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June 14, 2021


Dispatches from the Congo – A Journey of Love (Part 7)

By Erin Pohland Good evening from Kinshasa! As I write, there is a dance party happening on the street in front of my hotel.  Luckily, Andrew is a good sleeper — too bad his mama is not. Today was relatively uneventful, as far as things go.  We had no appointments and nowhere to be.  Instead, we spent the day with our new American friend “J”, that works at the UN.  After getting up for breakfast, a bath and then a nap, J picked us up at the hotel.  It was SO nice to be in the car with a non-native…

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Dispatches from the Congo – A Journey of Love (Part 6)

Greetings from the DRC- Andrew and I had a rough day — harder on him, unfortunately. It started at 3 a.m. when he woke up screaming. He seemed freaked out by both me and his surroundings — like he didn’t get why he wasn’t in Goma and why I wasn’t his foster mom. I walked around with him for a while, and then genius struck — Cheerios! And because my kid is an addict, he immediately calmed down at the sight of his snack container. So that was that….until I tried to go back to sleep, and he began to…

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Dispatches from the Congo – A Journey of Love (Part 4)

~Kinshasa   Forget whatever I told you last night….I love the Congo! Well, more importantly, I love my son — he is just the sweetest little thing. But I really am finding myself loving Kinshasa despite the overwhelming poverty and dispair. The people are just amazingly friendly — it’s been fantastic. I woke up bright and early this morning so I could be ready to meet Andrew. Reverend Bashaka brought him to the hotel along with Timothee, a local woman whose name I didn’t catch, and his foster mother Sarah. He was dressed for Alaska — those red shorts from…

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The Good Old Labor Days

By Jim Wright You ever stop to wonder what you life would be like if it was 1911 instead of 2011? Imagine. Imagine what it was like to be your great grand parents. In 1911, the United States was in the middle of the Second Industrial Revolution.  It was a time of wonder and ever advancing technology. It started in the 1860’s and would last right up until the beginning of World War I. It began with steel, the Bessemer process to be specific, a cheap and easy way to mass produce strong and reasonably lightweight metals.  Strong lightweight steel…

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Dispatches from the Congo – A Journey of Love (Part 3)

By Erin Pohland On October 15, 2010, my world changed forever:  it’s a boy!!  I listened with wonder to the news of my little one:  10 months old and healthy.  Due to lack of medical care and extreme, crushing poverty, his mother had died as a result of childbirth, just 8 days after giving birth to my baby boy.  His father, an itinerant farmer, didn’t have any way of caring for his son.  Through these very tragic circumstances, I received the gift of a lifetime: my son! I was the first adoptive family for the Congo for my agency, and we…

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Dispatches from the Congo – a Journey of Love (Part 1)

By Erin Pohland “We’re opening a pilot program in the Congo.  Would you consider being one of our first families?” With those words, my life changed.  The Congo — the so-called “heart of darkness,” the rape capital of the world, and one of the most dangerous and impoverished countries in the world. I said yes. Less than a year after that conversation, I was on a plane to get my son. I had made the decision to adopt in February of that year, after consulting with various doctors and doing a lot of soul-searching.  While I may very well be…

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My Spiritual Experience at an Anchorage Assembly Meeting (video fixed)

(Shay Kelly and Shane Patrick of Project 50/50) By Linda Kellen Biegel When I left for the Anchorage Assembly Meeting Tuesday night, there were certain things I already knew to expect: — Mayor Sullivan wanted the ordinance that (among other things) banned sitting/reclining on the sidewalk pulled from the agenda and sent back to a committee to be “fixed” (Translation: Mayor Sullivan was getting pounded in the press and in public opinion and just wanted it to stop) — Debbie Ossiander and/or the Mayor made it clear to the media that public testimony on the Ordinance would still be open…

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