all of you will be watching her. Now, as to this post … this is the most creative, ingenuous party I think I have ever seen happen! These people rock! I would have loved to have been there. I could not have made it through the campaigns, the election, and through all of this ugliness that the Republican Party is spewing forth daily without you AKM, and Gryphen, Celtic Diva, Shannyn, Phillip, et al. Thank you. But please don’t leave. I have new knowledge, appreciation, and fondness for the beautiful state of Alaska and all things Alaskan. I will never forget about it. Ever.

  72. Lainey says:

    maybe this will help to re-program palin…make her actually THINK!!!
    check this out.

  73. ayerishgrl says:

    My prior post was written before i read the comments. After further thought, (and reading) it must be satire that she is moving to the Hamptons. There is no way she would end up in this elitist, hollywood starlet type, left leaning location. The idea certainly did cause major heart palpitations though, and not the good kind!

  74. Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

    What a great party! I know I won’t be making devilled eggs again without thinking of this. Ohhhh… I want one of those candles!

    Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.


  75. mae lewis says:

    Please read that link at Daisy Daisy #21 again. I think that it is a well crafted joke, beautifully written, almost as authentic as a telephone call from Sarkozy. The clue is the mention of the Secret Service that have come to check out the site. The only time that Sarah enjoyed the protection of the Secret Service was when she was a candidate, running for VP. When you lose, you lose the Secret Service, too. I think that Sarah will continue to give us lots of laughs and jokes. I can’t wait for her to get those fingers flying and those tweets twittering, comedy gold!

  76. Polly says:

    The Hampton Story sounds like satire, but it sure started interesting dialogue. Well, this is my morning habit, coffee & mudflats, then off to read the ADN Letters to the Editor. Thanks to whoever posted ktuu’s morning news about two of SP’s inner circle resigning.

  77. austintx says:

    cali –

    Them rats might have been tossed , instead of jumping……….

  78. Sue says:

    The Hampton Hillbillies….should make another great soap opera!

  79. Silvermoon says:

    Word salad bowl is a classic. Nice job on all.

    If she goes to the Hamptons; they’ll eat her up and spit her out in a nano-second.

  80. ayerishgrl says:

    Good Lord, i’m only a mere 20 some odd exits on the Long Island Expressway away from the Hamptons! What a truly frightening thought that she’s coming to NY, let alone Long Island. Somebody tell me it isn’t so!

  81. Lainey says:

    maybe The Hamptons will only be her summer home or they’ll be the only ones living there year round…what is she gonna hunt over there? …squirrel? maybe a deer here and there? …there’s no hunting season (that I recall) on Long Island, is there?

  82. The Rubber Room Hotel says:

    Now that looks to have been the party to be at. What a fun and creative way to celebrate Gino’s departure from AK state gov. Way more fun that it was at the SP love fest in Fairbanks at Pioneer (Alaska land) Park.

  83. Ennealogic says:

    Looks like a fantastic celebratory meal! What creativity and effort to put all those perfectly delicious yet snarky plates of food together. Congrats, serious congrats to the genius behind it.

    IMO, the Hamptons rumor was just that, if it was founded on the obviously satirical posting at DU. Come on, a real estate agent named Francis Iditerod? 😉

  84. Karen says:

    The Word Salad totally made my day!

  85. karen in or says:

    Regarding the RUMORS that she’s moving to the Hamptons….

    The only link I’ve seen for the rumors are the SATIRICAL piece from a supposed real estate agent (democraticUnderground website).

  86. DonnaInMichigan says:

    What? Moving to the Hamptons? You mean Sarah is going to end up being one of those East Coast Elitists? And here I thought Sarah would want to live in the “pro-America” part of the US. Probably somewhere like Virginia, or West Virginia…..just close enough to D.C. power, but still far enough away to say she isn’t part of D.C.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she does a radio gig for Fox Radio.

  87. Polly says:

    I knew some very hilarious people when I lived in Homer. They were from Cordova. This explains it! I want to visit Cordova now.

    Skewered Lame Duck, a nice menu item too.

