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May 18, 2022


The Quitter Returns! -

Monday, March 21, 2022

Putting the goober in gubernatorial -

Friday, January 28, 2022


Tuesday, December 28, 2021

CRAP 2012!

It’s like the end of a magic show.  The magician stands there in the spotlight, all eyes are upon him.  A flourish of the cape, a puff of smoke, and…..poof!  Gone.  The smoke clears, and he is nowhere to be seen.  The audeince stares.  They look at each other.  There is murmuring.  Nobody knows quite what to do.  Is it over?  Should we go home now?  Will he pop up again somewhere else in the room? Awkward silence. That’s where we are.  Sarah Palin has left the building.  We think. Before she surfaces again, let’s take this moment to announce…

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Encore! Encore! Shatner Reads Palin II

Not since 48 hours ago have we seen such comic genius!

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The Big Kodiak Kiss Off.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 48 hours since Alaska became Palin-free. The parties, the polls, the articles, the late night talk shows… We’re all still getting it out of our systems. There are a lot of other things going on in the state and the wider world, but we still need to have our own ways of releasing… of letting her go… of detoxifying our systems. Mudflatter MM in Kodiak threw a “Just Desserts” party to bid a sweet farewell to Sarah Palin, whose gubernatorial performance assessment was immortalized in frosting.  Wackiness ensues. Signage outside marked the event location. A lipsticked pitbull,…

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Palin is Poetry.

Whoever came up with this needs to retire now, because they will never ever surpass the magnum opus that is William Shatner reading Palin’s crazy quit speech… as poetry.  This is not comedy gold.  This is comedy platinum. We now know what will assure Palin’s sucess in the future.  It’s not a translator.  It’s not a copy editor.  It’s not even an actual speech writer.  It’s a traveling bass/bongo drum duet. Enjoy…

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Open Thread – The Juneau Maverick Officially Dry Docked?

As reports and pictures continue to pour in from Mudflatters in Fairbanks, I’m compiling them all.  While you wait, here’s an open thread. You may be wondering why with the Wasilla Governor’s picnic, and the Anchorage Governor’s picnic, and the Fairbanks governor’s picnic….there’s no Juneau Governor’s picnic?  It is the state capital after all. Maybe they don’t want to answer the question, “What if you threw a picnic and nobody came?”  Or maybe the governor is supposed to actually be in Juneau enough so that people actually feel like they have some face time.  Since that’s obviously not the case…

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Palin’s Third Party – Time to Vote.

She’s getting ready to shake the dust of this old town off her shiny black clothes, and hit the road to somewhere. What’s next for Alaska’s almost-ex-governor? Some have speculated a third party run for the presidency. Never one to pass up the opportunity for a good poll, Mudflats asked the question. Last week Mudflatters from far and wide stretched their grey matter to imagine what Sarah Palin’s third party might be called… They rose to the task submitting hundreds of entries. As usual, it was nearly impossible on this end to whittle down the list of witticisms, and cull…

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Open Thread – Where Was Sarah?

Residents in Juneau felt left in the lurch on the 4th of July. Where was the governor? The governor spent the Fourth of July weekend in Juneau but was only spotted briefly on the sidelines of the capital city’s parade. She had been invited to ride in a convertible, as she did last year, but never told organizers whether she would attend. Juneau parade director Jean Sztuk said officials drew up banners in case Palin showed and was willing to take part. As the last of the parade’s clowns and marching bands headed past her, Sztuk gave up on Palin….

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Open Thread – Sarah Palin Book Title 2nd Place Winner!

The Mudflats graphics guru, Flyinureye, has come up with the #2 Sarah Palin book title winner!  Remember back when we had the Sarah Palin book naming contest?  Well, this title got the second most votes, and was submitted by Mudflatter Obamanos.  Enjoy!

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Palin is a Sitting Duck

  I have to confess, I was worried there for a little while.  When Rod Blagojevich hurtled on to the scene with his hair and his boundless delusional self-love, I started feeling like maybe my state wasn’t #1 anymore.  And then there was Mark Sanford, who was all “holier than thou,” suddenly stealing all the headlines with his disappearing act, non-existent Appalachian Trail hike/Argentine tryst and his “rosy pink light” Harlequin Romance love letters. But today, I feel vindicated.  Alaska still proudly sits in the top spot. Our governor has won the prestigious “Sitting Duck Award,” given out annually by the…

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Open Thread – A Barbaric Poll

I heard Eddie Burke on the radio Friday, salivating over a cartoon of  bikini-clad governor Palin that appeared in a comic book entitled “Barack the Barbarian.” I was hoping I would never have to see it. But, alas, it hit my in-box.   There she was…a wolf in wolf’s clothing. And lest I be accused of being one-sided….here’s our protagonist. As wrong as this is, the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much worse it could have been. So, as the week draws to a close here in Alaska, I thought we could finish it off with a little…

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