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June 19, 2021


Voting Irregularities Reported in Alaska Early Voting

Reports are already being received in Alaska of voting irregularities at early voting booths, particularly as it relates to the Senate campaign of Lisa Murkowski. This is a call to anyone who is early voting or who finds themselves in the area. Please check the booth for any evidence of campaigning. In Homer, apparently, reports were received that each booth had a written list of the write-in candidates posted. This is electioneering, and absolutely illegal. If you see anything irregular when you are early voting, please take a picture of it. Let us know ASAP if you see anything in a…

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Native Alaskans Standing Together for Scott McAdams

This is a really wonderful 2 minute YouTube video. It speaks to so many critical points of Native life and culture. Please pass it far and wide and let’s get it viral, especially in rural communities. Alaska Natives have so much at stake, and they deserve someone who will go to the mat for them. Scott McAdams is that candidate. Enjoy.

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Lisa Goes Rogue

I made my way into the Dena’ina Convention Center in downtown Anchorage where Lisa Murkowski was scheduled to make a “big announcement”.  Earlier in the day her cousin leaked the information on her Facebook page that the announcement was going to be the launch of her write-in candidacy for U.S. Senate.  I was hoping that she would change her mind at the last minute.  She’s apparently been changing her mind at the last minute for some time now. There were a few hundred people packed into the upstairs lobby and they were all beaming.  The energy was high and they were…

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Murkowski’s Write-In Campaign–What Are Her Chances?

  The supporters have been rallied, the big announcement has been made and Senator Lisa Murkowski is off and running on her whirlwind write-in campaign! So what are her actual chances of winning? 1) There is the problem of her name. Lisa Murkowski…doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue or the pen.  However, it looks like a write-in won’t be as stringent as was once thought.  Just “Lisa” would not be enough according to outgoing Lt. Gov. Craig Campbell. However, voters would not need to spell Murkowski’s name correctly if “intent could be ascertained” according to Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai…even “Lisa…

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A History Lesson for Joe Miller – The Tenth Amendment

In Which Joe Miller Gets a History Lesson (Again) Over the past few weeks, I have written with some incredulity on the subject of Joe Miller’s supposed legal expertise.  Today, I feel compelled to address another area in which Mr. Miller’s competence is woefully inadequate: United States history.  As you may have surmised, your Legal Eagle is an attorney, not a historian. I do, however, take an interest in history, and generally consider it to be an obligation of all Americans to at least familiarize themselves with the basics of their country’s history. This is even more true when you…

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Joe Miller: Alaska’s Craziest Catch — Help Get This On the Air!

Republican candidate for US Senate, Joe Miller, burned-up the airwaves before the primary saying that cutting-off federal funds to Alaska is his highest priority as Senator. Now, he’s trying to backtrack just a few short weeks later. We’re not going to let that happen. We at Mudflats are excited to see the first video spot come out of the Netroots for the 2010 election cycle. Blue America PAC and, two cutting edge Netroots political action committees, are launching a daily video campaign targeting GOP/Tea Party candidates every day from today through Election Day, November 2. We’re especially pleased that the first…

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Murkowski Decision Coming Friday

It’s starting to feel like the longest primary ever. Friday, according to her campaign, Lisa Murkowski will make a decision about whether to launch a write-in campaign for the Senate seat, or whether she will bow out of the race to lick her wounds and contemplate her next move. “Everyday Alaskans from all walks of life have approached me urging that I stay in the race. First and foremost I want to thank them for their outpouring of support. Advisors and friends had urged me to find a way to get my name printed on the ballot at all costs….

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