  88. Leota2 says:

    Scarah isn’t moving to the Hamptons. Although she may be terrifying some other northeastern community in NY. I’m guessing that all came from a
    satirical article. I do believe that she will soon be flashing that cheap smile across Rupert Murdoch’s FAUX channel. She can pile on with the other no nothings there while screeching about Obama while waving a flag and talking about real AMERICANS and energy independence (dropping her d like she constantly does.)
    The big question is will they get her a speech therapist, the Oxford Dictionary Thesaurus & Wordpower Guide, a fact checker, a speech writer and a psychologist to talk so she won’t share ALL of her crazy with the public?

  89. LiladyNY says:

    #48 bubbles Says:
    July 29th, 2009 at 6:12 AM

    ooh yummy.that’s some great looking food………..about sarah in the hamptons. the thing is that those folks who live large out there are usually gone by labor day. they have homes in other places. their children don’t go to school there. they go to private schools like lawrenceville or andover. like that. so good luck with all that sarah, old girl.
    Great pictures. I am drooling over the food and very creative labels. Love the bandaged duck!
    My beloved ex-boss and his wife have a house in Bridgehampton to which they go on the weekends. During the week they reside in the city. It’s cold and lonely in the Hamptons in the winter. All the pretty people are elsewhere. So sad.
    Private schools cost as much as some people’s yearly salaries and I don’t hear much about home schooling in the Hamptons – it’s just not an East Coast elitist thing mah de-ah. Unless Les Palins plan on cross-continent commuting, it’s not practical for them and terribly terribly expensive to maintain two residences. I don’t see grannies and grampies continuing to send their Social Security $$ to help the Palins maintain a lavish lifestyle. I don’t see this move happening. In Alaska, Sarah Palin is a big fish in a small pond. In New York, she’d just be another pretty face – nothing special. We have politicians and celebrities up the wazoo. As for Hillary’s seat? Palin can’t hold a candle to Gillibrand on her absolute best day. And Governor? Please, don’t make me laugh. Not when Andrew Cuomo has his hat in the ring. Even Patterson is a better man. The woman is beneath contempt.

  90. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    latest rumor is she is considering RADIO! Imagine that word salad on the ariwaves. I am ALL FOR IT!!!! And she cant afford the Hamptons and there are too many of the wrong religious types for her I imagine….

  91. Alaska Kelly says:

    Cordova rocks!

    I hope Mrs. Palin relocates somewhere largepond so she can enjoy her dead (small)fishness.

  92. p j brown says:

    Condolences from the lower forty eight on your recent loss. Many of us here didn’t understand the love you way up there in Alaska felt for The Governess, but we figured it was a Great North thing and that we’d never get it. So, now that she’s moved on to bigger and better things with her move to Long Island and such, we hope you’ll be able to cope without the drama scenes and public mispronouncements from herself.

    So, how to fill the void? We are heart sick thinking that you will now have to return to your normal dreary lives. Here’s wishing youall good luck in the future and a hope that you find someone just as entertaining as Mrs Palin not only for you but for us as well. It’s been fun.

  93. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Oh that was so creative! Jello shots (poll) Word Salad, bedeviled eggs, lol very cute and Brian too! 😉

    Rats deserting ship! 2 palinista’s jump Parnell’s ship!

  94. bubbles says:

    ooh yummy.that’s some great looking food………..about sarah in the hamptons. the thing is that those folks who live large out there are usually gone by labor day. they have homes in other places. their children don’t go to school there. they go to private schools like lawrenceville or andover. like that. so good luck with all that sarah, old girl.

  95. phoebe says:


    “She’s utterly despicable.” Well, that really says it all. Sometimes we go on & on & analyze her & her motives, but utterly despicable really hits the nail on the head.

  96. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Cordova and CR Flats-

    I’m in love with Cordovans – these pictures are hysterical and it looks as though you folks know how to be all mavericky long before Palin ever tried to figure it out. I am chuckling and snorting – thank you for sharing your party with the rest of us!

    The Hamptons thing is funny – good for a laugh just thinking about trashy Todd & Sarah living there – but nah, they’d be a couple of dead fish in a few months. We’ve heard a rumor or two in Juneau about the Toad so he’d probably fit right in at first. Then dead salmon would hit the fan!

