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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Open Thread – Happy Darwin Day!

Happy Darwin Day! Let me just say right off the bat, that this is a slightly out-of-character video for what I usually post. But, I just couldn’t help it. There was something about the brilliant deadpan seriousness of our “Republican” narrator that just gave me fits of the giggles. The satire was spot on. I think this is one of those things that you’ll either think is hilariously funny, or completely not funny at all. A couple of you may roll your eyes at me, but if a couple of you get fits of the giggles, let’s agree to call…

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I Know You Think…

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Mika Brzezinski Experiences Palin Fatigue Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog</a> Video Archive This one was simply too good not to share. Dig deep, Mudflatters… It’s going to be a rough couple of years, but I have faith in you, kid.

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Open Thread – No Shooting

Going through a bunch of photos tonight and came across this one – one of my all-time favorites. I snapped this in Eagle River which is about half way between Anchorage and Wasilla.

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Open Thread – 12 Days of Palin (Day 7)

On the seventh day of Christmas my Ex-Gov gave to me: Seven Polls a-Tanking Six turkeys draining Five Liiiiiving Props! Four Dancing Stars Three Lame Tweets Two Crappy Books And a Dead Fish on My TeeVee

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Teenage Boys Flock to Sarah Palin! Resonates With Next Generation of Men.

I found this story amusing. I generally don’t link to Conservatives4Palin, but their little heartwarming  story of (and I quote) “Christmas Joy” was delightfully irresistible. Americans, prepare to “have your heart warmed” and yes, your “hope for mankind” restored. It seems that someone was so inspired by a holiday family gathering which included a group of teenage boys, that they just had to share with the fan site.  Of all things on the TV that these young men wanted to watch, they picked… Sarah Palin’s Alaska. (hands on heart) Those young patriots are an inspiration for the future. These guys…

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The Scallion Speaks – Murkowski Completes Sale of Senate Seat to Native Corps.

Many of you are undoubtedly fans of the site The Onion. In that great spirit of political satire, please welcome a contribution from Mudflatter Publius. We present: The Scallion MURKOWSKI COMPLETES SALE OF SENATE SEAT TO NATIVE CORPORATIONS A Commentary by Publius Sen. Lisa Murkowski today announced the friendly takeover of her Senate seat by Alaska Native corporations is now officially complete. The takeover, launched shortly after her loss in the Republican primary to Joe Miller, was accomplished at the bargain price of $1.75 million. The deal was financed through a Native corporation joint-venture known as Alaskans Standing Together. The…

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Open Thread – The Victim Chronicles

Bless the Mudflats Art Department. Just when you need the brilliance of the inimitable Flyinureye, there he is with another work, suitable for framing. But don’t put the glass over it or the darts will bounce. I know we all appreciate this one in an extra special way, since we are still in the process of … blogging that dang book. Only two chapters left, so I think we’ll be able to wrap that sucker up this weekend. Won’t that feel good?

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Thanksgiving Flashback: Witnessing The Turkey Pardoning Debacle of 2008

by Linda Kellen Biegel So my rolls are rising on the stove, almost ready to pop in the oven. The apple-cranberry pies (think Dutch Apple with cranberries thrown in) are cooled and waiting to be packed up and the homemade cranberry sauce is chilling in the fridge. We’re going to Josh’s brother’s house for Thanksgiving and Josh’s parents made the trecherous drive in the rain and ice from the Kenai Peninsula. Thanksgiving dinner for 22–that’s small for a Biegel meal! When I saw an ad for the Triple-D Farm and Hatchery in Wasilla the other day, I had two thoughts:…

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Open Thread – Troll of the Week

Alright, it’s been a lot more than a week since we’ve had our last troll encounter, but Troll of the Week sounds better than Troll of an Undetermined Length of Time. So, there it is. Here at The Mudflats, we like to check from time to time to see what little trolls have gotten stuck in our filters.  Lately, there has been a huge infestation of a type of troll we haven’t seen much before, so I thought I’d drag a few of them out so you could see.  Usually the troll is a solitary creature, ambling in by itself,…

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Open Thread – The Moose Joke

A little moose humor in the form of a true classic from a very young Woody Allen.

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