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June 19, 2021


Voices From The Flats — I Get It, But My Mayor Is Clueless

Post and Photos By Carl Johnson I have lived in two rather large metropolitan areas: the Twin Cities, with its two million people, and Los Angeles, with, well, way too many people.  I chose to move to Anchorage eleven years ago not because I was looking for urban, but because I was looking for wild with just the right amount of urban.  I have grown in my knowledge over time that I had made the right decision, enjoying many years hiking, biking and Nordic skiing on Anchorage trails, enjoying fishing for salmon in its streams, and enjoying picking berries in…

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Speed Hump Day – Hump of the Week!

~Speed hump at 13th and F St…. You’re our ‘Speed Hump of the Week!’ Wednesday.  It’s not just “Hump Day” any more.  Now it’s Speed Hump Day. We here in Anchorage have been a bit preoccupied with speed humps lately.  Why? You might think it’s because they help keep people safe in residential areas when people drive too fast near homes, pets, and children.  You might think it’s because we’ve got a lot of money that the state has set aside so that Anchorage can have speed humps in areas they are needed. Unfortunately the reason we’ve all got speed…

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Dan and the Bear – A Play in One Act

Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan is an idiot. I know this is not news to you, but sometimes it feels good to say something even though it doesn’t need to be said. He’s done lots of idiotic things, but here’s the latest. There’s been a bear mauling on the Rover’s Run trail in Far North Bicentennial Park.  A bicycle commuter was attacked and injured.  It’s a horrible thing that seems to happen too frequently.   Salmon are in the stream, mother grizzlies are protective of new cubs, and this… is Alaska. Bears are a fact of life, and love them or…

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Senate Hopeful Ron Slepecki – Keeping Alaska Safe from the Buddhists?

With the number of uncontested races in Anchorage this election cycle, it surprised me to see someone actually running against Bill Wielechowski, also known as “The Best Bill in Juneau.”  There’s nobody who works harder or more effectively for the benefit of all Alaskans than our favorite Bill. So who is this daring upstart that thinks he can topple Wielechowski? His name is Ron Slepecki, making this race:  “Slepecki vs. Wielechowski” Say that ten times fast. So let’s check out Mr. Slepecki and see what he tells us on his website, and then we’ll look at what he doesn’t tell…

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