  97. TN says:

    Long time reader but never have commented before. BTW.. love this place. I found you when I became scared that $P could quite possibly end up in the White House and felt that I needed to keep a close eye on her. You taught me so much and I will continue to read.

    I was just wondering if anybody knew where exactly that Alaska Fund Trust Quarterly Report was? You know, the one that’s supposed to be so transparent. I’m just itching to see it.

  98. kareninTexas says:

    duchessofdork….I totally agree with you…we don’t want Palin in Texas!
    What about all the talk about loving Alaska? A bunch of BS no doubt.
    It’s too hot in Texas for her, no salmon fishing or snowmobile racing!
    I agree that if she does buy a house in the Hamptons o!r anywhere else, the people who donated should raise some holy hell. She’s utterly despicable.

  99. austintx says:

    42 debinOH Says:
    Could I see them on a nice big Texas ranch? You betcha!
    With all due respect , please have a different visual on sarah’s next stop.

  100. CrabbyPatty says:

    LOVE how the Palin doppleganger even has the tattoed-lipliner look with the darked red edges – she’s got Palin done to a tee! Love the party ideas – how very very creative!

    Yeah, I’m sure that the folks hunkerin’ home for a spell in the ……. Hamptons will really appreciate Palin’s down-home humor and “wit”.

  101. debinOH says:

    There is NO way that the Palins could afford a house in the Hamptons unless someone buys it for them. Even if she got 10M from her book deal that would never be enough to sustain the lifestyle longterm. Besides that who is god’s name would associate with them? They might be a novelty at first but that would soon go by the wayside.

    Could I see them on a nice big Texas ranch? You betcha!

  102. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck says:

    the hampton story sounds like snark to me.

  103. michigander says:

    Lovin the party pics – how creative!
    As far as the Hamptons, the only thing I’ve read is the satire (included in link above, thanks DaisyDem). Did people believe that and run with it or am I missing something?

  104. gunter says:

    oh please let palin come to the hamptons-she will be in for a big surprise!
    as we locals are famous for not giving anyone special treatment. And if we have something to say to anyone we say it, and we are not always nice about it.

  105. greatgrammy1 says:

    Maybe, just maybe someone is buying the house for the Palins. After all, the billionaire friend visiting Alaska may have something to do with it. He must be there for a reason other than sightseeing since his boat and plane haven’t moved.

  106. trisha says:

    How creative….and fun.

    Oh my gosh….can you imagine how the Palin’s would be received in the Hampton’s. A lot of those dainty Hollywood starlets and East Cost elitists hang out there. So, I’m thinking they wouldn’t want her to be a part of their real America.

  107. austintx says:

    You Cordovans know how to party !!

    I’m with let it run on the Hamptons , don’t see it happening. It would be the antithesis of everything she screeches about. And as AKM points out , there would be a lot of poor little old ladies upset about what their 5 dollars was paying for.

  108. Lilybart says:

    NOOOOOOO, I am sharing a house in Bridgehampton in late August and I do not want that bad energy anywhere near me!!

    But if so, it will ruin her image and that is all she has left with people who don’t read blogs and don’t know what she is really like. If she goes all east coast elite then she loses the one thing she has left. And yes, I think she really is that unaware.

  109. tigerwine says:

    Wish I had been at that party!! Anyone heard anything about the trial in TN?

  110. barracuda78 says:

    Looks like a good time was had by all, $P must have some pretty powerful backers to
    afford the Hamptons, but the Wasillibillies won’t be welcome in NY, maybe she plans on running for NYS Governor, the current governor was put in the seat after the Spitzer prostitute debacle

    I wouldn’t give it too much thought $P we in NY are watching you…

    Have a great day all…

  111. let it run says:

    She’ll be so lost in the hamptons. I don’t see it happening.

  112. let it run says:

    She’ll be so lost in the hamptons. I don’t see it happening.

  113. Alaska Pi says:

    Yay Cordova!

    The food spread looks worthy of one of those fancy culinary magazines… wow.
    The word spread looks worthy of a fine literary mag’s humor page…

    Go Cordova!

  114. JRC says:

    OMG. Keep that woman away from the northeast. I don’t want her anywhere near me.

