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May 18, 2022


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Monday, March 21, 2022

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Friday, January 28, 2022


Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Levi Johnston Names Second Baby After Gun

We’d like to take a break from the trivial, frivolous matter of election integrity to delve deeply into a critical piece of developing news… Levi Johnston, the ex-fiance and baby daddy of former Dancing With the Stars celebrity Bristol Palin, and also former ex-almost-son-in-law of the former ex-half-governor and former-almost-second-in-command of these here United States, has gotten his current girlfriend Sunny Oglesby in the family way. Once again, the miracle of life began for Johnston on a camping trip, and once again, the pregnancy was unplanned. We do not know if wine coolers were involved this time. “We were out…

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Open Thread – Attempted Murder

There are all kinds of different categories for groups of animals – herd, flock, school, gaggle, pod, covey, pack… But, I’ve always thought the corvids had the most interesting. First, there’s a murder of crows. That’s what made me unable to stop laughing at the image above. But here’s the strange thing. Ravens come in an unkindness. Ravens are surely bigger, badder and smarter than crows, and yet they only warrant an unkindness whereas their smaller skinnier cousins inspire murder. It’s weird – they always seemed so normal and nice, and kind of kept to themselves. You just never know….

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Open Thread – Civil Disobedience

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Open Thread – Technically

The optimist says it’s half full. The pessimist says it’s half empty. The engineer says the glass is the wrong size. The opportunist drinks it while the others debate. And the physicist sees it like this…

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Open Thread – What a Waste…

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Open Thread – Frosty Gets Caught

Forgive me…

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We Won! Alaska Takes Two of the Top Ten Most Bizarre Political Ads (video)

Are we really surprised that Alaska is overrepresented in anything having to do with bizarre politics? No, we are not. Inspired by the very strange Herman Cain ad, in which his campaign manager, as a finale, takes a nice deep drag off a half-smoked cigarette, followed by a cutaway to an extreme closeup of Herman Cain staring in to the camera and taking a full ten seconds to finally and veeery sloooowwwly smile, the Washington Post has posted the top ten most bizarre political ads of all time. Guess who won the top spot? Anyone living in Alaska at the…

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Open Thread – GOPumpkins from AAAA! to ZZzzzz….

Well, I had good intentions. I was going to put up pictures of Jack O’Lanterns with the faces of each of the Republican candidates for President and make you pick which one was the scariest. But my little plan, as compelling as it was, fell short. Why? Because apparently, people who will carve pumpkins to look like anything and everything – with stencils and special tools, and instruction booklets – do not find all of the GOP primary candidates interesting enough to waste a perfectly good pumpkin. But, rather than abandon my mission entirely, I decided to post the only…

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Open Thread – Occupy for Geeks

I got three or four good separate chuckles out of this one.

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Open Thread – Trickle Down Halloween

In the spirit of the season…  

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