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October 16, 2021


Mayor Pulls Security AND Spit Guard -

Friday, October 8, 2021

GOP “leadership” & Alaska’s COVID catastrophe -

Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Whole State Has Gone Mad – a Tour. -

Friday, August 27, 2021

Joe Miller Met Mayor Dan Once, It Went Awkwardly.

Joe Miller, age 46, US Senate Candidate came out of seemingly nowhere to beat incumbent and heir to the throne Senator Lisa Murkowski in the 2010 Republican primary. She then ran as an “Independent” – and won. Leaving Joe to fester in Fairbanks and become a lowly blogger. Now he’s running again – this time against Democrat (no, I’m sorry… “Independent”) Mark Begich who used to have…Mayor Dan Sullivan’s current gig. Mayor Dan Sullivan, age 61, son of Mayor George Sullivan now is running, um… for something. In 2010 he was spending a lot of time with a party planner…

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Mayor Dan Sullivan Seeks Higher Office

On Thursday, Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan filed a letter of intent to run for statewide office. He did not report the office for which he will be running on his APOC form, but the rumor mill has ben churning on this one, and all indications are he’ll be running for Lt. Governor, just as all indications are that current Lite Gov Mead Treadwell will be running for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Mark Begich. As in Hawaii and Utah, Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor runs a completely separate race from the gubernatorial candidates. So, who would get stuck with “Mayor…

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Did You Miss Irony Week?

I have to admit, I missed it. Apparently it was Irony Week in the Municipality from May 5-11. Luckily we have Mayor Dan Sullivan on the job, raising Irony Week to new heights of… well, irony. This winter, hundreds of people – municipal workers of all stripes, and supporters from the community, filed into the Assembly chambers to protest the erosion of collective bargaining rights, and threats to the livelihood of public workers in the form of the Mayor’s Ordinance 37. They stood in line, they waited in seats, they filled the lobby. They went on their day off, their…

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The View from Juneau

An old saying goes something like this, “We hate in others what we hate in ourselves.” I don’t think I’ve seen a better example of that than this 28th legislative session. I flew to Juneau to watch the last days of the session for myself. Home in Anchorage, I spend a remarkable amount of time watching Gavel to Gavel – I even Tivo it. But the cameras don’t show what’s really going on in the Capitol, restaurants and bars; they don’t show the lobbyists following lawmakers into the bathroom or to the smoking porch. (I have to wonder whether the…

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Rep. Could Cash in from Bridge

A legislative audit recently revealed that Alaskans could be on the hook for up to $1.4 billion dollars as a result of insufficient projected toll revenue from the Knik Arm Bridge (aka KABATA, aka The Bridge from Hell). Not only that, but a land ownership analysis found that at least one state Representative in Juneau could stand to cash in from road construction to the area.  The family of Representative Lynn Gattis (R-Wasilla) just happens to own land adjacent to the Knik Arm Bridge approach in the Mat-Su Borough, and would see her land become much more valuable as a result of the…

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A Present for Linda! (VIDEOS)

Please join me in wishing Linda Kellen Biegel a very happy birthday! Linda is one of the three managing editors here at the Mudflats, and probably the one that gets the least appreciation and understanding of exactly how much she does. Linda’s the one that sits through endless school board meetings, Assembly meetings, brainstorming meetings… She’s the one who volunteers to oversee vote counts, examines ballots, and watch polls. She’s our workhorse, our researcher who disappears, burrows to the center of the earth, and comes up with a carrot. She’s our APOC guru, our ethics expert, and the one who…

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Election Good News!

Yes. Election. Good. News. Let’s just sit with that for a moment. As always, there are the last ballots to be counted, and write-in votes to be scrutinized, but here’s where we stand so far: Bettye Davis for School Board handed Don Smith his walking papers (and his rear end) with a decisive 54-45 victory for the seat Smith currently occupies. Bettye is amazing in her own right, but Don Smith’s latest shenanigans and nastiness didn’t help his cause. Davis recently lost her established State Senate seat after Republican redistricting sliced up her former district. It’s good to have her…

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VOTE!…Election Odds & Ends

Today is the big day!!! Today is the first Municipal Election after the debacle that was last year. However, with Barbara Jones as Municipal Clerk and Amanda Moser in charge of Elections, things should run pretty smoothly overall this year. (If we could just get rid of those @#$% voting machines.) Here’s just a quick post answering questions I’ve been getting the last couple of days on Facebook, email and via phone: — Location, location, location — Don’t know where to vote? You can type in your address here at “My Neighborhood” and it will give you your precinct. As…

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4/1 Rally for Nick Moe

West Anchorage To Rally On Monday Morning For Historic Write-In Candidate Nick Moe! Moe is running against current Assembly Chair Ernie Hall. The support for Nick Moe’s campaign for Anchorage Assembly has been overwhelming and we are expecting lots of supporters. The central feature of our rally will be our Hand-Crafted Alaska Sign Tree. West Anchorage Rally Particulars: The Corner of Minnesota Drive & West Benson Blvd. Monday, April 1 7 AM to 9 AM Signs will be provided

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Corrupt Bastard Comes to School Board **VIDEO UPDATE**

UPDATE: Mr. Corkran withdrew his name for consideration on Sunday afternoon. On Monday, Thomas P. Corkran will be sworn in as a School Board member. He was selected by the Anchorage School Board after four rounds of voting to fill the seat vacated by Gretchen Guess. The board had boiled the candidates down to two, and selected Corkran over the CEO of Avant-Garde Learning Alliance, Kameron Perez-Verdia. There were 41 applications: why did they pick this guy? Do our School Board members know how to Google? I’m hoping the answer is no. Why? Because the alternative is spooky.   Mr….

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