  115. rebekkah says:

    Yes, if that Hamptons rumor is true, it sure would be an injustice to her donors, and her staff, and the State, that has to clean up the mess that she left behind. And, what about her kids? Bristol with a rumoured new boyfriend, and a baby. Girls having to yet again change schools. Parents out of reach to help babysit. Doesn’t make sense, if it is true.

  116. sdragon says:

    Those eggs looked sooo good, I almost licked the picture!

  117. samper says:

    Sorry… that’s the TN kid, not the PA kid.

  118. samper says:

    She’s really gonna drag that whole brood out to NY? Really? Leave that great state that she loves so much? Where the air is fresh, the salmon runs wild and Danali looms overhead in majesty? Really? Leave all that? Make her kids go through a school and home move like that in their situation of fame and infamy? Piper will never make it through school, poor little thing.

    Ummmm… is that where all that “fightin’ and progressin’ for AK” is going to be spearheaded? In NY?

    Nora O’Donnell had it absolutely right… she said (paraphrasing), that while SP said a lot about doing “great” things for AK now that she’s out of office, she’s never ONCE said what those “great” things are going to be or what she is even talking about.

    Maybe the best thing she can do to “progress” AK is to move out, and let someone who actually WANTS to work have a go at it.

  119. rebekkah says:

    Very ceative food spread! Well, if the Hamptons rumor is true, it really is like the Beverley Hillbillies, except from the west coast to the east.

  120. samper says:

    WOW! Hat Tip to this creative Hostess with the Mostest!

    SP can’t use “hockey mom” any more. As far as I can tell, none of her kids even play anymore, as there are painfully few ice rinks and organized hockey teams in I-Wrack.

    Agree with AKM… if she can afford a little shack on the beach in the Hamptons, she can darn well afford that pesky legal bill. Here’s what I don’t get: Why take up a collection to pay her legal bills when everyone KNEW the book contract was around the bend? Those people are just STOOPID!

    All the pics from the parties are great! You ALAAAAAAAAASSSSkans really know how to throw a shinding (or were these hootinannies, wing dings, or pow wow’s?)!!

    I gotta say, though… live blogging in chat was a riot, as well. The drinking game and all the discussion was awesome and pee-in-your-pants funny at times.

    Thanks, Pups, for providing such great comic relief!

    I give it a couple of more days and the MSM won’t report on her at all unless it’s to report on the remaining ethics charges and the PA Kid. I’ll be very curious to see how the EB rules now that she can’t fire them.

    OTOH, if Parnell is in her back pocket, they might still have “trouble” being “right”.

    He wouldn’t just “pardon” her, would he? If so, you AKn’s have a lot of watchin’ to do with the new guy!

  121. UK Lady says:

    Fun Party 🙂

    Maureen Dowd tells it like it is………..

    Sarah, who was once a blazingly confident media darling, came across as aggrieved, paranoid and press-loathing in her new role as bizarre babe-at-large, a Nixon with hair extensions ranting about “American apologetics,” which sounds like a cross between apologists and Dianetics.

  122. the problem child says:

    Looks like a great party.

  123. Daisy Daisy says:

    TALES of her moving to the Hamptons……read carefully muddpuppies!×134973#134981

  124. OMG says:

    I hope she does relocate to NY, especially someplace like the Hamptons. If she does she will lose a lot of her appeal because her exotic Alaskan mystique will no longer play. She’ll begin to blend in with the celebrity crowd and can no longer be “just an average hockey mom”. Her looks will blend in with the beautiful crowd because there are a lot of beautiful women who pay bloody fortunes to make them that way and she’ll just be one of them. Since Sarah seems to want everything NOW, I doubt that she will take her studying seriously and she will continue to embarrass herself with her lack of substantive knowledge about all things in the world. Being in the celebrity crowd, and especially the political celebrity crowd, won’t give her the opportunity to rely solely on talking points over and over again–these people will expect to hear more from her than a sound bite. And last, NY overwhelmingly voted against her in the general election. Yes, she does have a fan base there but a small one. So, the more Sarah Palin shows her true self on a daily basis, the more people will get to know the selfish, self-serving, fraud that she truly is.

  125. Helen says:

    This gave me a real laugh, thanks.

