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May 16, 2021

University of Alaska Will Decide Whether to Include Sexual Orientation in Non-Descrimination Policy

~In summer of 2009, proponents of the expanded equal rights ordinance stand in front of those wearing red in opposition. Remember in 2009 when mayor Dan Sullivan vetoed the Assembly’s vote to include sexual orientation and gender identity in Anchorage’s non-discrimination policy for employment, housing, education, and use of public facilities? Many of us do. We sat and watched more than 20 hours of public testimony about it. We rejoiced when the Assembly did the right thing and voted 7-4 to accept the language, and we cried when the mayor decided to embrace bigotry instead of the 21st Century. Fast-forward to 2011….

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Coffey Stains Anchorage City Plan

It was a little before Mudflats’ time as a blog, but Anchorage residents may remember the best piece of political theater since… OK, it was the best ever.  It all had to do with a conversation between Assembly members Dan Coffey, and Bill Starr when we all got to eavesdrop on – how shall I put this – their “coarse language,” a scheme to force the Anchorage Police Department to approve a shooting range in Eagle River, and some illegal fund raising activities by a certain Mr. Dan Coffey. Alaskans fondly refer to this telephone call as “the butt dial.” …

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Anchorage School Board Wrap-up. Gains made.

~Linda Kellen Biegel testifies at the School Board meeting Thanks to all who showed up last night at the special meeting of the Anchorage School Board. The room was packed, and the public testimony was moving, and heartfelt, and practical. We put our money where our priorities are, and nobody wants to live in a city where the next generation is not a priority.  It was amazing to hear employees of the Anchorage School District talk about the job descriptions of positions that were on the chopping block, speaking up for people who have dedicated their lives to making a…

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Muni Fees May Force School District Cuts *UPDATE*

My now-13-year-old daughter expressed a great deal of angst this past summer over attending middle school in a different school zone. She can be somewhat shy so my husband and I were a little concerned. As it turns out, my daughter is excelling in seventh grade! She has been on the honor roll both quarters, she’s in several accelerated classes, she’s doing really well as a clarinet player in the band (she has a solo in an upcoming performance) and she’s made some friends in the new school while still keeping up with her old friends. My husband and I…

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Dan Sullivan, Go to the Back of the Class.

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from America’s least favorite Mayor. If you’d been speculating, perhaps, that the Mayor was visited over the holidays by the Ghost of the Municipality Yet to Come, and had had a transformational experience which left him filled with human compassion and a love of mankind that would guide the rest of his political career, I’m going to have to disappoint you.  He’s taken a little break this week from targeting firefighters, and police officers, and the homeless and he has now turned his malevolent gaze upon… your children. If ever anyone needed…

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Last-Minute Holiday Gifts That Truly Show You Care

by Linda Kellen Biegel I received a secretive email from a friend of mine yesterday, telling me to search my “spam email filter” because she thinks that’s where a “special gift from Santa” may have ended up. So, I perused through the array of offers in my 97 unread “spam emails” to try and determine which gift Santa was bringing me. As it turns out, my friend gave me probably the coolest Christmas gift I’ve ever recieved. It was an e-gift card for a website called where the card recipients can choose which education project(s) at schools across the…

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