    Ya’ll might enjoy this too! There’s a tour of the Palin blogiverse and name calling invovled…

    The Sarah Palin Detox Post

  126. Ginger says:

    That was cool to see something here from Cordova, I went to high school there. Wish I could have joined that fun looking party. Who are the people in the pictures?

  127. phoebe says:

    Is the Hamptons the higher calling?

  128. phoebe says:

    The Hamptons??? She really is off her rocker. My guess is while seeking fame & fortune she would get a royal snub. The food looks delicious & I’m starving!

  129. BlancheMadison says:

    Wait till she gets stuck in traffic on the Long Island Expressway heading for her new “hideaway”–oh, wait, no–she’ll sail in on Murdoch’s yacht! Or hers . . .

    No matter, her bedazzled supporters will always feel she’s “just like them.” Even with a multimillion dollar beach house with a pool overlooking the Atlantic.

  130. Snoskred says:

    OMG how great does that food look! And so creative too! 🙂

  131. CRFlats says:

    @ #8–oops, I meant “Doppelganger”. Too late (or early). Must stop typing.

  132. lexky says:

    love it
    i want one of those candles

  133. califpat says:

    Pat: You so right. She will not be the most atttractive, the most intellectual, the richest, or the most manipualative. She will quit Hampton too. Too much competition in every aspect and not enough time for her to combat it. She is like the cute girl who will never ever associate with anybody that is more attractive than her.

  134. Kath the Scrappy from Seattle says:

    What a scream & how creative! Also too, I loved the band aide on the little yellow ‘lame duckie’. I bet that was one FUN party. Thanks for the pics & narrative.

  135. Oh, I love it! Too bad those pictures didn’t make the MSM, who only seemed to interview her devoted followers when they went to all the farewell picnics.

    The Hamptons, huh? Wow. Won’t she have to behave herself there? And will anyone be as impressed with her as she likes? Can’t imagine it.

  136. CRFlats says:

    “Creative” is Cordova’s middle name. There was also a great poetry reading of Sarahspeak (even before Shatner on Tonight Show), a slide show to accompany the “Twisted” rendition that was hilarious, and the whole crowd joined in to sing along with the Sound of Music, “So long, fare well…”. Also, too, a few out of State (& even Country) that had their picture taken with the Dobbleganger. Fun! Now….it’s “Sarah Who?”

  137. Lainey says:

    I think it reads:
    Our Highly Scientific Poll
    (Vote w/your vodka shooter of choice)
    Red-GOP I voted for her and she dumped me.
    Blue-Dem I didn’t vote for her and she dumped me.
    Purple-Undeclared I may or may not have voted for her and she dumped me.
    Green-Green Party I didn’t vote for her and she dumped me, of course.

  138. duchessofdork says:

    Physicsmom ~ it looks like basically:
    Red – GOP – I voted for her, and she dumped me.
    Blue – Dem – I didn’t vote for her, and she dumped me.
    Purple – Undeclared – I may or may not have voted for her, and she dumped me.
    Green – Green Party – I didn’t vote for her, and she dumped me, of course.

  139. lovemydogs says:

    The jist of the jello shots was “I voted for or aginst her and she dumped me” For was red, against was blue, green (for the green party) and purple (independent).

    I am bummed because they stole my word salad idea (but it was done very well).

  140. duchessofdork says:

    I would SO love to hear what Sarah’s High School English teacher has to say! I’ve often though that Sarah is probably personally responsible for thousands of English teachers having strokes all across this great land of ours. Also.

  141. Lainey says:

    Sorry you’re hurting, Physicsmom…feel better soon…glad you’re back.

    re: above party…the food looks absolutely yummy and you should sell those candles.

  142. duchessofdork says:

    Please for the love of God, don’t let her relocate to Texas! Isn’t it bad enough that we got stuck with Bush back here. There were actually professionally printed “Welcome Home” signs in people’s yards for them when they moved to Dallas. Gag.

  143. Physicsmom says:

    Looks like a great time. Someone with better eyes needs to print out the options on the jello shots; I can’t read them. I’m struggling with typing this out = had shoulder surgery and my right wing is in a sling. Haven’t been commenting til now. Good job everyone.

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